Author's note: Just a short drabble I wrote a while back. Finals are over, so I'm posting this to celebrate the fact I passed Calculus I.

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Malcolm Reynolds was ticked off.

A few weeks ago, they had been forced to purchase a cat. It wasn't an idea Mal liked, but the mice that had invaded the ship made it an absolute necessity. All those lovely nooks and crannies that made Serenity a perfect smuggling ship also made it mighty impossible to find and eradicate mice.

And so, a big black-and-white tomcat had become part of the ship's crew. Unfortunately, he hadn't counted on just who the cat would form an instant bond with it.

"Jayne! The cat is not a napkin!"

The cat looked up from Jayne's lap, glared at him, and went back to washing the protein crumbs out of its fur.

Jayne just kept on eating his sandwich.

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