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It was just one of those days in the small town known as Twinleaf Town. The kind of day where one would just lie against a tree trunk with their pokemon right by there side; just snoozing the day away. This, however, was not the case for a young trainer named Garrett Hughes. This particular trainer was about 16 years old had brown hair that barely went over his eyes. Speaking of his eyes they were both the color of hazel with the right eye being slighty bluer. Garrett awoke that morning with a smile on his face and thought to himself.

'Todays the day that I pay a little visit to the good old Hoenn reigon but more importantly my good old buddy Dale'

Now Dale is indeed an interesting trainer with a great personality and quite an akward sense of humor, but nontheless he's one of Garrett's best freinds. He has dark green eyes and brown hair thats alot shorter than Garrett's. Dale lives over in Littleroot Town, a small town that resides in the Hoenn reigon. Garrett quickly gets dressed into his favorite pair of white shorts and a blue tee shirt. He makes his way down stairs where a delicious scent fills his nose.

"Ummm whats that smell" said Garrett

As Garrett said this his belly started to grumble and he sat down at the kitchen table to find his mother cooking breakfast, he also finds a plate full of burnt black discs sitting in front of him

"Umm Mom what are these" Garrett asks reffering to the discs

"Those are pancakes honey" anwsers his mother

"Right, well i think i'll just skip breakfast this morning then" says Garrett

His mother sighs "Oh well a mother can try cant she"

"Yup" replies Garrett with an innocent smile

"Onto other news, have you called Dale yet sweety?" his mother asks

"No i was just getting ready to do that" responds Garrett

"OK OK just remember that Dawn will be over in a couple of minutes" says Ms. Hughes

"Dawn's coming over?" asks Garrett in slight confusion

His mother nods her head

then realization strikes his face "Oh thats right we were playing with Swampert and Piplup last night and Dawn said that she would bring him back over this morning"

Ms. Hughes laughs "You guys always look so cute when you play with your pokemon. You always have"

Yes it is very true Garrett and Dawn have been close friends for nearly 10 years now. On the day that Garrett moved into Twinleaf Town 10 years ago was the day that this everlasting friendship was sparked. Now the two are almost as close as Garrett is with Dale. If not more.

"Yeah yeah yeah you always say that about us Mom"

"I only speak the truth honey" Ms. Hughes replies in defence

"Well im going to go and call Dale now. If Dawn arrives just send her to the living room" stated Garrett

"Ok sweety can do" replies his mother

Garrett makes his way into the living room and walks up to the video phone. He then dials in Dales number and waits as the phone begins to ring.

Over in the Hoenn reigon specifically Littleroot Town

A 16 year old boy was lying in bed and wakes up when he hears his house phone start to ring startling the poor boy. Yup this is the imfamous Dale Williams, Garrett's long time best friend and partner in crime. He typically dresses in a green hoodie and white long pants.

"AHHHHHH" yells a startled Dale as he falls out of his bed

"My god who is that" Dale says slighty irritated

He makes his way over to the phone and turns it on

"What DO YOU WANT!" yells an irritated Dale

Back in Garrett's house

"Well gees i just thought i'd let you know that im coming over to Hoenn for a visit" says Garrett as he checks to make sure he can still hear

"Really thats awsome ill see you in a bit then" replies Dale through the phone

"Yeah I'll be over just as soon as I get my pokemon back" says Garrett while rubbing the back of his head.

"Whos got your pokemon now?" Dale asks while raising an eyebrow.

