Woo hoo! I'm starting another crossover. I have extensive knowledge of Danny Phantom, and I've recently become obsessed with Bleach. Only watched to the Arrancar-attack-Karakura-But-Before-Vaizards, but I'm up to Volume 45.

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This is AU! OK?

I'm more familiar with the English Dub, but I do watch the English sub whenever I can't watch the dub.

There are differences between Ghosts and Spirits. Ghosts are…spirits who are formed from the Ghost Zone, composed mostly of ectoplasm and the human souls that got lost in the GZ (or from the Rebirth circle). Everyone can see them because they are composed of ectoplasm. They reside in the Ghost Zone, and most never visit the Human world. The ones that do are mostly harmless, and never deal with Humans. Some, attack humans and make trouble.

Spirits, on the other hand, are souls separated from the body (In the Human World) when the Chain of Fate is severed and wander around. Only powerful Hollows or Spirits can interact with the Human World (move stuff), while the Spiritually Aware can interact with the Spirits (strong or not). They can only be seen by the select few because they are souls. They still turn into Hollows if not sent to the Soul Society.

The Soul Society has Shinigami stationed everywhere in the world where the spiritual levels are high, so the number of Shinigami is higher than in the Manga. Most are stationed worldwide, and never visit the SS. But all the Spirits are sent to the SS.

Maddie's family is originally from Japan, moving here when she was 15.

I'm not sure if Ichigo will appear here, but I'm pretty sure some popular SS officials will.

If anyone wants to beta for me, PM me. Be sure to have fight scene writing experience and experience staying in Bleach characters. Spelling and grammar is mild, as I'm pretty good with that. Mostly just wrong words due to fast typing.

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There are small changes to the story. The Fenton's don't start ghost hunting until Danny is 7.

Danny is 15. He may seem OOC for Danny, but this is AU. His personality will become normal as I get figure out how he should react.

This will loosely follow Danny's canon-ventures, as well as a few altered of Ichigo's.

Full Summary: Seishin-Tekina Furīz:Translates as Spiritual Freeze *Title for Now* Danny had always been called crazy. His parents and friends all didn't believe him. It wasn't his fault he could see Spirits and monsters as clearly as everyone else could see ghosts. Only he could see all the pain and suffering the monsters caused his town. Everyone blamed the Ghosts, but only Danny knew the truth. Only Danny has seen the horrors and horrific acts they caused. Only he could hold the burden. But when a strange encounter with a Hollow grants him powers to finally defend his town against the creatures, can he step up to the plate to do it? AU. T because its Bleach. Danny-Gets-Shinigami-Powers-Instead-Of-Ghost-Powers

Bold is Flashback. This strange method is only for one chappie, and if it's too annoying I'll change it.

It was an unusually cold day for December. The duo walked down the sidewalk, passing a few stragglers. A few adults eyed him suspiciously, due to the fact school wasn't supposed to be released for another hour.

The boy zipped up his coat as the wind gusted. The girl seemed unaffected.

"Sure is pretty today." She said, watching the clouds float across the sky.

The boy remained silent. His spiky pitch-black hair fell into his face as the wind gust vanished. She giggled as he attempted to look cool, and return his hair back to its previous state. He sighed, and quickly fixed it. He returned one hand to his coat pockets, keeping with the "cool" vibe he put off. The other he used to grasp her hand, causing her to blush. His deep blue eyes contrasted with the black jacket and blue jeans he wore.

His icy glare at the few adults staring at him caused them to scurry along. His height probably helped as well. They couldn't even see the muscles hidden beneath the thick coat.

The duo continued to walk towards the home of the Fenton family in silence.

She watched as he walked up to the door of the strange looking apartment. A large neon green sign sat atop the roof told the whole world that a certain insane ghost hunting family lived there. Rumors surrounded the family. Strange tales of experimentation on the youngest, and various other false tales made the house one to be avoided.

Was there any doubt who did?

He opened the door, and motioned her inside. The smell of freshly baked cookies and fudge greeted the teens.

