C3, End of a Battle




Naruko was now steering the Snake Sannin down like a predator stalking its prey, without warning to him she pulled her sword back and with a quick swing screamed out the words "Getsuga Tenshou" as a red and black wave of energy was shot at him which he just barely managed to Dodge in time. However the energy wave hit the barrier dead on resulting in an explosion like no other that actually destroy parts of the barrier on contact. Every single one of the assembled ninjas was in total shock and what they had just seen.

Within a few seconds the barrier had reformed trapping them inside once again but it was clear that Naruko had the edge here, and she showed no signs of wanting to give him a chance to surrender or live for that matter. But Orochimaru knew that if he stated he would surely die at this young girls hands and the tip of her blade, or one of her many puppets.

The Snake very quickly gave the signal to abort the mission and retreat back to their territory as not to be wiped out by an overwhelming opponent, all four of his personal bodyguards "The Sound Four" gave a silent nod of understanding as they canceled the barrier.

Orochimaru was now sporting a triumphant smirk upon his face as the barrier dissolved before them, that smirk quickly turned to terror as he felt a sharp pain in his back only to see Tayuya there holding a knife in her hands that had penetrated the small of his back. The look of the anger and hatred upon her face was a enough to tell him that she had never been loyal to him in the first place, she twisted the knife a little more and then jumped clear as Naruko fired off a another Getsuga Tenshou at him with blinding speed.

Orochimaru had to be grad by one of his bodyguards to avoid the oncoming attack by Naruko's sword, after the attack had gone by him, he then saw her seemed to blur out of existence and then reappear directly in front of him already in the middle of a swing that connected with his arms cutting them away from his body in one fluid motion.

The cutting motion of the blade at first left no pain at first until his arms fell and hit the ground and the blood sprayed upon it littering the roof had become their battleground, the Snake let out a mournful cry as he could feel his arms not regenerating from the attack she had launched upon him in the span of just a second.

But before she could launch another attack at him she was forced back into a defensive position to protect her comrades which unfortunately gave the snake ample time to make his escape with his three remaining bodyguards it was clear that she would have to wait for a another day to take her revenge and in a strange way justice for all those he had brutalized in his sake experiments to claim immortality that was never meant for the hands of mortals in the first place, she narrowed her eyes in both anger and spite as she knew that she would have to wait another day but at least his plan had failed.

She immediately released not only her hollow form but also her Bankai and sealed up the sword and immediately went on the offensive knowing that the village would need her help to survive this day.


The battle for the Hidden Leaf had been going extremely good but also bad at the same time as the Leaf forces as well as their surprising allies of both Mist and Sand had been doing their fair share of the killing in this intense battle that had engulfed this peaceful village and was now ravaging it as defenders fought not only for their lives but that of their families as well.

It was at this moment that a large group of sound ninjas began their attack on a lien group of civilians who were trying to make it to one of the nearby bunkers, but before the group of enemy shinobi could even get within a few feet of the fleeing civilians they were instantly hit by some kind of invisible force that sent them flying back into a wall only to see a young woman in a straw hat and flowing black battle coat with a golden fox upon it moving her hand and fingers.

Before any of them could even recover she had slit their throats open with one of her many blades and moved on to her next target, and unfortunately for that particular target she was not in a good mood as she shot out one of her Chakra strains and attached it to his neck and with one quick motion of her fingers the man's neck snapped ending his wicked life in just a second.

She then proceeded to create several compression clones that would go and fight the enemies and then detonate themselves from the combined energy involved in there fighting creating any kind of level of explosion from this result, the sword she now held her hand look like nothing but a strange cylinder.

Two Sound Ninjas at this time attempted to engage her at this moment only to hear a sound of a sharpened hiss which was followed by a strange red blade which came out of the cylinder and with one quick motion had taken their heads cleaned off leaving glowing marks upon the flash as their bodies and heads fell to the ground scaring several more Sound Ninjas in the process.

Several of the Leaf ninjas then heard the sound of explosions followed by screams and realize that the vixen had struck once again in this conflict, as if that wasn't enough to be concerned about she then through the strangest cylinder with the red glowing blade at a nearby enemy shinobi cutting him into two upon impact.

