Scene, Retake

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Chapter 156

Violent Mission Phase 3.5, retake

Ren can't deal with Setsuka's clothing and takes Kyoko out of the hotel; she's surprised and confused by his actions.

Cain had forcefully grabbed her by the hand and pulled her from the hotel room; they were currently moving quickly down the sidewalk.

Kyoko couldn't understand his sudden change in temperament. What had she done wrong? One moment everything seemed to be alright and then the next he was dragging her through the streets!

Why? She asked herself. Why is it like this? What is he doing?

She caught sight of herself in a mirrored window as they flew by it. She didn't look very much like Setsu; sure she had the clothes and the hairstyle, but Setsuka would never consent to being hauled around this way. Despite the way she dressed she was actually very girly and cared about the way she was perceived by others. Even more than that, she cared about the way her brother was perceived. Anyone watching them would think he was always rough with her.

Setsu doesn't want anyone to ever think badly of her brother, at least not of the way he treats her. She wouldn't want there to be any misconceptions about how close they are. She'd follow her brother anywhere and do anything he asked her to do, but she would never let him act this way!

She eyed her mentor nervously.

Tsuruga-san might misunderstand and think I'm breaking character if I'm not careful. I have to become Setsu! I can't care about myself, I have to put Cain first. I should be wondering what's wrong and worried about him.

She maneuvered her hand so that it was in his and stopped walking, causing Cain to do the same.

When he turned to look at her she said, "Nii-san, you're walking too fast. Why? Is there something wrong? Did something happen?"

They stood in silence and Setsu gazed at Cain, her eyes alight with concern.

Finally he spoke. "I'm sorry, Setsu. I was just worried that the shop might close." He tugged his hand a bit, but she didn't allow him to let go of hers. "Come on."

Setsu, satisfied that there was nothing wrong with nii-san allowed herself to be distracted by his comment. "Which shop are you talking about?"

"You'll see when we get there."

Kyoko followed closely as he began walking again, keeping her eyes on Tsuruga-san.

Why do I get the feeling that I just barely passed? That he almost sighed at me? He looked like he might, but in the end he didn't. Wasn't that the kind of thing Setsu would say? Wouldn't she be concerned about him?

Her thoughts were cut short when Cain stopped walking in front of a store that Kyoko recognized as one of Maria-chan's favorites, Jeanne d'Arc ; it sold many of the labels she liked.

Upon entering the store Cain insisted that his sister choose anything she liked, telling her that he would buy it for her.

Kyoko's knee jerk reaction was to immediately deny that she needed anything, to tell him that it was fine and that there was no need for him to do anything for her, but she remembered, just in time, that he was not currently her respected senpai. He was Cain Heel and he wasn't speaking to Mogami Kyoko, he was telling his little sister, Setsu, that he would indulge her.

As she caught herself she made the split second decision to keep character. Instead of speaking as Kyoko she allowed Setsu to take over.

The girl with a serious older brother complex tilted her head and giggled softly as she asked, "Is it...Really alright?" She brought her hand toward her mouth, allowing her finger tips to brush against her lower lip. Setsu looked up at Cain from beneath her eyelashes."When you put it that way, I might take you up on it. Is that okay?"

A look came to his face, one she hadn't seen since he became Cain; it was a real smile. It shocked her so badly that she almost didn't hear him when he told her to get anything she wanted.

Once he was gone, having stepped outside for a cigarette, she gave herself permission to lose her character long enough to delight in her triumph.

I finally did it! I became Setsu just now and Tsuruga-san noticed too! He was really being Cain then, the doting older brother. He wasn't holding back!

She was unable to hide the grin on her face, but quickly replaced it with a look more worthy of Setsu when she realized that other patrons were staring.

Even so... This gives me a better idea of the way the Heel siblings get along. Setsu is insane when it comes to her nii-san, but Cain is just as bad. They feed off each other! He spoils her, which makes her clingy. He thinks she's cute when she's like that so he spoils her more and the cycle repeats. It's an endless circle!

Kyoko thought back to the near NG sigh and wondered again what it was she'd done wrong.

Maybe I was a little off? When I think of the way they treat each other now it does seem like I might have not gotten Setsu quite right. I thought she would be concerned about Cain, and I still think she would have been, but perhaps I didn't portray it the right way? Setsu is spoiled by him all the time, she would have acted that way. She would have been annoyed with him for not telling her where he was taking her and sulked about it. I should have been like that. I should have gotten angry at him for dragging me around without a good reason and forced my feelings on him.

She sighed loudly.

I'm still such a poor actress! Nothing like Tsuruga-san.

"Still..." she muttered aloud as she looked to where he was standing outdoors. I'd like to see him really act. I want to see him be Cain the way he was just now, the real Cain. If I can act properly he might be more like a doting older brother, he might pander to my selfishness and sooth me when I sulk.

A slight blush touched her cheeks as she thought of it.

I want to see that.

I want Tsuruga-san to act with me.

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