I sat at my computer one day, bored. Bored, not because there was nothing to do, but because everything that there was to do I had already done. I also knew I should be applying for jobs, but those online applications took so long that I constantly put them off. Even Gears of War 3 was beginning to grow dull. As I sat on my laptop, halfheartedly chatting with my friend Tyler, I subconsciously surfed YouTube for some sort of music to cheer me up. That was when I saw it.

There, bright as day in the suggested videos section of my homepage, was a video titled "Lugia's Song". Intrigued, I clicked on the video and was astonished at what I saw. The song played beautifully, just as it had when I first watched the second Pokémon movie. The video itself showed a view looking out into a deep, blue ocean, the waves rippling gently on the surface.

I could almost imagine being there; the smooth, warm water gliding along my wings as I swam, the fish and water Pokémon swimming past, and the sound of the song playing softly from some unknown location. Then, suddenly, the music faded and I could hear another Lugia calling out to me.

"Come here my son," the feminine psychic voice said. I stopped for a moment and looked around. I truly was in the ocean, swimming amongst fish and sea Pokémon! I looked down at myself and found that I was a Lugia, and a rather small one from what I could tell. I was not mad in any way; in fact, I was glad. I was free from the worries and fears of normal life, left to live peacefully in the ocean. The other Lugia called out to me again, so I swam off in that direction.

It didn't take me long to find her; it was as if I had a built in homing device that knew right where she was. As I approached her, the Lugia scooped me up in one wing and began to nuzzle me. I nuzzled back, happy as could be.

"I love you mommy…" I said almost involuntarily. The Lugia giggled.

"I love you too son," she responded.

"Is everything okay?" came the masculine voice I remembered from the movie. Mommy giggled.

"Everything's just fine honey," she responded. The large, male Lugia made his appearance, wrapping his wings around the both of us.

"Daddy!" I cried, swimming up and hugging him. He nuzzled me happily, and I replied by nuzzling him back.

"I love you Daddy…" I said, officially accepting my new family.

"I love you too son," he replied.

Ever since that day I've lived a happy, peaceful life in the sea. My mommy takes good care of me, and my daddy always leaves for his patrol only after first having breakfast with me. He usually gets back late though, but sometimes mommy lets me stay up and wait for him. Speaking of mommy, we usually have a lot of fun during the day, whether it be playing or training. I never expected to end up living this life, but I enjoy it and I wouldn't change it for the world.