With one quick motion she quickly caught the cylinder as a came back to her and deactivated the blade and continued to keep her eyes and senses open for any form of danger that would befall her, within 20 min. she had easily slaughtered up to nearly 30 sound ninjas without even breaking a sweat in the process.

Throughout this time of combat she had only been forced to summon only two of her puppets to defend her, Gaara walked up to her at this point and said, "The Hokage asked me to come and get you apparently he has made some kind of decision and Mei has decided to offer her assistance in this matter, they have asked for your presence as well as mine."

She turned to him and then said, "I will be there momentarily."

But before they could even make a move towards the tower there was a large explosion nearby, emerging from the debris was none other than Kabuto and what appeared to be strange mutations with on looking seals upon their bodies directly behind him.

Naruko narrowed her eyes at him and then said, "Your master is beating you should have run like he did."

Kabuto just had a dark and evil smile upon his face as he then said in delight, "Lord Orochimaru has decreed that you shall be terminated with extreme prejudice little fox."

Without warning two shadow clones of her came to life on either side of her and then unsealed a set of puppets, three of the puppets instantly took up protective positions around her and the clones while the fourth poppet came to life looking at Kabuto with intensity in its eyes as the glow of the fire gave it in almost disturbing look.

It was at this moment that the snakes spy felt fear for some reason as the puppet then to his shock said, "Good to see you… Kabuto!"

It then swung it sword cutting one of the mutants down as if it was nothing, Gaara then decided to introduce the traitor to his friends creation, "I have a feeling you want to know who and what this is right, well allow me to introduce you to Naruko's secret puppet art known as the life giver style and this particular puppet is named Sephiroth the first wielder of the legendary sword known as Masamune."

(The song one winged Angel starts playing in the background.)

Kabuto then realized he had heard legends of the one winged Angel or as some had called him the nightmare, and then came to a horrifying realization that Naruko was not only able to find the swords but was also possibly a descendent of this deadly man to be able to even willed it.

Sephiroth Wasted no time and began to and began to cut down not only the nearby stragglers of sound ninjas but also any of the strange mutants that try to attack any of the civilians, he then spoke in a cadence that said he meant business, "If you somehow survived this tell your snake master he's next, but until then I plan to kill you all."

He then lifted his hand write up into the air and opened his hands with this done the clouds seem to flow into each other like a whirlpool being created, lightning began to flash throughout the sky as thunder roared to life making itself known to the village and world and with that done he dropped his hand and took off like a streak of light engaging his enemies in battle.

All the Leaf and Send and Mist ninjas could do was watch as the silver haired puppet it again to make war upon their enemies with a righteous fury that had not been seen in ages, Kabuto had just barely survived one of the first attacks by this strange poppet and looked off to the side to see one of the mutants trying to attack Naruko and the two clones only for a skeletal looking hand made of metal to shoot out of his back holding his heart which was then crushed to pieces.

As soon as the hand was removed from the dead humans body it fell to the ground revealing a metal skeleton with red glowing eyes looking back at him and a another sound ninja attempt to come from another direction only to have what look like a black tail stabbing through his chest injury I came up to a strange insect serpent like creature which then opened its mouth in shock out what looked like a time with a tiny mouth on it right into his four head killing him.

Another one was cut to ribbons strangled and derailed by three strange little puppets on the ground, then two more attempted to take her from behind only to be cut into at the waist by a puppet that looks like it was an agent of the death got it so it's strange flowing robe moved as if the wind was blowing it but there was none there at that time in his hand was a scythe and he could swear that the hands look like bones themselves.

He then realized that she was perfectly protected from any form of attack short of an entire well-trained army coming at her, he then quickly duct as one of his ninjas came flying over him going through a nearby wall not that far from him.

Kabuto then took a good look at his surroundings and noticed that not one of his ninjas or mutation was still standing or alive, he quickly got to his feet and try to make a run for only to feel a sharing pain shoot through his chest as he looked down to see the sword Masamune had impaled him in the chest.

He was then lifted into the air as Sephiroth then spoke in a calm and deadly tone, "this pain you feel is nothing to what you and your master have inflected upon others including Naruko, allow me to show you what true pain is… And I assure you that your master will feel this as well."

