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Several months later...

Thomas Tall, aside from what his surname entailed was actually a small wiry man, with a residing hair line his toupee didn't quite hide well and big eyes that only seemed to be enhanced by his horn-rimmed glasses. He wore suits in hopes of commanding some form of authority but somehow they always seemed to do the exact opposite and his constant cough was a bother no amount of throat soothers could relieve.

Plus he had a really bad hip from a fall in his youth that tended to act up in chilly weather such as today. Yet he never let any of his shortcomings sour his mood or affect his job, but that was until his next two clients walked in his office two weeks ago. Now he was constantly on edge, in fear that blue eyes watched his every move.

By all accounts he should have told them, kindly of course, that this was perhaps out of his job description. But fear and a feeling that these two people were actually good people deterred him and encouraged him to try and help them as best as he can.

"So er...," Dr. Tall glanced nervously at the sheet before him, willing his hands to stop shaking, "Mr and Mrs-"

"Prince," the woman interrupted him. She was tall, probably the tallest woman he'd ever seen. Her long dark hair was swept back by her tiara and she actually wore a skirt over her usual costume. Dr. Tall had the feeling this was more for his comfort than anything else. Her face that was usually graced with a smile as she waved at the people was twisted into a displeased frown.

She was obviously not happy about their sessions. Dr Tall thought grimly before shifting his eyes from her unwavering stare.

He glanced nervously to the man on the seat next to her, his face was set in determination, the same determination he fought foes and maintained peace in his city. The man easily towered over both him and the woman which was saying a lot about his impressive built. With the two of them in the room his vast office space now resembled a clustered broom closet. The man scowled turning to regard the woman.

"Sorry Diana, but there is no way I'm going to be addressed as Mr Diana Prince," He gritted.

Oh dear...the doctor thought warily. He'd hoped that at least today they'd make it to phase two of the therapy session before they started at each other.

"You've already taken my maidenhood!" Diana exclaimed angrily, "I refuse to have you take my name as well!"

"You make it sound like I forced myself onto you!" Clark cried before adding, "And no one is taking anyone's name, it's just custom that the woman-"

"Doctor his being chauvinistic again!" Diana accused.

Clark's eyes narrowed, "How is explaining a traditional concept being chauvinistic?" he demanded just as angry.

"And he just used the 'T' word," she added.

"The what?" he demanded, clearly confused

Dr. Tall gulped as he raised his hands hoping to still further arguments, "Uhm...Mr Superman on the last session we agreed that the 'T' word was banned from these sessions?" and because he was nervous it came out more as a question than a statement.

Clark frowned, "And I agreed to this?" he asked bewildered.

"I believe it was in exchange for the 'C' word not to be used," Dr. Tall answered. The 'C' word being castrate.

"See he doesn't even listen to you, how can I expect him to listen to me?" Diana asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"I listen to you!" Clark stated, "All the time even when I don't want to, you make me LISTEN. Did I mention all the time?"

"I believe-"

"It's not my fault you don't use your so called super hearing," Diana snapped.

"Maybe we should move on-"

"Maybe if you actually said sensible stuff instead of gibberish I would listen," Clark retorted with an eye roll.

Diana gasped, her blue eyes widening, "That is the most insulting thing anyone has ever said to me," she uttered, "Take it back!" she demanded.

Clark smiled, "No," he stated.

"Doctor, make him take it back!"

"Mrs Prince, there really is no force here, we just-"

He saw a flash of gold, before Diana stood grasping her lasso in hand, "If you won't I will," she stated.

"Mrs Prince, please put your weapon down!"

"She won't listen, Diana only listens to herself," Clark said not the least bothered by the scowling woman standing over him.

"I do not!"

Dr Tall stared nervously between the couple- perhaps he had taken more than he could chew. But he didn't want to be the reason the most loved superhero couple got a divorce! "I have an idea, how about we try a new exercise?' he suggested.

"We're listening," Diana said as she eased back into her chair.

All his years of psychology and nothing had ever prepared him for dealing with such a delicate situation. "Clark, why don't we start with you," he began, clasping his hands together. "What are your feelings towards Diana?"

He looked confused, "Feelings?"

Dr Tall nodded encouragingly.

Clark glanced at Diana before heaving a sigh. "Honestly? I love her," he admitted with a shrug. "Diana, is my soul mate. I couldn't imagine life without her in it."

"You love me?" Diana asked, surprised.

"Of course, why would we be here if I didn't?"

The Amazon princess looked confused. "But I thought the whole reason you suggested we come here was because you were looking for reasons to end things between us," she said.

"End things?" Clark asked baffled. "Diana you're the one who's been distant lately. If anything I thought you'd stopped loving me."

"That's ridiculous, I've never stopped loving you."

"Then why have you been keeping me at arm's length?" he asked. "Ever since we visited your mother-" he paused to glance back at Dr Tall. "She's not exactly the most loving mother-in-law." he said before turning back to Diana. "You've been putting this great distance between us."

"And you thought it was because I no longer cared for you," Diana realised.

"Well, when people who are supposedly still in their honeymoon phase can't even sit together for dinner- it's a cause for concern," Clark said warily.

"So you do love me?"

"Well of course, I thought that's what we'd been-"

But Diana cut off his sentence with a kiss. "It was all just a bunch of misunderstandings," she said happily.

Clark seemed just out of the loop as Dr Tall. "Okay, now I'm seriously confused," he admitted, looking to Diana for answers.

Diana glanced at her hands before meeting his eyes again. "Remember how sick I was when we visited Themyscira?" she asked.

Clark nodded. "You were worse than me and I was having trouble with the magical objects around the island," he replied.

"Well my mother convinced me to see ...," Diana continued. "And it turns out, magic among other things were the cause."

"But you grew up there," Clark pointed out, confused. "Why would magic suddenly affect you?"

"BecauseI'mpregnant," Diana said in one breath.

Clark frowned, "C-Come again?"

"I'm pregnant!" Diana exclaimed before a sheepish smile graced her features. "I just couldn't seem to find the right time to tell you."

"Pregnant?" Clark echoed in disbelieve. "So all those threats, increased violence and tantrums were actually just mood swings?"

Diana nodded.

"So you really weren't just an Amazon on drugs?"

Diana glared at him. "I think we've established the reason for my unreasonable behaviour," she bit out.

"Diana, you weren't unreasonable you were crazy, it was like you'd-" Clark abruptly stopped as he saw the murderous look in his wife's eyes. "Yeah totally makes sense now." He finished lamely.

Dr Tall was amazed at the transformation between the couple. Usually it took months for couples having problems to resolve their issues. Less than an hour was probably a world record. "Am I correct in assuming you will no longer be needing sessions?" he asked, relief and joy wrapped in one.

"Yes," Diana answered, her eyes locked with Clark's. "Just one on one sessions with each other from now on."

"Definitely," Clark second with a grin. "I think we have it from here Doctor. Thanks for all your help."

Dr Tall waved off his gratitude, "No problem at all, that's why I do what I do... just part of the job description really. Provided I don't get killed in the process..."