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Chapter 1: A fatal mistake ~ Time Paradox

I yawned loudly, stretching my tired limbs. "Chôzen, please show some manners.", huffed Nanatsu from the other side of the table, making me flinch a little. "S-sorry.", I chuckled uneasily, before I turned to our current visitor... a quite rare visitor, if I have to say so. Didn't even know he knew where I lived.

...but man, my armchair is really comfortable. "Maybe I just close my eyes for a second and enjoy a little sleep. Nanatsu won't even notice if I refrain form snoring...", flashed through my head as I leaned back in my armchair... until I noticed Nanatsu's glare out of the corner of my eyes. In less than a second, I sat straight up and turned to our visitor, who was sitting on the couch on the other side of the living room table.

"S-so what brings you here, of all people?", I asked quickly, cold sweat running down my head as I tried to keep myself from breaking into panic. Nanatsu was going third sin~ira again. And that was anything but good. Especially since I am always on the receiving end of that spellcard... even back then when it was a skill of hers.

Our visitor, having finally calmed down after he almost knocked the door down in pure panic, let out a sigh, before he placed the mug of beer on the table before him. He leaned back on the couch, crossing his arms behind his head, as well as placing his left leg across the right.

"You see...", he spoke with a thick, english accent, "...my daughter... send... me here." Nanatsu and I rose eyebrows in perfect synchro. "L-let's call it 'send'. Please don't ask further.", he chuckled uneasily. "So she threatened you?", I grinned. "Perhaps you ask for a rematch?", he growled, holding up a fist in a threatening way, a vein becoming visible on it.

"No no, I won't need that.", I chuckled, only too well remembering our last match... even though it was only because of a little misunderstanding. "Alright, then please don't annoy me.", he growled. "So, what causes Sakuya to send her own father here?", chuckled Nanatsu, crossing her legs.

Dio Brando, highly annoyed, leaned forwards and picked up the mug of beer again. "She wants to see you.", he growled, nodding towards me. "Me?", I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah. She said something about letting the wheel of fate turn tonight, heaven and hell..."(1), muttered Dio. I chuckled. "I don't understand... but I guess it is about her recent training with Meiling... That gateguard said something like that just recently, I heard.", I snickered.

Dio rose an eyebrow as well. "Hm... now that you mention it... she's been spending a lot of time training with her fiancé recently... training. She says that she tries to achieve full control of her stand 'Zephyr'...", murmured Dio, before he gulped down some beer.

"You've been drinking a lot of that stuff recently... are you turning into an oni?", I chuckled. "Shut up.", he growled after he put the mug down again. "I already am I vampire. I can't turn into a youkai all of sudden." "Just kidding.", I snickered, before I stretched my tired limbs again. "Man, a nice nap would be really good now... but I guess Sakuya needs my help with something... well then..."

"Alright, I'm going to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Nanatsu, are you going to come with me?", I asked, but the Shinigami-wife of mine shook her head. "No. Eirin said Rumia needs a lot of supervision, and even though Rumia and I had a lot of problems in the past, I am not going to leave her to die... I have too much self-honor for that... and too much respect for her.", sighed Nanatsu, slowly standing up.

"Which reminds me that it's time to bring her some lunch. She'll probably be still out, but as you may have noticed, the food doesn't remain untouched any longer... It seems she's been awake a few times.", added the shinigami of seven sins, before she turned to the door leading to the kitchen. But then, she stopped, and glared over her shoulder at Dio. "And I am not going to let her alone with someone like that man there."

Dio and I blinked in synchro, then exchanged a confused glance, and as we turned back to Nanatsu, she had already vanished inside the kitchen.

"Guess she doesn't like you very much.", I chuckled, causing the time-manipulating vampire to scowl. "I guess.", he muttered, before he stood up. "Very well. Perhaps we should head for the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya will be awaiting us... and aside that, I would like to finally have a roof over my head after the two days of wandering around aimlessly."

I sweatdropped. "You don't say.", I chuckled, "...you've been lost for two days?" Dio send me a glare. "She chased me out of the mansion two days ago... and I kinda had no idea where to find you.", he muttered. "What about that storm yesterday? Don't tell me you've been outside then.", I snickered. "Shut up."

Without another word, he went outside the room. Rising from my comfortable armchair, I yawned loudly again. "What's up? Still tired from that battle against Rumia?" I sighed aloud after hearing his voice. True to his word, Insanity has kept back in the past week. Yes... it has been one week since my fight with Rumia over life and death. And she still had not regained conciousness.

