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It was a quick reunion. Arthur had barely enough time to say hello as a bag was thrust into his hands, the blanket taken from him and he was pushed out of the office by a combination of Alfred and Gilbert. "Th-thank you!" He had managed to get out just before Gilbert left and it was just Alfred pulling him along.

The familiar sleek black car was waiting patiently in the car park. It beeped and flashed its lights as Alfred unlocked it, as though to say hello to the pair as they approached. Arthur was bundled up into the front seat; seat belt strapped across his chest and the door was closed before he could question it. He turned in his seat, frowning as he saw several bags in the back of the car.

"What's going on? Where are we going?" Arthur questioned the moment Alfred stepped into the car. Alfred didn't answer until he too was buckled and they were reversing out of the car park.

"Away." Alfred offered the unsatisfying answer and Arthur felt compelled to argue but none of that should have mattered. Who cared where Alfred took him? The fact was he was with Alfred and that should have been all that mattered. But after last night's events… And the past weeks events, his still felt too raw, too emotional and Alfred always seemed to be a brief moment in his life so how did he know he wouldn't just leave him again? How could he be sure that at the end of this he would be able to keep his mind in check? Arthur wasn't too sure that if Alfred left him again the next day he wouldn't promise not to commit suicide. Hell, maybe he'll return to his apartment and get someone else to kill him instead.

Unconsciously, Arthur had started to hug the bag in his arms tighter and it was then it clicked that he had just accepted the bag and not bothered to see it's contents. He looked over at Alfred who was busy navigating the road; going what Arthur was sure was over the speed limit. Why were they in such a rush? He wondered this as his hand pulled down the zip on the bag. He gasped as two of his books fell out onto the floor of the car and he rushed to pick them up, inspecting the covers, the pages and then looking back inside the bag. They were the only two books in there, but he also spied his nicotine patches, a photo frame that contained a picture of him as a child, his worn damaged wallet, his passport and Alfred's sweatshirt. A small part of him ached as he pulled out his photo.

The child hiding amongst the flowers grinned back at him, his bright green eyes gleaming with promise for new adventures, for new experiences, for a life full of hopes and dreams where he would always be happy and safe. He let out a small chuckle.

"What is it?" Alfred inquired, half watching the road, half trying to peer down at what Arthur was laughing at. Arthur shook his head, a small smile hovering on his lips.

"It's nothing really… Well, just that when I was little, I used to believe in fairies." His smile widened to a grin. "I was such an innocent and naïve child." He chided himself as he placed the photograph back into his bag.

"… I think that's cute." Arthur blinked and turned to Alfred. The American had turned back to the road but he continued to speak. "It… I haven't known you long Arthur… And I'm sorry for this… 'This', but you know? Every time I picked you up? I-I just wanted to keep you with me. I dunno, you have this… Feeling about you, that seemed so incredibly sad, I just… I just… I wanted to make you feel happy." He finished off.

Arthur tried his best not to smile, not to grin, not to let that fluttering feeling in his stomach get the better of him but it seemed a waste that he even tried. In the back of his mind he questioned the sincerity of Alfred's words as the American had left him twice before but he let him self fall for them anyway. He couldn't stop the smile from seeping onto his face and the fluttering feeling only got worse when Alfred turned back to him, his own face a slight tinge of pink.

"Thank you." Even though Arthur whispered this, he meant it for everything Alfred had ever done for him. He felt his emotions bubble up into the two words and threaten to spill over in the form of a love confession. But he couldn't do that, lest he scare Alfred off… And here he was rescuing him too.

As the almost awkward atmosphere lifted off them, Alfred began to explain to Arthur why all this was happening.

After the police had dusted for fingerprints in France's apartment, they managed to get one print of a well-known offender named Lukas. When they brought him in for questioning, they couldn't find anything to hold him on and were forced to let him go. Alfred had then called Gilbert and asked him to find Arthur for him (at this point Alfred blushed a furious red colour) to which Gilbert did. He had brought with him Antonio, the happy Spanish cop, to help him out. When they reached his apartment building however, the landlord was panicking and babbling that three men had entered, threatening him with a knife and went upstairs.

