The Last Christmas Keeperoliver

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One hundred and thirty seven years. I never thought I would live that long. I never should have lived that long. I died one hundred and twenty years ago, and I came back because I wasn't finished with my destiny.

Hmmph, destiny. What a crock of discarded bodily waste. I mean who in their right mind leaves a seventeen year old orphan the task of destroying the most vile, evil group of people the world has ever known. And in doing so, take away any one he ever called family. At the time anyway. There would be more later, but at the time, there were no more links to his family. I was left in charge of a baby that was now an orphan. Thank goodness the child had a grandmother to take care of him during his infancy. I surely couldn't do it.

Not only did this vile group of deranged psychopaths take my family from me, but it also took my first birthday gift, a creature that saved my life, while trying to kill me. A man who I called my mentor, though what he taught me I wouldn't learn until much later on in life. Another man I called brother, though we were not related. And a young man who had idolized me while growing up.

OH there was more, but to list it all would take all my remaining days. Let's just say, the price I payed to defeat my enemy was too steep. If I could do it all over again, I would try to find a way to do it without involving any one else.

This is not to say that no good came from the defeat of my enemy. On the contrary, much good came from my victory. My two best friends finally realized that they were meant for each other, though it took five years for this to make it to fruition. He was slow to see it, and she was too stubborn to say anything.

Another pair I was sure to happen never took place, and I often wondered why. They seemed more perfect for each other than my two best friends.

I suppose I should put names to all these people I have mentioned thus far. Let me see now, where should I start. With me I should imagine. My name is Harry James Potter, but you probably already knew that. The evil I spoke of was Tom Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. His group of mercenaries were called death Eaters. The worst of these were Bellatrix LeStrange, and Fenrir Grayback.

I should say that there were those on the side of Tom's that were not truly on his side. Severus Snape was one. I hated this man for the first six years I knew him. Come to find out, he was in love with my mother. I didn't think he was capable of this emotion. Yet he gave his life because of his love for her.

Narcissa Malfoy was also there, though she didn't really follow Tom. She followed her husband, who followed Tom. Their son Draco was another follower of Tom's, though he was incapable of murder. This fact nearly got him and his family killed. It would have if not for Severus Snape. Unfortunately for Lucius and Narcissa, their turning their backs on Tom cost them their lives 18 months after it was all over. Death Eaters took their lives, at the cost of their own. That was the end of anything Tom Riddle stood for.

Now for my side of the coin. My first loss was suffered when I was 16 months old. Tom killed my father, then came up to kill me, while trying to spare my mother for Severus. Mum wouldn't think of living, if she allowed Tom to kill me with out a fight. To be honest, I think Tom really did want to kill mum. He enjoyed killing too much. However, when my mother willingly gave up her life to protect me, she set up the one type of magic that Tom could not defeat, the magic of love. It is true, magic fueled by love is the strongest type of magic. Stronger than blood magic, which is also fueled by love. Blood magic is useless if there is no love involved, no matter what anyone says.

The next person I lost was someone who became a friend during a weird set of circumstances. A challenge between schools called the Tournament of Champions was held in Hogwarts, the name of our school, and it was between us, A school from France called Beauxbaton's and a school from Bulgaria called Durmstrang. Needless to say, even though I didn't put an entry into the Goblet of Fire, my name came out, as did Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and my friend Cedric Diggory. Fleur, Viktor and I lived through the tournament, but, Cedric lost his life when we both ended up in the hands of Tom Riddle. I escaped with the body of Cedric, to make sure he was properly buried.

That year began a run of three years where I was to lose at least one person close to me. Fifth year I Lost my godfather, Sirius Black. To this day, I still blame myself for his death.

In my sixth year, I found my true love, Ginevra Weasley, only to give her up, when I lost my mentor, Albus Dumbledore. I had to break up with Ginevra because every one who was close to me, died, and I couldn't let that happen to her.

It was my last year at Hogwarts, even though I had another year to attend. Albus had given me a mission to fulfill, and along with my two friends, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, it started off on a bad note. While trying to leave my so-called guardians home, we were attacked by the Death Eaters, led by Tom. Hedwig, my owl, and my first birthday gift was killed, as well as Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody.

Later in the year, while trying to save Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, both friends from school, Mr. Ollivander, the wand maker, and a goblin named Griphook, who I met my first year, a house elf by the name of Dobby, who saved my life, yet tried to kill me during my second year, once again saved my life, while giving up his own.

