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Dinah, Zatanna, Shayera and Kara sat in mute silence, the cafeteria now almost deserted. It seemed with her exit, Catwoman in toe, Diana had taken the excitement with her leaving them at an odd hiatus.

It was Kara who finally broke the silence uttering the words on all fours' minds, "Superman and Wonder Woman?" she sounded incredulous as she shook her head and leaned further back in her chair a baffled look on her face, "He's my cousin and even I didn't see it coming..."

"I know, it literally makes no sense at all," Shayera agreed blinking several times, "I mean just because they basically have the same powers, same attitudes towards life, enjoy the same things... does not a relationship make."

"They've been friends for years, shared meaningful glances every now and again...honestly I just don't get it," Dinah said raising her hands, palms up in surrender.

Zatanna rolled her eyes, "You guys do realize you just gave reasons as to why they make sense right?" the magician said.

As they digested Zatanna's words, it seemed to slowly sink in among them.

"Well, I'm going to find out the truth," Dinah stated, getting up, her lunch forgotten as she marched out the cafeteria.

"20 bucks says it ends up with Dinah and Diana in a mud fight!" Flash exclaimed appearing in their midst seemingly out of nowhere.

"Seriously Wally, must you always make things inappropriate?" Shayera asked dryly with an eye roll, before adding, "40 bucks says everyone is too chicken to confront Diana."

"60 says her and Supes are at it as we speak," Hal said sliding into Dinah's vacant seat.

"And I'm the inappropriate one?" Wally asked with exasperation.

"Hey!" Hal exclaimed, "I have proof."

"Did you see them?" Zatanna asked obviously dubious.

Hal shook his head, a grin stretching his lips, "Even better," he said lifting up a piece of torn red material.

"Uhm a red cloth?" Shayera asked dryly, "Yeah makes complete sense..."

Hal snorted, "Not just any red cloth," he stated, "But the very same red cloth that makes up Diana's costume."

Kara squinted at the red material, before her eyes widened, "No way!" she exclaimed.

"He's obviously having us on!" Wally huffed.

"This was all that was left afterwards," Hal said shaking his head.

"Superman is a beast," Zatanna stated, eyes wide, "And I'm not saying that in a bad way..."

"TMO!" Kara cried, "He's my cousin!"

"Which makes me wonder..." Wally began leaning towards Kara, "Could you also tear up my custom...I mean you guys practically have the same powers and-"


"Yes Shayera?"

"Shut up."


After the kiss in the cafeteria Diana's head was still buzzing from the adrenalin rush. She could still picture the stunned expressions, Toy man's repeated attempts to form a coherent sentence and of course the looks from the women who'd dubbed her some virgin lesbian. She grinned to herself resisting the crazy urge to just burst into laughter.

Not only would that be highly out of character for her, but with the kinds of villains they fought up against, people would think her possessed or under some mind control.

Staring at the ceiling, Diana wondered how or if her and Kal's relationship would progress after this. It was no longer a secret but it wasn't exactly a relationship either. There was still the minor issue that was Lois Lane to consider. At the thought Diana frowned, there just was no easy way to a relationship for her.

The man confused her sometimes. It was hard to believe that under all those toned muscles and jovial attitude was a rather complex man. Yet, she'd managed to break down some of his control, hadn't she? She was certain he'd never confided as much to anyone else...

Her musing was interrupted by a knock, thinking it was Kal she jumped up the bed and flattened her hair. Glancing at her wall mirror Diana decide to ruffle her hair just a bit, but then she looked like she'd just been in a spar and had not come out the victor. Grunting she flattened her hair once more before opening the door.

The (hopefully) sultry smile on her face fell instantly when she opened the door, "Oh it's you," she said slightly deflated.

"Geez, you sure know how to make a gal feel wanted," Selina drawled walking past Diana and into her room a plastic bag in hand.

"I just thought it was Kal," Diana said closing the door her eyes landing on the bag, "What's in there?"

"You really got it bad," Selina said rolling her eyes, "Oh you mean this little thing?" she asked waving the bag in Diana's face.

"No, I mean the big pink bunny," Diana deadpanned.

Selena chuckled, "You don't know this, but you're kind of funny," she said before she began removing several boxes from the bag, "These your majesty are pregnancy tests."

"Not that again..."

"Come on what harm could it do?" Selina asked.

"Where did you even get them?" Diana asked with disdain, "Last time I checked The JLU wasn't running a drugstore...or a family plan clinic."

"They aren't, I actually bought them in Gotham," Selina replied with a smirk.

Diana arched an eyebrow, "Bruce let you out?"

"Sort of, told him I needed tampons-"

"So he let you go?"

"No, he sent Alfred naturally," Selina answered, "And I asked Alfred to buy me some kits while he was at it."

"And this suave highly intelligent butler didn't think it strange that a woman needing tampons also needed pregnancy tests?" Diana asked skeptical.

