Oh Marceline! Why'd You Have To Turn Thirteen?

By Luna Mrow

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This idea suddenly came to me. It's a multi-chapter fiction, probably going to be 3-4 chapters, not a long one. And don't worry, I have not forgotten about 'Adventure Time with Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee!'. So if you will, kindly read, review, and all that good stuff. Here's to the first chapter!

Saturday, July 7th, 2:28 A.M.

"Raaaaa... hello?"

"Jake? Is that you?"

The magical dog yawned and rubbed his eyes a few times before picking back up the phone. "Ice King?" he asked in disbelief. "What the glob do you want? Do me and Finn need to go over there to the Ice Kingdom and kick your sorry behind again?"

"No, of course not."

"Then why are you calling me?" Jake demanded. He turned and looked at Finn, who was still asleep on his bed and hadn't woken up from the continuous phone ringing.

"You stole something from me," Ice King then hissed in his best (but still lame) way to sound threatening. "And I demand you return it to me immediately!"

Jake sighed. "Ice King, we didn't steal your underwear. It's on you, look underneath your blue dress."

"I'm not wearing a dress! It's a shirt that comes down to my ankles!"

"It's a dress, dude."

"Rawr! No! What you stole from me was not my underpants! Wait hold on —shuffle, shuffle— Oh good they are still here... —shuffle, shuffle— Alright! My underwear is still on and that is not what you stole from me! You and Finn stole my elixir, and it's crucial I get it back."

By now Jake was fully awake and holding the phone with one paw while he used the other one to get a sandwich out of the fridge. He waited until he bit down on a meatball marinara when he said, "Wefish didsh shteal ur anythoong."

"What?" Ice King cried in complete confusion.

Jake was courteous and swallowed. "I said we didn't steal anything. Now I'm going to finish this sandwich and go back to bed, if you call again, Finn and I will come over there and kick your butt."

"Wait don't hang up!"


"That sandwich, is the bread whole wheat?"

GRR. Jake hung up the phone and threw it from the dining room table to the couch. "I swear," he growled, "Ice King is so whacked in the brain."

Saturday, July 7th, 8:16 A.M.

"No way dude. He actually had the nerve to ask if your sandwich bread was whole wheat? What's the matter with that guy?" Finn laughed. The thirteen-almost-fourteen year old human boy proceeded to cook bacon on the skillet. "I didn't even hear the phone last night, I was sacked out. Slept like a baby though."

Jake scoffed. "A baby octopus," he added.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm not sure."

"Alright then." Finn flipped the bacon and cracked a few eggs in another skillet beside the other one. "You know why I was so tired? Marceline took me flying through Ooo Thursday night. You should've seen it Jake, it was so math. Finally she had to go home because the sun started to set and we lost track of time. We barely made it back to her cave and when it was officially morning."

Jake nodded and sipped his coffee. Beemo kindly poured him some more and he smiled and patted his robotic friend on the head as a thank you. "So," Jake said casually, "why haven't I seen Miss Queen of Mean around? Don't you two usually hang out and stuff?"

"Well, yeah, but she's busy doing other stuff too," Finn replied.

"What kind of stuff?"

"You know, stuff. Adult stuff."

"Adult stuff?"

"Yeah, that stuff."

"She's only seventeen, or at least only looks seventeen. How much adult stuff can a teenager like her need to do?"

Finn turned the fire off the bacon and set it on a plate of paper towels, now putting his focus on the three eggs he was frying. "Well she's immortal dude. She's been seventeen, or however old she is, for well over a thousand years. Mentally she's an adult, therefore she has to do adult stuff."

Jake laughed. "I don't see Marceline as an adult dude, sorry. She might as well be your age."

The human boy scoffed. "Ha! I would've loved to see Marceline when she was my age back then. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was seventeen forever, can you?"

"Well seventeen in human years is really old, so no, I can't imagine being an old fart all my life." Jake morphed his face so he had multiple wrinkles across him. "Where's the prune juice?" he asked in an old man voice.

Finn laughed. "I'm just saying, it'd be cool to see Marceline young like me. We could hang out, I finally wouldn't be the younger one, you know? I'd probably be taller than her, too."

"Easier to smooch her."


The dog laughed. "I'm kidding man. Now serve me up some eggs brother. What time is it?"

Finn flipped the spatula in the air and caught it. "Breakfast time."

Monday, July 9th, 1:42 P.M.

There was a loud banging on the door of Finn and Jake's tree house. Jake opened the door and groaned in frustration. "Ice King," he groaned.

"I checked my whole domain! From my laundry basket, to my secret fortress, to Gunter's playhouse, to under my bed, and finally my pillow cases!" Ice King cried. He lifted his arms above his head. "I wasted my weekend trying to find my potion! Now give it to me!"

Jake rolled his eyes. "Look dude, even if I did have it I probably wouldn't give it to you."

"What? Why not?"

"You + magic elixir potion = bad news. Duh."

He started to shut the door. "Wait," Ice King said. "Jake, that potion was not evil. It was an age shifting potion. I was going to drink it so I would turn thirty years younger. If that potion falls into the wrong hands, we're in some serious trouble."

"Don't you mean you're in some serious trouble because you'll still be old?"

"Potato po-ta-ta, Jake, please! Help this old Ice King!"

Jake rolled his eyes. "So first you're accusing me and now you want my help?"

