Gohan's BLEACHED Journey

Hello and welcome to my latest story and also my first DBZ/Bleach fic. Now, before people complain about me starting yet another story without finishing off the others let me just say…SUCK IT because, this is the first time I've seen a story like this in the DBZ/Bleach crossover section and I wanted it out before I lost the idea. Now, this doesn't mean I forgot about the other stories, far from it, I just liked the idea of writing something that didn't involve a Vegeta/Toshiro friendship and give more substance to this section of fanfiction. And no, this story won't be taking up most of my time it's just something on the side for me to write when I want to get away from DBZ/Naruto overload. So lets lay down a couple ground rules, there will NOT be any crossover of abilities, Gohan will stick to his ki abilities and everyone else will keep their own abilities in Bleach. Besides, reiatsu and ki are so similar it doesn't matter anyway and speaking of which, this also means no god-like Gohan either he can still be defeated. At Gohan's current level he could probably defeat any captain besides Yamamoto without too much effort and maybe the weakest Espada (9-5). And one more thing, I'm going to give Gohan his ability to become a Super Saiyan so the Mystic abilities will be changed a bit so think of it as a slightly more powerful ssj3. Now no more explanations let's begin ^^.

"This" is talking

"This" is Zanpakuto/Hollow Ichigo/attack names

"This" is thinking

Chapter 1:

On a wide plain of grass in the Sacred Land of the Kais sat in old man with purple skin wearing a light blue shirt that puffed out at the shoulders with a dark blue vest, blue pants, red boots, and elegant earrings. The old man was staring up at a boy who looked to be about 16 with spiky black hair wearing a similar outfit like the old man just lacking the puffy shoulders and wearing white pants. The young man known as Son Gohan had just completed his training with the Old Kai to combat the evil, pink, monstrosity known as, Majin Buu. An ancient creature created to annihilate all life in the universe and was sealed away by his master, The Wizard Bibidi because his power was becoming too great for the wizard to control. However, a few days ago, the seal was broken by the son of Bibidi, Babadi and the pink, fat blob of evil went on a rampage taking out the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta as well as Babadi's right hand man, The Demon King Dabura. Gohan had fallen as well to the creature and nearly died. However, he was able to escape death thanks to the Supreme Kai and his right hand, Kabito who had brought Gohan to their world in order to train to fight Buu once again. Gohan had trained with the legendary Z Sword to increase his power and eventually his father, Goku came around to supervise his son's training and that's when Goku suggested to test how sharp the sword was. The result was the sword snapping in two, releasing Old Kai from his prison and subsequently, giving Gohan a better method of training. Now, Gohan was ready to fight Buu and take over for his little brother, Goten who along with his friend, Trunks fought Buu while fused together as the warrior Gotenks, giving the newly transformed Buu a run for his money until the fusion wore off. Now the boys were at the monster's mercy and Gohan needed to save them and fast. Now, Gohan was asking the Old Kai how to activate his new power, determined to save his brother.

"Just do that Super Saiyan thing you always to and focus. Your power will be revealed" Old Kai stated

"Okay so all I have to do is transform..and focus." Gohan said to himself, beginning to raise his power

"Uh, try and focus someplace else!" Old Kai shouted abruptly but, Gohan tuned him out.

"AaaHhHH HAAAAAAHHHHH!" Gohan shouted leveling the area, much to the shock of Goku and the kais. When the smoke cleared Gohan stood tall and seemed normal at first glance however, upon further inspection his hair stood taller and only one long lock went over his left eye while both eyes had a narrow look to them. All in all he seemed to have his confidence and slight appearance of ssj2 only with his base form colors.

"This is incredible. I feel amazing." Gohan mumbled to himself while looking over his body. "Hey Dad check this out." Goku smiled as he sensed his son's new power.

"That's incredible, Gohan I'm so proud of you." Goku praised. After a few more praises and Goodbyes from the Supreme Kai and Goku, Gohan was teleported back to Earth by Kabito for his confrontation with Buu.

"Hey Kabito can you change my clothes?" Gohan asked the red giant

"Sure may you give me a description of the outfit you would like?" Kabito asked

"How about the same gi my father was just wearing." Gohan said and his clothes instantly changed to a familiar orange and blue gi. "That's the one. Thanks Kabito."

