FINALLY writing more of this. It shall be in two parts. I'll be uploading the second part as soon as I can. Hopefully you enjoy this for now :) x

It had only been a week since they had declared their feelings for each other. There was no more secrets between them. He had spent every day acknowledging how precious the blonde haired, brown eyed technical analyst was to him. Today he woke up and decided she deserved a reward for all the help, guidance and love she had provided him with. It was her that kept him sane and healthy to do his job and live his life.

Luckily for Derek, it was a Saturday which meant no work. As he looked at his alarm, he saw how it was precisely nine o'clock. He had plenty of time to get everything prepared so that he could spoil his babygirl.

Leaping out of his bed he quickly shed his boxers, took a shower and got dressed again within twenty minutes. As he let his dog out the back, he ate and began to make phone calls First he rang the florist; he wanted each flower to have the right meaning behind it. The bouquet was multi-coloured to represent how colourful Penelope actually is. They were getting delivered to his house as he wanted to write the card himself before giving her the flowers in person later on.

Next he rang a friend of his that owned a small yet beautiful Italian restaurant only a few blocks from his house. His friend happily closed his restaurant for the night, allowing Penelope and Derek to be the only customers. Plans went ahead to decorate the restaurant in a way that would be elegant yet romantic.

By the time he had completed the first two of his phone calls he then sent a text to Penelope.

From: Derek Morgan
To: Penelope Garcia
Time: 10:13am

Babygirl, I hope you are awake and plan free today. I'm picking you up at 12. Be ready. x

From: Penelope Garcia
To: Derek Morgan
Time: 10:24am

I am awake and showered. Just. Luckily for you Hotstuff, I am doing nothing. x

From: Derek Morgan
To: Penelope Garcia
Time: 10:27am

You're naked? Now BG if only I knew this sooner ;) See you at 12 sweetheart. x

Now that he had cleared it with her, he sat around patiently waiting. He was dressed, his dog was happily fed and so now he just needed the bouquet to come. He quickly arranged what he and Penelope could do in the six hours before their meal. It was at half eleven when there was a knock at the door. Getting up, he grabbed his wallet and paid the delivery man before taking the flowers. Finally he could add the card.

Derek Morgan was never late so at exactly 11:59am he knocked on the door of Penelope's apartment. Although he owned a key, he decided upon not using it. As soon as Penelope opened the door his breathing faltered. She was dressed in a pale pink summer dress, hot pink cardigan and white wedge-heeled sandals. Her hair was left down and curled ever so slightly and she had very little make-up on. A little mascara decorated her eyes, hidden behind a pair of white framed glasses. Her sinfully beautiful lips were painted a glossy pink; bring her whole assemble together.

"Wow Babygirl, way to knock the breath out of a man." He finally said once he was able to speak again.

"Look who is talking Hotstuff." She quickly scanned her eyes over his body.

He was dressed in a grey tight fitting t-shirt, black jeans, black boots and had his leather jacket in his hand.

"You like mama? These are for you." He handed her the vase of flowers.

"Aww. They're beautiful. And oh so colourful."

Penelope took the flowers and brought them into her living room and placed them on the coffee table. They took centre-place. She noticed the card and read it aloud.

"Baby, words are not a speciality of mine. I thought this bouquet would help me out. Each flower has it's own meaning, and hopefully you'll have no doubt. x

Contains: White Camellias, Forget Me Nots, Primroses, Blue Violets, Tulips, Roses and Xeranthemums."

Penelope raised her head quickly to look at Derek. He just smiled in return.

"You can use you impeccable computer skills later, we have things to do and places to be."

Penelope smiled, sat the card down on the table beside the vase and lifted her bag.

"Ready to go Sir Chocolate"

Derek just chucked at that whilst leading Penelope out to his car. Today was only just beginning.