Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.


Everything's happening in such a rush that I can hardly hear.

I hold my armful of Basilisk fangs as Harry gives orders. I've never seen him like this before, giving orders like some kind of… of leader.

"Hang on a moment!"

My attention is dragged off Harry and onto Ron, standing next to me with his own armful of fangs.

"We've forgotten someone," he says. I raise my eyebrows, and Harry does too, both of us looking at Ron, wondering who on earth we could have forgotten that he remembered.

"Who?" I ask.

"The house-elves. They'll be down in the kitchen, won't they?"

"You mean… we ought to get them fighting?" Harry asked, looking as confused as I feel.

"No," Ron said. "I mean we should tell them to get out."

There's a sudden feeling in my chest. Could it be – could it possibly be – that Ron was finally working out…

"We don't want any more Dobbies, do we? We can't order them to die for us."

I drop my armful of fangs from sheer surprise. Ron's saying we can't order house-elves…

I throw myself at him, my arms wrapping around his neck, and I smash my lips against his.

Ron seems shocked – stunned, in fact, unable to move from sheer surprise.

"Is this the moment?"

Harry's voice sounds weak and tired, and I don't want to stop.

"Oi! There's a war going on here!"

At last, I break away from Ron, and there's a smile on his face. I smile back, a little sheepishly.

I'd only meant for it to be a kiss in the name of house-elf liberation. But… well, maybe later I'll kiss him for another reason…