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My footsteps echoed in the empty corridor as a stalked forward. This had just been a simple game that had escalated into something much more.
She said that we never played games before and that she wished to play 'Hide and Seek'... Who knew that would turn into a game where she would be running for her life?

Well...She thinks she is running for her life, I however, knew different.
This was mind manipulation on my part. Making her be mine in every sense of the word.

My mind whirled as I caught her scent again, making my mouth ooze venom. Was it really just manipulation on my part anymore? I couldn't really tell...

A door slowly loomed out of the darkness ahead of me, it's huge brass handled dull and tarnished with use. Reaching my ghostly pale hand out slowly, I grasped the handle, pushing it out and away from me. The door creaked in protest and moved slowly, revealing a nearly-bare room before me.

As soon as i had stepped completely inside, the door slammed violently shut behind me, the slam still echoing in the deadly silence.
Glancing around me, I took in the basic bed and sidetable, the chair and the singular dining table.
Her scent still clung at the air around me. She'd been here and she'd been here recently.

Sniffing the air, I followed it out of the only door and into another corridor. This one however was not as cold and dank as the previous. It's plush red carpet and chandelliars hanging from the ceiling contrasted greatly from the stone slabs and crushing darkness of before.

Her scent guided me fowards, through rooms that varied from being as empty as the first to that befitting royalty. Her scent never stayed in a single room, always moving me forward, never stopping.
She must have known that would have meant her certain death.

Coming upon yet another door, I felt a soft breeze and gentle light coming from the crack at the bottom. This must mean she had left this decolate place and gone elsewhere...

An unknown sense of uneasyness came over me. Almost similar to...fear? Trepidation? Anxiety? All the emotions that shouldn't be flowing through me at this instant.

I was the predator. I was the one who would end her life. I would be the one to feel that heartbeat for one last time, to see that light in her eyes slowly deminish...
I would also be the one to hate myself for all eternity when I did.

See, now I didn't even think of it as an 'IF' The baser side of my nature knew I could no longer resist and allowed myself the thoughts that a monster such as myself should have. The absolute certainty that I would be the one to end her.

I steeled myself and pulled the door towards me, expecting to see the wet concrete of Forks, the place that we had stumbled from when we entered this damp and dusty building.

But it wasn't.

It was light.

It was dry.

It was...Nice.

I could barely see anything past 5 feet, which instantly made me on alert again. Being a Vampire with no clear sense of sight made me feel weak. Vunerable.

"Edward..." an Angel's voice drifted over me, from my right and I automatically turned to the sound.
I would always turn to her.

"Bella?" My voice was quiet, maybe since I hadn't really spoken in so long... But that wasnt right. Only humans' voices suffered after continued disuse...

"Come towards me Edward...Come towards the light..." Her voice broke me from myself and I stumbled forward, without even thinking about it. She was always my magnetic North, always drawing me in.

"Bella... What?" I was confused. I couldn't be here, it was physically impossible.

"It's going to be okay Edward, just walking into the light and everything will be okay..."
I couldn't do anything, so i followed her instructions and walked into the light, allowing it's comforting glow to envelop me.
Squinting slightly, I continued forward... My skin prickled and burned, making me cry out in anguish, dropping onto my knees, feeling something like wool against my burning fingertips.
"You can make it through this, Edward. If I can do it, as a simple Human, you can do this too!" He voice filled me with determination to be by her side again.

Ignoring the pain spiking at my mind, body and soul, I continued on again, crawling on my hands and knees. With every foot forward I got, the more painful it got. Until I couldn't go any further.

"Bella! It hurts!" I cried out, feeling tears stinging at the back of my eyes.
"EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN! You can go this! Think of me! Think of me waiting here! Just infront of you! Don't you want US together again! Don't give up!" Her anger and pure determination spurred me forward and I flung myself to my feet.

Through blurry eyes I saw her figure slowly come into view, just as radiant and beautiful as ever before.
"Edward!" I could hear her tears and emotion just through my name. "Edward!"

She launched herself at me and held me close, letting her tears soak into the thin material of the shirt I was wearing. "Bella" I breathed, taking in her amazing scent. Yet...It was different... It didn't set of any kind of bloodlust in me. In fact, I didn't feel thirsty at all... Considering I hadn't hunted in so long...