It was soon after this that I met Tom for the final time. I defeated Tom, but lost so much in the final battle that it may as well have been a defeat to me. I lost the last person I called family, Remus Lupin, and his wife Nymphadora Tonks. I was their son Teddy's godfather.

Another one lost was one I called brother, though not related. Fred Weasley, Ron and Ginevra's brother.

Another loss was Colin Creevy. He was one year behind me, in the same year as Ginevra. He looked up to me as a savior. I failed him miserably.

My final loss in the battle was Severus Snape. The man that loved my mother so much, He died trying to protect me. He gave me the vital information I needed to finally defeat Tom.

Life after the battle for the longest time was one of grief. George, Fred's twin brother took the longest to get back to somewhat normal. Almost a year, until he finally got past Fred's death, thanks in large part to Angelina Johnson. Her and George married two years after the final battle.

Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour married at the start of the last year before Tom's defeat.

Percy Weasley Married a coworker from the ministry one year after the final battle.

Ron and Hermione married five years after the final battle.

And last but not least, I married the woman of my dreams, Ginevra Weasley. This took place four years after the final battle, and the last year Ginny played for the Holyhead Harpies.

There were so many stories to go along with the seven years I just spoke of, it would take books to explain it all.

Life after the final battle was difficult like I said, to start with. I became an Auror, within three months of the final battle, and worked for the ministry for thirty years, the last ten as Head Auror. I had a break with the Ministry for ten years, where Ginny and I made up for lost time, and Traveled the world during the time the children were in school, or starting a family.

Then there was a turn around in the Ministry, and it was in turmoil. Once again I was called in to try and smooth it over. This time as the Minister of Magic. I held this position for thirty more years. By the time it was over, I was ninety years old.

In the following years leading up to now, I began to lose my friends, and family once again, this time to old age. Molly and Arthur were the first to go. Molly died in her sleep, and Arthur soon followed her in the same manner. Then it became a regular thing, starting with Charlie, then Fleur, Percy, Bill, Angelina, George Then we lost Victoire and soon after that Teddy. Luna was next. I was at her beside when before she left, and asked her why her and Neville never got back together to which she said, "Harry, Neville and I were never together. We were friends is all. He loved Hannah since his fifth year."

Luna died later that night. She was wrong about Neville, because as soon as he found out, Neville also died.

Now the deaths were getting closer to me. Ron died five years ago, leaving an ill Hermione behind. Ginny and I brought her in with us, where she stayed for one more year, before she succumbed. James, my oldest child died next, soon followed by Lily, my only daughter, and finally Albus, my last child. A parent should never outlive their children, yet both Ginny and I did.

Now the final blow. At one hundred and thirty five years old, my dearest Ginevra died. Even with all the grand kids, Great grand kids and Great great grand kids, I felt alone. Every one I grew up with were together again and here I was all alone.

I now wish with all my might that this be my last Christmas here on earth. I wish to be with my mother, father, godfather, uncle, friends, children, and most of all, my beloved wife.

Then it happened. Fate once again played it's cruel game with me. And of all things, she did it in my dreams. She is one mean witch. She had the audacity to tell me that destiny played a dirty trick on me in my youth. One that should never have been played, and that if I wanted to, I could do it all over again.

Why would I want to start all over again, when soon I would be with every one I loved. No I don't think so. I would bide my time, and join the others.

This was when Fate dropped the bomb on me. It seems a person can only die once in a lifetime, and I have already died. Was she trying to tell me I couldn't die? Impossible. Life must come to end. It's inevitable.

Fate just shook her head. Not for me it wasn't. Like a Phoenix, at two hundred years old, I would be reborn, then again two hundred years after that, and so on and so on and so on. A vicious circle to never end. I would never see my last Christmas.

What was I to do. I asked what the alternative was.

If I were to take it, I would go one hundred and thirty years into the past, and start all over again, however, this time, Destiny could not play the cruel joke she played on me the last time. I could not however, know what the joke was, or when it was pulled. I asked if it would save lives, and she said possibly. I asked her if I would know all the same people I knew the last time, and she possibly.

Frustrated I asked If I would marry the same woman I loved and she said, of course, possibly.

I went from frustrated to furious in that instant. I asked her if she could possibly tell me something that would help me to consider doing this?

