Uh….hey guys hehe so it's been quite a long time since I've updated this story, over a year in fact. *sigh* ok to be serious for a moment, I completely forgot about this one, I was far too invested in my other fics and when I got a message concerning this story I honestly had to check my stories list before proceeding to face palm in embarrassment because I really forgot. So when I tried going through my notes to see where I had left off and what the plans for the next chapter were going to be, I found out that they no longer exist.

My computer crashed a few times and corrupted a few files in my Notes folder in this story's section. So I have absolutely no idea where I was going to do next with this and I'm very sorry but due to this set back I can no longer continue Gohan's BLEACHED Journey.


That doesn't mean I want this story to die, whenever I feel I can't complete something instead of letting it rot in fanfiction hell I'd rather someone else take up the mantle and finish what I couldn't.

So that's what's happening people, I would just re-write the whole thing under normal circumstances but I've added more fics to my to-do list and simply don't have the time to resurrect this one.

So any do I have any takers? If anyone wants to adopt this just PM me and I'll judge whether or not I can trust you with it. I can't just give out my work to anyone, ya know?

Again, I'm sorry, maybe I'll have another try at such a story in the future but right now is not the time hopefully someone else can do my work justice.