SPOILER ALERT: This fanfic (drabble) contains spoilers for chapter 64.


Ciel watched as Sebastian kept reaching, reaching towards his hand. Just a little closer; that was all it would take. Ciel reached out as much as he could, his fingers brushing Sebastian's. And then, suddenly, they caught each other's hand.

Faster than the eye could see, Sebastian pulled Ciel closer to his chest, and turned so that, when they hit the ground, Sebastian's body was underneath Ciel, cushioning the young boy's fall. When Ciel recovered from the shock, the first thing he felt was Sebastian's arms around him protectively.

Ciel slowly pushed himself up and looked down at Sebastian. The demon's eyes were closed, and there was blood everywhere. Panic overcame the earl instantly.

"Sebastian? Hey!" Ciel called. The demon didn't respond in any way.

Horror began to mix with the panic Ciel felt. Undertaker had stabbed Sebastian with a death scythe. Could a death scythe kill a demon? Was Sebastian dead? No, that couldn't be. He still had a contract to complete, so surely the demon couldn't be dead. He wasn't allowed to leave Ciel behind, because he had to protect Ciel and complete the earl's revenge.

But if anything could kill a demon, wouldn't it be a death scythe? And with a wound like that, what if it was enough to kill Sebastian?

No... No... This couldn't be happening. Ciel's fist tightened on Sebastian's shirt. His thoughts became filled with more and more despair. Sebastian couldn't leave him. He wouldn't allow it; he had ordered the demon to stay by his side until the end. He couldn't lose another person he loved-

"Sebastian!" Ciel cried out, louder than before. Finally, the demon opened his eyes. Ciel's grip on Sebastian's shirt relaxed with relief.

"You're loud... I can hear you just fine," Sebastian whispered. Ciel didn't respond, simply stared at Sebastian as he slowly sat up off the ground, hardly wincing despite his wound.

The tap, tap, tap of shoes on the floor alerted Ciel that Undertaker was approaching them. Sebastian glared at the grim reaper over Ciel's head.

And the battle continued.

I'm quick, no? Chapter 64 was released less than an hour ago, and I already have this done. I'm proud of myself.

I know, I know, I should be working on After 126 Years... But I saw this scene, and I just had to write out what (I think) Ciel was thinking during this part. It was just too perfect for some fluff/secret thoughts about Ciel's real feelings (in my mind). So, I just couldn't resist. I haven't forgotten about After 126 Years, don't worry.