"Welcome home sweetie! I'm in the kitchen, so come get some freshly made cookies before your father does."

She followed him into the kitchen, and watched as he hugged his loving Mom and ate a freshly made cookie. Her stark red hair and blue jumpsuit matched the "strangeness" of this family.

"Have fun at school today? Did you have anymore problems?"

"No Mom, I haven't had anymore problems." He sighed.

He sighed.

"Did you have any other…problems?" She stood there, red oven mitts in her hand, glaring.

The boy sighed. "Mom. I told you. I was a little kid, who didn't know any better."

"That's right." He grabbed another cookie, and headed upstairs.

She followed faithfully behind.

Maddie was having a seemingly normal day. She had taken 2 year old Danny and 4-year-old Jasmine to the playground.

At least, until Danny suddenly burst into tears. Nothing she did could cease the poor boy's pain. He kept pointing at nothing, and mumbling strange words. That was, until she felt like she was being watched. That's when Jasmine started to cry as well.

That was the last time they visited that particular park. The one closer to home was better anyway.

He threw the homework onto the cluttered desk. A recent test stood out, the big red 80% glaring, next to the well-and-carefully-made space shuttle model. He closed the door, and she surveyed the astronaut and space themed room. A nice weight set and some sort of exercise equipment sat in the corner, well used.

"Like it?" He asked.

She turned silently, as not even the chain hanging from her chest made a noise.

"I always liked rocks."

He chuckled.

"You seem strangely happy with the situation." She complained.

He shook his head. "I deal with this stuff all the time."

The 3 year old knew something was funny about this girl. She had a funny chain coming from her chest, and she was almost invisible, but she was a lot of fun to play with!

He giggled in happiness. She looked kinda like an older Jazz, but she knew exactly what toy he loved.

"Who's a cute boy? Who's a cute boy?" She giggled, waving the toy around.

Maddie promptly screamed when she discovered them.

"But why couldn't your Mom see me? Why are you helping me? And what about everyone else? Aren't I a ghost? Why can everyone see ghosts but not me?"

He flopped down onto the bed, sending schoolbooks and papers into the air.

He blew his hair out of his face. "I've always been able to see Spirits as clearly as everyone else can see Ghosts. When I was 10, my parents realized I was still seeing "imaginary friends". It took a few trips to the Psychiatrist before I started to stay quiet about what I saw. I think that's why my sister took up Psychology." He chuckled, and sat up and faced her.

"When I realized that only I could see Spirits, I decided to do everything I can to help them. Since I wasn't, and still aren't popular at school, I had nothing better to do."

"I'm the only person I know who can see Spirits. My parents study ghosts, and I know that Ghosts are composed of Ectoplasm. Since Spirits aren't, I think that's why only I can see them."

She stood there in silence, thinking. Danny took this time to survey her. He dealt with Spirits of all ages and sizes. She looked to be about his age, and her short blonde hair was bloodied. Her chest was also bloody. She was very pretty, and it was sad she had to have died.

The young boy playing by himself in the corner worried the Preschool teacher. She had tried desperately to get someone to play with him. He was only 4, and yet no one would even talk to him. Parents complained about how he was insane, and kids claimed he saw things.

So when two new students joined, she promptly had them meet.

"Danny?" The boy looked up at her in curiosity.

"This is Samantha and Tucker. They just moved here, and I thought you should help them. Can you do that for me?"

He nodded.

She smiled, and left the kids alone.

"If you call me Samantha, I'll kill you. Its Sam." She threatened, holding the boy down.

He nodded, and she released him. She was dressed in 100% pink, which almost freaked him out.

"Well, I'm Tucker. You can call me Tucker." The other boy stated proudly. He pulled out some sort of video game, which interested the other two kids.

"Lou-Lou would love this game!"

"Who's Lou-Lou?" Tucker asked.

"She's my friend. She's dead, and only I can see her."

"So, she's like a ghost?" Sam grinned.