She told me that one I once considered an enemy, would be a friend. That didn't seal it for me, I needed more. She then told me I would go back with all my memories. That killed it. Why would I want to back with all my memories, only to see them all go wrong if they changed. She wasn't doing me any favors that I could see.

Then she said something that brought me back to thinking about it. She told me I would be free of Tom. She would not explain further. I don't know if I would not receive that piece of soul, or if there would be no Tom. It was something to consider. Then it hit me, if Tom would not be a part of me, then maybe mum and dad would live as well. Maybe Sirius would not go to Azkaban. But then I thought, there has to be something else. Something I am not seeing.

Of course. Neville. He was the other person the prophecy would be related to. His mum and dad were in the hospital because of it. If Harry were to return, instead of being in the hospital, they could be dead, and Neville would be the boy who lived. Harry would never do that. He told this to Fate, and it was her turn to become frustrated. Never had she seen such a stubborn person so dead set against starting over, that he begins to throw scenarios at her. Silly ones at that. Fate would never change another persons life to suit another person.

They went back and forth for hours it seemed. Harry kept making up what Fate thought were inept excuses. What she didn't realize was that with every one she turned down, she was giving Harry more information. Finally Harry saw a picture, where he would not have the horcrux and Neville would not be the Boy Who Lived. No one else would either. Harry just needed one more piece of information. He asked Fate who the Prophecy would pertain to. She would not answer the question. It didn't tell Harry there would be no prophecy. That was what he was hoping to find out. After the questioning, Harry knew that Tom would still be a threat, and that he would still be a part of the wizarding war. Harry would still have his part in what was to happen, and quite possibly there would be no Boy Who Lived.

Taking a deep breath, Harry told Fate that he would do it, but, only if he could live a normal life, and expect to die at the end of it, when ever that might be. It was agreed upon, and then Harry was hit by something that felt like one thousand sledgehammers hitting him in different parts of his body. Like it was molding him, forming him into a different body. Then there was dark. A complete darkness, that was warm and soothing. Like nothing he ever felt before. It was so comforting, that we was upset, when he felt something pushing him out of it. Then a light began to shine ahead of him. It grew bigger the closer he got to it. Bigger, Bigger, then All he saw was the light, and hands pulling him free from his comfort. Harry then realized what he just witnessed was his birth. He was stunned that he knew what was going on, and who he was, and who the others were. The Healer picked him up, and wrapped him in a blanket, and handed him to his mum. She had tears in her eyes, as she looked down at him.

Harry looked up at his mother and smiled for her. This was Harry's first memory of his new life, and it was magnificent. Then the door to the room opened, and in walked a man he hadn't seen in over 120 years. He looked at Harry and started to say things. Things like, 'He looks just like his daddy', and 'except for his eyes', he has his mummy's eyes'. Then the shocker. Sirius said, "I wish James could have been here to see him. He would have loved to hold his son for the first time. James Harry Potter, welcome to the world of the living."


In his mind he heard, "Welcome to your new life Mr. Potter. Mr. James Harry Potter."

Then it was the group surrounding him that became surprised when Harry looked up at them, "Call me Harry, I could never be James."


OH NO! Not another name to go by. This can't be happening. Why did I open my big mouth.

Luckily, the room had been silenced, and Sirius' words did not make it out of the room. Lily grabbed Sirius by the ear and told him, "You breath a word of this to any one Pads, and I will rip your tongue out and then chop it up and feed it to you for dinner. It's bad enough that he will grow up not knowing his dad, and how much of a hero he was, without having to live with a name over his head, as the boy who talked at birth."

Harry looked to his mum, "Thank you mummy."

Lily smiled her brilliant smile, "You're welcome sweetheart, just do me a favor and only speak around friends."

"I will mummy, I promise."

Lily then did something to the Healer, and you could see the fog in his eyes as he shook his head, "Did I miss something here? Oh yeah, I have to clean the baby, and get him dressed proper. Can't have him laying around naked now, can we?"

He took Harry and cleaned him. The foggy look still in his eyes. By the time the bath was finished, the fog had lifted, and the healer looked like he had before Harry's outburst. Obliviate had been used on him.

The door to the room opened, and in walked Remus Lupin, He was carrying a bouquet of Lilies that he gave to Lily, and she kissed him for it. "Thank you Remus, they are beautiful."

"Not compared to you sis. They are just weeds in the valley compared to you."

