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Arthur lazily flicked his cigarette from his hand and onto the cold ground, squashing it under his boots heel as he gazed about the semi empty street. He blew the last remaining smoke from his lungs and resigned himself to breathing the cities stale air, till he could either make money to buy more smokes, or bum them off a client.

The sound of an engine caught his attention as it rumbled down the street. Arthur quickly leaned back against the corner of the wall and lifted one of his feet against it. The car slowed as it approached him till it came to a complete stop, the window winding down with a slight buzzing sound. The shadowy figure of a man inside looked him up and down. Starting from his black boots, slightly scuffed but still going, then proceeding to head up his smooth, pale legs, ending with a pair of black tattered shorts; complete with a union jack patch. The eyes continued still, looking over the fishnet tank top, leather jacket slightly covering his chest so as not to give it all away, and then finally they rested on his face.

The window then started to wind back up and Arthur felt a pang of annoyance as once again, he had lost a possible client, thanks to his rather thick eyebrows. He dropped his foot and sent the car the bird as it drove off, going so far as to mutter 'arse hole' as it disappeared at the end of the street.

"Tch." He grumbled and began to walk down the street. This place was getting boring.

He had not gone much further then two streets down, when another chance for work presented itself in the form of three rowdy men, stumbling and laughing as they made their way down the street. Arthur assumed they were from the bar just a bit further down and smirked as he slowed his pace and moved just off to the side.

As the men approached he began to see more distinctive features on each of them. The man on the right had brown messy hair that was slicked back and a band-aid across his nose probably from a fight; he wore plain jeans and a singlet and had his arm across [or supporting really] the man in the middle's shoulders. This man was the loudest of the three, with short spiked white hair, a tight black shirt and tight black jeans. He also seemed the drunkest. The last man was dressed a bit more conservatively, wearing black pants, a plain white dress shirt and a jacket over that. The top few buttons where undone, giving him a more wild appearance, yet the glasses across his nose gave him a softer appearance compared with the other two. He had blonde hair that looked slick with sweat in the street light, yet one piece seem determined to stick up into the cool night air.

Arthur licked his lips as they moved closer before making his move, sticking his hip out a little and fluttering his eyelids.

"Evening Gent's." He practically purred, placing a hand on his leg. "Might I interest you in some… Late night fun?"

The three men stopped and stared at him. The laughter died down for a moment before the brunette snorted and bent over onto the ground.

"Oh my god!" He chortled, much to Arthur's confusion. "I can't believe 'ere's a real prostitute!" Arthur frowned at the Australian [even with how he slurred as he spoke, Arthur was able to pick out the accent].

"A job's a job, everyone needs money to survive." He mumbled, crossing his arms and letting a small pout slip onto his face. The blonde, who was left to keep hold of the white haired man after the brunette let go, stared down at him with a mixture of pity and something else. Determination? Arthur stared back into the dark blue eyes for a moment before looking at the ground. What was it about the man that made him nervous? He had had looks like that before so why did this man's eyes make him uneasy?

"Wha-what? A prosti?" The white haired man made his debut, smirking as he stumbled forward into Arthur and pinned him against the wall. Arthur yelped and pushed against the man and his alcohol laced breath. He often did freaky and traumatizing things for money but never in public.

The blonde friend pulled the man back and Arthur felt a sense of relief that at least one of them was responsible. He quickly righted himself and smiled up at the only man who could move without swaying.

"S-so what do you say luv?" He really needed this, Arthur realised as he saw something in the man's eyes again. He needed the money more then he'd ever let on, but he had borrowed from Francis too many times to count and was indebted to him as well…

"Sorry, not now." The blonde American answered. Arthur felt a small amount of shock shoot through his system, as he realised he had been turned down again. He tried not to let disappointment register on his face as he smiled and tilted his head to the side in a cheeky manor.

"Maybe next time sweetie," He forced a smile. "You know where to find me." And with that he continued on his way, fighting back his emotion as he heard 'Man! Did you see his eyebrows?' being shouted behind him...

Four am.

Not a time Arthur liked to be out at, especially in this neighbourhood. He glanced around, pulling his jacket closer around his body as the cold was finally starting to settle in. Clubs had died down by now and drunken idiots roamed around, throwing up and falling over. Arthur did his best to avoid the drunks at this hour as he sidestepped around one man who had passed out on the concrete.

With a final look around him, Arthur decided it was about high time he called it a night and turned to make his way home to the small dingy apartment in which he lived.

