Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan had been best friends for nearing eight years. What started out as a regular day at work turned into the day they both met the most important person in their lives. She was his solace and he was her knight in scuffed armour. They had managed to get through the problems life threw at them, the girlfriends and the boyfriends that attempted to break up their friendship, the crazed killers that tried to end their lives; nothing could separate them. Except the holidays.

They had their annual two week holiday from work and he was flying to Chicago to see his family and her to Wisconsin with her boyfriend. They should have loved this time of year; with there being no need to catch another UnSub however they hated it. They hated having to be apart for two weeks. Sure they were separated on cases, but that was unavoidable. This however could have been avoided.

She hated not being able to go to his apartment or him to hers whenever they wanted to. There would be no movie nights, no drinks, no team outings, just phone calls and the wish that they were together.

The sound of his voice on the opposite end of the phone had always made her miss him more. It made him wish that she was in his arms. This time they would be no difference.

So here they stood in the middle of the crowded airport dreading saying the word goodbye. She stood mere feet away from him, eyes locked with his. Neither wanted to have to say it first. Although it was only going to be a short time they were apart, those two weeks could have been years and it wouldn't have made them feel any different.

Words failed them, they both knew what needed to be said and they knew what they wanted to say; they just couldn't. So he did the one thing he had wanted to do since the day he met her.

He dropped his duffel bag at his feet and stepped towards her. His arms went around her waist and he pulled her body to his. His finger swept across her cheek, removing the tear that lay there. He crushed her body to his in a hug that left them breathless. He eventually pulled away and kissed her quickly on the lips.

Although the kiss was fast it was enough to spark the feelings of love in both of them. He whispered 'I love you.' before turning and walking away, leaving her unable to reply. They would see each other in two weeks, and that kiss would be nothing but a memory. A memory that was remembered but unspoken about. In two weeks they would be reunited and their friendship would continue.

"I love you too." she whispered as she watched him walk away. As he disappeared from sight, she sighed as she turned and left. She had a boyfriend to return to and a family she had to meet for the first time. But she knew the only thought she would be thinking off would be that of her best friend.