"Oy, charm boy. Back off."

"Shut up you mutt."

"Look who's calling the kettle Black. Oh I have been waiting a long time to use that one Moony."

"You should have kept it to your self, it wasn't worth the effort."


"As if. So sis, is James doing OK?"

"He's fine Remus, but we decided to call him Harry."


Lily looked over to the healer, "Could we have a moment alone please?"

The healer left, and Lily placed another silencing charm up. She then held Harry up, "Tell him Harry."

Remus looked at her like she had lost her head, then almost passed out when, "I can never be James, Moony. I may be James Harry Potter, but please call me Harry."

"Did I just dream that or what? Harry, that's impossible. Your vocal cords aren't even formed yet."

"Then you tell me what is going on. You explain to me what is happening, then I will tell you what I know."

Remus looked down at Harry, then up at Pads, "It's you, isn't it? You're using Harry as a dummy for your ventriloquist routine."

Harry looked sharply at Remus, "Are you calling me a dummy?"

Remus almost passed out at Harry's explosion. "No Harry, I was trying to find a logical reason for this to be happening. It's unusual to say the least. A miracle to most. And a blessing come time to change your nappy."

No one had ever heard a baby laugh like Harry did, before. Harry laughed so hard, Lily nearly dropped him.

"So, how are we going to explain this to everyone, sis?"

"We don't. We keep this to ourselves, and very close friends. Frank and Alice, Molly and Arthur, and Minerva. Not even Albus should know. You know how he would try and control Harry of he found out, even though the threat is gone for good."

Remus took on a concerned look, "Voldemort may be gone sis, but his Death Eaters are still out there. Well some of them anyway. Bella, Rodolphus, Rebastion and Albert. They are all still running around loose. Poor Narcissa and her son fear for their lives. It is taking all of Sev's skills to keep them hidden."

Lily smiled at the mention of her other brother's name. Both Rem and Sev sort of adopted Lily when James died. Sev had once been in love with her, but he knew that Lily did not return the love in that manner. She loved him like a brother, and that was it. Now that he has Cissy, Lily is his sister.

Sirius was whole different ball of wax. Lily and He were the hardest hit by James death. They comforted each other, and Sirius was beginning to like the closeness involved. He wouldn't do any thing until Harry was a little older, but he would eventually ask her out.

Then Harry asked something that threw him for a loop. "Pads, could you take me for a walk through the hospital?"

"Sure Harry, just don't start a conversation. Lily would kill me if she found out we had a heart to heart in the middle of a hall way."

Sirius picked Harry up and put him on his shoulder, Harry whispered, "Take me somewhere private Pads."

Sirius walked out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. Someone was in it already, and stayed on till the ground floor. Sirius then went to the cafeteria, and found a booth in the corner with no one around them. "Pads, mum needs a mate, and Remus would never do it. Sev has Cissy now, so that leaves it up to you. Are you up to it?" Harry looked at Sirius, and saw tears. "Are you all right Sirius?"

"If you didn't sound like a man, Harry, I would kiss you. Oh the hell with it." and Sirius kissed Harry on the cheek. Harry took his tiny hand and wiped the spit off.

"That was too gross Pads. Control the slobber next time would you please? Now why are you so happy?"

"Because I was just thinking the same thing when you asked me to take you for a walk. Lily and I have grown close since James...You know. I was thinking of waiting until you were older to ask her out."

"Why wait that long?"

"DUH Harry. You're just a baby. Granted, a mature one, but you still can't do much with your baby body."

"Good point. I see what you mean. Still, there is Remus, Alice, Frank, Minerva, and MOLLY."

"Whoa, where did that come from. Why is Molly so important."

"It could mean a happiness for all of us, if Molly were to get to know me Pads. Believe me, I know."

"What do you know little one?"

"Call me that again Black, and you will find out the hard way. What I know is that there is someone yet to come that I want to get to know."

"How do you get to know some one yet to come, if that person isn't here already?"

"Premonition. Let's just say I have a second sight."

"For a baby Harry, you sure are a strange one. There is a story behind this I need to hear about. You will be telling me this soon I hope."

"If I can Pads, I will. I will tell all of you."


Well, it looks like if you guys like it, you are looking at my next story. Let me know what you think, and don't be too harsh about the baby Harry speaking. Keep in mind this was Destiny's doing. As always, Ollie the Keeper of the Quill.