It only took about a year, but I've finally picked up this universe again. This is a sequel to my story, "Finally Together". You don't really have to be familiar with that story, but if you haven't read feel free to check it out.

Here is what you need to know for this story: Emily and JJ started dating a little after Emily joined the BAU. They split and stayed friends. JJ got together with Will, but while she was pregnant, JJ realized that she only wanted Emily. She broke up with Will earning herself some bruises, a hospital trip and her and Emily's life being threatened by Will. It all worked out to the couple's benefit. Will is dead and Emily and JJ are married. JJ gave birth to twins, Lila Erin and John David. Morgan and Garcia are Lila's Godparents and JJ's brother and sister-in-law, Andy and Katie, are John's. Emily's mom stepped down from being an US Ambassador and chose to run for congress.

This story skips ahead a little. The twins are three and Emily's mom won her election.

Emily was at the park with Lila and John. They had the next three days off and she was determined to spend it all with just her children and JJ. That morning, Garcia had called and asked if they were up to a little shopping and then lunch trip. Emily declined, but insisted that JJ go and have some fun with Garcia and agreed to meet them at the local diner for lunch with the kids.

Emily smiled as Lila's laughter filled the air from the swings she was currently being pushed in. John quickly joined her in laughing as Emily pushed them, alternating between the two swings. Looking down at her watch, Emily noticed the time and smiled. "Alright you two time to get going so we can meet Mommy and Aunt Pen for some lunch."

"More swings, Momma," Lila demanded.

Emily laughed at her daughter's pouting face as she picked her up from the swing's seat. "I promise we'll come back tomorrow, Sweety, alright?"

"'Kay," answered Lila. Lila held onto Emily's pants and waited for John to be lifted from his swing.

Emily held out her hands to them and asked, "Who's ready for some chicken nuggets and french fries?"

"Me, me, me," said John as he jumped up and down as they walked. As always was the case with the twins, Lila started to mimic her brother's actions.

Emily couldn't stop but laugh at the antics of the three years olds. Once the kids were strapped into their seats, Emily closed the back door and turned to enter the car. A man standing near the car caught her attention. Emily smiled at him as she opened her car door.

"They are adorable," he said. "I'm Bill," he held out his hand for her to shake.

"Emily. Thank you," she replied. She placed her left hand on the door and in his line of sight so that he could see her wedding ring. It was not uncommon for her or JJ to have a man, or a woman, approach them when they were not with each other. They usual got a good laugh out of telling each other their experience. Something seemed off about this one though and Emily was silently cursing herself for not having her gun with her. "Well, if you'll excuse us, it's time for them to get some lunch."

The man took a step back and nodded, "Of course. Would you like to maybe get a coffee some time?"

Emily couldn't believe how forward this guy was. 'Doesn't he see the ring?' she asked herself. With an apologetic smile, Emily raised her hand. "I'm not sure my wife would be happy with that." His eyes grew wide as she finished speaking. Something changed within them. There seemed to be some anger in them now. 'Great. Good job Emily. You aim to let him down gently and slap him in the face with the knowledge that he is not even your type. Smart move,' she internally slapped the back of her head.

"You are married to a woman?" he asked her.

"Yes. For just over three years now," Emily answered. She turned around to check on Lila who was now complaining about being hungry. Without turning back to him, she continued, "I really need to get goi…" She was stopped as the man grabbed her arm. "It would be best if you were to let go of my arm," Emily warned him.

"A woman as beautiful as you should not waste her time being with another woman. You should be with a man."

Emily hardened her glare on the man and spoke calmly, but firmly. "I am very happy with my wife and our children. It is in no way a waste of my time. Now let. Go. Of my arm."

This only caused the man to become angrier. "I think you just need to be with a man and then you will see that I am right. Let's go to my place." He motioned for her to get in the car.

"I am going nowhere with you," said Emily. "I am going to give you ten seconds to let go of my arm."

"Oh there is no need for you to make any threats sweetheart. You are not in the position to do so." Before Emily could react, he had a knife pointed at her stomach. "I could stab you here and just take the kids with me, or you can give me the keys to the car and get into the passenger seat without any further objections."

Emily gasped as he threatened Lila and John. "You are making a big mistake. I am an FBI Agent. When you get caught, you will never see the outside of a prison as long as you live."

"Who says I will be caught?" he countered. "Give me the keys and get in the car." After a few seconds of eye contact, Emily relented and handed the keys over to him. She hurried around to the passenger side of the car and got in.

"Where we going Momma?" asked John.

Emily looked at Bill before turning around to her son, "We're just going on a trip, buddy."

"But I'm hungry," whined Lila.

"I know baby," said Emily before she looked over at Bill. "They need to eat some lunch."

Bill just nodded and looked ahead of him, seeing a McDonald's he asked, "Would you two like some Mc Donald's?"

"Yeah!" they both answered.

Fifteen minutes later, the car pulled out of the drive through and Bill steered towards his home.

"Em, this is the fifth message I am leaving. You were supposed to meet us a half hour ago. Call me please," said JJ as she left another voicemail.

"Still no answer?" asked Garcia. Seeing JJ shake her head she tried to comfort her, "Maybe Lila or John was too cranky to come out."

"She would have called me, Pen. Something's wrong. I can feel it." JJ had tears in her eyes.

"Alright, let's go to your house and see if she's there. Maybe they tired her out and they all fell asleep. She might not even be hearing the phone," Garcia offered.

"Okay," JJ agreed and they paid their bill and left.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the Prentiss home and JJ unlocked the front door calling for Emily. When she did not get an answer, JJ started to frantically search the rooms looking for her wife and children. "They're not here, Pen."

"Well her car wasn't in the driveway either. Maybe they are still out. You said they were going to the park, right?" JJ nodded. "I'll just pull up the GPS signal from her car and we'll find her. She probably just lost track of time and is not near her phone. It'll all be okay." Garcia pulled her iPad out of her bag and started to type away.

JJ could see the worry on Garcia's face. "Pen?"

Garcia looked up to her friend, "I can't find the signal. Both her GPS and cell phone are either turned off or in a dead zone."

"You can't find them? I knew something was wrong." JJ sat down at the table and held her head in her hands. "The park…We always take the kids to the park on First Avenue. I know for a fact there are cameras there."

"Say no more, Sunshine. Let's check and see if we can get a glimpse of your lovely family," Garcia agreed. It took her some time because she did not have the computer system that is at the BAU, but within five minutes, Garcia was searching through the video footage.

"Stop!" cried JJ when she spotted Emily walking with Lila and John to the car. JJ looked down at the timestamp on the video. "That's fifteen minutes before we were supposed to meet for lunch. Can you fast forward it and follow her?"

"Of course." They watched as the video sped ahead. "And who might you be," said Garcia as she saw the man talking with Emily.

"Something's wrong," JJ noticed as she watched Emily's posture stiffen. A gasp fell from her mouth when he grabbed Emily's arm. "What is she doing?" asked JJ when Emily handed over her keys.

"Is that a knife?" Garcia asked as she pointed to the screen.

"No." JJ's eyes started to tear up as she just stared at the video and saw the man drive away with her wife and children in the car.

Garcia rubbed her hand along JJ's back as she dialed Morgan with the other one. "Studmuffin, as much I would love to toss flirts back and forth with you, I just can't. I need you guys to come to Emily and JJ's….Yeah a big one. Emily and the twins are missing." She hung up with Morgan after he promised to call the others and come right over. Garcia closed her eyes, praying for everything to turn out alright.

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