So yeah. Insanity has spoken up now and then... but he sounded weak, exhausted. And had not once tried to do anything funny.

"Shut up. Yeah, so what if I am?", I growled. "Nothing. Can't blame you for it, I am as well. She sure is some angel, huh?" "Ah well, shut up. You may talk to her once she is awake, then you can sort out what happened during the fight. But before that, just shut up and let me do what I want." "Will do. See ya!" And with that, silence.

Turning towards the door to follow Dio, a third yawn escaped my throat. "I seriously need some sleep once I am sure Rumia's okay...", I growled, remembering my recent, sleepless nights... nightmares of Rumia dying had been plaguing me all night... I hope they won't become reality. It was not time for the dreamer Chôzen Gekido to awake, after all.

Before I left the house, one hand already on the doorhandle, I stopped... and for a last time, looked over my shoulder towards the staircase leading into the first story. Nanatsu was standing on the stairs, exchanged a glance with me. And shook her head. Rumia was still asleep.

I nodded, then turned away. "See you later!", I called over my shoulder, before I left the house. Well then, let's see what Sakuya calls me for...

When I reached the gate to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Dio walking aside me, Hong Meiling was already standing at her usual spot right next to the large gate, in front of the wall of red bricks. As Dio and I came closer to her, she opened her eyes.

"Dio and Chôzen.", she chuckled, an amused grin on her face. "Sakuya is already awaiting you, Chôzen. I'll open the gate for you." Without another word, Meiling turned around, and exactly as I remembered her to, pushed the gates open with one hand.

"Go on. Dio, I cannot let you in." Dio and I sweatdropped in synchro. "What?", he asked, his right eyelid twitching. Realizing that the hell would break out here, I quickly walked past Meiling. "Thankyouseeyoulater!", I murmured... and as the first explosion occured behind me, I was already running at full speed.


A second explosion caused a gigantic shockwave, which threw me off my feet, and right towards the strangely open doors of the mansion. "Geez, are those two at it again? Ever since their first fight, they've been fighting each other quite a lot, haven't they? Do you think it is something in between their bloodlines? Sakuya's been fighting Meiling as well, after all.", chuckled my flame-soul.

"Ah shut up, this isn't some videogame or story.", I huffed, flicking the flame away as I rose from the floor of the foyer. "Ah, mister Gekido, quick as usual I see.", chuckled a familiar voice. Letting out a sigh, I looked up, and found exactly who I had expected: Sakuya 'Izayoi' Brando.

"And as chaotic as usual.", she giggled, before she flicked my forehead. "As playful as usual.", I grumbled, pouting. "Are dad and Meiling fighting again?", asked the maid of the scarlet devil mansion. Though her hair is still golden (it was since she released her stand), she wears her usual maid attire this time. I am more used to see her like this... she looks less wild in this attire.

"So... what has caused you to send your father after me?", I asked, hiding a yawn. Man, why the hell am I still so tired...? Maybe I really should go and see Eirin about this...

"Please follow me, Mister Gekido.", she replied, walking past me towards the stairs leading into the upper story. Confused, a deep frown on my face, I followed her up the stairs as she wished. As she reached the top of the flight of stairs, she turned right, walking towards a direction I remember... when I crashed the place, back at the scarlet mist incident, I had walked into this direction after leaving Voile, the magic library.

...which reminds me, maybe I should drop by for a visit? I haven't seen Patchouli and Koakuma in quite a while. ...though I heard Patchouli had, for whatever reason, actually left the safety of her library and the mansion a while ago... apparently, to investigate the incident regarding that bluehaired, spoiled brat from heaven... I believe her name was Tenko. (2) Or was it Momoko? (3)

At heaven, Palace of the Hinanawi Clan...

"Iku!" The oarfish youkai turned around as the eldest daughter called for her. "Yes, eldest daughter?", asked Iku as Tenshi appeared from around a corner of the palace. "We're going down to the earth!", exclaimed the bluehaired celestial with a big grin.

"May I ask why you request that, eldest daughter?", asked Iku. "I sense a very interested mood." "Indeed, Iku! We're going to visit that guy... you know who I mean! That one guy... I kinda forgot his name...", admitted Tenshi with a wry smile.

"I believe I do not understand, eldest daughter.", replied Iku. "Ah... come on... well, you know... that guy I was chasing after armpits threw me out! Hm... I believe his name was Chô Shinsei..."; muttered Tenshi, trying to recall the name of the Insei no Youkai. "I don't think that was his name, eldest daughter.", chuckled Iku, sweatdropping (4).

