When we woke up we were in a BEEEEEG Butt Ship or submarine since it was under water I could tell cause there were some windows that must have been unbreakable or whatever.
"Whoa! Were are we?" asked ... HEATH!
"HEATH! Wait how'd you get here? And where are we any way?" I asked.
"I DONT KNOW!" He cried.
"Wh-Who are you!" asked obviously surprized man with red hair sorta like my brother and I's hair and blue eyes like the Jekyll's. Behind him were a couple of other people like a really cute blond guy with a gun in his hands.
Heath, Holt, and I Looked at each other, "RUN!"
We ran untill we reached a dead end.
"Well I geuss Ill Be the brave one and itroduce myself." I said Pulling out my infamous cane (I was sorta having a Remy Le Beau Moment) and a deck of cards."I, my dear friends, am Hera Hyde."
"H-Hyde?" asked the redhead,"As in Edward Hyde?"
"Nooooo!As in Fru Fru McTuTu Pinkey Hyde. Who else?" I said sarcasticly.
Red Head's eyes went wide "Y-your Realated to him how?"
"His Kid so's Holt over there. Can't ya tell by my party animalistic attitude? Who are you anyway?"
"Henry Jekyll."
Oooooo crap.