Name: The Vixen NV

Author: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: The Vixen is what she is called by many, too many she is a hero. To some she is a demon, but in truth she is more than that and her enemies know this will.

Pairings: Naruko X Gaara

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other fiction that appears in the story is strictly for fun.

(A/N: This is going to be a rewrite of the first version of this story. I'm hoping to make it better and I want to hear what you all think please read and review thank you. NV stands for New Version.)

XX C1. "Talking." 'Thoughts.'

Naruko walked along a path that was deep in the woods with her two of her many Sensei's that she had, the first one she knew since she was a young girl no older than 4 years old. His name was Itachi Uchiha who was called the butcher of the Uchiha clan. The truth is much more complicated than that, her second Sensei was walking alongside her and looked like a big blue bad ass shark whose name was Kisame who one of the 7 Swordsman of the Mist, he had been training her in the art of swordsmanship as well as a few of his fellow swordsmen's for some time now.

Unfortunately for them this day she was about to lose someone very important to her, as they entered the clearing where their campsite was set up the came upon a site that made all their blood run cold as standing before Naruko's first true Sensei Sasori was none other than the madman himself Orochimaru of the Sannin and a young man no older than Naruko was, and were clearly looking for something important at this time that they thought her sensei had in his possession.

"Where are they Sasori? Don't make me kill you here, I want them back right now?" The Snake Sannin said with venom in his voice. But the only thing he got was a cold smile from the human puppet.

"I will not allow you to complete your plans my old partner, and you pay for what you've done, more then you will ever know!" Sasori said as his two attackers became more enraged as the snake plunged his sword directly into Sasori's still beating heart.

Before Itachi or Kisame could react Naruko had already run into battle and it was clear she wanted to end things before they began and managed to get the drop on the Sannin who was greatly surprised at seeing the young girl again, but that surprise quickly turned to shock and pain as she cut off one of his arms and then gave him a deep cut that would become a scar across his face, which he just barely dodged since she was trying to cut off his head at the time.

The young man then proceeded to attack her as well only to get kicked in his family jewels which was followed by a haymaker to the face breaking his glasses in the process.

By this time the Sannin had seen both Itachi and Kisame coming out of the deep words and knew he could not take on these enemies as he was no match for them even without an injury.

Instead of trying to kill the Snake Sannin at that time Naruko ran over to her Sensei who was slowly dying before her very eyes, "I'm dying my little apprentice, you have surpassed my every expectation Naruko. In you I have a daughter, who I cherish more than you know. For a long time I thought I was no longer human that I had nothing to live for as one, but then you came along and let me know it was all right to live again. But, my body is broken and I can no longer see you Naruko."

"It's all right Sensei, I'm going to save you." She said to him with tears running down her face.

He gave her a smile and said, "You already did my daughter, but I'm afraid you're going to have to let me go now. Promise me you will stop them."

She and her two other sensei's nodded their heads to him, he then looked into the young girl eyes, "Take my puppets and journals Naruko. You can do this, be free and live your life to the fullest… Naruko!"

After he finished saying this to them, his body stopped moving altogether and the light in his eyes faded away leaving only an empty shall in his place. She then began to push him like a child trying to wake up a Parent from a deep sleep.

"Come back… Please? Please c-come back," She said crying her eyes out and was ultimately brought into a hug by Kisame who held her to his body as she let it all out which ultimately ended with a bloodcurdling scream of anguish for all to hear.


Orochimaru was not having a good day at all and the battle with Sasori had been much harder than he had thought it would be. And it had cost him dearly as well, for one his arm was not growing back as it should have been and then there was the that wound upon his face that he knew would leave a scar.

Kabuto was walking alongside his master when they heard the scream, "What was that Lord Orochimaru?"

But he did not answer as for the first time since he was a young Genin he felt. True. Fear! It was the fear of death, true death. And for a man like Orochimaru who fancies himself a God, he feels a very human chill crawl up his spine. That chill was telling him that one day she would come for him and one day his soul would be in the death God's hands, he feared that day most. For you see no one can cheat death, and one day the Snake Sannin was going to learn that the hard way.

XX (A/N: the song Battle without honor or humanity from the Kill Bill Vol, 1 starts playing as she enters the Wave Village.)

5 Years later, Wave Village.

A young woman no older than seventeen years of age walked right into the village of Wave to complete her mission that she had been sent on by an old friend, she wore a long black Battle coat with a golden Fox with nine tales on her right shoulder and a straw hat upon her head that kept her face and identity hidden from anyone who wanted to know it.

She looked around and noticed a number of mercenaries here was outrageous to say the least, it was also clear that the village had seen better days as she had been here before many times with her sensei's including one whose grave was here as well and overlooking the great sea.

