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Chapter 1

She openend her eyes when she heard something in her living room and she immediatley reached for her weapon that was placed on the nightstand. Her heart pounded heavily in her chest while she tiptoed to her bedroom door. Before she could do anything else she heard someone yelling in pain and then a loud thud.

Deeks! What did you do this time?

The detective fell asleep on her couch last night after they had a couple of beers and some movies. It was a funny evening and she was glad that he had shown up. Otherwise she would have thought about their last case. It was a horrible one. The father, a Petty Officer, was killed after he had to watch some guys raping and killing his wife and daughter. She couldn't get rid of the crime scene photos until Deeks came around. Another groan from the living room brought her back to presence.

She opened the door and ran through the hallway into the living room. Deeks lay unconscious on the floor next to the couch bleeding from a headwound. She tried to switch the lights on but it didn't work.
It looked like he fell from the couch hitting his head on the table. Kneeling down next to him she took a shirt that lay on the table and pressed it to the wound. He groaned as the fabric made contact with his head and his eyes fluttered open.

"Kensi, -" He tried to speak but Kensi cut him off.
"Shh. Don't speak. Your bleeding from a headwound."

She looked down and could barely see his eyes because it was so dark. But she could see the worry and fear in his eyes and that confused her. Why was he worried about her? He was the one bleeding not her.
Before she could ask him she felt a strong arm around her throat and was thrown to the ground. The air left her body as she hit the floor and stars danced in front of her eyes.

Deeks tried to sit up to help her but the attacker drew his gun and aimed it at Deeks.
Kensi jumped to her feet and swayed for a moment. Then she punched the guy in the jaw. He stumbled but didn't let go of the weapon. Kensi tackled him again. Together they rolled over her carpet fighting. Deeks could only watch in horror as the guy punched Kensi. After minutes of fighting they enventually let go of eachother. Her jaw was slightly swollen and she had scratches everywhere. The attacker ones again aimed the gun he had still in his hand at Deeks who just couldn't move.

His mind was blank as he watched Kensi while she tried to sit up. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was silent for a few seconds before a bullet ripped through the air. Deeks waited for the pain but it wasn't coming. So he opened his eyes a bit only to see Kensi lying right before him in a pool of blood.

Kensi! No this can't be happening. She took the bullet for him and saved his life the second time in a few minutes! No!

Finally he was able to move again. He bent over Kensi. She had her eyes closed and he could see the pain written all over her face. Just then the man who had watched with a smirk on his face pistol whipped him. He fell backwards to the ground and the last thing he saw was the attacker who carried Kensi over his shoulder out of the appartment. Oh my god. Kensi! I'm so sorry. We'll find you.
Then he blacked out.

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