Just then a black wing shot out of his back and he threw Kabuto high into the air, without even a moment's hesitation he flew up into the sky and began to stab the sound spy over and over again without mercy.

All Kabuto could do was endure it and then came to a horrific realization that his ability to regenerate was not working, despite his massive intelligence and medical knowledge he was at a true loss for words as he felt the sword rip him apart one piece at a time.

The final swing of the sword stab him through the chest and with one mighty swing of both he's arm and sword sent the traitor hurling towards the ground at an amazing amount of speed, upon impact a great deal of the round was severely damaged leaving Kabuto a broken man even if he found some way to survive.

He then managed to look up into the sky seen the puppet of the legendary one winged Angel floating in the sky with the strange whirlpool like cloud moving about him in the background like a harbinger of death, he then brought the sword into a striking pose and flew towards the ground at almost supersonic speed.

Upon impact there was a large explosion and what looked like a fountain of blood shooting out into the air as well as what looked like a piece of someone's body, after the dust parted the remains of the traitor hit the ground revealing that it was nothing more than the upper part of the torso and head and the left arm which was badly mangled.

Every single one of the Leaf ninjas was in total shock that a puppet that powerful could even exist in the first place, Sephroth then walked out of the rater as if nothing had happened and then along with the other three puppets seem to disappear back into the scroll.

(The song one winged Angel ends at this point.)

Naruko then motioned for Gaara follow her as they made their way towards the Hokage tower.


The old Hokage and the Mizukage Mei stood looking out the window of the Hokage's office observing the destruction that had befallen the Hidden Leaf Village this day but also aware that the damage could have been far worse than they could imagine, the old Hokage for the first time in a while felt his age catching up to him with a vengeance.

Mei was impressed that no major and lasting damage had been inflicted upon the Hidden Leaf Village was really only limited to the areas of the outer wall and the Konoha stadium itself would need quite a bit of repairs to be up to snuff for that next Chunin exams that would be held in the Leaf Village, she could only imagine what he must be feeling at this moment in time.

The old man simply watched as the rebuilding process began and those who had lost their lives were shown dignity as they were moved to the hospital until their final resting place could be paired, in all his many years he had prayed never to see this kind of scene play out before his eyes ever again.

He placed his pipe back in his mouth and began to smoke hoping for the rush of nicotine from his tobacco to calm his nerves a little bit but found that they were having almost no effect on him as he was still on a high from his earlier rush of drawn from the combat with his fallen student, he turned away from the window and caught the look upon his fellow Kage's face seeing that she too had experienced this kind of dread and worry before as well.

"This feeling will never get any easier young lady I know from personal experience." He said to her as he walked to his chair to have a seat and rest his body as he felt his age catching up to him much faster than before and looked up into her eyes as she contemplated his words.

At the very moment both Jiraiya and Auron had just entered the room looking like they had seen better days but not that they had just been in a life or death struggle, just a few seconds later Naruko and Gaara entered as well.

The old Hokage then activated his privacy seals and motioned for them to all sit down, "I thank you all for coming on such short notice, I never thought that I would be the leader of this village for so long I was hoping to retire and maybe take up my position as an elder but fate has not been kind to any of us here. And as much as it pains me to say this I am too old now to do this job anymore."

Jiraiya came to the realization that there was something else on his old sensei's mind as well, "You're concerned about what the Council will do if you announce your retiring again."

He nodded his head and then said, "Yes, but luckily I do have a potential Fifth Hokage in mind."

Mei was curious as to who this would be, he saw her unspoken question upon her face and then responded, "The Fifth Hokage Shelby none other than my student Tsunade, however this is also a problem as I have to send someone to retrieve her and that is where you Jiraiya and Naruko come in."

"Let me guess you want us to go and get her back before something happens and that she might be a problem?" Naruko asked him.

He nodded to her and then said, "Yes and I have another fear, as we both know Orochimaru is obsessed with knowing every Jutsu in the world and with what you did to him he may actually seek out his old teammate to try to fix his condition, that is why her retrieval is so important now you must not fail."

End of C3

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