If She Knew

She was perfect.

She was everything he need.

When he was drowning, she was the one who pulled him out of the waters he was in. No matter how many mistakes he made, she was always there to reassure him it was alright. They were fast friends from the start, ever since he decided to join their cause. Her motherly air seemed so warm and comforting to him. It was a beacon in the dark haze he was wandering in… Out of all the wrongs he did, she was the only thing to him that made sense in the world.

She helped him live and learn.

If she only knew how he honestly felt about her… but she would always choose Kalas at the end of the day.

"The only thing that I still believe in is you…"

And he would always believe in her from a distance, even though she would never be his.


I was inspired by the song "If You Only Knew" (Shinedown), and kicking in the Kalas/Xelha/Lyude triangle was perfect. :)

Hope you like!