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Star City
July 17

It was almost midnight, and at the docks of Star City, a group of thugs were unloading cases out their shipping crates. The cases were labled "US Government Poperty" and inside the cases were high-tech weapons. This was a smuggling operation, and it was headed up by a man know as Brick, a superhuman criminal here in Star City. He was a large man with white hair and dark skin.

As a pair of thugs took a case out and began carrying it to a nearby truck, and arrow was shot in between them. It planted in the ground, and a burst of gas was released, knocking the pair out. The case they were carrying fell to the ground and opened, and a gun slid out over to Brick's foot. Kicking the gun up into his hand, he aimed it around to the source of the arrow, and found his target perched above the gang of crminals.. It was none other than Speedy, the former sidekick having struck out on his own.

"You again!" Brick said as he aimed the gun at the archer. "I'm starting to get insulted that Green Arrow s'not messin up my operations personally!" He pulled the trigger on the high-teck gun, and fired a laser blast at Speedy. The bullet exploded on impact, but Speedy had already gotten out of the way. Brick fired a few more, but the archer nimbly dodged each shot. Leaping aroung above, he avoided one with a flip, and fired an arrow right into the barrel of the gun, and it exploded, destroying the weapon and leaving Brick's shirt in shreds. "Do you know what I pay for a suit in my size?" he yelled angrily. "Scorch the earth, boys." he ordered his subordinates.

Just as they were raising their own guns, a yellow and red blur sped by, tackling a pair of thugs and knocking them to the ground. Then with a cackle, a pair of batarang knocked the guns out of the hands of the other two as Robin swung by them. As Robin landed on a crate, Aqualad leaped down, and using his water-bearers, he whiped the two into the back of theor truck, and they fell to the ground having been knocked out on impact.

Brick meanwhile used his super strength to pick up a chunk out of the ground and threw it at Speedy. The archer was already out of the way, but the chunk of concrete was caught by Neos Alius, who threw it back at the criminal as Speedy shot and arrow. The rock struck with great force and shattered on impact, and the arrow exploded on contact. But neither had inflicted any damage thanks to Brick's invulnerablity. He then threw another chunck of concrete he had ripped out of the ground. This one was blocked by Aqualad slicing it in half just before it was able to hit Speedy. And the archer took the chance to fire another arrow, which released a cloud of smoke around the superpowered criminal.

"The cave is perfect. It has everything the Team will need." Aqualad said to Speedy.

"For covert missions! You know, spy stuff." Robin added.

"And wait until you see the others; Superboy, Miss Martian, Cyber Girl, and that new guy, Armed Thunder. Haven't met the guy yet." Kid Flash said. "But I saw Miss Martian first!"

"They're all great! Haven't really interacted with Miss M much, but Superboy, Cyber Girl, and Armed Thunder are really cool!" Neos Alius said. "Superboy is stronger than me, and Armed Thunder has that really awesome armor! And Cyber Girl can hold her own in a fight, and she doesn't even have any powers! I mean, how cool is this team so far?"

"Woah there, might want to turn down the fanboy, Neos A." Kid Flash said as he put a hand on his shoulder. "But what he said at the end. I agree with 100%; This Team is gonna be great!"

"And it'll be even better with you on it."

It was at that moment that the smokescreen cleared, and Brick tossed another chunk of concrete at the young heroes. Most dove out of the way, but Aqualad drew his water-bearers and formed a mace to smash the chunk. Speedy then wasted no time in firing three arrows at the criminal. All three hit his chest and exploded, but no damage was done.

Brick let out a brief laugh at the young hero's efforts. "Tell Arrow he shouldn't send a boy to do a man's job!" he said. Drawing another arrow, Speedy took aim at Brick. To mock the boy, he spead his arms wide and stood in place. "Go ahead." He felt that the ex-sidekick posed no hreat to him.

Speedy let loose the arrow, and it struck Brick in the chest. But this one didn't explode like the last one. Instead, as it stuck to his chest, and suddenly began to release a red foam that quickly expanded and engulf Brick, trapping him within.

"High-density polyurethane foam. Nice!" Kid Flash commented with a thumbs-up.

His work here done, the archer then began to take his leave as he walked away.

"So Speedy, you in?" Robin asked.

He stopped next to the Boy Wonder. "Pass." he replied. "I'm done letting Arrow and the League telling me what to do. I don't need a babysitter or a clubhouse hangout with the other kids. Your Junior Justice League is a joke. Something to keep you busy, and in your place." And with that, he resumed walking away. "I don't want any part of it."

