One Shot companion piece to Concertos and Charcoal. Eric and Sookie's first meeting from his point of view. It has been bugging me for a while so I just had to write it. I hope you all like it. If I get some responses to it I may continue.

Passes and Pining

I could not believe my father when he said that we were moving to this little backwater town in northern Louisiana. After his divorce was final he decided to move us to the U.S. head offices for his company. Unfortunately for me he wanted me to live not in the city but a tiny town that was an hour away and not on any maps. This town was boring but way better than if I would have stayed with her. And by her I mean the thing that gave birth to me. I was still real mad at the way she treated Dad. The house that we moved to was right next to a cemetery. Our closest neighbors were on the other side. We had been in the house for three days unpacking and getting settled. Dad had order dinner every night so far from various restaurants. I hand not meet the neighbors yet but Dad had gotten us invited over there for dinner. He told me that the family was a boy my age, his younger sister and their grandmother. Dad did not say anything about their parents which made me wonder where they were. We were now in the car driving over there to eat with them. "Why are we going over now it is only five?" I asked looking out the window.

"Adele told me that Sookie has dance class at seven thirty so we are eating early. I think that you and Jason will hit it off. He is a jock just like you. Adele told me that he is on the football team and some of his friends will be over for supper too."

"Whatever." I shrugged as Dad pulled to a stop in front of the old Stackhouse farm house. A group of four boys were running a ball around the yard. Two of the boys looked like they could be twins with short blonde hair. One of the other boys had dark brown hair and was a bit taller than the blonde boys. The last guy was a monster. He was taller than me and had a mass of muscles. They all came to a stop when they saw us pull up. One of the blonde's called into the house and an older woman came out onto the porch smiling and waving. She had silver white hair that was pulled back from her face with a set of hair combs. She was wearing a dress that reminded me of those old T.V. show reruns from the fifties.

"Come on in I just got dinner on the table. Boys go wash up." She greeted us. The boys ran and disappeared around the back of the house.

"Thanks for having us Adele." Dad said climbing the stairs to the porch. "Eric this is Adele Stackhouse." Dad introduced me.

"It is nice to meet you Mrs. Stackhouse." I said offering her my hand. She surprised me by pulling me into a hug. Then led us into the living room.

"Call me Gran dear, all the boys do. Speaking of the boys I'll introduce you in a minute. Sookie sweetheart come down here." She hollered up the stairs. A minute later the most beautiful girl I had ever seen descended the stairs. She had luscious blonde hair that was pulled into a pony tail at the top of her head that swayed as she walked. As she got closer I noticed she had sparkling bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white sundress that stopped just below her knees on her sun kissed legs. She was quite a bit shorter than me just coming up my elbow.

If I thought she looked beautiful her voice took my breath away. "Hello, I'm Sookie." When she smiled at me I thought that my heart would stop. I was in love.

"Um … Hi." I mumbled quietly. "I'm Eric."

"It is a pleasure to meet you." She responded and then turned to her grandmother. "Gran my dance bag is packed do you need any help from me?"

"Go round up the boys for me then we can see down for dinner." Sookie walked off down the hall. Gran led us into the dining room to sit. Dad sat down at the head of the table. I sat down his left.

"What would you two like to drink? We have milk, water, and tea."

"Milk please." I said.

"Water for me Adele." Dad answered. She walked off into what I assumed was the kitchen and returned with our desired drinks. Sookie came back followed by the guys. She sat down at the other end of the table. The mammoth sized boy sat next to me and I learned his name was John Quinn but he went by his last name. Next to him and across from Sookie was Alcide. The two how I thought were twins were Sookie's older brother Jason and his best friend Hoyt. Dinner was great it was the first time that I would fall in love with food. Dinner was over to soon for me when Sookie ran up to her room to change for dance. During dinner I found out that Sookie was three years younger than me. I could not believe that she was only eleven years old. I felt like a creeper when I figured it out. I got along with the guys fairly well. They even invited me to come with them the next day to their football practice. Jason was convinced that I could get on the team if I tried out. We said our goodbyes and got back in the car for the short trip home.

"So what do you think?" Dad asked driving down the lane.

"I think I am going to like it here." I said smiling. I went to bed that night thinking that I may have a reason to hang out with Jason other than sports.