Of course, the pair called in back up, and after a very short shouting match and a lot of scuffle, they had reprimanded the three men who had threatened the landlord, an who had broken into Arthur's apartment.

"Well Gilbert beat the shit out of the Lukas guy," Alfred chuckled darkly. Arthur blinked and frowned at the rather scary laugh. "He um, boasted about what he had… Done to you…" Alfred mumbled. Arthur felt his chest tighten as his humiliation from the night before was still haunting him. And now Alfred knew. Great.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you uncomfy… Um well yeah, then they brought them in and Gilbert asked where you were. Guy goes 'how the fuck should I know?" Alfred mocked him in a stupid voice, making Arthur smile a little. "So then Gilbert went out lookin' for yah!"

Gilbert had looked around Arthur's apartment, and then spread his search a little wider. By the time he reached the park where Arthur has taken shelter, he had been searching since four am and had been up all night. Arthur felt happiness burst in his chest. Gilbert was a good person when he wanted to be and he felt somewhat stupid for thinking mean things about him because of their first meeting. Once back at the station, Gilbert had phoned up Alfred to let him know and then here they were.

"I understand if this is all happening really fast and you're confused… But Gilbert said it would be safer for you, for a while, if you weren't in the area… So I'm taking you… Away." Alfred's hands tightened on the wheel, his blue eyes watching the road hard as if expecting it to open up any at moment.

Arthur for his part went over his options in his head though the answer was obvious. "I'll stay with you." He said simply, smiling up at Alfred who visibly relaxed in his car seat and smiled back.

"I'm glad to hear that, so fucking glad." His smile had split into a grin by now, threatening to spill into a laugh as they drove away from Arthur's home, unbeknownst to Arthur, for the last time.

The stop at Alfred's house was quick, and not what Arthur had anticipated. Alfred's thrust clothes into his arms, told him to shower and meet him in the kitchen. As Arthur had been pushed through the large white house the small amount of possessions Alfred had owned had vanished. There were no photos on the wall; there were no magazines on his bed, or any covers on it either. Arthur made sure to shower quickly, just long enough to make him smell better before picking up the clothes Alfred had given him.

A dark blue singlet with a red superman symbol in the middle, a pair of faded denim pants, a belt for the pants and a white hooded jumper. They were all ridiculously too big for him (And if he had the choice would have preferred something a little more… Dressy), hence the belt, but Arthur had never smiled more when wearing someone else's clothing.

Alfred was waiting, tapping his foot impatiently as Arthur rounded the corner into the hallway. "Quickly, we don't have much time!" He ushered Arthur out back into the car and drove off.

Arthur frowned at the pace he was driving but didn't say anything. Alfred looked far too intensely at the road and occasionally the clock. It unnerved Arthur to see the other man so frustrated and tense when he was used to the casual smiles.

They had been driving for just over two hours in absolute silence. Alfred hadn't turned on the radio or even made an attempt at conversation. Without that invitation, Arthur had decided it was his place to remain quiet as well. The man beside him was obviously doing him a huge favour and he didn't want to interrupt him in his train of thought. What ever that thought might have been. After another half hour of silence however, Arthur was at his limit.

"Umm… Where, might I ask, are we going?" He murmured, turning to look at Alfred from his chair. The American's eyes flicked from the road to him and then back again.

"Canada." He answered.

"Canada?" Arthur echoed. "Why there?"

"My brother lives there."


And the conversation was once again hushed for another hour. At least Arthur was now aware of where they were heading. Though that they were heading to Canada had surprised Arthur. He had expected to be taken away from his home but not from the country.

An hour later saw them nearing the boarder and Arthur's anxiety levels peaked. They would have to provide identification and answer questions by authorities. This prospect made him squirm uncomfortably in his seat, catching Alfred's attention again. A warm hand rested on his leg, first startling the smaller man before reassuring him.

"Don't worry, we made it in time." He smiled, his bright grin beaming as he pressed on the break, slowing the car down to a stop in front of a red and white painted bar. Alfred removed his hand from Arthur's leg in favour of putting the car in park and fishing around the compartment under the dashboard for his car's registration. "Hey, grab your passport out for me?" Alfred asked absently as he grabbed his own.