Mount Justice
July 18

"Recognized. Robin, B01. Kid Flash, B03. Neos Alius, B04." the computerized voice announced as the three arrived via the Zeta Beam transport. Jaden stepped out with Kid Flash and Robin, all three in their civilian clothes. Looking to the center of the room, the rest of the Team stood by a holographic display. Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian and Alexis were all watching the display while Chazz stood a bit apart from them holding a steel briefcase. Like Jaden and the other two, all three were dressed in casual attire.

"Did you ask him?" Robin asked as they approached the group.

"What did he say?" Kid Flash asked eagerly.

"He's arriving now." Aqualad replied.

"Then what are we waiting for?" And with that, everyone started to make their way to the entrance of the base where Red Tornado was going to be arriving from.

Chazz was walking slowly in the rear, so Jaden hung around for him to catch up. He put his arm around his shoulder, much to the other boy's annoyance. "Hey c'mon; no need to hang back here. Get to know the others. They're your team now too. Quit being so antisocial!" he told him.

"...you don't exactly know what personal space is, do you?" Chazz asked as he took Jaden's arm off of his shoulder. "Look, I'll get to know everyone at my own pace."

"It'd be a lot more fun for you if you just go right in and talk instead of just standing off to the side."

"Look, I've got my own way of doing things, so-"

"Hey, you two gonna catch up or not?" Alexis called out to them.

"Uh, yeah, we're coming." Chazz replied, and quickened his pace.

"Lets hurry!" Jade said.

The whole team had all arrived outside just as the one they were expecting was arriving. Arriving with a trail of his namesake, the robotic Red Tornado landed on the ground outside the entrance.

"Red Tornado!" Kid Flash greeted with a wave of his hand.

"Greeting." the robot replied. "Is there a reason you intercept me outside the cave?"

"We hoped you had a mission for us." Aqualad explained.

"Mission assignments are the Batman's responsibility."

"But its been over a week and nothing-" Robin began.

"You will be tested soon enough." Red Tornado cut him off. "For the time being, simply enjoy each other's company."

"This Team is not a social club." Aqualad repplied.

"No. But I am told that social interaction is an important team-building exercise. Perhaps you can keep busy by familiarizing yourseelves with the cave." And with that, the android hero made his way inside.

"Tch, well this was a waste of time." Chazz commented to himself. The whole reason he had come today was because he was hoping that this Team he had agreed to join would actually get to do something so that he could prove himself to the Justice League. Of course, he hadn't expected much.

"'Keep busy'." Kid Flash repeated in annoyance, giving Robin a light jap on his shoulder.

"Does he think we're falling for this?" Robin said, expressing his own annoyance at the situation.

"Oh, I'll find out!" Miss Martian said, sounding a bit excited to help out the Team with their current problem. She then looked over to Red Tornado, and focused her telepathic powers on him. But she could read no thoughts. "Uh, I'm sorry, I forgot he's a machine. Inorganic. I cannot read his mind." She was a bit dejected at her goof.

"Nice try though." Kid Flash encouraged. "Sooo, uh, you know what I'm thinking right now?" he asked her flirtatiously.

"Tch, we ALL know what you're thinking." Robin said as he elbowed him in the back.

"And now we tour the clubhouse." Aqualad said, still clearly annoyed by the earlier exchange.

"Well, Superboy and I live here. We can play tour guides." Miss Martian suggested.

"Don't look at me." Superboy said.

"We won't." Kid Flash was quick to reply. "A private tour sounds much more fun."

"She never said private!" Robin said.

"Team building." Aqualad said. "We'll all go."

"I'm fine with that." Jaden said. "This place looks awesome! I've been wanting to look around in there for a while!"

"You're enthusiatic about everything you do, aren't you?" Alexis asked.

"Of course. Life is a lot more fun that way." he said with a laugh.

"By the way, that enthusiasm of his definitely does not extend to things related to school." Robin interjected. "He is a terrible student."

"Hey, she doesn't need to know that..."

"Anyway, this would be our front door..." Miss Martian began as the whole team began to make their way inside

"And this would be the back. The cave is actually the entire mountain!" Miss Martian explained, showing them an exit that lead to a cliff.

"It was actually hollowed out and reinforced by Superman and Green Lantern during the early days of the League." Kid Flash added as the group headed back in. He had studied up on some of the League's history, which is how he knew.

"Then why abandon it for the Hall of Justice?" Superboy asked.

"The cave's secret location was... compromised." Aqualad explained. He had also read up on the League's history. Of course, most of the others had also studied up on the League's history. Only exception being Jaden.