He was half way home when the headlights of a car shone into his back. Arthur sighed and turned to see why someone was shining his or her lights at him. If it was the cops again he was going to be pissed, if it was Francis, well, then he couldn't promise that he wouldn't behave himself and punch the frog's face. Debts be dammed!

The lights dimmed as the high beam was turned off and Arthur was finally able to see who was checking him out via headlight. The car was black and sleek, far nicer then Francis's car and more expensive even then a policeman's unmarked car. It slid up slowly beside him and stopped. Arthur raised an eyebrow, curious as to why someone who owned such a nice car was looking for prostitutes at four in the morning but hey, so long as he got paid he didn't care.

The person must have liked what they saw in the headlights because instead of just the window being wound down, the door opened revealing a nice leather interior. Arthur grinned as he eased himself down onto the soft leather and closed the door behind him. He turned to the driver to see who he was pleasuring that morning and was shocked to see the blonde America from earlier.

"When I said 'not now', I didn't mean not ever." The man smiled cheekily as he put the car into drive and headed off. Arthur opened his mouth but closed it again after realising he didn't have anything to say to that. Instead he contented himself to looking out the window as the streets slowly became less and less familiar as he was taken further and further from his home.

They didn't speak the entire way, not even for names. Arthur had learned that names made things complicated, especially when his clients usually just screamed out the names of their wives, husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends they either missed or were cheating on. His name didn't really matter in that sense, so he never asked for his clients name either. Why make a one night stand more complicated then it needed to be?

Arthur was again shocked when the car finally came to a stop in front of large house, no, mansion! The man drove the car down into a garage under the house and parked it. Arthur undid his belt and stepped out into the large, but strangely empty garage. Didn't people usually put their junk in their garages?

"I just moved here." The man stated as though seeing Arthur's confusion. "New job required me to move here."

He locked the car and opened a door on the other side of the garage that Arthur assumed led into the house. Again stunned at the cleanliness and lack of anything in the house, Arthur thoroughly believed that the man had indeed, just moved in. There were no moving boxes but the lack of many material possessions seemed to indicate it.

Arthur blinked as he remembered he was there to do a job, get paid and leave, back to his filthy home and even filthier life. He turned to the man who had placed his car keys on a ring on the wall and had removed his jacket, setting it down on the counter. Arthur stepped into him, pressing his body close to the others.

"So," He whispered. "What is it you would like me to do?" He looked up at the man with half lidded eyes, his tongue slipping out and moving against his lips yet his suggestive body language, seemed lost on the man who raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Um, go this way please?" He said before stepping around Arthur and walking away. Please? That was new, Arthur thought as he followed the man to the bedroom. Again, even with just one glance the place seemed empty and devoid of any personal belongings, which gave Arthur, no indication of what this man might be into. Was he a bondage guy? Or perhaps he enjoyed a little role-play… Or maybe he was a masochist? He dearly hoped the man wasn't a sadist, he didn't have that predatory expression that Arthur had seen before, but he certainly had the body to over power Arthur in a heart beat.

The man busied himself in the room, pulling out what looked to Arthur like pyjamas. Really? He was getting ready for bed? Arthur frowned and stood awkwardly off to one side as he watched the blonde search around in his closet for something. Ah. Here came the strange fetish that Arthur would have to help out with.

"Ah, here we go." The man smiled and pulled out a pair of pyjama pants and a shirt that read 'Captain America' on it. He smiled and pushed them into Arthur's hands along with a towel.

"You can use the shower in that bathroom, and I'm pretty sure these should fit you." Arthur stared dumbfounded at the clothing in his arms then looked up at the man.

"Um… A-are you saying that I can take a shower then get dressed into these?" He needed to clarify.

"Well yeah, I dunno what you do with a towel and pj's but here in America we use them to dry ourselves after a shower and wear to bed." The man smiled good-naturedly and pointed out the bathroom to Arthur. Then it dawned on him.

"Y-yes of course, I shall… Shower, then put these on." He smirked. He had the guy all figured out! He would wait until Arthur was in the shower then he'd come in and join him. Hah! How cute and adolescent.