"Not?", asked Tenshi, scratching the back of her head. "Well... that one... youkai... guy... Ah you know, what? We're just going to visit armpits and ask her for his name!", exclaimed Tenshi, as she called forth a keystone. "I do believe that the miko of the great Hakurei does not like it if you call her that nickname, eldest daughter...", muttered Iku.

"Be quiet. I'll be back in a sec' with that guy's name!", exclaimed Tenshi... before the keystone, with her on top, fell through the floor of the palace with a loud noise.

Iku sighed, very well aware that she would have to fix the hole in the floor...

...but just as she was about to turn around and get the necessary tools... Tenshi flew out of the hole, then landed flat on her face on the floor aside it. "Eldest daughter, are you alright?", asked Iku. As reply, Tenshi merely lifted her right, shaking hand, showing Iku a thumbs up.

"I sense a very annoyed mood from the Hakurei Shrine...", muttered Iku, before she let out a deep sigh. "I told you, eldest daughter. If there is anything that annoys the Miko of the great Hakurei, it is being directed at about her donations and her armpits... she's very touchy about those topics, or so a certain evil spirit told me."

Tenshi slowly lifted her head, her nose bleeding madly, but yet she had a very pleased smile on her face. "She hit me...", cackled Tenshi in a perverted way... before the keystone suddenly flew out of the hole, startling Iku... especially as it fell on Tenshi's head.

"Eldest daughter!", gasped Iku, rushing for the eldest daugther's aid.

...all that was heard of said eldest daughter, was a very pleased, masochistic moan from underneath the keystone.

Back at the SDM...

I was pulled out of my thoughts after I rounded a corner, and ended up in a corridor that seemed somewhat familiar to me... I wonder why? Well, Sakuya was standing in the middle of said corridor, her back towards me.

"Mister Gekido..."; she began, "...do you remember this corridor?", she asked, confusing me. "Uhm... kinda?", I asked, glancing around. There was this staircase... but that is all that is off about this corridor. "Not exactly.", I added.

"I see... well, to remind you...", sighed Sakuya, turning towards me, a big grin across her face, "...this is the corridor we fought in, back when milady started the scarlet mist incident. Where you defeated me... though I was using the time that the Brando-Bloodline carries within it's blood... through my veins flows blood... and the essence of time."

Something about the way she was saying this with that smile on her face felt wrong. "So?", I asked cautiously. And I should be confirmed in my doubts when Sakuya pulled the knife from the strap around her upper leg. "With this, Chôzen Gekido, I challenge you again. I have been training with Meiling just for this moment... I have grown stronger, as have you. Prove me that I have not lost against a weakling... show me that I have not failed milady."

I sweatdropped. "She's still mourning over that loss?" "A-apparently.", I muttered under my breath, before I cautiously took a fighting stance. "Ready?", she asked. "Not much of a choice, have I?", I called back, to which that grin on Sakuya's face grew into a sadistic one. "As sharp as usual... Chôzen.", sne snickered... right before she threw the knife at me, missed me about a millimeter.

~ Todays rematch is brought you by: SHO - Master of Time with the Lunar Dial~

With a quick backflip, I avoided another thrown knife, and as I came to a sliding halt, I managed to make out several more knives hovering in behind Sakuya, who was looking down at her pocketwatch that rested within her left hand.

"Right on time to die, Chô.", she chuckled, before she closed the pocketwatch and looked at me. "Yeah yeah, you said something like that when we first fought, too.", I replied with a chuckle of my own. "Not exactly. But I used a time-related quote, yeah.", grinned Sakuya, before she extended her right arm towards me... causing the knives in behind her to begin their journey towards me at the speed of... well, what speed exactly? At the speed of time?

...if so, at what speed does time move? And... are the knives really connected to her somehow? I mean, when she unfreezes time, shouldn't they fall to the ground? Is their trajectory connected to her? ...I don't have time to care, to be serious.

Anyways! Though I tried to avoid, some of them were faster than I imagined, thus, two hit me, and one brushed past me, leaving back a small cut on my left arm.

While hiding behind a marble bust of Remi's head, I quickly analyzed the situation with the help of Insanity and my flame-soul... now I even understand how I can adopt so quick to new situations: It is because I have three personalities that process things, rather than one.

"Target: Sakuya 'Izayoi' Brando. The daughter of a vampire and a human. She is of the species human, but has higher endurance and strength. Has been born with the manipulation of time, something common in the bloodline of the Brando Clan, according to her own words. She is known to fight with unique grace, and feared for her ability to use knives both on close-range and wide-range. Recently achieved a new ability concerning the creation of a humanoid lifeform called 'Zephyr'. I have no information on that lifeform, though, aside of it being of a species called 'Stand'. Do you want more information?"