Superboy recalled the visions he had been personally shown the day he had arrived here, how the Joker had discovered this place and attacked it with those annoying monkeys.* "So they traded it in for a tourist trap? Yeah, that makes sense." he said sarcastically.

"If villains know of the cave, we must be on constant alert." Miss Martian thought out loud. She was a bit worried that the place could be under constant attack.

"The bad guys know we know they know about the place, so they'd never think to look here." Robin reassured her, but his wording only confused her

"Huh?" Jaden let out, just as confused.

"Uh, he mean we're hiding in plain sight." Kid Flash elaborated for the alien girl.

"Ah, that much clearer." she said.

As they stood there, Superboy caught a whiff of something. "I smell smoke." he told them.

Miss Martian let out a gasp. "My cookies!" she let out before quickly flying off and to the cave's kitchen. In it, she opened the oven, and telekinetically lifted her tray out. Unfortunately for her, the snacks she had been baking were burnt to a crisp. She was clearly disappointed. "I was trying out Grammy Jones' recipe from episode 17 of... Uh, heh, never mind." she had said, but cut herself off midsentance.

"I bet they'd have tasted great." Robin reassured her. "He doesn't seem to mind." he said motioning over to Kid Flash, who was eating them, regardless of appearing unapealing.

"I have a serious metabolism." he said with his mouth full.

"I'll make more." she said, already cheering up from her new friends' gestures.

"It was sweet of you to make any." Aqualad said.

"Thanks, Aqualad."

"We're off-duty. Call me Kaldur'ahm." he corrected her. "Actually, my friends call me Kaldur."

"I'm Wally." Kid Flash said. "See, I already trust you with my secret ID. Unlike Mr. Dark Glasses over here. Batman's forbidden Boy Wonder from telling anyone his real name."

"Mines no secret. Its M'gann M'orzz." Miss Martian said. "But, you can call me Megan. It's an Earth name. And I'm on Earth now." They could tell from her tone that she was pretty excited just to be on the planet.

"My name is Jaden. Jaden Yuki." Jaden chimed in.

"Alexis Rhodes." Alexis said.

Jaden and Alexis then turned to Chazz standing off to the side, and he could tell they were urging him to introduce herself. "Its Chazz Princeton." he said.

With all the introductions done, Superboy began to walk out of the room. After all, the only name he had was Superboy.

M'gann, seeing him leave, decided to try and comfort him. Don't worry, Superboy. She told him telepathically. Though unfortunately, her gesture of kindness would not have the kind of effect she was hoping, and he turned to her with surprise. We'll find you an Earth name too.

"Get out of my head!" he yelled. He couldn't help but think back to his time at Project Cadmus, where Desmond had used the G-Gnomes to control him. His sudden outburst caused the others to turn to her.

Whats wrong? she said to the others, still using her telepathy. Some of them put there hands to their head, unfamiliar to the sensation. Everyone on Mars communicates telepathically.

"M'gann, stop." Aqualad sternly said. "Things are different on Earth. Here, your powers are ab extreme invasion of privacy."

"Besides, Cadmus's creepy little psychic G-Gnomes left a bad taste in his brain." Wally said, pointing at Superboy.

"I-I didn't mean-" M'gann began apologizing.

"Just. Stay. Out!" Superboy cut her off. And with that, he walked over to the couch of the connected room.

The martian was a bit hurt and felt bad for what she had done, but then a thought occured to her. "Hello, Megan!" she said suddenly, tapping her palm to her forehead. "I know what we can do!" And with that, she levitated herself up, and flew out of the room. Curious, the others, minus Superboy, followed her.

Still on the couch, the Kryptonian clone sat there silently.

Peeking out from around the corner, M'gann tried to get him to come. "Superboy, please?" she pleaded

"Don't talk to me." he said without looking at her, disappointing M'gann. But in a few moments, the Boy of Steel got up wordlessly, and walked over to follow her.

A few minutes later, the whole Team was now in the hangar, having taken an elevator down to it. "Its my Martian Bioship!" M'gann said as the doors opened. In the hangar, there was a large egg-shaped object sitting in the center.

"Can't say I'm impressed." Chazz muttered to himself, and Alexis elbowed him. She gave him a look that told him to be nice, and he averted his eyes from her, a very slight blush on his cheeks. He wasn't planning to tell anyone, but he had definitely developed a bit of a crush on her ever since they met the other day.

"Cute." Wally commented. "Not aerodynamic. But cute."

"Its at rest, silly. I'll wake it." she said, and with a telepathic command, the egg-like object began to transform, growing larger and wings came out. It was now clearly a ship.