Arthur stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, making sure to keep it unlocked. He then began to strip, leaving his belongings in a neat pile on top of the toilet lid before turning on the shower. The water turned hot almost immediately and Arthur couldn't deny that it had been a while since he'd had such hot water to clean himself in. So before the strange man could make his way in, Arthur quickly grabbed the bar of sweet smelling soap and lathered himself up, making sure to get rid of any grim, dirt and sweat on his body. He even had time to wash his hair with shampoo AND conditioner [he hadn't realised how dirty his hair was till he saw the slightly brown suds dripping down from his bangs].

He had been standing in the warm water for a good ten minutes before a knock on his door sounded and Arthur smiled. Time to get read-

"Are you almost finished? I want a shower too you know!" Arthur stared at the door in disbelief. He wasn't coming in? They weren't going to do it in the shower?

"S-sorry! I'm coming out now!" He called back, fumbling with the shower taps to turn them off and stumbling out of the shower on to the bath matt. He grabbed the towel and dried him self up before slipping into the clothes the man had given him. They were too big but soft and comfortable. Arthur couldn't remember the last time he'd worn clothes this comfortable!

He casually stepped out into the bedroom and noticed the man sitting on the bed, with a towel and pyjamas in his hands also.

"Make yourself comfy on the bed." He said as he stood up and passed Arthur to the bathroom. "There should be a couple of magazine on the bedside table too! I'll be back in a few minutes."

The door closed and a few moments later Arthur heard the water running.

Odd. This entire situation was odd. Arthur had never been offered a shower BEFORE sex… Or given pyjamas either… But maybe the guy liked seeing people in his clothes… Like how a boyfriend might like seeing his girlfriend in his clothing after sex… Except this was before… Arthur frowned harder as he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked around.

The room was white, but seemed to glow slightly yellow from the lamps on the bedside tables. It seemed cold and unwelcoming like a hotel room which was where Arthur was usually taken. There were a few photos up on the wall, one of the beach, a picture of the man and a young girl of six or seven, and in the last one was a man who looked almost identical to the man he was currently waiting on. The young girl was in this picture also and, upon closer inspection, Arthur realised this must be the second mans daughter. Her dirty blonde hair held a slight wave to it that his man didn't… She also had soft, kind looking violet eyes and while she was smiling like she hadn't a care in the world, her father looked tired and worn.

So occupied in looking at the photos he didn't hear the water being turned off in the shower, or even the door as it opened.

"Hey." Arthur whirled around, face a tinge of red, embarrassed at being caught staring at his photos. That blush immediately deepened when he saw his host.

The man stood in the doorway, using his towel to dry his hair while small droplets of water slid down his well toned, and slightly tanned, chest creating a small waterfall affect. He was wearing superman pyjama pants but that didn't matter. Arthur clenched his hands into fists, it was all he could do not to jump the man and start licking the water off his skin and maybe even use his teeth…

"Um… Let's get into bed?" The man suggested though he looked wary and almost confused by what he was saying. Arthur frowned harder and crossed his arms.

"You haven't asked anything yet." He glanced at the man who looked back at him confused. "Well, like you haven't asked me about my rates or even about what I'm capable of…" He trailed off as realisation dawned on the man's face.

"I'll pay whatever your… Rate, is, I don't mind but… I'm not really going to do anything with you… Like what you're thinkin'." Arthur felt his eyebrows lift in surprise. He openly stared as the man made his way around the bed and pulled back the covers, and slipped into the soft looking bed. He placed his glasses on the table beside him then patted the space on the bed beside him. Arthur hesitantly walked over and got in, almost tempted to snuggle into the overly soft blanket. He had never experienced something like this before ever. He looked up at the man who was watching him, a slightly amused expression on his face. 'He looks younger without his glasses on…' Arthur thought absently.

"How old are you?" He asked, curious about why such a young looking man had a house so big.

"I turned 23 on the first of July." He answered, once again, shocking Arthur. 23? He was only 26! The man was three years younger than him? The man laughed loudly and pointed rudely towards Arthur.

"Hahaha! You should see your face! Why do you look so shocked!" Arthur huffed and crossed his arms again, scowling at the laughing man.

"Belt up git! To me you look like a child!" The American's face sobered immediately at that comment and Arthur hoped he hadn't insulted him.

"I'm not a child." He mumbled in such a sulky fashion that Arthur wouldn't have believed him even if he looked forty. He smiled… And that smile slowly spread into a grin, which then caused him to chuckle a little, catching the man's attention.

"You look nice when you smile." He commented causing Arthur to once again feel his face flush. What was it about this man that was making him act like a young boy again? He was still, technically, young, but his life made him feel older then he was.

