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(Metropolis 9:37 PM)

"Bruce why did we have to come here?" Nine year old Dick Grayson asked as he walked beside Bruce Wayne.

"Because it's a charity event and you know that since I was invited I have to attend." Bruce explained to his young ward.

"Yeah, you have to attend this thing not me." Dick point out to him.

"True, but it wouldn't feel right to leave you all alone in that big mansion at such a young age. Besides this could turn out to be a fun night for you." Bruce replied back in a playful tone of voice.

"You just brought along because you didn't want to suffer through this by yourself." Dick stated catching on to what Bruce was doing.

"Why Richard whatever gave you that impression?" Bruce said trying to sound innocent but it didn't fool the young boy one bit.

When they arrived in the ballroom the two of them saw it filled with rich socialites, corporate executives, politicians, and even a few reporters was present there as well.

Then the host of the event took center stage and managed to get the attention of all of the guests present as they all turned their eyes and ears towards him.

"I would like to think you all for attending the annual 'Lex Corp' charity event, all of the proceeds will be going to a worthy cause so please enjoy yourselves and have a wonderful night." Lex Luthor said as he finished his little speech.

Dick didn't really care for Lex that much due to all of the evil things he's been doing, like trying to kill Superman for example. He's even heard several stories from other league members about Lex's shady dealings that the general public doesn't know about, plus he knew that Bruce didn't like doing business with him at times neither when it came to his company.

"That's Lex for you he has all of the charming personality of a snake." Oliver Queen said as he approached the dynamic duo.

"Hey Oliver I didn't expect to see you here too." Dick said to the emerald archer who simply patted Dick on the head.

"Well it's one of the many jobs in running a company, attending boring charity events being hosted by a guy who's ego could fill up at least three different countries. Not to mention when one of said guy's robot tried to impale me through the spine that one time." Oliver said as he thought back to the time when one of Lex's 'employees' wanted to test out a new robot on him.

"Oliver I didn't think that you would show up here tonight." Bruce said as one of the caters offered him a glass of champagne before turning down the offer.

"You make it sound like I actually had a choice in the matter." Oliver said as he accepted a glass of champagne to help him get through the night.

"Well if it isn't Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, I see you brought Dick with you as well." Lois Lane said as she approached the three of them.

"It's good to see you again Miss. Lane." Dick said as he approached the female reporter for the Daily Planet.

"So I take that you guys are having a great time courtesy of our gracious host." Lois said a bit sarcastically with that last part.

"Well that's one way of phrasing it, but yes we are having a decent amount of a good time here." Bruce told her.

"Mind if I quote you on that?" Lois asked taking out a recorder.

"Don't you think that they're not looking to be interviewed tonight?" Clark Kent said as he walked up behind Oliver.

"Just trying to see if I can find a good story here, besides you know as well as I do that Lex is most likely using this as a front." Lois said which Clark, Bruce, Oliver, and Dick couldn't help but agree with her.

"Hey Clark I didn't think that you would be here too." Dick said as he walked up to the man of steel.

"I'm here with Lois to cover the charity event for our high society column in the 'Planet'." He explained to the young boy wonder.

"It's nice to see that all of you made it here to my little get together." A voice said as they all turned their heads to see that it was Lex Luthor.

"Of course Lex we wouldn't miss this for the world would we Richard?" Bruce said with a little smile on his face, even though Dick knew that Bruce didn't mean a single word he just said.

"No we wouldn't." Dick answered back.

"Aw yes young Richard Grayson, I've heard a lot of things about you. I'm sure you must be real proud of him Bruce." Lex said as he patted Dick on the head.

"Yes, I am very proud of him Lex; after all he's been doing really well in his studies." Bruce pointed out.

"In that case Richard would you mind telling me what subject that you're currently learning about?" Lex asked the young boy.

"Well today we started learning about the government and the teacher wanted us to ask a parent what the government means to them." Dick replied back to the bald villain.

"I already told him what the government means to me." Bruce explained to Lex.

"I'm sure that it wouldn't hurt to hear another person's views on the government, would it Richard?" Lex asked the young boy with a little smirk on his face.

"I guess it'd be okay." Dick answered back.

"You see my company is sort of like the government; I'm the president, the members of the board are congress, my employees are the workforce,everyone here are the people, and you Richard are the future. Now do you have a better understanding of the government?" Lex asked as he finished up his little explanation.

"I think I do." Dick said a little confused by what Lex had just said.

"Think on it for a bit I'm sure that you'll understand it later, in the mean time why don't you enjoy the rest party." Lex said as he walked a way.

"For the record if you take into account the kind of guy that Lex is, then the answer will come to you in a flash." Lois said to the young boy before leaving to try and get a few interviews.

(15 Minutes later)

"So are you feeling better Dick?" Bruce asked the young boy who just gotten done doing a number '2' after eating some caviar that didn't agree with him that much.

"Yeah I'm fine Bruce, but you know when I was in the rest room I thought about what Lex had said earlier and now I get it." He said to the dark knight.

"Is that so?" Bruce asked his young ward.

"Yep, and I'm going to go tell him too." Dick said as he spotted Lex being interviewed by Clark and Lois, he then ran over to them not wasting any time.

"Where's he off too in such a rush?" Oliver asked as the approached Bruce.

"He's going to tell Lex that he understands what the government means to him." Bruce explained to him.

"Really? This I gotta see." Oliver said with a grin as walked over to where Dick and Lex were with Bruce right behind him.

"You understand what the government means to me?" Lex asked the small boy.

"That's right." Dick answered back with a smile on his face.

"Well then I would like to hear what you have to say." Lex replied back to him.

"Well for starters you're screwing the workforce, 'congress' doesn't seem to know about it, you don't care about the people, and the future, just like how I was a few minutes ago, will be full of shit." Dick explained with that smile still on his face.

Lex was looking a bit shocked by what he just heard, while Clark couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, Bruce was just grinning at the comment, and Oliver just laughed at how Lex got called out by a kid.

"Well that's an accurate statement if I ever heard one." Lois said with a little smirk of her own as Lex just walked off looking and feeling a little annoyed.

"Since Mercy is an employee does that mean he's screwing her too?" Dick asked the other adults.

"In all honesty I wouldn't put it past him." Oliver said with Bruce, Clark, and Lois all agreeing with his statement.

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