"Wow, that is a pretty sweet ride!" Jaden commented, obviously very impressed. But it wasn't exactly hard to impress him. Not that the ship wasn't impressive.

The ship turned around, and an entranced opened at the rear. "Well? You guys coming?" M'gann asked. She lead everyone inside, and in the cockpit, a console molded up from the ground around the cockpit, followed by a seat for everyone. "Strap in for launch."

Doing as she said, Robin and Wally took a seat, safety belts coming out and strapping them in automatically. "Woah!" Robin let out.

"Cool!" Wally said.

"I take back what I said." Chazz commented as he took a seat and set his briefcase down next to him. "Now I'm impressed."

"Guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover next time." Alexis told him.

"Red Tornado, please open the bay doors." M'gann said over the com. As the hangar doors opened, the controls from the bioship rose up. As soon as the door was open, the ship took off, and flew quickly through the sky, then pulled up and effortlessly made a sharp turn, flying towards the nearby town of Happy Harbor.

"Incredible!" Robin remarked.

Wally heaved a sigh. "She sure is." he said. "Uh, I mean the ship. Which like all ships, is a she." he added as M'gann turned over to look at him.

"Fast with his feet. Not so much with his mouth." Robin told her.


"I'm definitely impressed now." Chazz said as he looked out the window.

"Oh man, this is so awesome!" Jaden said.

"It is pretty exciting." Alexis said. "My only experience flying was in a plane before, and that doesn't even come close to comparing to this."

"I'm impressed, but flying in my armor is a lot more exiting." Chazz tol her.

"Can't wait until I can fly on my own." Jaden said.

At the front of the cockpit, Kaldur and Superboy sat. "I may not have psychic powers, but I can guess what you're thinking." Kaldur said to him quietly. "You overreacted, and you don't know how to apologize. Just say sorry."

At the front of the ship, though they couldn't hear them, a few of the others would have a similar coversation. Seeing M'gann staring over at him, Robin spoke up. "He'll come around." he told her.

"He doesn't seem to like me much." M'gann said.

"You guys remember he has super hearing, right?" Wally asked, pointing over to Superboy, he continued to stare off ahead of him, not bothering to look over to them.

"Hey, how about showing us a little Martian shapeshifting?" Robin requested, and Jaden turned his head hopefully. He really wanted to see some of that power in action.

Obliging the Boy Wonder's request, she stood up. Her whole form began to shift, and in a moment she was an exact replica of Alexis in her Cyber Girl costume. She took a graceful pose on her toes to replicate a ballerina, then as she stopped and and went back to standing normally, she began to transform again, this time into a copy of a costumed Robin, though not an exact copy like when she had transformed before. This time, though she was Robin, she was stil a she. After a few moments as Robin, she transformed again. With a twirl, she became a female version of Kid Flash and posed.

"Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?" Wally asked.

"Hey, do me next!" Jaden said excitedly. As he asked, she transformed again, and became a female version of Neos Alius, the alien-like costume on a feminine figure.

"Impressive." Robin said with a clap as M'gann returned to her Martian form. "But, you know you're not exactly going to fool anyone with those. I mean, at least not mine, Wally's, and Jaden's."

"Mimicking boys is a lot harder." she explained.

"Still cool!" Jaden said.

"And you were perfect as me." Alexis said.

"And your clothes." Kaldur commented.

"They're organic, like the ship." M'gann said as she tugged a bit at them, which were currently in a casual form. "They respond to my mental commands."

"As long as they're the only ones." Superboy commented, bringing down the mood and creating an awkward silence.

"I know all about organic clothes." Jaden said suddenly. His Neos Alius costume came out from under his clothes and took form, but he left his head exposed. "Of course, mine only can do the costume and hide unde my clothes when I'm not using it. Yours are definitely way better than mine!"

"Hey, can you do that ghosting through walls thing that Manhunter does?" Wally asked.

"Density shifting?" M'gann said. "No, it's a very advanced technique..."

"Flash can vibrate his molecules right through a wall." Robin said. Then with a chuckle, he added "When he tries it, bloody nose."

"Dude!" Wally complained.

"Heres something I can do." M'gann said. Outside the ship, it began to disappear as it became transparent. "Camouflage mode."

As they continued flying around, a voice suddenly spoke over the com. "Red Tornado to Miss Martian." the android said. "An emergency alert has been triggered. I suggest you investigate. Covertly. I'm sending coordinates."

"Received. Adjusting course."

"Tornado's keeping us busy again." Robin commented with annoyance.

