Kurt Hummel first started babysitting for the Andersons when he was 13 years old. Burt and his neighbors, Charlotte and Bill Anderson figured the teenager would be responsible enough to handle a 6 year old at that age.

The Hummels and the Andersons had been next door neighbors in Lima, Ohio for as long as they could remember. Burt, Elizabeth, and their son, Kurt, were there the day the Andersons moved in. Kurt's mother, Elizabeth, passed away shortly after that, and the two families quickly became closer than ever, with the Andersons stopping by to bring dinner to the Hummels as often as they could.

When Kurt turned 13, the adults finally decided that it would be okay for him to watch after their son, Blaine. Blaine was seven years younger than Kurt, and had always stayed at day-cares while his parents worked. It's not that his parents didn't care about him or didn't want to be around him- they just had extremely important jobs that took a lot of time, so they couldn't always be there when they wanted to be.

Kurt happily agreed to the job, knowing that this daily babysitting job on week days would mean bigger shopping trips on weekends, with the help of this new extra cash income. Besides, how much of a handful could Blaine be? He'd seen Blaine playing in the front yard for years, and the Hummels had had the Andersons over for dinner more times than they could count, and Blaine always seemed so well-behaved. Well, even more than that, the kid seemed dapper, if that was even possible for a 6 year old.

Blaine Anderson always wore bow ties and little capri pants, with his hair carefully gelled back. Kurt had to give him props for his style, even if he did go a little over the top sometimes. But, well, Kurt could hardly judge, seeing as he was known for going over the top with his fashion taste sometimes, too. Maybe he and Blaine could bond over their shared knowledge in fashion.

Apart from that, though... Kurt didn't really know much about taking care of kids. He was an only child and had grown up with just him and his dad. And Kurt honestly didn't know much about Blaine either. Everything he knew about him was just based on observations.

But, regardless, he now had a job picking Blaine up from the bus stop when he got home from school, and staying with the young boy until his mother got home from work.

Okay... he could do this.

"Hi Blaine," Kurt greeted the young boy timidly as he hopped off the bus with his fellow kindergarteners. Today was Kurt's first day on the job, and he was kind of nervous that he wouldn't be able to win the young boy over. He hoped Blaine would like him and it would all work out, because he was going to be his babysitter for a long time, so he wanted to start off on good terms.

"Kurt! Hi! You're my babysitter now! That's so awesome! We're going to have so much fun! Come on!" Blaine babbled, grabbing onto Kurt's hand and dragging him toward his house.

Oh... okay. Guess Kurt was worried for nothing.

When they got inside, Kurt was about to ask Blaine what he wanted to do first, when the young boy began to pull him over to a small play table. Kurt noticed the small tea set that was sitting on top of it.

"Please, won't you have a seat," Blaine asked, putting on his most dapper voice, remembering to use his manners like his mommy had taught him.

Kurt looked at the boy in shock for a minute before nodding and sitting down in the chair Blaine had pulled out for him. Kurt had never seen a kid like Blaine before... well, apart from himself. But Kurt had always thought he was kind of an odd-child. He had never met any other young boys like himself before. If only he had just looked across the street and paid better attention, he would have seen that he wasn't alone.

"You like tea parties, Blaine?" Kurt asked incredulously.

"Why yes, my good sir! They're my favorite!" Blaine replied, sitting down across from Kurt and pretending to pour them tea.

"Well now, aren't you dapper, Blaine," Kurt replied, suppressing a laugh at how adorable the young boy sitting across from him was.

Blaine's only response was lifting his pinky up in the air while he pretending to sip on tea, grinning goofily across the table at his babysitter.

"Do you like playing with action figures or playing tag?" Kurt had to ask. He just couldn't get over his surprise that he wasn't the only boy who had enjoyed playing tea party while growing up.

"Yuck. No. You can't dress up action figures. And tag messes up my clothes and my hair," Blaine replied. "Kurt! Do you know how to properly set a table? Here! Let me show you!"

Kurt chuckled at how all over the place Blaine was. But he had to admit, the kid was adorable. In fact, he was practically a puppy. And Kurt couldn't get over how much the young boy was like himself when he was growing up. He couldn't help but wonder... no. No. He wouldn't think about that right now. He refused to think about that. It was wrong.

Kurt was distracted from his thoughts as Blaine started yelling for his attention some more, making sure he was paying careful attention to which side of the plate the fork was supposed to go.

As the weeks went by, Kurt learned a lot more about Blaine. For example, his favorite Disney princess was Ariel, he loved tea parties and playing dress-up, he knew every word to every single Broadway and Britney Spears song ever, and he loved to fight evil dragons in order to keep Kurt, his prince, safe.

And as the weeks went by, Kurt grew more and more attached to the young boy. He was a sweet, well-behaved, and all around adorable little boy, and Kurt always looked forward to their afternoons together. That is, until one day, when Kurt nonchalantly asked Blaine if he had his eye on any girls in his kindergarten class.

"Yuck! Girls are icky! I don't like girls," Blaine exclaimed, looking sick to his stomach.

"Oh, right," Kurt laughed. "You're supposed to think that. I suppose you're still too young for girls."

"No! That's not it. Girls are gross. I like boys. Especially you! You're the prettiest boy I've ever seen," Blaine exclaimed, blushing slightly and looking away from Kurt with a smile on his face.

Well shit. Kurt was afraid of that.

A/N: Short first chapter! Just setting up the story and their meeting. In this chapter, Kurt hasn't come out yet, and he hasn't accepted the fact that he is gay. He's not homophobic, but he reacts the way he does to Blaine being gay because he doesn't want Blaine to have to go what he's been going through- struggling to accept the truth and accept himself.

More to come soon! Have already outlined the next 6 chapters, and if you've followed my stories in the past, you know I update pretty quickly :) I'm looking forward to this story! Oh, and no worries. This story doesn't contain pedophilia. There will be a major time-jump in a few more chapters. For the majority of this story, Kurt will be 25 and Blaine will be 18.