"…I guess so." He admitted. He never really thought of them as ghosts, more like Spirits. But ghost was a cooler word.

"That's so cool!"

Thankfully, her chain was still long. Previous experience had taught him well. The shorter the chain, the more the Spirit needed to crossover. He had many Spirit friends vanish when the chain was gone.

"What now?"

Her question zapped Danny from his dreary state.

"Well. I help you like I have all the other Spirits. I help you cross over."

"…What?" Her confusion was easily seen.

"I help you leave this realm and move on to what ever the hell you believe."

6 year old Danny was happy. Some strange blue man in overalls was saying something about boxes, but he didn't care. He was funny anyway!

So when Maddie can downstairs and discovered Danny's friend, she promptly fainted. Danny soon learned that was a Ghost, and everyone could see Ghosts. But why Mommy didn't scream around his other friends was strange.

This is when the Fenton's interests switched to the paranormal. Ghosts, which they could see, caused extensive damage. And they were attracted to Danny, which caused them to become the leading ghost experts in Amity Park, (and probably the World).

The door slammed open causing both teens to flinch, which revealed an angry Maddie, who had obviously been eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Danny! I thought you said you didn't see these 'Spirits' anymore!"

"No…I'm just talking to myself!" He quickly attempted to lie.

She grabbed his arm, and pulled him down stairs.

"I'll be back soon!" He whispered to her.

A well-aimed smack to the head quieted the boy, who was planning his escape route.

"I'm calling Doctor Janet tomorrow. This is not normal…"

"Jack! Jack! Come up here. Danny is still seeing the non-existent Ghosts!"

7-year-old Danny sat crying in the middle of the store. He wandered over to the candy section, and then his Mommy was gone. He hiccupped, and opened a bag of candy, which sent most over the floor.

"Are you lost, sweetie?"

Danny's eyes were blurred from the tears, but it looked like a grandma.

"Uh huh." The grandma smiled, and lifted the poor boy off the ground. He took her hand, in the other the bag of candy.

"What's your name?"

"Danny. What can I call you?

"You can call me Granny. Come on, let's go find your mommy." She smiled.

He nodded, and ate another piece of candy.

"What does your Mommy look like?"

"She's tall, and skinny, and has red hair."

She led him around the store, looking patiently for the lost Mommy.

She smiled, when she heard the familiar cries of a mommy looking for a certain Danny.

Following the sound, the boy squealed in happiness as they were reunited. The lost Mom stood in the midst of other Moms who had been assisting in the search.

"Danny! Oh my god! Where have you been? Where were you?" She lifted the boy into the air, hugging and checking over him.

"I was in the candy section, Mommy. And Granny helped me find you!"

He pointed to Granny, who was unseen by the frantic mother.

"Danny, there's no one there…"

"Uh huh! She led me here. Can I let her have some candy?"

Maddie grew worried as the other Mom's began to mumble about themselves. She wasn't on good terms with the other families, due to the nature of their business.

"Well, he must be tired. We'll be going now." She quickly left the group for the checkout.

Jasmine never had any problems.

That boy is mental. He needs help.

That whole family is insane.

I heard they experimented on him, which explains everything.

Did you hear about his last school trip? He about killed half the bus when he got angry!

The remarks haunted her the entire ride home.

After another hour-long speech, which his father tried to explain how they had done tests to ensure that Danny was not lying, he pledged he was "only doing it to mess with you. And yes I swear I am not seeing Sprits and monsters."

He was released and forced to bed without dinner. He groaned, and swore to get some food from Sam tomorrow.

He smiled when he returned upstairs and she was waiting patiently for him.

"Does that happen often?"

"Not really." He whispered to be safe. "It usually follows with a couple trips to the Psychiatrist, and my sister Jazz convinces them I'm alright. It repeats when they catch me. Usually I do this elsewhere."

"Will you be okay without dinner?"

"Yeah. I'll get something from Sam tomorrow before school."

She smiled. "I take it you and this Sam are close?" She asked, curious.

"She's my best friend, along with Tucker."