"That would be me" says a feminine voice as she approaches Garrett from behind

"Oh hey Dawn i didn't expect to see you here for another hour or 2" says Garrett

"Well i just figured that you would want Swampert back ya know" says Dawn as she gives Garrett Swampert's pokeball back

"Thanks" replies Garrett

"Oh brother" Dale says a little too dramatically

"Oh you hush up Dale" Dawn says while glaring at Dale

"You two still fight just like back in the old days" says Garrett while shaking his head in disproval

"Yeah well we wouldn't fight if Dale over here wasn't so annyoing" said Dawn matter o factly

"NO no no no no no, im definately not the annyoing one here" Dale says while pointing at Dawn

'Oh brother here they go again' Garrett thought to himself

The argument between Dale and Dawn goes on for about 5 more minutes but is over just as Dale hangs up the phone

"Well im glad thats finally over" Garrett says with a sigh

"Why did Dale just hang up like that though" asks Dawn

"He probaboly couldn't think of a decent comeback so he just quit and gave up not that i blame him" anwsers Garrett

Dawn giggles

Now keep in mind that Garrett, Dale, and Dawn are no normal trainers. No they have been around the Sinnoh reigon once or twice so they do know whats what.

"Well I guess its time that I head on over to Hoenn now" said Garrett while packing up his things to take with him

"Aww your leaving already" Dawn said with a frown

"Yeah if I dont leave soon Dale will probobaly kill me" replies Garrett with a chuckle

"Ok I'll just work on my contest appeals then. When will you be back" asks Dawn

"If not this evening then I'll be back tomorrow, no need to worry right" Garrett says with a smirk

"Right no need to worry" Dawn replies smiling

"Salamence battle on" shouts Garrett as he releases his long time partner pokemon

"Hey there Salamence how have you been" said Dawn with a smile and pets Salamence on the head

"Sala-" replies the dragon pokemon

"Alright Salamence you know what to do fly me to Littleroot Town" said Garrett

Salamence nods his head and him and Garrett take off for Littleroot Town. Then Ms. Hughes walks into the living room

"Oh hello Dawn I didn't see you come in how is everything" said Ms. Hughes

"Everything is fine Ms. Hughes I was just getting ready to go and practice for my next contest is all" replies Dawn cheerfully

"Oh ok" said Ms. Hughes

And with that all said and done Dawn heads out into the forest to train her pokemon.

Meanwhile over in Littleroot Town

"Down there Salamence that looks like a good spot to land" said Garrett

Salamence nods and the duo land in front of Dale's house

"Thanks Salamence you diserve a nice rest" said Garrett apon returning Salamence.

Garrett enters Dale's house but soon finds out that Dale isnt there

"Umm excuse me Ms. Williams but do you know where Dale is" asks Garrett to Dale's mother

"I do belive that Dale went to do some stuff for Professor Birtch" replies his mother

"Ok thanks" Garrett says as he runs over to the Professor's lab

Meanwhile in the town just to the north of Littleroot Town we find Dale as he walks around aimlessly trying to find something

"OH MY GOD. is it even possible to find a stinking Groudon footprint around here anyways." screams Dale obviously mad

"I swear this is the last time I ever do anything for the professor ever again"

Dale fustrated with not being able to find the said footprint of Groudon finally gives up and retreats to the pokemon center for a quick nap

back in the professor's lab

"wow this place has changed so much since the last time i was here" said Garrett while looking around at the place in amazment

"Well im glad that your impressed with my lab after all these years Garrett" said Professor Birtch

"Yup I like what you've done with place professor" replies Garrett

"So what happened that brings you by Garrett. Did your mother finally kick you out of the house" said Birtch while laughing

Garrett laughs. "No not yet professor I actually came by for a visit thats all"

"Well that sounds like a great idea" said Birtch

"You think so" says Garrett

"Well yeah, and do you know what else is a good idea" said Birtch

"No what" asks Garrett

"I think you and Dale should go and challenge the pokemon leagues and try to become the new champions" said professor Birtch

"Speaking of Dale where did he go" asks Garrett

"Oh him, I sent him up to Oldale Town to try and find this footprint of Groudon that I heard about" says Birtch

"And he hasnt come back yet" said Garrett

"No im affraid he hasnt returned yet" said Birtch

"Ok then I'll go and look for him" proclaimed Garrett

"Well then good luck Garrett you always did want to be the hero"

