Scene, Retake

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Chapter 161

Violent Mission phase 6.5, Retake

Kyoko wants to become Setsuka Heel, but how can she do it when the character is so immodest?

Kyoko stood in the bathroom, staring at herself the mirror. There was no way she could wear this outfit in front of Tsuruga-san, he was her senpai after all! She could never, never ever ever ever ever...

I can't do it! she thought wildly. I can't wear a silky cami and...and...underwear in front of him! Who would? No one would! Right? Right! I am a pure maiden, innocent to the core, I have to stay that way!

Her breathing was heavy, her embarrassment extreme. She was convinced that she didn't have the courage to do it. How could she? This was Tsuruga Ren, her esteemed senpai who was so very high above her. She couldn't walk out in front of him wearing essentially nothing. She couldn't.

He'll understand, right? He wore that watch, I can wear the pants! He'll get it. He'll be okay with it. He wouldn't expect me to be so bold!

However, rather than calming her fears the thoughts of Ren increased them. It was true that he wouldn't expect her, Kyoko, to wear something so revealing, but then again he wasn't Tsuruga-san. He was Cain Heel and Cain would expect his little sister, Setsuka, to be comfortable around him.

More than comfortable. She'd probably even climb into bed with him. They've got that creepy kind of relationship.

She wasn't entirely sure why Setsu was the way she was, but the girl had a serious older brother complex. Cain nii-san was the person she loved most in the world, if not the only person she loved, and there was no getting around it: Setsu felt completely free to be who she was around him. In fact her beloved nii-san encouraged her behavior. Of course Setsu, fashionable girl that she was, would wear this sort of thing to bed without a second thought. She had no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed, even if Cain was there to see her in it.

If I want to be Setsu, then I have to do it. I don't want to put Tsuruga-san out of character with my unprofessional behavior. He'll be annoyed with me! He'll sigh with disappointment! ARGH! I have to do this right! I can't be Kyoko, pure as the snow maiden, I have to be Setsuka, girl with an intense nii-san complex. Cain nii-san comes first, second, third, fourth and fifth in my life. He is the only one that I love. I don't feel embarrassed around him, I don't have to worry about anything when he's there. He will always love and protect me. He would do anything for me and I would do anything for him!

She looked to the mirror once more and this time, rather than feeling nervous, turned away in less than a second. Setsu wasn't concerned with the way she looked, no, she was worried that she'd taken much longer than she should have in the bathroom. What if nii-san needed her?

It was immediately apparent that nii-san did need her; he was completely encased in blankets and Setsu knew that he only slept that way when he was feeling uncomfortable in his surroundings.

She was seized with feelings of worry. What could have made nii-san so ill at ease? Why hadn't she realized that he felt this way sooner?

Her eyes looked over the room, his dishes were still on the table, but he had eaten. She sighed quietly, he never cleaned up after himself. After moving his mess into the small kitchen area she went to his bed and stood over him with her arms crossed. Her eyes narrowed.

"Nii-san," she said. When he didn't respond she prodded his shoulder. "Nii-san," she repeated. "I know you're not asleep nii-san."

The blankets shifted, but no voice answered.

She pouted. "Fine, I'll just go to bed without a goodnight kiss then."

An arm stopped her from going to the other bed; it wrapped around her waist just as she turned away.


She glanced back to see the dark eyes that stared up at her. "Yes?"

"...You're so beautiful, Setsu." He dropped his arm.

She turned her head away and tossed her long hair over her shoulder, refusing to forgive him. "I don't care if you compliment me. You denied me a kiss nii-san!"

Cain Heel extracted himself from his cocoon and swung his legs so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed, directly behind his little sister. He stared at her back impassively, unmoved by the way she was dressed. Setsu had never had a sense of modesty, especially not when he was concerned. He preferred it that way.

"Setsu..." he waited. She didn't answer. A small smile come to his face. "Setsu, look at me."

She shifted as though she was about to turn, but seemed to change her mind at the last moment and continued to face the opposite direction.

"Ah," he said. "Are you upset with me Setsu?" He'd known she would react that way. If there was one thing she couldn't stand it was being ignored. "I'll force you to answer me," he warned.

"Try your best," she taunted.

He put his hands on her waist and turned her. She huffed in annoyance, but still refused to give him a reply. "Setsu, I'll give you a kiss goodnight," he watched as her eyes drifted to his mouth. "If you'll tell me why your so upset."

Setsu hadn't heard the stipulation, even if she had she would have ignored it. She loved nii-san's kisses, they were so soft and sweet and gentle and... She wanted one. Now.

Using the element of surprise she quickly dropped her head and put her lips to his; she intended it to be no more than a quick peck. She tried to pull back, but found that it was impossible. Cain wouldn't let her.

Well, no. The truth was that Ren wouldn't let her. He couldn't restrain himself. Her kiss had been so unexpected that he wasn't at all prepared for it. Later he would be angry at himself, but at that moment he didn't care.

He closed his eyes, placed a hand on the back of her head and pressed his mouth more firmly against hers. For what seemed like eternity he held her in place; in reality it was less than ten seconds before he forced himself to let go and return to character.

Cain took in the dazed look in his sister's eyes and chuckled softly. "Goodnight Setsu."

She straightened, watching as he returned to his cocoon and thought briefly of getting in her own bed. He didn't seem to want her in his, but she was still worried about him. She didn't want to leave his side for even a minute, much less the entire night.

Setsu walked to the other side of his bed and got in, pulling bedclothes away from him. He rolled to face her.

"What are you doing?"

"Going to sleep of course. Share the blankets."


"I'll be cold nii-san! I want to sleep with you! You said I could, remember? You said I could use your arm."

Cain rolled his eyes, secretly pleased with the situation. With a bit of grumbling he did as she asked, allowing her to climb into his bed and burrow under the covers.

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