"Well, a simple fire lead you to Superboy." M'gann said. "We should find out what caused the alert."

"I think I know the cause." Superboy said as he looked out the window to the side of the ship, directly at a tornado. And it was coming right towards the bioship. M'gann attempted to get out of its way, but it was too late. It engulfed them before she could get out of there, and shook the ship with its powerful winds. They were trapped inside, but M'gann was able to get out by flying around with the winds, and using it to get the momentum necessary to slingshot out of there.

Landing nearby, everyone got out. "Good thing I'm already in costume." Jaden said as he had his suit come up over his face.

The team watched as all the facility workers fled from the tornadoes. "Robin, are tornados common in New England?" Kaldur asked as he turned to the rest of the team, but the Boy Wonder was not with them. "Robin?" They heard his signature cackle coming from the direction of the plant.

"He was just here..." M'gann said, not used to his vanishing act.

"Does he do that often?" Alexis asked.

"All the time." Wally said. "You'll all get used to it. Or not."

"Tch, should have brought the whole thing." Chazz commented as he opened his briefcase. But it was so annoying carrying around the full size briefcase for the whole armor. Inside was only a part of his armor, a pair of gloves, boots, the helmet, and the wings. Not that the wings were much use without the rest of the suit to add its propulsion systems for real flight. He wouldn't be able to do much more than hover and glide. He put on the helmet and its displays came on.

Inside the factory, a large red, armored figure used a powerful burst of wind from armaments on his wrists to knock Robin into a pillar. Shortly after, the rest of the group arrived, and came to his side. "Whose your new friend?" Superboy asked.

"Didn't catch his name, but he plays kinda rough!" Robin told him as he rushed at the attacker.

"My apologies!" the red figure said. "You may address me as Mister Twister." He then begn to use his apparent power to manipulate wind to stop Superboy. But the Kryptonian clone was not stopped easily, as he kept advancing forward, though the powerful wind was slowing him down. So Mister Twister increased the power, and a mini-tornado formed around him, and spun him around before sending him flying into a wall.

The rest of the group exchanged glances, all ready to fight this new villain. Alexis pulled out her visor, and Wally pulled out his goggles. There wasn't time for them to change into their full costumes, but these would at least help to conceal their identities. Chazz took aim with his right arm, and a pair spinning blades were fired at Mister Twister. But they were easily knocked off course by a burst of wind, and he made a note that any of his currently-limited physical weapons would be useless. here. 'Damn, and its not like the ful suit's energy weaponry is even operational yet.'

Meanwhile, Wally attempted to use his super speed, and then launched at him with a flying kick, but was stopped by a burst of wind, then hurled out of the factory and into the nearby forest. Next, Kaldur, M'gann, Jaden, and Alexis tried to attack him head on, but were all knocked away by powerful winds, and were each flung into the wall.

"I was prepared to be challenged by a superhero. I was not, however, expecting children." Mister Twister stated

"We're not children!" Robin said as he threw two projectiles. The first was a small bomb, that was stopped by a gust of wind, and exploded before it could reach Twister. As the winds stopped, the second one hit its mark and stuck into his chest, ready to explode momentarilt

"Objectively, you are." the enemy stated as he flicked the weapon of of him before it could blow up. "Have you no adult supervision? I find your presence here quite disturbing."

"Well, we hate to see you disturbed," Robin said as the Team, minus Wally, had all gathered together around him. "Lets see if you're more turbed once we kick your can!"

Using her telekinetic powers, M'gann broke open a tank that released steam that breifly blinded the enemy, and Superboy used that opportunity to attack once again, leaping up and was coming down with the intent to strike Twister with a powerful punch. But he was once again repelled, and was sent flying into M'gann. Robin and Kaldur then rushed at him together, but using his wind manipulating abilities, created small tonadoes around them, and then spun them around and then into each other. It was then Chazz's turn, as he used his boots and wing pack's boosters to launch himself towards the enemy, but was halted by the wind like his allies. He then raised his fists, and fired several rounds of ammunition, but even though he was in close range, they missed the mark due to the powerful wind. As the armored hero continued to use his boosters to fight through the winds, Mister Twister suddenly stopped them. Chazz, not expecting the the sudden , flew forward, with Mister Twister stepping to the side to avoid him, and continued right into Alexis, who, seeing that attacking head-on was not working, had been trying to take a less direct approach, and had been sneaking around to attack the villain from behind. Being the last hero standing, Jaden held up his palms as he prepared to fire an energy blast, but was stopped as a tornado formed around him and then flung him into the wall.

