A Trip into Rockfish

"Jim-Bob, I need you to take me to Rockfish." said Elizabeth. "Why?" asked Jim-Bob. "Personal reasons." said Elizabeth. "Well next time I go into Rockfish, I'll take you along with me." said Jim-Bob. "It has to be today." said Elizabeth. "Sorry, but I'm not a taxi service." said Jim-Bob. "If you were how much would you cost?" asked Elizabeth. "How much do you have?" asked Jim-Bob. "I've got 25 cents plus 25 cents change from Ike's." said Elizabeth. "You've got yourself a taxi-service for a day." said Jim-Bob. The two got into his car and started driving towards Rockfish.

"Drop me off at the sheriff's office." said Elizabeth. "OK then." said Jim-Bob. "Can you wait outside the sheriff's office?" asked Elizabeth. "Yeah sure, but just out of curiosity are you going to talk to ?" asked Jim-Bob. "Yes." said Elizabeth. "Just to let you know he'll be locked up in a cell and it'll be kind of sad." said Jim-Bob. "Thanks for telling me that." said Elizabeth. Jim-Bob pulled up to the sheriff's office. "See you in a little bit." said Jim-Bob as Elizabeth got out of the car.

10 minutes later:

Elizabeth came out of the sheriff's office looking pale. "How did it go?" asked Jim-Bob as Elizabeth got into the car. "It was fine." said Elizabeth. "Are you OK?" asked Jim-Bob. "I'm fine, it was just unfortunate to see poor locked up in a cell, its unimaginable." said Elizabeth.

"I've got enough money to buy a couple of donuts." said Jim-Bob. "Sounds good." said Elizabeth as Jim-Bob started driving to the Rockfish Bakery. "Elizabeth, are you going to the hearing this afternoon?" asked Jim-Bob. "Yeah" said Elizabeth. "Since there's no point in going back home, we can stay in town until the hearing and then Daddy and Grandpa can drive you home." said Jim-Bob. "OK." said Elizabeth as Jim-Bob pulled up to the Rockfish Bakery. The two went inside and Jim-Bob ordered one strawberry donut, one cherry donut, one chocolate donut, one maple donut, and one cup of coffee to go. Jim-Bob got handed a bag of donuts and a cup of coffee and they left the bakery.

The two ate the donuts in Jim-Bob's car. "Hey, what time's the hearing at?" asked Jim-Bob. "12:00." said Elizabeth. "Are you sure you want to go to hearing?" asked Jim-Bob. "Yes" said Elizabeth. "It's going to be very boring and long." said Jim-Bob. "OK." said Elizabeth.

"Tell you what, we don't go to the hearing, we can ask Daddy what happened, and we can hang out." said Jim-Bob. "OK fine." said Elizabeth. "Awesome, let's get going." said Jim-Bob as he started driving towards Charlottesville.

The End.