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Chapter 2

That summer I became good friends with Jason and the guys. I spent more time at Jason's house then I did my own. In part it was to hang with the guys but also to be near Sookie. She was one of the most amazing girls that I have ever met. Not only could she dance with grace befitting a swan but she was an accomplished artist and musician. Sookie was also a beauty queen having won a plethora of titles. She was kind to everyone that she meet and well spoken. I still could not believe that she was only eleven, correction twelve. She had turned twelve at the end of July that year. It was also the year when I found out what it was like to be a part of a family. Gran welcomed Dad and I into her house like we were intended to be there. I remember our first thanksgiving together. Dad and I were just going to order in and watch a game but Gran had other ideas. She had us over for lunch which included some of the best food I have ever tried. It became a tradition to spend holidays with them.

Over the next three years dad and I became a regular fixture at the Stackhouse dinner table. Mainly because I was so terrible when it can to trying to cook anything for myself, Gran all but insisted that I eat over there after my grilled cheese debacle. I mean it is not like I tried to set the kitchen on fire, it just kind of happened. When I was not practicing with the guys or just hanging out, I was spending time observing Sookie. Now when I say observing I don't mean the creepy stocker kind of observing more the love from a far kind of observing. My biggest problem was whenever I tried to talk to her. I always seemed to say something that either made her cry or made her so pissed she would ignore me for weeks at a time. I had found out that her parents had died when she was little by asking her rather rudely why her parents were never around. I also remember the time she invited me to come watch one of her pageants and I had said that I didn't know if I could live it down with the guys if they found out. Apparently it was a common thing for them to be part of her cheering section. After that she rarely invited me to her pageants and recitals.

Gran had noticed almost immediately that I was carrying a torch for her grandbaby. She had pulled me aside a fare few times giving me advice and suggestions on how to talk or interact with Sookie. The year she turned fourteen was one of the best and worst years of my life. The first time I kissed her I thought for sure she was going to reject me. I did it so she couldn't say no. I had just asked her to go to homecoming with me but she was adamant. I was beyond pissed the next day when I got back to the house and found her and Godric coming out of her room. I felt like I meant nothing to her. I still regret that I jumped to conclusions. I could not understand what he had that I didn't. It sucked that he had more in common with her then I did. It pissed me off that he got to spend so much time with her but I had to stay away because I was staying in her house. Gran had given me some wonderful advice one Sunday. Being her first is not everything, being her last is. The little tid bit has stuck with me and I intend to make it come true.

It also sucked to watcher get close with Quinn. He is one of my best friends but when the girl you have been over the moon about starts dating said friend it is a huge blow to the ego. I remember missing the last step when I saw her all dressed up for homecoming. She was breathtaking. I have no clue why I decided to take Daphne to the dance other than she kept asking and asking. It was like just cause I kissed her at the first game we were an item. I regretted that choice more as that night went on. She was seriously the most vapid girl I have ever met. Why she felt she need to tell Sookie how to be a lady was beyond me. I will always remember the look on Sookie's face when Daphne cut in during our dance. It was a cross between sad and resigned. Daphne was like a barnacle that would not come off. I was beyond thrilled when the dance was over and I could forget I had anything to do with the girl. Meeting Sookie's long lost cousin was a different experience. I had never known about Hadley and just how much she had meant to Sookie. I was more than glad for her to be there in the months to come. The Sunday afternoon that Gran collapsed was heartbreaking. Trying to hold Sookie together was hard. I don't think anyone would have been able to see it coming. If Gran would not have made it I don't think that Sookie would have.

The night of Preston's Halloween party I about died when I saw Sookie and her friends show up. She looked ethereal as a fairy well before she got attacked. I could still kill Jason for getting into it with that wrestling chump. If he had held his tongue then maybe we would have noticed when Sookie was approached by that ass. Jack had been a good ball player till his sister went nuts. Come to think of it I think that he was just as crazy if not more so for what he tried to do. I had only noticed that Sookie had disappeared when Holly became frantic in trying to find her. When we found him with his pants down and Sookie beaten unconscious I lost it. It took all of my strength to not kill that fucker. I am sure we would have if we would not have gone to jail. Quinn and I restrained him after making sure that he felt what it was like to be beaten with in an inch of his life. I was grateful that he didn't try to fight the charges and just fessed up to what he did. I don't think that Sookie's mental health would have help up if she had to relive what happened to her in court. I also hated the fact that she clung to Godric like her life depended on it. I wanted to be the one that she needed. When he got in the back of the ambulance with her I wanted to scream. I felt useless when we were all waiting in the emergency room to hear something. When Hadley told us that she was resting but did not want to see anyone I felt like I had failed. Knowing that she was so broken and I could not do anything to help just intensify those feelings. Watching her for weeks after hurt, she was starting to act like herself again but for a while I was sure we had lost her. She tried to hide herself in baggy clothes. Seeing the bruises on her neck made me pissed all over again. If I had just let Jason deal with his own stupidity then maybe I could have prevented the situation entirely.