"Indeed. That was quite 'turbing'." Mister Twister said as he looked over the battered heroes, then floated off the ground, and started to fly out of the plant. "Thank you."

Outside, Wally was just coming to, and spotted Mister Twister flying out of the building alone. Using his super speed, Wally cut him off and stood in his path. "What have you done to my team?"

"Embarrassed them, largely." he replied, then created a tornado, and it engulfed Wally, and he made it crash into the building. But when the smoke settled, Wally was floating safely just a few feet off the ground.

"I've got you, Wally." M'gann said as she released him from her telekinesis.

"Woah. Thanks." he said as he landed on his feet.

"Nice save there." Jaden said.

"I would have though you would have all learned your limitations by now." the villain taunted.

"What do you want?" Kaldur yelled to him.

"Isn't it obvious?" Twister asked as he floated up higher. "I'm waiting for a real hero."

"Read his mind. Find a weakness." Kaldur told M'gann.

"But I thought I wasn't supposed to do that?" she asked.

"Its okay with the bad guys!" Robin told her.

Doing as she was told, M'gann placed her fingers to her head as she focused her telepathy on Mister Twister. And after a few moments of trying... "Nothing, I'm getting nothing!" she said. It was at that monent she realized something. "Hello, Megan!" she slapped her her palm to her forehead. "Mister Twister is Red Tornado in disguise! He's inorganic. An android! How many android's do you know that can generate tornadoes?"

"Red Tornado sent us here!" Kaldur realized.

"After saying we'd be tested soon enough." Robin added. "This is his test! Something to keep us busy."

"Speedy called it. We're a joke." Wally said, and Kaldur punched his fist in frustration. "This game? So over."

"Aw man, this sure isn't cool..." Jaden said.

"Tch, what a complete waste of everyone's time." Chazz said.

Alexis sighed before saying "I hate to put it like that, but I have to agree with Chazz."

And with that, the whole team approached the android before them. "We know who you are, ans what you want!" Robin told him.

"So lets end this." Kaldur said.

"Consider it ended." the foe said. He the began using his wind manipulation to form tornadoes from his hands, and the sky began to darken as a storm cloud formed above them.

"An impressive show, but we will not indulge you. We will not engage!" Kaldur said firmly.

It was then that lightning began to flash above the android. "Uh, can Red Tornado, do that?" Wally asked.

"You think I'm Tornado? Ironic." Twister said, ammused by the notion. And with that, he blasted the team with a powerful bolt of lightning that struck right in front of them, and they were knocked back by the blast. Most were lying on the ground, with just Superboy and Jaden still standing. Superboy ripped off the remains of his torn jacket, and then gave a powerful leap towards Twister. But before he could even come close, he was hit by a pair of lightning bolts, and sent flying back down. Jaden jumped up to catch him, but with the speed of which his friend had been knocked back, they both hit the ground hard, and were sent into the ground, and skidding over to the rest of their their friends, digging in and kicking up debris along the way. The android then began to descend on the group, lightning sparking from his hands as he prepared to finish the job.

While the others were still down, M'gann began to stir, and watch as Twister was coming towards them. Thinking quickly, she did the first thing that came to mind to protect herself and her new friends.

Above, Mister Twister watched as the eight youths bellow him vanished before his eyes, hidden as the currently camouflaged Bioship. "Fine then. I won't deny that you children have power." he said. "But playing hide and seek with you will not help me achieve my objectives. So stay concealed! If you confront me again, I will show no mercy." And with that, he flew off, making his way to the nearby town of Happy Harbor.

"What happened?" Wally asked.

"I placed the Bioship between us." M'gann replied.

Superboy punched a large piece of debris a few times. "And thats supposed to make it right?" he asked as he walked over tho M'gann. "You tricked us into thinking Twister was Red Tornado!"

"She didn't do it on purpose." Kaldur defended.

"It was a rookie mistake. We shouldn't have listened." Robin told him.

"You are pretty inexperienced." Wally told her. "Hit the showers. We'll take it from here."

"You'll have better luck next time." Jaden said.

"Stay out of our way." Superboy said. And with that, his used a super leap to cover a large distance. He was then followed by Wally, Robin, and Jaden.

"Ugh, I really should have brought the whole thing..." Chazz complained. "OJAMA, have the rest of the armor sent to my location." he said to his AI assistant.

"Roger, boss."

"It'll take way to long." he added. And with that, he used his limited armor's thrusters to mimmick Superboy's jump, flew up and proppel himself for a long-distance glide.

"I was just trying to be part of the Team..." M'agnn said as she hung her head.