Selina shrugged, "Hey, he bought them didn't he," she said slightly exasperated, "Now will you humor me and just take the tests?"


"No as in, not soon enough?" Selina pressed eagerly.

"No, as in never."

"Come on princess."

Diana shook her head in the negative, "And flattery doesn't work on me," she said.

"Fine, but when you accidently give birth on a mission don't come crying to me," Selina sniffed.

Diana rolled her eyes, "When I told you it's impossible for me to conceive, what did you think I meant?" she asked perplexed at the woman's presistance.

For a moment Diana even felt bad for Bruce, no wonder he couldn't shake Selina. The woman was nothing if not tenacious.

"That you were hoping for that one in a million chance?"

"No," Diana replied, shaking her head in the negative, "I was being truthful."

"Okay, I'll just leave this here for when you decide to leave denial land," Selina harrumphed.

"Suit yourself, I'm going to check in at the control room so try and behave yourself," Diana said making her way to the door.

"Says the woman who had sex in a training facility!" Selina exclaimed.


Clark was a real simple guy once you got to know him of course. A simple guy who managed to balance both of his personas with relative ease. For a while his only major concerns had been keeping his identity a secret and ridding the world from the likes of Lex Luther and Darkseid.

Relatively simple... until you throw in a sexy Amazon princess in a bathing suit and suddenly things begin to complicate.

He didn't even know why he'd agreed to their thing in the first place. All logical reason had told him not to get involved with someone who was not only one of his closest friends but also his colleague, it was unethical and irresponsible. But then Diana had given him that helpless look and added some watery eyes effect and all reason flew out the window. The pulling off her shirt as an initiative as well hadn't hindered her chances either, if anything that stunt had been what broke the camel's back.

Shaking his head, Clark slumped further into his seat fingers rubbing at his suddenly wary eyes.

"Rumor has it, two of our founding members are an item," Bruce murmured as he entered the control room.

Opening one eye, "No offence, Bruce but when you say something like that it's just weird," Clark said straightening up and swiveling his chair to regard the Batman.

"My sentiments exactly," J'onn said as he emerged from the floor, "I fear your feline friend is rubbing off you."

"Catwoman is not my friend," Bruce stated gruffly, "Besides I'm not the one kissing teammates in the cafeteria." He accused.

"Correction, I believe it was Diana who kissed Kal-El," the Martian Man Hunter said floating over to the control panel.

"When did you become the expert in all things Wonder Woman and Superman?" Bruce asked snidely.

"He's the resident telepath, I doubt anything passes him," Clark replied with a shrug.

"Clark you are evading my question, you and Diana-"

"So it's true?" Ollie asked entering the control room followed by the Black Canary.

Clark groaned, "Isn't this place supposed to be about saving the universe?" he asked with exasperation.

"Not when you pull a stunt like that in the cafeteria while some of us are mid way in consuming highly frizzy liquid drinks," Ollie said shaking his head, "Really Supes, a little warning next time you decide to drop a bomb like that would be great."

"Because everyone here likes to have their private lives broadcasted to everyone?" Clark grumbled.

As soon as he saw Diana alone, he'd ask her what was up with that kiss. Hadn't she been the one who'd told him they were to keep it private and professional? Though Clark wasn't adverse to the kiss, he knew there had been nothing private or professional about that lip scorcher. Not to mention the unforeseen danger such a kiss can cause. If he had been a lesser man he might have lost control, accidently shoved Diana onto a table while simultaneously ripping off her custom...really things could have easily have gone out of hand.

Bruce unaware of Clark's distracted countenance continued, "Then you shouldn't have amorous displays of public affection, really it was irresponsible-"

"What was irresponsible?"

The room grew suspiciously quite as everyone tried to avoid Diana's piercing gaze, even Clark didn't take her head on when she was in her Amazon princess stance, "Well Bruce are you going to answer me?" she asked.

In fact no one took her on, unless of course you were a badass who lurked around in shadows dressed in black.

"You and Superman, your stunt earlier has caused a distraction in the league," Bruce explained with obvious disapproval.

"It was no stunt," Diana replied coolly, folding her arms over her chest.

Clark knew he should probably say something to diffuse what he could tell might end up ugly, but for some reason when he opened his mouth nothing came out.

"Whatever it was, it still should have been kept private," Bruce said gruffly.

Here a silent standoff ensued as if both were trying to stare down the other. To be honest Clark found the whole thing uncomfortable, but alas his speech had yet to return. Sometimes he was just a shining example for a leader...

"I don't see why... other members haven't been so discreet," Diana argued glancing at Dinah and Ollie.

"But you're Superman and Wonder Woman," Ollie tried lamely.

"Oh and what the hell were we?" Dinah asked through gritted teeth, "The friendly neighbors?"

Ollie wisely kept his mouth shut.