"I'm the kind of guy that rolls with punches."

"Right." Jake sighed. "Fine. Where was the last time you saw your potion?"

Finn whistled happily as he proceeded to Marceline's cave. It was a surprise visit but who didn't love surprises? Okay, yeah, Marceline didn't like surprises, but whatever she never gets mad at him. Well, wait, she does gets mad at him, but never so mad she wants to kill him. So in some ways he's untouchable. Cool.

He proceeded into the cave and onto the vampire's front porch. "Marceline," he called as he knocked on the door. "It's Finn. We haven't hung out since Thursday night, everything cool?" he yelled up. There was no reply. "Hmm," he huffed. He tried her door. It was unlocked. "Cool," Finn smiled, walking into her living room. "Marceline! It's me, Finn!"

Her house was completely dark (as expected) but Finn knew where her light switch was. He flicked it on and his eyes went wide. Her living room was a complete mess! The couch was clawed up, lamps were broken, everything was shattered and smashed on the ground. "Did you throw a party and not invite me?" Finn asked, "not cool Marcie." Finally there was a crash noise, sounding like it came from her upstairs bedroom. Finn was alarmed by the sudden crashed and headed for her stairs. "Everything okay?" he called.

When he was upstairs he headed to her bedroom and opened the door. Her room looked the same as her living room, everything was a complete and total no-doubt-about-it disaster. Now Finn was worried. "Marceline?" he called. He stepped into her room, carefully avoiding shards of glass. "Are you hurt? It's okay, I can help!"

"Finn." The soft croaked whisper surprised the adventurer, but he followed where he heard the sound. He opened her closet and there in the corner was someone. "The light," the stranger said, "Get rid of the light."

"Oh." Finn turned off her bedroom light switch. Now he wasn't able to see but he knew her bedroom well enough to maneuver to her closet in the dark. "I'm here to help you," he said. "Reach out your arms and I'll carry you downstairs."

"Keep me away from the light," the stranger replied. Whoever it was it sounded like a little girl who was weak. The girl grabbed Finn's arms and he carried her against his chest with her arms and legs dangling.

Carefully, Finn walked out of the bedroom and was about to head to the living room. Wait, I left the light switch on, he remembered. "Hey, girl, are you hurt?" Finn asked softly. "If you're hurt I can help you, but I need a little light to see you, okay?"

"Bathroom," she breathed. "Go to the bathroom." The girl hugged herself against him tightly. Finn could feel her soft hair tickle his skin, and could smell her scent. She smelled good and he got overwhelmed for a moment before remembering where Marceline's bathroom was. He headed back into her bedroom and into the bathroom. "Set me in the tub," the girl said softly. Finn carefully paced to the bathtub and unhooked her cold fingers around his neck, gently setting her in.

"Girl, I'm going to turn the light on. It's okay," he assured. He slowly turned the knob of the light switch, stopping once he could make out the little girl's face. She was pale, her skin was a grayish blue, she had long ebony hair, and was wearing a black dress that was loose on her, looked like it was going to fall off of her. She was thin and small, much smaller than him, and didn't look younger than... him. She looked his age, actually. She also looked really familiar. Finn wondered why she was in Marceline's house. He suddenly came to the conclusion. "Are you... is... Marceline?" he gasped.

She opened her eyes and stared at him with dreary black orbs. "Help. Finn."

As soon as he realized who she was he was at her side and leaning over the tub. "Marcie! What happened? What's wrong with you?"

"My body," she mumbled. "It's reverted. I'm thirteen. I'm weak and I can't move."

"What do I need to do? Tell me!"

She reached out and her small hand went on his shoulder. "In my fridge, on the door, is a bottle of blood. I keep it for extreme emergencies. Bring it to me, please."

Finn didn't need to hear much more, he took off running down her stairs and into her kitchen. He opened her fridge, and low and behold, was the bottle of blood she was talking about. Something must seriously be wrong with Marceline if she needs to drink actual blood. She once told him blood was like medicine to vampires, they needed to drink it if they let themselves get too weak, sheets of red wouldn't help them. He headed back up the stairs, and was finally back in her bathroom.

"Here, Marceline, tip your head back, I'll give this to you," Finn said. She did as he told her and slowly began to drink the bottle of red blood. Finn held the bottle steady against her lips until she finally 'mmphed' to let him know that was enough. When he took the bottle back half of it was already gone. She licked her lips and he set the bottle down. "Are you alright?"

"I'm better," she answered. "My body was so weak I couldn't go anywhere."

"Marceline, why are you thirteen?" Finn asked. "What happened to you?"

"I don't know," she answered. "But I have to find a way to revert back to my body's actual age, seventeen."

"What will happen to you if you don't?"

"I don't know. All I know is that the weaker I am the more blood I have to drink, the more vulnerable I am." Finn grunted. He went back into her bedroom. "Finn? Where did you go?" Marceline cried.

He searched her bedroom floor and finally found a belt somewhere in the mess. He walked back into the bathroom and lifted her up, tying the belt around her dress so it wouldn't fall off." Come on Marcie, come with me. You can stay with Jake and I at our tree house."

Marceline shook her head to object. "No. I can't."

"You can," Finn confirmed. "And technically, I'm the older one, so you have to listen to me."

She was too tired to fight him.

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Well, here's to chapter one! I'd love to hear what you think, reviews are much appreciated. Thank you for reading!