"Too be honest, I'm not sure we really have a team." Kaldur said before making his way to join the others.

"Its okay." Alexis said as she put her hand on her fellow female reassuringly. "Everyone has their off-days. I know you'll do better next time." And with that, she made her way to follow the rest.

Nearby, in the town of Happy Harbor, Mister Tister was using his wind manipulation to cause destruction, creating several tornadoes to wreck the town. "Certainly this will get the required attention." he said.

"You got ours! Full and undivided!" Wally said as he ran over to the android and landed a flying kick on his chest.

"Immaterial and insufficient! You are a distraction I can no longer tolerate!" Twister said.

Then with a loud yell, Superboy came down from up above, intending to strike Twister with a powerful blow, but he flew back to avoid it. The android then flew to the side to avoid Jaden's energy strike, and Chazz's covering fure. He the created a pair of tornadoes, and sent them at the four heroes that had arrived first.

Back on the Bioship, M'gann was flying back to base. "The team really needs your help." she told Red Tornado through the comunications, having just explained the whole situation to him.

"If I intervened, it would not be to help." he relpied. "Still, it is an odd coincidence that this Twister shares my elemental abilities, and my immunity to telepathy."

And it was then that M'gann got the perfect idea. "Hello, Megan!" she said as she slapped her palm to her forehead.

Back in Happy Harbor, Robin, Kaldur, and Alexis had just arrived, and just in time to see Twister use a tornado to throw a boat at Superboy. Unfortunately, their arrival did not come as a surprise to Twister, who immediately turned around and whipped up a pair of small tornadoes and sent them at the trio of heroes, who avoided them. Kaldur ran in close, but then was immediately thrown into a nearby building by a powerful burst of wind. Kid Flash then ran at him, and was hit almost caught in one of his mini tonradoes, but managed to get out of there before he could be thrown. He then sent a tornado after him, but then redirected it to Robin as he noticed the boy wonder readying to throws some bombs at him, and sucked them up, and they exploded within. Robin threw a few more, but Twister quickly whipped up another tornado, and they exploded away from him.

Jaden and Superboy then both attacked in unison, but Twister avoided their attacks, and then sent them flying with a tornado, and followed it up by creating a tornado in the water, and sending a boat flying after them. It was obvious to Kaldur, who was just climbing out of the damaged area that it was going to crash into where he was, but he managed to get out of there just before tey crashed into the building and destroyed it. Kaldur then grabed the destroyed boat's motor as it landed in front of him, and chucked it at the villain, who used his wind manipulation to block the improvised projectile and toss it asside. Chazz then began to fire on the android, and unloaded the entirety of his currently loaded clip at him, but he avoided the shots. As he did, Alexis leaped out from behind some debris, and with her usual graceful style, and attempted a sweeping kick aimed at the android's midsection, by he avoided it. He the prepared a tornado, and Alexis backflipped out of the way, with Chazz using his armor's thrusters to speed in a get her out of harms way.

"Thanks, Chazz." she said.

"Don't mention it..." he said, blushing at his current situation.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Wally ran over to where Robin was hiding, and watched him pull something out of his jacket.

"You brought your utility belt?" Wally asked.

"Never leave home without it." Robin replied as he hung it fron his shoulder and over his chest like a sash. "First thing Batman taught me."

"Yeah, right after 'never go to the bathroom without it'." Wally quipped.

Listen to me. M'gann suddenly spoke telepathically to the young heroes. All of you.

"What did we tell you?" Superboy said angrilly.

I know! And I know I messed up. But now I'm very clear on what we need to do. Please, trust me.

Elsewhere in town, citizens were still evacuating, with police helping to guide people. And then above them, Red Tornado flew over as he sped towards the area where the fight was happening.

"Hit the showers, everyone." Red Tornado said as he landed, and the team all gathered around him. "I was hoping you could handle this. Clearly, you cannot."

"But we've got a plan now!" Robin tried to argue.

"The subject is not up for debate." he said, and the team all left as they had been told without another word.

"I was beginning to believe you'd never show up!" Twister said.

"I'm here now." Tornado said, and with a gesture of his hand, created a tornado of his own, and sent it at Twister, who dodged it, and countered it withone of his own. Red Tornado then lifted his hand, so before he could create another tornado, Twister sent a tornado straight at him, which Tornado dispersed before it reached him. "We are evenly matched, Twister." he said, then whipped up a tornado, which he used to hurl several rocks at Twister.