"And what, we don't have sexual urges?" Diana asked calmly in that completely unbothered voice only she can master.

There was silence, nothing like cutting to the point. Clark thought as he suddenly wished he could phase through solid matter, so he could simply disappear through his chair.

"In fact I don't see how this is anyone's business but our own," Diana continued gaining momentum as she glanced at the faces as if waiting for someone to say either wise, "So I take it the 'distraction' has been absolved?"

Clark was sure Bruce was going to reply but instead the Dark Knight bristled quietly, glaring daggers at Diana. And Clark knew that for someone like Bruce allowing another to have the last word, was probably more aggravating then having to concede defeat.

"There's a crisis," J'onn blurted, all eyes swiveled to him and when Diana turned her glare to him he quickly elaborated, "In Metropolis, civilians are in danger."

"I'm on it," Clark said practically leaping to his feet.

He knew he probably shouldn't be relieved for the disturbance, but anything to get him out of the Tower was a welcome distraction.

"I'll go with you," Diana stated.

Clark blinked, throwing a quick pleading look to J'onn. The Martian seemed to read it, because he cleared his throat, "I was thinking maybe Kal should take Flash, he's faster and –" J'onn paused awkwardly as Diana gave him a look, "And you're the better choice," he finished lamely, tactfully avoiding Clark's look of betrayal.

No one dared say anything in Diana's earshot, so the two superheroes made their way quietly to the teleporter.

"We need to talk," Diana said as they turned into a deserted corridor.

"Now in the middle of a crisis?" he asked perplexed but when she gave him the look he nodded, "Yeah no time like the present," he agreed nodding vigorously.

"See, it's so much easier when you see things my way," Diana said flashing him a grin.

"So what you want to talk about?" He asked nervously wondering why it was taking them so long to reach the pad.

"You and Lois," Diana began her face set in determination, "I understand you are engaged and-"

"Actually we aren't," Clark mumbled under his breath. He'd never been much of a liar anyways, though it would have been a useful skill right about now.

Diana much to his surprise remained calm as they stepped on the teleporter, "Oh," was the only thing she uttered before they beamed out.


The crisis turned out to be a floor that had collapsed in Metropolises' trade centre. Fortunately there weren't any casualties and the people that had been trapped had sustained minor injuries.

When Clark spotted Lois with the survivors he wasn't surprised. Lois seemed to get herself in all sorts of trouble, if she wasn't in near plane crashes she was trapped in rubbles of concrete- he'd know after all he always came to her rescue.

"We really have to stop meeting like this Miss Lane," he drawled good naturedly as he landed before her.

"Superman!" Lois exclaimed as he picked her up effortlessly.

"Lois, you have a neck for finding yourself in all sorts of dangers," he said with a smile.

"Or just a death wish," Lois said with a laugh.

Clark was glad that even though she'd rejected his proposal they still seemed to be in relatively good terms.

"Is she injured?" Diana asked popping out of nowhere, taking Clark by surprise. Which with his enhance hearing, was no easy feat.

He only hesitated for about a second before he did a quick scan over Lois, though more for Diana's benefit then his own, since he'd done one the moment he spotted Lois, "Nope, no broken bones," he stated as Lois tightened her hold around his neck.

"Concussion?" Diana pressed.

Clark frowned shaking his head, "No-"

"Then she can walk like the rest to the paramedics for a checkup?" Diana asked innocently.

"I guess?"

Diana nodded, "Now that man there," she said pointing to a man who was leaning heavily against the wall, "Looks like he needs carrying,"

Carefully Clark put Lois down. He could tell from the look she gave him that she was surprised. Didn't all these incidents end up with Superman flying off with Lois Lane in his arms? I guess that was before Diana. Clark thought heading off to help the man all the while trying to hide his smile.

Diana may not have showed it in so many ways, but he knew she was jealous.


Diana stood stiffly waiting for Superman to finish while trying to ignore the 5 meter radius glare she was receiving from one Lois Lane. She'd been surprised when the woman hadn't insisted she had some strenuous injuries that needed Superman to whisk her off for. Which Diana never understood, because as far as she knew of Kal's many talents, physician was not one of them.

It was also a good thing Lois didn't have Kal's power of shooting laser beams through his eyes, or Diana would probably be one sun roasted Amazon.

Her musings where interrupted when Clark finally waved the last ambulance off and flew to her side.

"You're not going to check on your fiancé?" she asked calmly, because she was nowhere near forgiving Clark for his lie.

She'd bared herself in the simulation room for him! Amazon aside, that was huge for any self respecting woman.

Clark shifted uncomfortably, "You know about that asking Lois to marry me thing?" he began with a nervous laugh, "you are so going to laugh when you hear about what a misunderstanding it was..."

Diana watched him run a hand sheepishly through his hair, she crossed her arms over her chest, "Humor me," she deadpanned.