Reluctantly, the small group stepped into the room as Magnus's grin widened. Shane stayed close to Claire- wanting to make sure she stayed safe despite the fact he was more vulnerable than she was now. Claire walked near the front of the group and the further they got into the room the more of the pool she saw. At first she just saw its shimmering surface, then further into its depths, then to the very bottom- where she could see the bodies of both humans and vampires that were floating motionlessly with their feet secured to the bottom. One of those vampires was Michael who was clearly still conscious but weak. He looked up at Claire through the water with evident fear in his eyes.

Anger suddenly raged through Claire's veins and in spite of her own fear she stepped towards Magnus. "Let them go!"

"And why would I do that?" Magnus replied with a chuckle.

Claire narrowed her eyes. Everything about Magnus made her blood boil. She could feel it now she was stood in front of him, that he was indeed the natural enemy to her kind. She knew that in the days when her kind were more prominent in the world the Draug would have made them sick with hatred.

"Quick playing games." She said between gritted teeth. "It got old a long time ago."

Magnus shrugged. "Games are such much more fun. I'll tell you what here's a new game for you. You get them yourself and actually get out of here then they're yours. I wonder how long you'll last down there." He pointed a hand towards the water.

Claire looked back towards the water. Its shimmer on her skin felt almost calming and strengthening at the same time. It would have felt stronger but this particular water was poisoned, contaminated by the Draug that hid within it. Nevertheless it gave Claire the push she needed. At Shane's protest she took one more step towards Magnus. "You're on."

In one fluid movement she lifted the shotgun in her hand and fired it at Magnus's chest before throwing the weapon to the floor and diving head first into the water.

Once she was beneath the waters surface she was unaware of what was going on above her, her attention only on the helpless victims hanging helplessly in the water around her and the sudden stinging pain that was eating at every inch of her skin. Above her it seemed that her shot at Magnus had angered him and he'd signalled his creepy minions who Shane and the vampires were now fighting. She didn't know this but she knew something bad was happening but either way she couldn't concentrate on that right now.

Luckily for Claire her vision underwater had definitely improved since it was more or less clear. She continued to hold her breath as she swam between the bodies- passing the humans with her head turned the other way as she knew they were dead. She went straight for Michael who stared straight back at her. The look in his eyes told her clearly what he wanted to tell her- or rather scream at her. Get out of the water. But there was no need for the warning, she'd already worked out what that stinging pain was. The Draug were feeding on her, draining her of everything she had. It wasn't too bad though, simply because the water was on her side like it had always been, fending of the creatures infesting it and giving her much more time.

Claire swam downwards towards the chains that bound Michael to the bottom. She tried to pull the chain and knew straight away it was too strong for her to simply pull. Then her moment of blind panic brought something else to her attention. The burning in her lungs, she couldn't hold her breath for much longer.

As usual her selflessness kept her there, determined to save her best friend. After closing her eyes Claire gripped the chains and concentrated. She thought of the betrayal she felt over the past few weeks and within seconds felt her fingertips turned ice cold. Opening her eyes she looked at the chain and saw it had frozen over with at least two of its links snapped.

Her excitement lead her to her first mistake, without thinking she opened her mouth to sigh in relief and the water rushed in. First there was burning in her throat and then there was... nothing. Everything felt fine as she instinctively continued to breathe with ease. I guess Amelie was right. Claire thought as she grabbed the damaged chains and pulled them apart.

Claire swam upwards while putting and arm around Michael's waist to pull him with her. Her head broke the surface and her eyes met chaos. The Draug were everywhere and still multiplying as the vampires fought back. She spotted Shane as she dragged Michael out of the water. He was doing Ok but he still could have done with some help. But Claire knew she had to rescue the others.

As she ordered one of the vampires to get Michael out she dived back into the water. Now it was time to get Oliver out. It was easier this time even though the burning was increasing because she knew what to do and didn't have to worry about drowning. In fact it was only a minute or so before she'd frozen and snapped the chain and was dragging him to the pool edge. Again she left him with the others and went back down to help more.

This time she decided to help two at once, feeling that her time in the water was almost up. Luckily she seemed to have an agreement with the vampire who'd taken Michael out, that she gets them out of the water while he would drag them to safety as the others covered him. After seven minutes she'd gotten the two out together as well as one more after.

When the last one was taken away by the vamp Claire got ready to jump back in even though the weakness she was feeling was dangerously hard to ignore but Myrnin called her. "Don't Claire, you can't help them. We need to go."

"But-" She looked down at the vampires still trapped, some of them looking right at her begging for help with their eyes.

Myrnin shook his head. "Don't do it, you have to leave them. I'm sorry."

Tears were in Claire's eyes but she knew he was right. I'm so sorry. She thought as she ran towards the worst of the fighting. Some of the vampires were starting to retreat towards the door when Magnus's voice boomed through the room. "That's enough!"

Claire turned towards the sound and saw Magnus stood by the pool holding Shane by the neck. The Draug leader looked right at her. "Very impressive young one, you've cause quite some trouble for me in such little time. Now let me return the favour."

He hit a struggling Shane in the back of the head- knocking him clean out- and threw him into the pool.

"No!" Claire screamed as she dived in after him without a second thought.

Oops Claire forgot Naomi. What a damn shame.