"A powerful human with the ability to bend the flow of time to her will. This also comes with the ability to manipulate space, but don't ask me how it works. Name: Sakuya 'Izayoi' Brando, Max HP is 398 (5), Attack is Unknown, Defense is unknown. Beating her will be a hard challenge, as she has without a doubt become a lot stronger since your last fight."

"What the...! Are you two joking around at a time like this? Come on! Insanity, this is no adventure game, and certainly not Kaguya-hime's new The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! And Flame-Soul, we aren't in Paper Mario either, so no, this is no RPG! This is friggin' real!", I complained inside my head.

"Alright alright, no sweat, we were just joking around. Geez!", huffed my flame-soul. "Anyways... I advise you to confront her head on. She's too skilled on wide-range, her knives hit exactly where she intends them to hit. On the other hand, we don't know about her close-range attacks... she surely is stronger than a usual human, but we don't know how much power she got with her new skill, that 'Zephyr' thingie...!"

"Point taken.", I muttered. "MUDADA!" "GET THE CRAP AWAY FROM THERE!"With a quick jump, I managed to avoid a silver fist breaking through the marble bust, though it got me in the leg and threw me off balance, resulting in me landing flat on my face.

"KYAH! SAKUYA! Just what was that! I do hope that it is not somebody breaking my beautiful face, or I'm gonna have their heads on a silver plate!", roared Remilia's voice from somewhere deeper in the mansion. "Uhm... J-Just some fairy maid who broke some dishes, Milady!", shouted Sakuya back... then, she turned to me.

"You better don't tell her.", she growled, blushing madly. In meantime, Zephyr, her stand, returned to her side. "I'm still unskilled with controlling Zephyr...", she added while looking at the silver humanoid.

"I see...", I chuckled uneasily... right before Sakuya threw knives and I jumped sidewards. And one knive flew past me... and hit Remilia right in between the eyes. The potrait of her at the end of the corridor, at least. "KYAAAH!", gasped Sakuya.

"SAKUYA! Why do I feel like I was just hit by something! I swear, if I notice anything out of the usual in the mansion!", roared Remilia again. "N-nothing happened, milady, just your gracious and skilled fantasy trying to give you an idea for one of your 4koma, milady!", shouted Sakuya, before she turned back to me, blushing madly and shuddering.

"4koma? (6)", I asked. Sakuya nodded. "Milady has recently begun to draw 4koma. Why and how, I don't know.", chuckled Sakuya uneasily. "I see...", I replied uneasily. Before the fight started yet again.

Meanwhile, Remilia Scarlet's room...

After she heard something break again, Remilia had about enough of this. "Okay, that's enough!", she roared, throwing her pencil into the next corner of the room, causing it to break apart. "Onee-sama seems annoyed~!", sung Flandre, who lay on her stomach on Remilia's bed.

"Yes, your sister is annoyed, Flan. Please don't make her direct her anger at you.", growled the older Scarlet, before she turned to the door. "But enough is enough! I'm going to look myself as for what creates this noise!", roared the Scarlet Devil, before she left her room, followed by her younger sister, which was giggling excitedly.

Back in the corridor...

"...huff...huff...huff... not bad, Mister Gekido! Skilled as usual!", shouted Sakuya, Zephyr having vanished already. Chôzen and she were standing each on one side of the corridor, panting. "One final strike?", he asked, glancing at the second, broken marble bust of Remilia's head. "One final strike.", snickered Sakuya, holding her right hand up... and all of sudden, a golden clock appeared on the back of her hand, which then began to glow in a silver-grey light.

"I learned from Meiling how to concentrate energy... I may not be able to manipulate Qi, as she is able to... but I can manipulate the essence of time. This blow may very well cost you a few years of your lifespan... but since you're eternal, that doesn't matter, right?", snickered Sakuya. "It does not.", I replied, charging up my own right hand with negative energy.

"Alright. So... the wheel of fate is turning, right?", she snickered. I rose an eyebrow, a pleased smirk on my face. "Heaven...", she shouted, moving her fist forwards as she stepped forwards. "...or hell!", I roared, doing the exact same.

In a second, we were going to know what was stronger... the time, or the negation...

"LET'S ROCK!", shouted another voice, a voice in right between us. And before either Sakuya or I could stop, a gap opened up in between me and her. "Hi~! How's it going, Chôz...", shouted Yukari Yakumo, as her upper body appeared out of the gap... but was stopped when our fists, covered in our essences, hit the gap at the exact time.