"Anything for Earth's savior. We're expecting great things from you, Gohan. Please don't leave us and the world disappointed." Kabito said

"No way, I won't start disappointing people now." Gohan stated, giving Kabito the peace sign to which he responded with a thumbs up and teleported home, leaving Gohan to ponder his next move.

"Alright, this is it." Gohan spoke quietly and took off in the direction of his brother's ki.

A few minutes later

"W-what is this? I've never felt a power like this. It's outrageously strong. It Could be a new enemy, boys stay close." Piccolo said in shock at the tremendous power heading his way. Buu, who had been sleeping since Gotenks defused, looked up into the sky and let out a low growl. Eventually, the source of the power appeared in the sky.

"What? I don't believe it. It's Goku." Piccolo shouted as he spotted the Saiyan's familiar gi on the figure. However, Goten thought otherwise when the face of the person became more clear.

"No, it's my brother you guys, Gohan!" Goten shouted

"Are you sure?" Trunks asked still unsure until, Gohan flew overhead and landed right in between his allies and Buu.

"Hey guys, what's happening?" Gohan asked looking over his shoulder to see his brother smiling up at him.

"Hi Gohan, we all thought that you were dead." Goten said still excited at his brother's appearance.

"I would have been if it weren't for the help of Supreme Kai but, that's all in the past." Gohan said and turned to Buu, narrowing his eyes. "I think it's time to focus on the here and now." Piccolo stood quietly and analyzed his former student.

"I've known you since you were a boy, Gohan and yet I've never seen you like this. And it's not just your power that changed, it's your attitude it's different. You seem so…confident." Piccolo thought. Around his time Goten and Trunks figured they should use fusion to help Gohan despite the fact that it hasn't been an hour yet since they diffused and may not work. Of course before the boy's could attempt the technique, Gohan kicked Buu off his feet and delivered a hard fist to his face, stopping the three spectators in their tracks. Gohan continued to effortlessly pound Buu around much to the monster's anger.

"What's the matter I thought you said something about making me dead?" Gohan stated mockingly. Buu had had enough and regenerated his body in a burst of anger.

"I'll make you dead! What Buu say Buu do! NOW YOU DIE!" Buu shouted at the top of his lungs. Now, Gohan expected many things for Buu to do next, rush at him, shoot a ki blast, hell even blow himself up. What he didn't expect was for Buu's eyes to turn a complete blood red or for his voice to increase in volume.

"DIE" Buu shouted unknowingly tearing another hole in dimensions but, forming it into a beam. Recognizing the technique, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks shouted for Gohan to get out of the way however, Gohan couldn't hear them over Buu's shouting. Gohan, thinking it was just a normal ki beam went to block it and only realized too late that something was wrong when the beam was mere inches from his face and he caught a glimpse of a small shack in the beam. With a cry of "NO" Son Gohan was sent to another dimension, to the shock of the others.

"GOHAN" the three shouted. Buu smirked and turned his head towards the boys.

"Well I think it's about time we continued aye boys?" Buu rushed at the trio who all took stances preparing for the worst.

With Gohan

Gohan was violently being thrown around like a rag doll as he entered the new world, his gi was cut up and he was battered and bruised all over with blood coming from his mouth. Gohan, at first, didn't know why he was going through this since he heard this was how Gotenks and Piccolo had gotten out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after the entrance was destroyed and they got out no problem. But, Gohan figured it could've been because of Buu's doing considering he mixed his tearing of dimensions with a beam of ki. By now, Gohan was so close to passing out from his injuries he hadn't realized he had landed in front of the same shack he had seen when the hole got in his face and standing over him was a man with a green and white stripped hat that covered his eyes and wore in outfit composed of old traditional Japanese clothing Gohan had read about in old folklore. (AN: I'm not going to be describing everyone's outfit plus if you've watched Bleach you know how they look.) The man looked down at Gohan's battered form and smiled.

"Well well, looks like someone could use my help." The man said while putting a paper fan over his face. Gohan chuckled weakly and passed out from his injuries. "Well this is an interesting turn of events." said the man who had a tall man scoop up Gohan and bring him into the shack.

And that about wraps up this chapter and just to let you all know it's been a while since I've seen the earlier episodes of Bleach so I will be starting off with Uryu's challenge to Ichigo and moving right onto Rukia's capture..well not right away I still need to get Gohan acquainted with this world. And one more thing, there will be no Bount arc or any type of filler. It's all purely canon but, I WILL be changing crap around for Gohan's sake. So until next time review honestly…Later ^^.