Author's POV

Amelie always thought there was no way out of it, no way to defeat Magnus and the Draug. She also wondered why Myrnin kept so calm and enthusiastic when she couldn't. How he could stay strong when she, the strongest and most powerful person in Morganville, couldn't contain her consuming fear. She always thought it was because he was still a crazy old fool who didn't have enough sanity to feel the necessary fear.

What she didn't know was the truth. That Myrnin's constant faith and enthusiasm had nothing to do with his craziness in his mind, but what he held in it. Myrnin had a secret, one that held the key to defeating the Draug and saving Morganville. He also knew that this secret wouldn't stay a secret for much longer.

I know it's a short start but it felt right. But since I haven't updated anything in ages I'll make you a deal. I'm not going to bed for ages so if I get a few reviews in the next few hours I'll start the next chapter.