"Th-thank you." He looked down at his hands as they sat in his lap. They lapsed into a small, almost uncomfortable silence, as Arthur didn't know what to say and the man didn't seem interested in what he had to offer. He felt the bed dip as the American placed his hand by his thigh. He looked up to see not dark blue eyes like he had originally thought, but bright blue eyes, like a summer's day.

They were gradually getting closer, till he stopped right in Arthur's face and leaned in, pressing the softest and most chaste kiss Arthur had ever received on the corner of his lips. He vaguely wondered if he looked as startled as he felt from the careful treatment.

Another kiss was planted on his cheek and then they started a trail going up, one on his cheekbone, one on his eyelid and even one on his forehead. There he paused.

"What's your name?" Arthur let out a choked sob and dropped his face into his hands in a desperate attempt to hide the tears that began to fall. He wasn't even sure why this man's gentle nature was affecting him so. He felt two arms wrap securely around him and pull him in close, turning him so that he was burying his face into the man's chest instead of his hands.

There they stayed like that for what felt like hours, the man slowly rubbed circles on his back, while Arthur's full on sobs had quietened to soft whimpers and an occasional shuddering breath.

Very slowly, the man pushed Arthur back so that they were looking into each other's eyes, their faces only inches apart. "Are you ok?" He whispered, voice full of genuine concern. Arthur nodded and lifted a hand to wipe away a stray tear slipping down his chin. He dropped forward so that his forehead was resting on the man's shoulder and sighed, a slight headache coming on from all the crying.

"Arthur… " He mumbled into the warm skin as the man's hands began to rub circles on his back again. "My name is Arthur."

"It suits you."

And Arthur smiled.

Arthur woke late the next day to a pale orange light shining through the closed curtains and rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the light. The bed was empty except for him and when he turned to look for the strange man, he found the room was too, empty except for himself. He took check of his body and nothing had been touched. He was still wearing the man's pyjamas and he couldn't feel a dull ache in his backside, so he concluded that last night had been, to be put simply, just sleeping in the same bed together and nothing else.

He hadn't realised that he had fallen asleep after he cried so much, but an overwhelming surge of emotions pushed him over the edge and he couldn't help himself. He had not known such gentleness in so long it surprised him and now he longed for the chaste kisses on his face and the secure feeling he got when the man's arms were holding him.

He looked to his right and saw a clock on the bedside table. Upon closer inspection, he saw it read 6:45 pm. Arthur sucked in a quick breath as he was stunned to find that he had slept all day and it was now sunset. And he hadn't been kicked out. But why would he still be allowed in the house? Maybe the man was in another room, waiting for him to wake up so he could kick him out.

Arthur pulled the warm covers off his legs and slipped off the bed, making his way out of the bedroom and down the hall to where he thought the living room was. As he walked, he noticed there were still hardly any personal belongings around the house. It was very, odd, to say the least.

The kitchen was white and sterile, the tiles freezing cold under his feet as he stepped in and looked around.

"Hello?" He called softly, but was only met with silence. Just as he was about to leave the kitchen, a note caught his attention on the counter. He picked it up and read it.

'Dear Arthur,

Thank you for last night, I hope your head doesn't hurt too much this morning. If you are hungry there is some left over's in the fridge from my dinner the other night that you may have.

Also, you didn't tell me your rates so I made an educated guess and left it on top of your clothes in the bathroom.

When you leave just use the front door and don't worry about it being unlocked, as you've probably noticed, there's nothing of any value in this house to actually steal.

Thank you again,


Alfred. So that was the man's name. And he had even left Arthur food? His stomach growled right on cue as Arthur put the note down and turned to dark grey fridge. True to his word, inside was a plate with a large slice of lasagne sitting on it, covered in plastic. On top was a small post it note with a smiley face and the words 'eat me!'

Arthur pulled the plate out and looked for a microwave. Upon locating it he pulled the note and plastic off the plate and popped it in for a minute. While it was re-heating he decided to go up and see how much he had been paid.

His clothes were still folding on the bathroom floor where he had left them last night, and on top of the pile was an envelope. He fished around in it and pulled out two clean, crisp fifty-dollar bills. Arthur stared at the money in his hand in disbelief. Had he just gotten paid one hundred dollars for crying in his arms and falling asleep? Yes, yes he had and if he knew what was good for him then he would just take the money without any qualms.