Garrett then runs out of the lab as fast as he can and right up route 101 into Oldale Town

"Phew thats gotta be a record I dont think i've ran that fast before in my life" pants Garrett

"Now then I wonder where I could find Dale. I sure hope he didnt get lost, he always did have a poor sense of direction" said Garrett

He walks around for about 10 minutes

"Man its been 10 minutes and I still haven't seen Dale or this footprint of Groudon. Maybe its time for a more drastic approach"

He reaches down to his belt and pulls out 2 pokeballs

"Drapion, Heracross battle on!" Garrett releases his 2 pokemon

"I need you guys to look around and see if you can find Dale ok"

Both Pokemon nod and take off looking for Dale. A little while later they return to Garrett with some news.

"Hey guys did you find Dale" Garrett asks pokemon

Drapion nods his head and points towards the pokemon center

"Figures I should have known that Dale would end up asleep on the job. Return guys you did great" Garrett returns his 2 pokemon and then goes over to the pokemon center.

"Hey Dale" said Garrett

"zzzzz" was Dale's only reply

"Ok then lets try this...GET UP DALE MAY IS IN DANGER" shouts Garrett as loud as he can

Dale jumps up "WHAA where is she. is she ok" stammers Dale in concern

Garrett just laughs at his reaction "Relax dude she is just fine" Garrett chuckles

"That isnt funny man you know about my feelings for May" said Dale

"Yeah I know that I only did to wake you up and also partly for revenge after you screamed at me this morning" said Garrett while still laughing

"I only did that because you woke me up this morning" said Dale

"I assumed you'd be up by then. Your usually up before 7:00 anyways" said Garrett

"I know its just the professor has been keeping me way to busy lately. I dont even have time to train my pokemon anymore" said Dale

"Well thats all about to change my rather lazy friend" said Garrett

"Why. Wait a minute what are you thinking" says Dale

Garrett smirks "I was thinking that the four of us should take another trip around Sinnoh"

"You mean me you Dawn and May" asks Dale

"No Dale, me you and 2 hobos" says Garrett with a facepalm

Dale chuckles at Garrett's pun "You know as much fun as that sounds we cant"

"But why not" Garrett asks

"Because May has gone off somewhere and I havent seen her for a good couple of weeks"

"AWWW MAN that bites then i guess it will just be the 3 of us" said Garrett

"Yeah thats the Garrett I know always wanting an adventure" says Dale completly excited

"You got that right buddy" said Garrett

The 2 friend walk outside the pokemon center continuing their previous conversation

"Hey Dale I was told that you were here looking for a footprint of Groudon?" says Garrett

"Yeah but I have yet to find the dang thing" said Dale

"Well if you ask me I think that the professor is smoking something pretty bad these days" said Garrett

Dale chuckles "Yeah your probaboly right"

"Hey Garrett!" yells a boy around the age of 12 and runs over to Garrett and Dale.

"Oh hey Robby I havent seen you since...Actually I havent seen you" said Garrett

"I know its been so long since you've been to Hoenn Garrett" said Robby

"Hey Robby isnt it past your bed time" said Dale

"NOOOOO! I dont have a bed time anymore" says Robby in defence

Garrett chuckles "Calm down you 2"

"See Garrett's on my side this time" said Robby triumpantly

"Although Dale is right it is getting pretty late you should probaboly get back home before it gets dark" says Garrett

Dale smirks

Robby pouts "This isnt fair you guys are so much older than me"

"Its ok kid you'll be our age one day" says Dale

"Whatever" Robby said as he puts his head down "anyways I should get going I'll see ya later guys"

"Bye Robby" both Dale and Garrett say

And with that Robby runs off toward his house in the forest area

"Man you werent kidding it really is getting too dark out to travel isnt it" said Dale

"Yeah it is. We'll just stay at the pokemon center tonight and head back to your house tomorrow" said Garrett

"Yeah good idea" replies Dale

The 2 trainers head into the pokemon center and they rent out a room and go to sleep


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