"S-sure." Arthur fished around in the bag of his belongings till he found the small book and passed it to Alfred. Just in time as a man in uniform holding a clipboard walked up and tapped on their window. Alfred pressed the window button on the armrest and waited while the glass was lowered all the way done.

"Hey Gareth." He smiled. Gareth smiled back and nodded to Arthur.

"Hey Al, it's been a while since you've been home! The boys miss you!" He grinned, pulling a pen out of his pocket and clicking it open.

"Yeah I know," He shrugged and flashed his friend a good old boy smile. "I promise to go out with you guys while I'm back."

"Great! I'll let them know the poker king's home!" The pair laughed and nudged each other through the open window. Arthur just sat still and watched them with mild interest. Had this been why Alfred had been so keen to get here? So that his friend would let him through without a fuss into the other country? "All riiiight!" Gareth began, holding the clipboard up. "Pass ports please!" Alfred handed them over and waited, turning to smile at Arthur who found him self blushing slightly.

"W-what?" He muttered defensively.

"Ok, so that's one Alfred F. Jones and one Arthur Kirkland." He scribbled away on the clipboard. "Why are you coming into Canada?"

"To visit family." Alfred answered. Gareth's brown eyes looked up expectantly at Arthur. Under his gaze Arthur felt himself falter.

"Same here, well, visit his family…" He whispered and nodded towards Alfred.

"Ooook, you'll be staying a while I'll bet…" He scribbled something else down. "And I already know your address! Easiest one of the day eh?" They shared a small laugh again. "Car registration?" Alfred handed the papers over and Gareth copied the information down before handing the paper and passports back. "Now I know you know not to bring anything bad into Canada… But for the sake of the camera's I need to look in your boot." Alfred waved his hand dismissively.

"Hey, it's fine, I wouldn't want you to lose your job because of me!" He pressed a button next to his chair, the boot popping up to let Gareth peek inside.

"Yep!" He called, closing the boot and walking back around to his window. "Everything's in order here, oh! Sorry forgot to stamp your passports." After passing them back, getting them stamped and then returning them, Gareth ticked them off and waved good-bye, going back to his office to open the bar for them and let them through.

Alfred gave him a wave through the window as they drove under the bar and into Canada. The car lurched slightly as it went over a bump in the road, making Arthur jump in his seat. A sudden feeling of weightlessness, a sense of freedom, was filling him as they had officially passed the boarder into Canada. He couldn't help but to look back, watching the boarder security office slowly become smaller and smaller as Alfred put more distance between them and America. He also noticed that Alfred had slowed down now that they were through too.

"Um… W-were you driving that fast… because-"

"Yeah, I, Gareth is a good friend of mine, and I don't think… No offense but I don't think we could have gotten through if they found out what you… Do." Alfred was facing the road but his eyes were cautiously watching Arthur. He could feel the baby blues on his skin. "I called ahead and got when he was working, lucky for us, it was a close shift."

"Oh..." Arthur nodded to himself and looked at the road ahead of them. He couldn't really argue that point. His 'profession' probably wouldn't have gotten him through the boarder and he was grateful to Alfred. Incredibly grateful. More grateful then he would probably ever admit. He didn't offer any more conversation and neither did Alfred. His was fidgeting in his seat again, his hands playing with the hem of Alfred's singlet.

They were silent again, with the exception of the radio that Alfred had now turned on. It buzzed softly with music that Arthur had never heard of before but the beat was catchy. He drummed his fingers against his leg in time to it.

"Huh." Alfred grunted beside him.


"I never would have picked you for a Beatles fan."

"Beatles…" Arthur had heard of them, who hadn't? But he had never really listened to their music.

"This song is a classic!" Alfred grinned and reached down to turn it up. "Love, love me do, you know I love you! I'll always be true, so please love me do!" He sung out loud, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. Arthur hummed along with him, the silence long gone.