It was at this point that she saw two of the mercenaries walking off into the forest and she could tell it wasn't for a nature walk. It was at this point that she noticed them walking up to a small house deep in the words, they then burst into the house she could hear screaming from both a young woman and child who then came running out only be captured by the two men.

Naruko wasted no time in engaging the two enemies, before the first mercenary could even attempt to grab the woman he found what looked like a hand hitting his chest only to feel a sharp pain as the young woman pulled her hand back revealing a blade coming out of her sleeve of her battle cloak. She then shoved the blade into his throat cutting it open for all to see. She then quickly jumped the second mercenary down to the ground and held her blade to his throat, "What is Gato planning and as God is my witness I will cut your throat open if you lie to me and I will know it."

The mercenary was scared out of his mind, "He ordered us to capture the Bridge Builders daughter and Grandson to use as leverage against the man, he's also hired ninjas to kill the man. He also hired another one to kill them."

She knew who the first two were and was not happy at all, "Where are they now?"

"They are going to the bridge as we speak." Without warning she shoved the blade right into his skull killing him instantly.

Naruko then turned her head to look at the woman and her son and then said, "Are you two all right?"

She nodded her head, "Please save my father, Ms?"

"Naruko, my name is Naruko Uzumaki." She said as the woman would remember that name for the rest of her life.


Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka were currently engaged in a life or death struggle against the fake Mist Hunter-Nin who went by the name of Haku who was currently turning them into a pin cushion and make them look like a porcupines. The two of them were clearly not going to be much of a danger any more, just then she sensed danger her master was in and was about to open one of her ice mirrors to stop the copycat ninja from killing him only to feel a new presence had arrived and smiled since she knew who this was and didn't want to miss the show at all.

Kakashi had been fighting the demon of the Mist all morning and finally trapped Zabuza in one of his Jutsu's, now it was time to finish off his enemy once and for all. As he powered up his Chidori and commenced his run to end Zabuza's life he was not expecting for a hand to grab his own stopping his Jutau in the process.

He then turned his head to see who had stopped his attack only to see a battle cloak with Golden Fox upon it and a straw hat which lifted up to reveal the eyes of a young woman who had the most piercing blue eyes he'd ever seen in his life and instantly knew who this was, and it was a shock. "You're the Vixen."

She looked into his eyes as they went wide upon seeing a S-ranked class Shinobi not only holding his hand but also stopping his Jutsu in its tracks. Kakashi had to ask himself a question which was 'Why was she was here?' And was she going to help them or Zabuza and his partner.

"Don't do that again, Okay!" Naruko said to him, he then gave her a quick nod yes as she let go of his hand and step back to give her some room as she walked over to Zabuza and Haku.

She was now right in front of him and then said, "You really did it this time sensei?"

Kakashi was by this time had run over to Kurenai and both were now in shock at seeing one of the Bingo books top 10 most dangerous Kunoichis in it. She was known as The Vixen or the Puppet Fox, or even the Nine Bladed Fox and her presence here was a major concern to them.

Zabuza just know he was in some trouble with his old student, "V, what are you doing here?" She then proceeded to slap the back of his head and said, "The war is over Sensei, Mei's the new Mizukage now and has ordered your immediate return to the village."

He gave her a nod and turned to the Konoha Ninjas and said, "Kakashi, we are no longer enemies."

By this point both Sasuke and Kiba were now walking over to their sensei's as the mist that had covered them was now clearing to reveal Gato and his private army plus one rogue shinobi who was there to finish them off. Tazuna was now very scared for his life as he saw all the mercenaries before them and you would take a miracle for them to get out of this one alive. Kurenai upon seeing the army of mercenaries and immediately jumped into action giving orders to her students and Kakashi's, "All of you get into a defensive position around the client right now!"

Naruko immediately sealed up her battle cloak and hat to reveal her battle outfit and a mask upon her face that conceal her identity from the world. It was at this point that she unsealed a sword from one of the many seals on her arm, the sword was beautiful for the lack of a better word.

Gato then walked forward in arrogant and prideful way like he was the king of this very island, country and village. He had a smile upon his face as he said, "It looks like your nothing more than a baby demon after all Zaabuza, it's a good thing I had no intention of paying you and all the girls here will make a fine profit for me. Liu I want you to kill all the men especially the bridge builder in a slow and painful way for what they've done to me, and bring me that ice bitch right now."

Naruko was now very mad and decided to do something about it like killing every last one of them, but before the mercenaries could make their move the loan ninja decided to engage the Vixen in combat. He brought out a sword of his own for this fight. The two of them quickly engaged in a show swordsmanship like no other, each one trading blows without flaws until Naruko broken his sword with one good swing making it nothing more than shattered metal, a single piece of his former blade lightly cut her mask a enough to make it fall off her face.