"Bella...Where are we?" I asked, regretfully pulling away from her and looking around at our brightly-lit, yet completely empty surroundings. It felt as though we were on a blank canvas, just waiting for life.

She just smiled at me and gently stroked my cheek up to my hair, and ran its soft strands between her fingers.

"Didn't I tell you Carlisle was right about your soul Edward?" She smirked mischeviously at me.

I frowned in confusion at her.
"So what does that mean?"

She sighed and pulled back from my embrace, putting her hands on her hips and raising a single eyebrow at me.
"Where do you think Edward? Especially after where you went..." A little shiver went up her spine and she continued. "The Volturi...They granted your wish... Right now... We're in Heaven, Edward."

I just stared at her.

"So that means...We're both...Dead?" My mind blanked and I couldn't believe someone as kind as Bella could end up dying, when it all came back to me.
The utter torture and numbness that came with taking myself away from her...The phonecall from Rosalie, telling me Alice just had a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff...that there was nothing we could do to stop her...Going to Italy, to the Volturi...Felix breaking me, separating my head from the rest of my body...

"What happened Bella? What made you jump?" My voice seemed strained as I stared at her, and felt the need to cry well up inside me.
He face dropped and she looked down, ashamed.

"I didn't jump to try and kill myself...I had thought about it, but I couldn't do that to Charlie...To Renee...To You...But I found that doing reckless things...Getting the adreniline going, caused me to see hallucinations of you...Of your memory..." She trailed off, picking at the hem of the pure white top she was wearing.

My mind was blank. She would risk her life... Just to hear MY voice? To SEE me? Why!

"Bella...I...What?" My mouth couldn't even form the words.

"I know you know about the Quileute Wolves...In La Push...My friend Jacob...He was the great, great grandson of The chief who made the treaty with you... I was hanging out with him and ... His friends were cliff jumping, it looked a rush and I asked him if I could try...He only wanted me to jump from hte bottom cliff, but i snuck away and jumped from the top... There was a storm...I hadn't seen it roll in...The waves were too much for me..."
She gulped and slowly raised her head, showing the tears fast-tracking down her cheeks.

Gently grabbing her, I pulled her against my chest and let her cry herself out, slowly humming the lullaby I had written for her so long ago...

"It was so strange..." She murmured, from her place against my chest. "Seeing my body wash up on La Push beach, watching it from above...Watching some random walkers find my body, tell the Police...Jacob crying over my body... Surreal" She gulped and hiccuped, clutching at my chest.

"When I got here, I went through the same pain you went through... I noticed it made me the same weight I had been before...before..." She trailed off, nuzzling into my chest some more.
"Before I was completely and utterly idiotic and left you" I finished.

Now she mentioned it, I felt different. Bella wasn't warmer to me anymore... and I felt the gentle relief of feeling air make it's way into my lungs... and I felt a heartbeat. My heartbeat.
Dropping her quickly, I clutched at my chest, directly over the newly beating heart.
"Bella! I...I think I'm..." She just smiled at me and cupped my cheek with her hand.

"Human." She smirked. "Your eyes are Green, like they were when you were human... It's different than I'm used to... but they're beautiful."

Slowly letting out a breath, I fixed my eyes back on hers.
"I believed I interrupted your story... I'm sorry, do carry on" I smiled at her for the first time in way too long and allowed myself to be taken with the flow of happiness and serenity these strange surroundings seemed to radiate.

"Then I watched all of you...Alice getting the vision, Rosalie calling you... You going to Italy..." She gulped. "That was the most horrible thing I have ever seen...When...When Felix..."

I just nodded and pulled her against me.

"It's okay now Bella...We're together again... And wherever we are now...Whatever happens, I am not leaving you again. That much I can and will promise you."

She smiled and let go of me, but left her hand comfortably sitting in mine.

"Come on then ... There are some people I've met up here that I think you might want to meet..."
I allowed her to drag me forward and further into the light.

"Who?" I asked, my mind already wondering who it might be up here, waiting.

"Your parents"

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