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This trip to London hadn't gone anywhere near as smoothly as Kincaid had hoped. However, Zeke had seemed genuinely pleased to hear from him and the apartments really were just round the corner from the Dorchester. It truly wasn't five minutes before Kincaid was hurrying up the steps, attaché case in hand, and a uniformed doorman tipped his top hat and opened the door to usher him in.

"Mr Kincaid? Mr Crawford said to expect you."

There was another smartly-dressed man behind a large mahogany desk inside who came forward to greet him and escort him upstairs to where Zeke was waiting for him.

"Dominic!" Zeke was as pleased in person as he'd sounded on the phone. "Come on in. Let Matthew take your jacket and come and sit down."

Frank walked into the master suite and grinned at Basher's top hat. "You pulled the short straw there, man."

Basher scowled. "Happen to think I can carry off a hat."

Frank looked doubtful. "What do you think, Isabel?"

"A man in uniform?" she smiled. "What's not to like?"

Basher smirked as Frank shook his head and handed over Kincaid's wallet to Livingston who removed Zeke Crawford's card and then took out all the bank cards and studied them, making meticulous note of the numbers before reinserting them and handing the wallet back to Frank.

"You set?" Danny asked Yen. Yen indicated that he was. With some of his fingers. "Alright then."

There was a lovely light supper courtesy of Zeke's Oriental chef and Matthew reappeared and poured the wine. Then there was whisky and cigars and the conversation was engaging and entertaining. By the time Kincaid was shown to his own room for the night and his head had hit the soft pillow of the soft bed, this trip to London was starting to redeem itself.

"So what's Livingston doing?" Tess asked, watching him at work.

"We need to find the bank account that Kincaid's opened on Jimmy Allen's behalf," Danny said in a low voice. "All his other accounts will show patterns of information – security questions, passwords, handwriting…"

"OK," Tess nodded and then frowned. "So what's Livingston doing?"

Danny opened his mouth and closed it again and was rescued by Livingston.

"I'm sending out a tracer into finance cyberspace. It'll log and track all the configurations and group them and…there." The triumph in his voice was unmistakable. "That's the account but from the inside out."

Danny and Tess dutifully squinted at the screen and then simultaneously, they met each other's eyes. Danny grinned and Tess was struggling not to laugh. Yeah. Incomprehensible.

She touched his arm and inclined her head and they moved to one side of the room.

"So, we have the bank account. And we have the money and the diamonds. And Rosenbaum-"

"Rosenbaum thinks Dominic Kincaid is an ill-mannered time-waster," Danny said. "Don't weep too much for Rosenbaum though. Apparently, he doesn't have the healthiest of reputations when it comes to a fair deal."

Tess digested this and nodded slowly then looked up at him with anxious eyes. "And is it really going to work the way you say?"

Danny smiled. "We'll find out."

"But what if Rusty isn't able to-"

"Then Kincaid's still the proud owner of a heap of glass. But Rusty'll be able."

"How do you know?"

Danny hesitated, trying to think of a way to quantify instinct and belief. In the end, he settled for, "Because he is."

She looked like she might accept that.

The door opened and Rusty arrived.

"Kincaid's out for the-." He glanced at Livingston's monitor and the smile broke out on his face. "You got the account."

"Yeah," Livingston beamed. "And now I just need to erase Jimmy's details and that will leave the original person who set it up as the account holder…" He tapped at a few keys and then sat back with a satisfied smile. "Done."

"Good." Danny nodded over at the activity in the corner. "We ready with the suitcase?"

"All done," Virgil replied a moment before Turk could.

"Right." Danny looked at Rusty.


"Frank's on the desk downstairs. Basher and Yen are keeping him company."

They both glanced at the TV screen where Kincaid was dead to the world.

"We'll handle the watch. You can hit the sack," Danny offered. "You're on first."

"Who's on first," Rusty corrected absently, studying the screen. "Well-"

"Well, nothing," Isabel told him firmly.


Isabel raised an eyebrow and Rusty let out an exasperated sigh.

"Great," he muttered. "Two of you."

Danny's smile was wide.

She's good.

Kincaid had had pleasant dreams and woke to warmth and a happy world in which he was the proud new owner of several diamonds. He yawned his way out of bed and found the bathroom where there were complimentary toiletries waiting. He smiled. He'd told Zeke the story of his missing suitcase last night and he guessed that the ever-efficient Matthew had been despatched to provide the necessary.

A shower and a shave later and he wandered out of the room and went looking for Zeke to thank him. Zeke was sitting at the table with a morning paper and he beckoned Kincaid in and insisted he have breakfast with him.

Kincaid hesitated.

"What time's your flight?" Zeke asked.

"Two o'clock," Kincaid conceded and sat down to toast and orange juice – freshly squeezed not concentrate, naturally.

His phone rang just as he'd eaten the last mouthful of toast.

"Mr Kincaid? We've found your suitcase."

Kincaid grinned. All was definitely right in his world.