A loud and continuous beep let him know that his food was ready, so he tucked the money back into the envelope and into his shorts pocket before walking back to the kitchen. The room smelt amazing, like an Italian restaurant. Arthur smiled and pulled out the hot plate and quickly placed it on the counter, his mouth already drooling at the scent and now the sight of the home cooked food. He quickly found a fork and dug in, marvelling at how delicious it was and that shocked him.

How long had it been since he'd eaten a home cooked meal? In fact, how long had it been since he'd eaten at all? He paused with the fork half way to his mouth when he realised that he hadn't eaten in days. He smoked, he had sex and maybe he slept a little but eating… It had never crossed his mind.

His hand holding the fork dropped till it was settled on the counter next to the plate, as Arthur suddenly realised that his life was complete and utter shit. Well, he knew it was, he didn't grow up thinking 'I want to be a prostitute when I'm an adult!' No… He was going to be a literature professor… But his fee's got too high, he couldn't hold down a job and it wasn't long before he got into the stripper business. It was only for the money, he had told himself day in and day out because it was, dare he say, good money. But somewhere along the line he got lost and ended up dropping out of university and suddenly being a prostitute was the only option left.

A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek as he came to the horrible realisation on how horrible his life really was… He was an ugly, dirty prostitute who had to borrow money and use his body to survive. And the worst thing was his job wasn't even legal.

Another tear followed the first one and then another, till they were rolling down his cheeks faster than they had the night before. They fell on the counter, his borrowed clothes and even on his food. Arthur looked down at the lasagne as it continued to steam and let its delicious scent waft through the air. He could change. He could and he was going to.

Arthur clenched his hand around the fork and once again dug into the hot meal. He ignored the tears as they came and instead shoved as much food as he could into his mouth, half chewing, half swallowing it whole but he just needed it in him. This was going to be his starting point. From that day onward, he was going to right himself.

He was just finishing the last of the lasagne, when he heard a click followed by the sound of a doorknob turning and opening. Alfred was home it seemed; Arthur looked up, as there was a rustling of paper and clothing before the familiar blonde stepped into view. Arthur placed the last piece of his meal into his mouth and chewed slowly as Alfred approached, a small amount of confusion present in his face.

"Sorry, I… I only woke up half an hour ago." He admitted after swallowing the food in his mouth. Alfred nodded several times, looking around at his kitchen before back at Arthur.

"That's… That's fine. You finished now? I'll drop you off where ever you need to go." Arthur licked his lips and nodded, turning heel and walking back up to Alfred's room to change back into his clothes. He didn't want to admit it but Alfred's body language when he realised that Arthur was still in his house had hurt him a little. After the tenderness from last night had hadn't expected the man to act so cold.

Dressed up once again in his 'man catching' gear, Arthur once again followed Alfred into the garage and hopped in his car. Now that it was light, Arthur was able to see the kind of neighbourhood Alfred lived in and he wasn't surprised to see that all the houses surrounding his looked just as impressive. Alfred drove further and further away from the nice neighbourhood, slowing down once they reached the area that he had picked Arthur up from earlier that day.

"Um, just any where around here is ok," Arthur mumbled when he noticed Alfred looking at him for instruction. Alfred pulled up along side a bunch of apartments and stopped the car, pulling up the hand brake then leaning back and waiting. Arthur took that as his cue and unbuckled his seat belt and opened the car door. He had one foot out the door when he turned back to Alfred.

"Thank you, honestly, you are a really good person." He said, smiling somewhat sadly at the man. Alfred smiled wistfully back and simply nodded.

Arthur felt a pang of sadness as the car drove off, leaving him on the side of the road, left behind like a wounded animal. He bit his lip and forced himself not to cry as he moved back down the street to the Asian supermarket he often shopped at. He probably didn't have much food left at home, if any, and now that he had just been paid he could afford it.

He grabbed a basket and filled it with various flavoured instant noodles, a few sweet biscuits and a box of tea. He didn't often drink tea but it helped to make the water in his apartment taste better, and it was cheap. He placed the basket up on the counter and looked up to the wall of smokes behind the clerk.

"Oh, and can I get-"

"… Yes?" The boy asked as he paused scanning the items, his arm already automatically reaching behind him for the cigarettes.

"...No never mind, just these thanks." Arthur's voice wavered as he stopped him self from buying the smokes. If he was going to change he was going to do it now.

'Because it is possible.' He thought, handing over the money to the clerk, before grabbing his bags and change.


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