They travelled a further four hours through Canada, stopping once for a lunch of chips and sausage rolls at a road side store before continuing on to Alfred's home away from America. Arthur only really started paying attention to the world outside the car window once civilisation started to thin out. Instead of many houses close together, or even apartments like his own, there were few large houses on even larger properties. "We live about… ten, fifteen minutes out of town? Out here is quiet, it's what our mum liked." Alfred had told him. Soon enough, Alfred was turning off the main road and onto a rocky, sandy driveway that led up a hill. Arthur blinked and looked up at the house atop the hill. The house was as large as it was tall, two stores and a veranda that encircled it. A path bordered with stones led up to the front door. A carport stood just to the side of the house and already had an inhabitant sitting quietly inside. The walls and roof of the house were glowing a pale golden colour in the late afternoon sun. It was quite serene, Arthur observed as the car pulled up under the carport.

Once outside the car the wind carried a chill to it and Arthur could feel it through his clothes. He looked to Alfred on where to go, not wanting to intrude on his mother if she was resting. Alfred was grabbing bags from the back of the car, hitching them up on his shoulders; he shut the boot and grinned at Arthur. "All right, lets get out of this wind!" He said merrily to his companion. Arthur pulled his bag out of the car and shut the door, shivering from cold as he followed Alfred around the car to a short staircase that led up to the veranda.

Without dropping a bag, Alfred knocked on the front door and waited patiently while Arthur inspected the paintwork. The salt water had obviously affected the paint and would probably need a new coat sooner rather than later.

A dark silhouette appeared behind the mosaic glass that decorated the wall next to the front door, then the jingle and click of keys in the lock before the door was swung open. Mathew stood before them in the same red hooded jumper and jeans that Arthur had first met him in. His eyes softened when he saw Alfred standing before him and Arthur could not help but try to hide behind the taller blonde. He did not particularly want the same cold treatment he had received last time.

"Hey bro." Alfred greeted him with a small wave.

"Hey Al… I was wondering when you'd arrive." Mathew's eyes travelled over Alfred's shoulder to where Arthur was standing. "And you brought company." Arthur smiled weakly back at the other man, and offered a small wave of his own. Mathew didn't appear to be too impressed. His expression hardened when he noticed Arthur and his body tensed.

"Yeah… Yeah, I'll have to explain that to you but for now, we've been driving all day! I want to get out of these shoes!" Mathew caved to his brother's whining and moved back, allowing Alfred and Arthur room to enter the house.

Inside Arthur was pleasantly surprised. Honestly he had expected the inside to rival the outside in it's aged look but it was unexpectedly modern, or as modern as one could go with a wooden house. The floorboards were a lovely mahogany colour while the walls ranged from white to pale hues of blue. A sea theme ran throughout the house from the decorations to the smell it emitted. He was sure that was because of the ocean lay on the other side of the house.

Mathew shut the door with more force then was needed, surprising Arthur and making him jump and clutch his bag tightly to his chest. Alfred seemed unaffected by his brother's behaviour as he continued through the house, leading Arthur upstairs and to a master bedroom. A large bed was situated in the middle of the back wall, two identical bedside tables next to it. Arthur stepped tentatively into the room after Alfred, peering around at the various shells and photos up on the walls. "You can put your bag down you know." Alfred spoke up from the other side of the room where he was currently pulling off his shoes. Arthur nodded as he continued to look around the room, gently placing his bag on the floor as he moved.

Alfred's family smiled at him from the photos, even Mathew, stone faced as he was now was laughing and enjoying him self in the photos. Of course in the photos Alfred's mother and Mathew's daughter were also present.

"We have an en suite too." Alfred's voice once again caught his attention. He turned to see Alfred disappear into the bathroom attached to the room. "It's got a shower and a toilet, if you want a bath though you'll have to use the main bathroom down the hall." He said as he appeared again. Arthur nodded while walking over to the bed, sitting down on it and gasping when he began to sink into the mattress. "Comfy right?" Alfred flopped down beside him, surprising the Brit once again.

"Yeah… It's very soft." He mumbled, lying back with Alfred. The blonde sent him a tired smile, as they lay, neither really knowing what to say to the other. Luckily Mathew who yelled for Alfred from downstairs broke the awkwardness. Alfred heaved him self up off the bed with a nearly inaudible sigh and left Arthur alone.

Arthur found he didn't mind his absence as much as he thought he would. He had so many thoughts whirling through his mind, so many emotions coursing through him that the cause of all his turmoil's absence was welcome. He pulled the hooded jumper closer around him; even indoors he could still feel a chill.

