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Alphete (Al-F-Ete)

Combination of two words: Alpha and Athlete. Alpha means "The First; The One; The Beginning." and Athlete means "Person Trained or Gifted in an area of Physical or Mental Activity."

Definition: The Beginning of Gifted People; Training to be the Best.

"I'm not as cold and sarcastic as I seem to be. I'm really quiet and I don't talk much, but, I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm better than anyone. I'm just mature, grown up if you'd like to call it that. I have to be mature in my house. My dad is jobless and has cancer, my mother walked out on us, and my twin brothers are the two most troublesome people in the entire world. I've been supporting my family since the age of ten when I designed my first App for iTunes. That is what my track is, I'm an App Designer. I put a lot of time and dedication into my work so I don't socialize a ton, but when I'm not working and actually hanging out with the few friends I have, I'm pretty outgoing. My name is Wilhelmina "Mina" Emerson and I'm fifteen years old. I'm an Alphete App Designer and I was born to win."

"I don't talk much. I'm more of an observer. I hate being in crowds and I don't like working with other people. I like to be by myself, I'm a very independent person and that is why I drifted to drawing at a very early age. With the few friends I have, I'm actually pretty sweet and caring. My name is Alessia "Coco" Romano and I'm fifteen years old. I'm an Alphete Artist and I was born to win."

"I'm not an inventor, okay? I'm too dumb to be an inventor anyways. I'm a fashion designer, have been since the mere age of nine. I got my first manager (A guy who works at Vogue and Teen Vogue) when I won a contest and since then I've been a household name. I'm super outgoing and I take risks at everything...so don't be worried if I come in with a broken arm or something. I can be a bitch or I can be uber sweet. You decide. My name is Isabella "Ella" McMannon and I'm fifteen years old. I'm an Alphete Fashion Designer and I was born to win."

"Call me weird and quirky. Honestly, I don't care. I've always been good at standing out because I'm the youngest in a set of triplets. I've learned not to let anyone give me crap and I've learned to be extreme which gets included in my gymnastics routines. I think of the strangest things and I'm really independent. My name is Annaliese "Nokia" Benson and I'm fifteen years old. I'm an Alphete Gymnast and I was born to win."

"Don't judge me because of my temper, M'Kay? I'm actually a pretty cool person despite it. I'm really spunky and funny, people call me weird and I tell them to bug off. I've loved music since forever and my family has always been supportive of it. I'm super dedicated and I know for a fact that I have what it takes. My name is Rachel "Roxy" Tarrindale and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Musician and I was born to win."

"People say that I smile too much for what I've been through, but I don't really see where they are coming from. I'm just a smiley person, ya know? I think life is too precious to waste away and that's why my personality is so upbeat, positive, and carefree. Even if my mom was in a mass murder. Just to clear things up, I'm not a bitch because I'm a model. Not all models are bitches. I will admit, I may be vain, or hypocritical, or really defensive but I am not a full-on bitch. I cry. I'm insecure. I'm a normal person with faults. My name is Andrea Luvhy and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Model and I was born to win."

"I didn't even know I got applied to this thing, okay? My best friend applied for me. I'm just another "One-Of-the-Guys" who loves to party and doesn't take any bullshit. I get into trouble a lot (Mostly for drawing out on the streets) but I can usually get out of it. Or outrun the cops trying to catch me. I can be a sarcastic ass, I will admit that. I don't let a bunch of people into my life and whether you see it or not, I'm actually pretty insecure. I'm not a total bitch, all right? I actually have a heart. My name is Elizabeth "Riza" Roberts and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Street Artist and I was born to win."

"Yeah. I'm competitive. What's wrong with that? It's not like I'm mean about it or anything. I still love to be around people, I'm still a nice person. I'm not a pushover, though. Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'll do everything you tell me to. I'm also really dedicated, I've been doing gymnastics since forever and a day and I'm pretty good at it. My name is Olivia "Liv" Prince and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Gymnast and I was born to win."

"I'll say it right off the bat: I'm a perfectionist. I hate when I mess up and I try to always be the best, never letting someone go above me. I'm very independent, and even though I'm part of a team as a cheerleader, I feel as though I could do better by myself. I get in trouble a lot, too. It isn't always my fault, though. Sometimes the blame should go to my crazy friends. My name is Calliope "Callie" Zeus and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Cheerleader and I was born to win."

"Don't judge a book by its cover, M'Kay? I may seem shy and insecure, but when you really get to know me I'm outgoing and fun to be around. I'm really stubborn (Too stubborn for my own good) and I never give up. I put a ton of dedication into my skating and I'm always ready to give my all. My name is Belle Locke and I'm fifteen. I'm an Alphete Figure-Skater and I was born to win."


Alphete is located on an Island right off the coast of California. Skye, Charlie, and Allie didn't make the whole thing computer based; they wanted it to be natural there. They accepted twenty-five girls and twenty-five boys. They don't want a lot of people at their school seeing as there is only room for the best.

The Island is almost a perfect circle. It is warm and tropical all year round and is a beach. There are some trees but mostly palm trees and a very relaxing place.

The Houses: The ten houses are set in the middle of the island, five for girls and five for boys with five teenagers in each house. Each house is named after a person who are role-models for their gender. Each house will have i'ts own bathroom, bedroom, living room, and a small kitchen along with a Muse's quarters. The houses are almost like beach houses, though, and are very airy and have a beach theme.

The Control Panel: Where Skye, Charlie, and Allie will be living at with Darwin, Taz, and a boy Allie met named Justin will be all the way on the north of the island which is considered the back. There will be cameras but not as much and only for monitoring.

The Bubble Train: Charlie invented if first, right? The Bubble Train will be the main form of transportation (Other than walking) once you get on the island. There is a main track that circles the island but other side tracks that will be able to drop you off at your destination.

The Mystical Cove: A secret spot near the west side of the island. There is a beautiful waterfall, a nice little watering hole to swim in, and it is one of the only spots on the island secluded by trees. It's also a beautiful place to watch the sunset or to look up at the stars.

The Dining Pavilion: An outdoor eating area that is set right by the houses. There is an elevated platform for the girls who run the place and their men and then below them are ten circle tables, one for each house. The Dining Pavilion specializes a menu for each Alphete so they get exactly what their bodies need.

The Shopping Square: Unlike Alpha Academy, at Alphete you get a weekly…allowance, per say. Depending on how well you do in your classes. The Shopping Square is located on the other side of the Houses and is right in the path of a Bubble Train line.

The Class Buildings: There are classes located all over the island. The Dance Square is near the south of the island and the Music Center is towards the East. The Writing Tree-House is right next-door to the Ocean where the Surfers, Swimmers, and Sailors will practice on good days and the Language classes are nearby.

The Re-Fill Center: In a private part of the island you will be able to meditate, take yoga classes, or get a quick and healthy snack with friends.

Dating Policy: Skye, Charlie, and Allie have decided to let the teenagers date…if they behave.

Staying on the Island: It won't be that hard, unless if you do something bad. We do need to find an ultimate Alphete in the end.

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Alana Blanchard:

Mina Emerson (App Designer) *MAIN*
Riza Roberts (Street Artist) *MAIN*
Liv Prince (Gymnast) *MAIN*
Ella McMannon (Fashion Designer)
Andrea Luvhy (Model)


Roxy Tarrindale (Musician)
Nokia Benson (Gymnast)
Callie Zeus (Cheerleader)
Coco Romano (Artist)
Belle Locke (Figure Skater)

Jackie Robinson:

Andy Porter (Running)
Josh Abbett (Hockey)
Malcolm Elric (Inventor)

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