"Well, I really must be going. I have something I need to do before I pass on. Thank you for all the information, Danny Fenton. I will pass your name on in good praise."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, you have done enough for me. Thank you." She waved, and vanished through the door.

He sighed, and stood up. He pulled up his specially placed Kennedy Space Center poster, revealing a loose block. He pulled it easily out, and out came a dusty red journal. Taking a red pen, he started to write.

December 6th.

Meet another spirit today. Didn't help her pass on, but I'm confident she will.

He shuddered as a familiar howl floated across the town.

OK, maybe not. The number of spirits is increasing. Are they drawn to me because I can see them?

Mom and Dad found me talking to myself again. Another trip to Doctor Janet, and probably an upgrade in my medication. Not that I'm taking it.

He quickly replaced the journal and jumped into bed, before his father coming up the stairs could open the door.

He was 9 when he first saw them. Monsters. Horrible, terrible, awful, dreadful, appalling, horrifying, nasty, atrocious, ghastly, hideous, horrific, and other words he didn't know. With the pure white masks, and large creepy bodies, it was enough to convince the boy that the Boogie Monster was, in fact, real. And there were a lot of monsters.

He was at the playground with Sam, Tucker, and Jazz.

Jazz, being the "re'pon'ible adult", was busy reading.

Although only he could see her, Little Amy also was there. Her red hair in pig tails and little blue dress was super cute on her, if not for the fact she was missing an eye. She couldn't play in the sand, and only Danny could hear her, but that was fun enough for someone who was dead.

The kids sat in the sandbox, happy and carefree. Sam and Tucker didn't care if Danny talked to himself, like the other kids did. He had lots of imaginary friends!

Danny froze. He had heard that horrifying howl before, but it never was this close before. And then, the pressure took over.

Danny felt like he couldn't breathe, the pressure on his "air breathies" was too much. It felt like he had fire in his chest. He started to choke, which caused Jazz and his friends to freak.

"Danny? What's wrong?" Jazz quickly went into overdrive, and she started thinking about the books she had read. Was he having asthma attack or a panic attack? Was he dying?

The pressure lifted slightly, and he took his chance.

"Run! We gotta get outta here!" He took Little Amy's hand and started to run towards his home (which happened to be two houses down).

"Danny! Come back!"

He turned, just to see the creature. He squealed in fear. It was large, with 4 legs. It looked like a cat!

"Move Jazz!" The creature lifted a leg to step on the unsuspecting Jazz.

Danny wasn't sure what happened then. He was here, and then he was there. All Danny knew was that he pushed Jazz outta the way.

Sam, Tucker, and Jazz squealed. They couldn't see what ever it was, but Danny could. And that scared them.

Sam and Tucker ran off, and Jazz ran off to get Mommy and her "evil ghost weapons."

"Souls…" The creature howled, and it sent chills down his spine.

"Danny!" Little Amy called desperately, which drew its attention to her.

The pressure returned, but far greater. It caused Danny to fall onto the ground, unable to move. He could only watch in horror as the creature vanished, and returned in his site.

Little Amy screamed in horror, and was gone.

The creature, satisfied with its meager meal, set its sights on Danny.

Danny could only whimper in fear as the creature inched closer.

It was a strange sight. Danny had never had a near death experience before. But he never wanted to do it again.

He closed his eyes, in the impending doom.

The creature howled in fear, and suddenly something sticky splattered on him.

He opened his eyes to see two strangely dressed people. One, a tall brown haired lady, the other a short blonde man, each had black robes. But the strangest part was both carried large swords in their hands.

The creature, now missing a leg, screamed. It set to attack them, but a well-aimed slice to the mask caused the creature to vanish.

"Damn, that's a lot of Hollows for this town. I wonder what attracts them."

The short one complained.

"It's only been two days. Should you ask for a change?" She laughed.

He sat up, taking precious air into his lungs. He whimpered, and then anger filled his body.

He rushed the two, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh my god! Look at how cute you are!" The man groaned.

