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"I asked Lois to marry me,"

The sentence seemed to float in the air between them and for a moment Diana wasn't quite sure what to say if in fact she should say anything.

Kal had asked Lois to marry him it made sense and why shouldn't he? It wasn't like he was in some relationship that prohibited him not too?

So she plastered a smile and hanged before stepping back into the bedroom.

"I assume congratulations are in order then?" she asked and her smile tugged painfully at her mouth.

"I mean you and Bruce, right?"

"Of course it's okay Kal, really," Diana assured him as she started gathering her clothes.

Clark shifted nervously on the bed and Diana couldn't help thinking it was probably harder for him then her. He had to call off their 'thing' now and if there was one thing Clark avoided more than murder was ending things, that is relationship orientated things.

Diana pulled on her shirt not even bothering with her bra, she needed to get away. Suddenly the room felt stifling.

She was glad for Kal, happy even. Right?

For someone who practically wielded the truth on a daily basis she sure did lie to herself.

Yet she had no right not to be happy, she had after all set the rules and Kal was nothing if not a sucker for rules. They'd have a simple no-strings attached relationship, purely physical and if ever the other should find a stable relationship they'd end things.

No hard feelings. Of course at the time it had seemed simple and uncomplicated.

"Diana I-"

"Kal honestly you don't have to explain anything. I knew you had feelings for Lois," Diana began and pulled up her skirt, "and I also knew she was bound to fall for you eventually,"

That seemed to ease his conscious because a smile broke on his face and with it Diana realised so did her heart.

Hastily she slipped on her shoes ready to make a quick escape; the smile was really starting to make her cheeks hurt.

"You know Diana you're an amazing friend," Clark said

It seemed she was destined to be always the amazing friend never the amazing girlfriend.

"Thanks I should be leaving... I have monitor duty today," Diana said already heading for the open window.

"I thought you we're free?"

She had been, before she found out he was getting someone else.

"Yeah well us super heroes aren't ever really...bye," she lamely said and before Clark could bid her farewell she was off into the sky.

She could have just asked J'onn to beam her in, but it's not like she was in her right state of mind anyways. In a whirl she was in her Wonder Woman custom, she could have just worn that at Kal's.

She'd kill time at the watch tower and the work might actually take her mind of Kal. Kal, who was now engaged to Lois Lane. Kal, whom she no longer could have any claim to.

Why was it she felt like she'd just lost something? Didn't you need to have it in order to lose it? She doubted she'd ever had Kal's love to begin with and now she'd lost the chance to ever obtain it.

She could have been selfish and revealed her own conflicted emotions for him. Knowing Kal he'd have broken the engagement to spare her feelings, but she was his friend. Best friend even and couldn't put her happiness above his. He did that all time it was only fair that there was someone out there looking out for him too.

So lost in her thoughts Diana didn't realise she'd flown into the watch tower until she all but walked into Bruce.

"Oh sorry I didn't see you there," she mumbled trying to keep her inner turmoil from Bruce's ever perceptive eyes.

"You mean you didn't see a tall figure cloaked in black?" he asked dryly.

For Bruce that could be his way of making a joke so Diana let out a scoff that was half laugh and half sigh not really sure how to act.

That was the thing with Bruce, why they couldn't work. She was never sure what mood he was in. Their relationship was always complicated at best.

Complicated meaning she was constantly trying to corner him into a relationship while he coolly turned her down. It was sad, but in her defence when she first came she'd been naive now she probably looked desperate.

"Well I'm off...see you Diana," and with that he was gone and she was yet again left with her thoughts.

Diana was a good friend, great even. Everyone knew this even she did. Why then couldn't she be a good friend for Kal and just be happy for him?

Honestly, when you thought about it they'd just been having mind blowing sex and that wasn't necessarily an indication of a great relationship.

They may share the same ideals but other than that they lived in different worlds. Had different ways of doing things. But she'd be lying if she said those reasons were enough to lessen the pain she was feeling.

At least the thing with Kal would be different; no one knew they'd been intimate so she could continue on as if nothing was amiss.

Passing fellow teammates Diana couldn't help but marvel yet again that no one suspected her and Kal. It wasn't because they were masters of deception that's for sure. Perhaps it's because it's the last thing anyone would suspect them of being guilty of. They stood for the truth in the league and all the other admirable stuff.

If only people knew what a true wonder she really was, no pun intended. Turning a corner, Diana entered the cafeteria suddenly feeling famish. After all she had burnt a lot of calories a while ago and nothing numbed pain better then a good meal.

Grabbing a dish with fish and a French salad, she made her way to the table occupied by Dinah, Zatanna and Kara. They were engrossed in a topic that as far as Diana could pick up revolved around men.

That's one of the many things she missed about Themyscira – the fact that the only times men were mentioned was when words like: evil, manipulative and vicious were thrown in.

"Hey Di, I have a question for you," Kara started when Diana took a seat at the table.

For a crazy moment Diana was immobile with fear.

Did Kara know? With her super senses, she probably picked it out. Or maybe Kal confessed everything and now Kara was going to confront her. Now everyone would look at her with pity once Kal's engagement came out.

Even with all these crazy thoughts running rampage in her mind Diana managed to keep her composure and her famous imposing stare.

"Do you think sleeping with a guy on the first date is too forward?" Kara asked waggling her eyebrows.

Wait, she and Kal had never even went on a date! Did that mean she was too forward? Maybe that's why he picked Lois?

Wait 'picked'? That would mean there had been a choice to be made and there hadn't. She'd been the one to state her terms and Kal had simply compiled with them.

"Come on Kara, Diana is the last person to ask that," Dinah said rolling her eyes.

"Why's that?" Diana asked, but as always it sounded like a demand and the three women exchanged nervous glances.

You lose your temper once, just once and suddenly people are always wary around you. What did they think she'd do? Whip out her lasso and start being lash happy?

"Well Diana you're sort of well pure and..." Dinah looked like she wasn't sure what to say so Zatanna came to her rescue.

"You don't date,"

"Oh," Diana said.

"Plus you don't seem like the type into guys anyways," Dinah hastily added trying to smooth things over.

So not only did they think she was a single but they also figured she must be a lesbian. No wonder she was single, if that's the vibe she was sending off. She might still be considered a newbie by some, but she was certain that meant they thought she was a spinster.

Never mind that she fought crime dressed in star speckled bikini bottoms and a corset piece. Few people could pull of such a look and she was not one for vanity but she felt she did her uniform justice.

"Perhaps Kal would beg to differ," Diana said casually toying with her salad.

A silence fell between them for a moment before the other three women burst into laughter.

"You know you can be so funny when you want Diana," Kara said between fits of laughter.

"Like we'd ever think that you and Superman could actually loosen up enough to get down and dirty!" Zatanna exclaimed.

"Superman and Wonder Woman? Like that could ever happen!" Dinah added and that resulted in another round of laughter.

Diana wasn't so sure what the joke was. Was it really so hard to believe that there was a man who'd willing sleep with her or that she was attracted to the opposite sex?

"You have a better chance with the elusive bat," Kara stated.

So a man had to be tormented and paranoid to want her? Then again it wasn't like Kara and Zatanna were fighting off advances constantly and Dinah well she was dating a man practically twice her age, so she shouldn't feel offended.

Only she did, it was stupid and completely uncharacteristic of her.

They had no way of knowing that she'd just had to let Kal go, heck that she'd ever had any hold on him to begin with.

Diana was a good friend, great even. Everyone knew this even she did. Why then did it feel like she was falling apart while the world kept turning?

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