He eyed the room up again, the pictures, the décor it all seemed so… Utterly perfect and here he was, so ugly and so… Imperfect. A spec of dust residing unencumbered in a nice clean house. It was a crime that he was allowed to stay here, sleep in this bed, and accept hospitality from Alfred and his brother! Arthur let out a shuddering sigh as the darker unwelcome emotions filled his mind. This was all wrong, everything here was wrong! He should leave now and forget Alfred. His mind would recover and so would his heart but he couldn't stay here and corrupt Alfred and his life. He could never forgive him self should he bring misfortune to Alfred…

He spent the next few minutes preparing a plan in his mind of how he would escape and make his way to the nearest town. Alfred had said it was only about fifteen minutes to his town; there he could catch a lift with someone to somewhere else… And hopefully he could find work… Legal or otherwise, and one day he'd pay Alfred back for everything he had done for him. The plan seemed plausible in his mind and he decided to play it out as soon as possible… Probably tomorrow morning. He could wake up early if he needed to.

Was he really going to go through with this? Be ungrateful and just vanish from Alfred's life? If Francis were there he would probably have called Arthur a fool for thinking this way, tell him to stay with Alfred because what life did he have to go back to? No life, that was what. What had happened to his will? The want to get out of prostitution and make something of him self… Something more?

"A stupid dream…" He muttered darkly. A stupid dream that would never become fruitful in reality as he was a worthless excuse for a human being and deserved to waste away in the shadows. Arthur's feelings were getting the best of him. He rolled over on the bed so that his back was facing the door and closed his eyes. The mattress dipped as he moved, accommodating to his body.

He shouldn't be here… Not where Alfred was. He would leave in the morning and never look back. If he wanted to better him self then he would… But he didn't want to use Alfred to do it. Alfred would find someone else right? He had picked Arthur up off the street; there was no telling who else he had picked up too. Arthur grasped at his chest the moment he thought that. It had never occurred to him that Alfred might have picked up other prostitutes. He shocked him self, sitting up Arthur felt the sudden need for a shower.

The water was warm and very much welcome against his skin. Arthur sighed into the heat of the shower and relaxed. This would probably be his last shower for a long time so he needed to make it count.

After washing absolutely everywhere with a sweet smelling soap and cleansing his hair with some fruity shampoo and conditioner, Arthur felt satisfied. He stepped out of the bathroom in a towel, intent on getting changed back into his clothing when Alfred startled him.

The blonde was lounging on the bed nonchalantly, flipping through a magazine on what looked like cars. His eyes swivelled from the magazine to look up at Arthur, a silly grin forming on his face.

"Wow man you take looooong showers, were you shaving your legs in there too?" Arthur huffed and pulled the towel tighter around his waist.

"Belt up twit, I like feeling clean." He muttered back indignantly as he searched for his clothing.

"Oh, I took your clothes to the laundry, here!" Alfred jumped up and dug through one of the many bags he had brought along, pulling out a plain white shirt and some navy track pants. "These should be ok, at least for tonight yeah?" He tossed them at Arthur who flailed while he tried catching them and holding his towel up simultaneously.

Arthur mumbled a small 'thanks' as he walked to the other side of the room to change. He dropped his towel and quickly slipped on his underwear, glad that Alfred hadn't taken those to the laundry, before putting on the rest of Alfred's clothes. He didn't much care if Alfred had watched him or not while he changed. It wouldn't matter by tomorrow anyways.

A pair of arms snaked their way around Arthur's waist once he was done, holding him back against Alfred's body. Arthur would deny later that he let out a small squeak of surprise as he was engulfed in the hug from behind. Alfred's chin rested on his shoulder and leaned in close to his head; the warm breath tickled his skin and sent tingles down his spine. Arthur's hands remained poised in mid air, unsure of what to do with the unexpected actions.

He hadn't anticipated this, not at all! And if Alfred's past actions were anything to go by, Arthur didn't feel he could trust the hug. Not if at a later time he would be left alone again… He craved the tenderness, the sweetness and genuine affection behind the embrace, more then he would ever crave for a cigarette, but the heartbreak afterwards was getting old.