"No Tornado, we are not!" he replied as he punched the ground, and a powerful jet of wind blocked the rocks. He then fired lightning at Tornado who evaded, until the lightning hit a bought, and Tornado was caught in the explosion, and was sent flying to the ground, unable to move. "Remain still, android." Tister said as he held up his hand, and wires came out of the fingertips, and plugged into Red Tornado. "The reprogramming won't take long."

Then suddenly, Red Tornado grabbed the wires, and his head transformed. "Longer than you might think." M'gann said.

"No." Twister managed to say before M'gann used her telekinesis to push Twister right into a tornado, which had been Wally, spinning around at high speed to simulate Red Tornado's power for her. As he flew away, he was caught by Superboy and Jaden, who caught him by his arms. They both pulled with all their might, ripping the robot's arms off, then Superboy punched him a few times, one going through his boy, and another sending him right into the water. In the water, Kaldur had aquirred an anchor, which he used to hit Twister, then sent electricity through it, which exploded part of him, and sent him flying out of the water. As he came out, Alexis kicked him in the head while it was still in mid air, denting it, and sending him to where Robin and Chazz came, both fire projectiles at him, which stuck into his back and exploded, destroying the last of his parts that let him control wind and generate ligtning, and he was sent crashing into the ground.

As he managed to patially get up, the team all gathered around the villain. It was then that the chest of Twister suddenly opened up, and a man came out. He fell out and to the ground. "Foul. I-I call foul." he stuttered out

It was then, that as the group started to approach him, that M'gann used her telekinesis to lift up a nearby boulder.

Seeing what the martian was going to do, Kaldur tried to stop her. "M'GANN, NO!"

But he was too late, as she used the boulder to crush the man without hesitation.

"Not cool..." Jaden let out in disbelief.

"Don't know how things are done on Mars, but on Earth, we don't excute our captives!" Robin said, clearly furious.

"You said you trust me." M'gann said, and then lifted up the boulder, revealing that what they had though was a man pilotting the suit, was actually another android. "Thats why I couldn't read his mind."

"A robot pilotting another robot? Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't see the point of why that was the case here." Chazz said.

Ignoring him, Wally walked over to the remains, and picked up one of the human robot's eyes. "Cool. Souvenir." he said as he flicked it up and caught it.

"We should have had more faith in you." Kaldur apologized.

"Yeah, you rocked this mission." Wally said. "Get it? 'Rocked'. Heh."

"Ignore him." Robin said. "We're all just turbed you're on the team."

"Thanks. Me too." she said.

"Told you that you'd do better next time." Alexis said.

In a far off, remote location, a man watched as the other eye of the robot doppelganger transmitted footage bit more footage as it was slowly powering down.

"Now, Brom, aren't you relieved I didn't let you wear the armor?" a man, Professor T.O. Morrow, the creator of Red Tornado, asked.

"Extremely, professor." Brom replied. "But you're not upset?"

"I'm convinced our tracking program was oporational, and that the real Tornado was somewhere in the vicinity." Morrow replied. "Besides, you know science advances in fits and starts. Even failure can be instructive. And I'd say we learned quite a lot today."

Later in the day, the Team had all gathered back at Mountt Justice, and they and Red Tornado were looking over the remains of the robot. "It was clearly created to sabotage or destroy you." Kaldur said

"Agreed." Tornado said.

"Is that why you wouldn't help us?" M'gann asked.

"No. This was your battle." he replied. "I do not believe it is my role to solve your problems for you. Nor should you solve mine for me."

"But if you're in danger-" M'gann began to ask.

"Consider this matter closed." he said, and with that, began to walk off.

"Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Neos, they'd have all jumped right in to fix things." Wally said.

"Guess if we're gonna have a babysitter, a heartless machine is exactly what we need." Robin qupped.

"Dude, harsh."

"And inaccurate." Red Toranda said, still walking away. "I have a heart. Carbon-steel alloy. I also have excellent hearing."

"Ha, right. Sorry." Robin appologized. "I'll strive to be more accurate."

"And more respectful." Kaldur said.

And with that, most of the Team began to make their way out of the room.

"Speedy was so wrong." Wally said.

"This team thing?" Robin began.

"Might just work out." Kaldur finnished.

"Man, can't wait to do this again with you guys." Jaden said.

"Gotta admit, we all work pretty well together." Alexis agreed.

Chazz meanwhile, remained silent. M'gann had remained in her place for a bit, and she saw Superboy stop. They looked at each other, and there was an awkward silence for a few moments before Superboy finally spoke up. "Sorry." he managed to say, the resumed walking to join up with the others. M'gann meanwhile smiled, glad that he had forgiven her and didn't hate her.

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