The case was delivered just before midday to the apartments and Matthew brought it up to Zeke's apartment. Kincaid excused himself and took the case over to one side to check it over.

"Is it all there?" Zeke asked.


It was. Down to his blue toothbrush.

"Good. You want to freshen up and then I'll get Marcus to drive you to Heathrow."


"The guy on the door. He'll get you there with time to spare."

"Thanks," Kincaid said and meant it for once. He grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom.

Marcus was true to Zeke's word and Kincaid strode into Heathrow and up to the priority check-in desk, his mind on the next steps with Jimmy Allen. He'd make the call tomorrow and reel in Jimmy. Set up a meet and let the man see the diamonds, handle the goods, incriminate himself. Put the fear of God in him. And then that thorny little problem would go away.

He headed through security with his attaché case, still running through plans in his head. He'd get Jimmy to make the phone call to the fence and he'd record it and-

"Excuse me, sir." The voice broke into his thoughts and dread crawled down his spine as he looked up to see three security men blocking his path. "Please will you come with us."

Later and he was sitting in a little interview room and he'd been in this kind of room before but he'd been the one asking the questions. Now he was sat in a plastic chair being given the silent treatment by a white-haired guy who wasn't giving anything away.

"What's this about?" Kincaid asked yet again and yet again, White Hair smiled and said it was a procedural thing.

Kincaid's gaze flicked over to the good-looking dark-haired woman leaning up against the wall, watching him. Shit, she looked like the bad cop out of the pair.

His attaché case sat on the table in front of him and Kincaid was doing his best not to look at it. They couldn't possibly have seen anything through the lining. Could they?

The door opened and a man brought his suitcase in and handed it to White Hair.

"Ah, thank you, Flynn."

The woman tapped the attaché case. "Care to open this, Mr Kincaid?"

No. No, he really didn't. Kincaid licked his lips.

"You can help us out, Mr Kincaid, or we can help ourselves."

The bitch would too. Dully, he clicked the case open and watched as she ripped the lining out. He waited for Rosenbaum's diamonds to appear, all flashfire and dazzle. There was nothing. Kincaid frowned.

"You look puzzled, Mr Kincaid," White Hair said. "Missing something?"

Zeke. Had to be that fucker. When he'd changed his clothes, Zeke must have gotten curious. Still. They didn't have anything on him. Looked like Zeke had done him a favour. One that he'd have to be sure to repay. He smiled, confidence returning.

"Not sure what you're looking for but this is all a big mistake." He leaned forward and leered at the brunette. "You want to strip search me to check?"

She didn't react past a raised eyebrow and he sat back, disappointed.

"Do you want to open this also for me, Mr Kincaid?" The bitch tapped the suitcase.

Puzzled, Kincaid obliged. There was shit all to worry about in there. The woman moved forward and tipped out the contents then produced a knife and slit the lining, ripping it open.

Kincaid stared. Money. Diamonds. What the fu-

"Mr Kincaid," the white-haired guy said, "you have had a busy trip to London."

Isabel walked into the business lounge and found Rusty building a tower of ice-cubes. He looked up with a smile.

"All sorted?"

Isabel nodded. "Collington's charging him. They've got dirty cash and dirty diamonds. That should be enough to hold him and with a little nudge they'll find the bank account. Collington's going to let me know how it goes."

She'd known Collington from her Interpol days and she'd suggested and they'd listened and put aside whatever other way it was going to work. She supposed agile response was part of what made them marvellous.

"Good." Rusty reached over and took her hand and kissed it. "Come and sit down and see if I can make it all the way to eleven."

"With the ice-cubes?"

Rusty's grin bloomed in the way she loved. "Yeah. Why, what did you have in-"

"So." She cut him off because that could wait till later. 'You want me to sit next to Tess on the way back so that you can help Danny with the inflight entertainment system? Because whatever he says, I swear he didn't mean to watch 101 Dalmatians with Arabic subtitles."

He chuckled and then his face grew serious. "This has been…"

She nodded. It had. "Where are the others?"

"Duty-free shopping. They'll be back soon enough to say hi and bye and let's do this again some time soon."

"And will we?"

"Probably. It's the way it goes. Here. Let me get you a drink."

He stood up and she sat down. After a moment, she took over the ice-cube stacking.

Danny and Tess reappeared as the tower had reached ten.

"You smell nice," Rusty told Tess as she sat next to him.

"Not as nice as Linus," Danny said, sitting next to Isabel.

"What happened to Linus?" Isabel wanted to know.

"Turk and Virgil," Tess sighed.


"How did it go with Kincaid?" Danny asked.

"Successfully," Isabel said. "Livingston can tell Jimmy to relax and retire happy."

"Oh, good!" Tess exclaimed.

Danny gave her an affectionate smile. Seemed Tess's sense of right and wrong was realigning slightly. He glanced over at Rusty.

Had fun?


We could do it again sometime.

Oh, I think we could.

Tess was staring at the ice-cube tower. "Why…?"

Danny smiled and picked up an ice-cube to place on top. "Because," he said simply.

And that was all the reason they needed.

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