"Its all your fault!" He yelled, and desperately and weekly attacked her.

"Its all your fault! You couldn't save Amy! I couldn't save Amy…"

He collapsed into a pile.

"We'll have to keep an eye out for this one. He can see us, and that's a dangerous mix." He announced.

"Shhhhh. For now, we'll wipe his memories and deal with that bridge when we get to it. Can you help me clean the blood off him?"

"Danny! Oh my god, are you OK? What happened? Are you OK?" Maddie and Jack quickly surveyed the boy. He had been found lying in the middle of the park, asleep.

"Mommy! It ate Amy! It ate Amy!" He burst into tears, memories of his friend coming back to him.

"What ate Amy? Who is Amy?" This last part was directed at Jazz.

"He said his imaginary friend was Amy." Jazz admitted.

"This is the last straw. By now, he should have grown out of his imaginary friend stage. I think its time he sees someone." Maddie picked up the small boy, and the family walked home.

That was the start of the Psychiatry visits.

"Hello Daniel. I'm Doctor Janet."

"Its Danny."

The 10 year old boy turned and faced the wall, away from the shrink. Why did everyone laugh at him at school? It wasn't his fault only he could see them! Only Sam and Tucker didn't laugh.

The Doctor checked something on her clipboard.

"Your parents say you've been seeing things. Is that correct?"

He remained silent.

"Come now Danny. Its all right that you still have a imaginary friend…"

"They aren't imaginary!" He yelled, fists clenched in anger. It took all his control not to face the evil lady.

"Oh? Well. Can I see this friend?"

"She got eaten. I'm waiting on another to show up." He admitted.

This worried the Doctor.

"Well, how do you know they are real?"

"They're all real, and only I can see them! You wanna know why? Because they're all DEAD."

"Danny!" She yelled, as the boy quickly ran out of the room. She was definitely installing locks…

"Alright Danny. Last week I was a little harsh. But your Mother tells me that you've brought along a friend. Is that correct?"

He nodded. Maybe she could see them, and prove he isn't crazy!

"This is Arnie. He has yellow hair, and he's taller than me. He doesn't have a arm, because he died in a car crash."

Arnie waved with his remaining arm. He really didn't want to be here. But Danny convinced him. He didn't want everyone to think Danny was crazy! So he came here for Danny's sake.

"See? He's waving!"

She frowned. There really wasn't anything there…

"Danny. Do you have any real friends?"

"Uh huh. Sam, Tucker and Jazz. Everyone else won't talk with me since everyone thinks I'm crazy! But I'm not! Can't you see him?"

She shook her head. "I'm sorry Danny, but I can't see him."

He sat in silence, listening to his parents talk to the doctor.

"I suggest starting medication. I've never had someone as young as him talk about how his imaginary friend got eaten, and then died in a car crash!"

It went on like this for 3 years. Danny would desperately try to make anyone see his friends. He was known for his violent temper, breaking chairs and walls if anyone denied or laugh at him.

Then, he snapped. He stopped talking to anyone but the lost souls.

He would vanish for hours at a time, and skipped school for months.

Multiple Doctor visits (eyesight, hearing, brain) followed. Then tests in the lab, which drew no conclusions.

It was only when Maddie found him talking to nothing about "joining her on the other side" did Danny get serious help.

No one knows what happened. Friends say he's possessed. The surviving workers from the house would clam up at the sound of his name. Priests claimed Devil's work. Most parents forbade talking about or visiting the boy. Real crazy people claimed it was a sign of the impending doom of the world. Newspapers reported ghosts destroyed the building.

But everyone could tell the difference when he came back. No matter the provocation, he remained silent, almost like he wasn't really there. He avoided everyone except his two best friends, and could sometimes been seen talking to himself. He would spend hours alone, and he would talk nonsense about "protecting". After he beat up the school bully, he became the most popular kid in school. No one would actually talk to him, but he still remained the coolest kid in school. He was tall, handsome, and insane. How much cooler could you get?

Bad Ending I know. The next chappie will be up soon.