Arthur's hands dropped to his sides in defeat as his heart lost the battle raging inside him. He could feel Alfred's body tense against him, as though he had just felt Arthur's loss… More likely was that he took Arthur's actions for indifference towards his actions. Alfred finally let go and stood back.

"Umm, w-well Mattie said that dinner would be ready soon so… Yeah, just come down when you're ready." Arthur offered no response and Alfred didn't wait for one. The footsteps retreated from the room and down the stairs, leaving Arthur alone once more. He could hear the sorrow in Alfred's voice, how hurt it had been and the guilt gnawed away at his insides.

Arthur descended the stairs around ten minutes later, a pleasant smell wafted throughout the house catching his stomachs attention and finally drawing him out of his slump. Alfred sat at the dining room table; idly playing with a spoon while Mathew was busy serving up the meal in to bowels. Arthur stepped lightly around Alfred and sat in the spot next to him. Mathew appeared a moment later with two bowls and set them down in front of the pair.

"Minestrone soup." He said simply, and then left to fetch his own bowl.

They ate in an awkward silence. Arthur could feel the wrath that Mathew was emitting and it was obviously targeted at him. Alfred ate soundlessly, dipping his spoon in and eating the contents. Arthur slowly sipped his soup, liking the flavour. He had never had minestrone soup before. "This… This is very good." He said.

"Thanks." Was Mathew's bitter reply.

They finished dinner with Arthur offering to wash the dishes, a small chance of escape so that he wouldn't be left alone with either brother both of which he had managed to annoy. His fingers deftly turned plates and cleaned utensils while Alfred and Mathew disappeared into another room. The sound of various voices caught Arthur's attention as he realised that they were probably watching television.

He stood with his hands submerged below the dishwater and bubbles and wondered whether it was worth him leaving. Alfred's embrace earlier was proof right? He had driven the man to another country, he wasn't about to abandon him the next day right? Right? His fingers tightened around the spoon he had been cleaning till it hurt and he was forced to let go. He lifted his hand from the murky water and inspected the deep red mark in his skin. It would be gone in a few minutes. His shoulders sagged as his confusion continued, a definite answer eluding him as he was once again torn between staying and leaving.

After the dishes were cleaned and dried (He left them on the counter as he had absolutely no idea where anything went) Arthur made his way back up to shared bedroom and settled him self on the bed with a book; one of the two books that Arthur had found in his bag, a Jane Austin novel. He really did love reading about the English countryside and it's tales. It was such a different world from the one he currently lived in that it almost seemed to come from a different universe altogether.

A yawn escaped his mouth without resistance as Arthur decided that he had read enough about contrasting universes and if he was to wake up early he needed sleep. He placed the book down on the table beside him and flicked the switch on the lamp off, dousing the light and enveloping the room in darkness. He squirmed down under the heavy blanket and wrapped it around his body. It wasn't as good as Alfred's arms but he wasn't complaining. The less contact, the less it would hurt later.

It couldn't have been less then a couple of hours later when Arthur woke up. There was no light, nothing had touched him and there wasn't much noise except for the steady breathing of someone else in the bed. He blinked several times into the darkness as his eyes adjusted before sluggishly sitting up. Alfred's side moved in time to his breathing leaving Arthur to believe that he was asleep and had been so for a while, so what had woken him up?

Alfred's back was to him as he slept which hurt, though no more so then what he had done to Alfred earlier that day… And hadn't he been sleeping with his back to Alfred also?

Arthur swallowed but found the simple action difficult. The guilt was back as he realised that his behaviour was hurting Alfred when he didn't want it too. He needed to leave more then he had originally comprehended if he didn't want to continue hurting this man. This man, who from the kindness in his heart, had taken Arthur away from his life. If he stayed he would only continue to hurt Alfred.

With slowly deliberate movements, Arthur crept over to Alfred's side of the bed. Using the bed head to hold him, he leaned over and pressed a chaste kiss to Alfred's cheek. He hovered over the blondes face, uncertain of his actions. "I'm sorry." The whispered apology so quiet Arthur wasn't even sure the words had come out of his mouth.

Arthur pushed against the bed head, wincing when the wood groaned at the pressure but Alfred did not stir. With that small task done, Arthur settled him self back on his side of the bed and nestled up under the blanket once more.



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