The shinobi was stunned by this and therefore unable to stop his death at her hands, for the first time Gato felt real fear for his life as she cut him down without remorse or pity. At that moment the tyrant of Wave was ended, but as she looked out upon the sea of mercenaries before her. She came to the realization that the gift she had received from the legendary sword master himself Hattor Hanzo was not meant for this kind of battle and decided to seal it up and then unseal another of her nine blades and its name was Masamune.

At this point all of the mercenaries were either too stupid or just too scared to understand just who they were fighting, however the smart ones decided to do the smart thing and run like hell to Gato's personally yacht to get the hell off this island. As for the rest of them, they decided to charge her head on not realizing what would happen to them, Naruko then engage them with all of her being cutting them down one after another in one instance she cut an entire group of four in half at the waist with one swing of her sword. She was also careful not to cause any serious damage to the bridge as this was the people's new lifeline to the world.

As this was happening Karin the daughter of Kushina Uzumaki walked up to her sensei Kakashi Hatake, she decided to ask about the strange warrior, "Sensei, who is she?"

Kakashi then responded, "I don't know much about her Karin, but judging from what I've seen right here she's definitely powerful enough to have the S-rank. But for my guess I would say she is no older than 17, about the same age as your sister if we knew where she was."

Kakashi then noticed that Haku had finally finished healing up Zabuza and were now watching the show. He turned his head and for the first time he got a good look at just who the Vixen was, and his eyes went wide at realizing just who she was, "Naruko?"

This caught her attention as Kakashi gave orders to the Genin to get into a defensive pattern so they could capture her, he walked forward and then said, "Naruko Uzumaki, by order of the Council of Konoha you are to return with us to the village, if you do not return with us willingly we will bring you back by force."

Karin was now in shock herself had as she had never seen her older sister before, she then quickly regained her senses and prepared for battle.

Naruko turned her head to Zabuza and Haku and nodded to them which they returned as she sealed up her old sword. She then walked forward and said to them, "Do you really think I'm going back with you willingly, we're going to have a little fight here."

Kakashi was the first to attack her head-on and was quickly followed by Karin, Sasuke and Kiba as they went on the attack trying to subdue her. (A/N: The Outsider Apocalypse Mix By A Perfect Circle starts playing.)

Naruko quickly perform a backflip to get some room to maneuver and quickly deactivated her gravity seals without them see it happening at all. As she landed she took notice of the odds against her.

Kakashi then said, "You can't beat us Naruko, you're outnumbered here."

She simply moved her wrists to reveal her hidden blades and then said, "You should have brought more." She then quickly engaged all those who stood before her in battle, the first one she encountered was Kiba and his Nin-dog partner Akamaru who she performed a flying roundhouse kick to, the below sent him flying back and out cold. The next one was her own sister who got a hard punch to the face that knocked her out cold and then both Kakashi and Sasuke engaged her at same time only for her to become a blur of motion to them. She reappeared directly behind Sasuke and stabbed him in the shoulder and then jumped back into one of Haku's ice mirrors and was gone, after this Kakashi ran over to his fallen student and tended to his wounds which were not as serious as he first thought and was relieved by this but also disappointed that his first chance to get his sensei's daughter back had failed.


The ice mirror opened miles away from the great bridge that was being built to reveal three people walking out of it as it closed behind them, Naruko then proceeded to unseal her battle cloak and straw hat and put them back on as she walked towards the beach making a motion with her hands for the others to follow her as she walked away.

They waited at the beach until a boat appeared which they got on and headed back to Water Country, by the time the night had come they were already back in Water Country and on their way to the Hidden Mist Village. Naruko walked alongside her sensei and said to him, "You missed one hell of a battle Sensei, Mei's going to be happy to see you again. And that's not all."

Zabuza was curious about this now and said, "What's she up to Naruko."

"Well, I think she wants to re-create the Seven Swordsmen's of the Mist, but there is something else she's up to. I just don't know what it is, all I do know is she said get you back to the village as soon as possible." She said to him as they walked to the Village gate.

End of C1.

Alright I want to know what you all think of the new version of the story, by the way somebody characters will be a little bit older in this story. For example Naruko will be about 17 and the rest of the rookies will be about 13 instead of 12, I'm also planning to create a new seven swordsmen's of the Mist. I've only revealed two of the Nine swords that she will use in the story, I'm also planning to use some of the puppets from the original version of the story will as well and I want to hear what you guys have for new ones. I also want to hear which of the other seven swords you think she'll use in this story and also give ideas so please read and review.