"Sakuya, what is goi..." Remilia stopped in midsentence at the same moment that Sakuya and I hit the gap. "YUKARI!", I screamed as I felt power build up in front of my fist, the gap beginning to glow in a blinding green to silver light.

"What is going on?", screamed Remilia... before Yukari suddenly began to scream like a madwoman, being swirled around in her own gap, which began to emit noises like water going down a drain... or a toilet being flushed. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEH!", she screamed, slowly being pulled into it, her hands trying to grab onto something... but only found her own gap...

...or rather, one of the ribbons on the end of her gap. And as she was pulled deeper into it... the ribbon was pulled. And the hell broke loose as the gap extended with the speed of light into that direction, down the corridor... and even through the wall at the end of the corridor, sucking it in.

"THE TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM IS RIPPING APART!", screamed Sakuya against the loud noises of the gap, trying to pull her fist back. "I'm stuck here!" "I can't move as well!", I growled, trying to pull my fist back as well. "I kyuu you free!", exclaimed Flandre, running towards us.

"Flandre, stay away!", shouted Remilia, running after her sister, which ran towards us. "REMI! FLAN! STAY AWAY!", I hollered, but the two vampires continued to run towards us. "D-damn!", hissed Sakuya. "The collision of Yukari's space and my time... with it's border being broken down by your negation...!"

Meiling ducked underneath one of "The World", Dio's Stands, punches, then hit it into the stomach with her own fist, causing Dio and "the World", which shared the pain, to double over. "Ha! Take that, Dio!", snickered Meiling. Dio coughed, but then, with a feral grin, leaned back. "I've still got a trump card! ZA WA...!"

Before the time manipulator could finish his shout, the front of the Scarlet Devil Mansion suddenly opened up, a purple line with eyes inside, eyes with green and silver irises, breaking through it, rushing past Dio and Meiling in right between them.

"What the...?", hollered Dio. "What is this?", growled Meiling, digging her legs into the ground as she felt that the wall seemed to pull her in. "It almost looks like one of Yukari Yakumo's gaps...! But this... this thing is way too much of a wall!"

"I don't know...!", growled Dio, withstanding the pull with the help of "The World". "We gotta inform Reim...!" Meiling flinched as she felt the pull becoming stronger all of sudden. "W-what?", she hissed. "It... it is getting stronger...!", shouted Dio, slowly sliding over the ground towards the gap, though he was resisting the pull.

"E-even I am... even I can't withstand the pull!", growled Meiling, extending her wings to take off... when she suddenly saw how the ground beneath Dio gave in. "W-WHAT!", roared the time-manipulating vampire... right before he and "The World" were pulled into the gap-like wall.

"DIO!", screamed Meiling... totally missing the fact that the gate was ripped out of hinges. At the moment she noticed it, it was already too late. "No!", she shouted... before it hit her, and pulled her into the gap-like wall with it.

Just in that moment, I felt another pull on my hand... and looking down, I gasped. The gap was expanding. At an alarming rate. Not only into the direction the ribbon was missing. And at the same time, Flandre and Remilia reached us...

...and the last thing I know was the loud sound of being swallowed... and then, as the gap above me closed... black...

Everything went black.

"...Yukari, when I get my hands on you...!"

(1) "The wheel of fate is turning, heaven or hell? Let's Rock!" is the quote used at the beginning of each round of the fighting game "Guilty Gear".

(2) Misread of Tenshi's name. Actually, before ZUN confirmed her to be named "Tenshi", fans who saw her name believed her to be named "Tenko", as they read the last Kanji of her name as "ko", though it is actually "shi". This happened to some more characters, like Hong Meiling (Kurenai Misuzu).

(3) Tenshi's nickname. "Momo" means "Peach".

(4) Iku was sweatdropping because "Chô Shinsei" can be connected to build "Chôshinsei", which means "Supernova".

(5) Does someone get this? 3 - 9 - 8. If you translate that into japanese, you see what was referenced... if not, I'm going to reveal that next chapter... if you want, that is.

(6) A Japanese four panel vertical comic strip

And that's it for the introduction. Because Yukari decided to appear all of sudden, she, Sakuya, Chôzen, Meiling, Dio and the Scarlet sisters were sucked into a mysterious out-of-control gap, a gap in between time and space, powered by negative energy...

So, next chapter starts the plot for real! A new world... a world without magic. Expect the unexpected, like I said.

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