Sorry for the short chapter, I wanted to write more, but I was afraid that I would procrastinate and not get the chapter out as quickly as I wanted to.

Emily looked up as the two men entered the hospital room. "Uncle Aaron," cheered Lila as she recognized the first of the two men, while her brother called out to Rossi.

"How is everyone doing?" asked Rossi.

"Just fine, Dave. Can't wait to leave here tomorrow," said JJ.

Emily looked at the faces of her father and Hotch. She could tell the looks that the two men exchanged held more of a conversation then just casual glances. And she did not like that at all. "I've heard how good you to have been for your grandma and grandpa. What do you guys think about going to get some ice cream with grandpa as a special treat?" Emily smiled at Lila and John.

"Ice cream!" they both screamed happily.

"Mmm bring me some back, okay?" asked JJ.

"'kay mommy," promised Lila as she took her grandfather's hand. The group of FBI agents could hear them happily discussing ice cream flavors as they walked down the hall.

After a quick glance at her wife, Emily remarked, "Spill Hotch."

"Huh?" asked the Unit Chief. "What makes you think I have anything to spill?"

Both women just chuckled while glaring at their Boss. JJ pointed to Emily, "She's a profiler," and then pointed to herself, "and I have been able to read your tells for three years now."

Hotch's eyebrows rose as he realized just how busted he really was. Hotch let out a deep sigh as he gave a slight nod to the women. The small cue letting them know that there indeed was something important for them to hear. Already fearing that it was bad news, Emily reached for and held her hand. Her eyes holding a pleading look in them for the men to hurry up and reveal what they were there for. "This morning I was called in for a meeting with the Director and Congresswoman Prentiss."

"My father said she was called in for a meeting with the President," corrected Emily. She looked towards JJ getting more worried about what was going on.

"Yes," agreed Hotch. "The President is the one who eventually was able to get her to return to the office."

"You're losing me here, Hotch. What is going on?" Emily stressed.

"Em, let him talk," counselled JJ.

Hotch sent JJ a grateful smile before he continued. "As you both know Elizabeth has been working from home ever since they started taking care of Lila and John since you are both in here. While your mother's press coordinator, Susan was going through the mail in the office, she came across an important letter that needed immediate attention. When she called and asked for Elizabeth to go into the office, your mother explained that it would only take a personal phone call from the President himself for her to leave the twins."

Emily was increasingly getting frustrated as she waited and listened to Hotch ramble about whatever situation he and Rossi were there to tell them about. "What was in the letter, Hotch. Has my mother been threatened?" He just looked at Emily and took a few seconds to observe her behavior. Seconds that only made Emily's frustrations grow. "AARON, TELL ME!"

Rossi stepped closer to the bed holding up his hand, a silent request for Emily to quiet down and stop her screaming. "Your mother is safe and not who the letter targeted." Sensing Emily about to interrupt again, Rossi quickly went on and explained about the letters that were received by the members of Congress.

As Emily stood from her chair and started to walk out of the room, JJ called to her, "Where are you going?"

Turning around, she sent her wife a wide-eyed look. "Are you kidding me? They just told us that our children are in danger. The twins went to the cafeteria and our days old daughter is all alone in the nursery and you really have to ask me where I am going?"

"Hospital security has been informed of the threat. Secret service members have been assigned to guard everyone involved," Hotch answered her. "Emily, they are being protected."

"Does my dad know? Is that his real reason for bringing them here?"

"Yes." Hotch walked closer to Emily, taking his hand in hers. "Emily, right now we are not sure who he is after. The letters could be referring to the children being taken or to harm coming to the parents. You can't just run off alone."

Emily looked over at JJ, realization hitting both women at the same time, "We could be the targets," JJ whispered.

Rossi nodded, "I'm afraid so."

Emily started laughing uncontrollably, causing the members of the room to look at her with concern and bewilderment. "Em?" called out JJ, worried for the mindset of her wife.

Shaking her head, letting her laughter turn into an angry chuckle, Emily spat out, "Of course! Right when things were starting to be right again. I finally recover fully and mentally from everything that happened with Bill Meyers and this happens. Why is it always us? Why do we have to go through all of this shit? This fucking sucks."

Taking his struggling friend into his arms in a tight embrace, Hotch comforted her, "Yes it does suck, but it will all be fine. Reid, Morgan and Garcia are working on finding who is responsible for this as we speak. You will have a team of Secret Service agents protecting you and your family at all times. We will not let anything happen to you. I need you to believe that."

Emily pulled out of his embrace and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Thank you. I'm sorry for breaking down like that. I guess I still have some pregnancy hormones, huh?"

"Oh that was all Mama-bear hormones," joked Rossi.

"It was kind of hot," JJ admitted.

The room broke out into a round of laughter as Emily walked over and kissed her wife. "What are we going to do, Jennifer?"

"Whatever we need to, to keep our family safe and each other sane, and that includes cooperating with the Secret Service," said JJ as Emily nodded.