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Fumino caressed her stomach gently. She had just come out of Dr. Keichiro's office just a block from her house. At first, it was worry that clouded her mind as she refused to stop vomiting this morning. Of course, she kept it a secret from her husband for fear that he would think she was dying or something of that sort, but now….every worry she had was blown away by the sudden news. She was going to be a mother!

"Hello?" she asked as she opened her phone to find an xxx- digit caller.

Hello, this is Meg, is Fumino there? She heard the familiar, western-style speaker from the other side of the line.

"Meg, its me…can I help you with something?"

"Oh, Fumino! Emma-san told me to call you to have dinner with us this evening, could you?" she could hear that there was, (besides Meg), another excited voice speaking.

"Um…" Fumino looked at the clock post, currently, she was at the park. "Yes, I think…should I tell Sensei about it-?"

"Oh no! Kazuma can't know about this meeting! I'm not even telling Shouma or Father! No, this is only between you, me, Emma-san, and Miru-chan!" Meg answered, almost running out of breath.

"V-very well, then…I'll see you all at 8 o'clock"

"Okay! See you!" Meg hung up.

I wonder what that was all about… Fumino questioned as she sat on the bench next to the clock.

She rested her head back and looked up at the perfectly adorned clock post hanging above her. It was already December and in two more weeks, Christmas, would arrive. She lightly blushed as she touched her belly.

I know what type of surprise I'll give sensei on Christmas! Fumino began to gently caress over and over her stomach.

It had already been two years since she had graduated. She was already a 20 year old woman, happily married, with her 8 year old brother and her 28 year old husband. Even all of her friends were married. Shouma and Meg had had their wedding last September, Oka-chan and Kurosawa-kun had also married (even now she never knew they had been interested in each other), Retsu finally confessed to an English girl, Georgiana, that he loved her and she accepted him…hopefully she isn't too sad at being the wife of a yakuza member, she seemed pretty innocent, but that girl can pack quite a punch if the situation calls for it. The greatest surprise of all, was that Ryuu, the Casanova, was also married! Fortunately, it was to his first love, Kana, and he admitted on their wedding day that the only reason why he was with other women was because he wanted to forget her, since she moved to America for studying and eventually became a teacher over there. All in all, marriages worked out quite well.

And now…with this new addition to the family…their lives would be complete!

By the time Fumino realized it, she was dozing off.

A bunch of high school seniors walked past her. The moment they caught sight of the mesmerizing beauty, they stopped in their tracks and headed off towards her.

"Hey, man, isn't she super cute?" one of them asked as he looked at the reddish brown-haired girl in front of him.

"She's asleep, though…isn't it dangerous for her to be here out in the cold? I bet you I could warm her up with some steamy-" a perverted looking boy smiled as he walked up to her, had not another one, the leader, stopped him.

"Leave her alone," he growled at the other. Immediately feeling the hostility of the glare, the boy withdrew. The leader sighed and took off his jacket as he gently placed it on her body.

"Ooohh~ Kazu-chan seems to have fallen in love with the chick at first sight! Hey, why don't we take her with us? After all, wouldn't it be bad if someone else gets her?" another guy said as he gently grabbed his friend from walking completely away from the girl.

"Just shut up! Don't be bothering me-!" the boy said as he withdrew the hand, accidentally shouting too loud and waking up the girl.

"Um…huh? Where am I?" she asked as she looked around her. Her brown eyes stared confusedly at the group of boys in front of her. "Oh…I'm terribly sorry for sleeping in your place!" she bowed down politely at them, making them quite wary of her actions.

A sudden realization came to mind as she immediately stood straight again, alarming the boys. "Oh no! What time is it?" She turned back at the watch, it was 8:45! "I'm so late!" she cried as she looked around for a shortcut to the Ojiro house.

Through all of her ranting, she never noticed the blonde-haired boy staring at her.

Indeed, just like his friend told him, he was interested in her...but he wasn't ready to call it love, not yet.

"Hey!" he called out to her, his voice low and menacing enough to send chills to his own companions, but she was too busy in her own thoughts to notice.

"HEY!" he yelled, this time she heard him, and turned around, walking straight towards him.

"Yes?" she asked. Now, he didn't expect to have her right in his face!

He couldn't help blushing as the distance closed in.

Suddenly, she grabbed his face with both her hands and gently caressed him.

"W-what a-are y-y-you?" he couldn't help but stutter as his face became even redder than before. His friends only watched amusingly in the background.

"Your cheeks are cold, you should have a jacket on at this time of winter- oh?" she looked at the black jacket that she had on. She never realized she even had it to start off.

"Is this yours?" she asked him as she took it off, but he refused her action to do so.

"Take it" he muttered as he pushed it back onto her.

"But you-"

"I'm fine" he said as he turned around. Something about this situation felt like deja vu.

"Are you really-?" she could see him trembling. "PUT IT ON!" she said angrily as she took it off of herself and placed it on him.

"W-wha-?" he said, surprised as he felt the warm jacket back on his own body.

"Thank you for keeping me warm!" she smiled delightfully at him. He and all his friends (who he forgot were there in the first place) blushed at her smile.

She looked back at the clock. OH GREAT!, it was already 9:00.

Before she left, though, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "Um...w-what...what is your name?"


"Well, yeah, cuz...if my jacket is ripped then you'll have to pay it" he said haughtily.

She was somewhat irritated by his attitude, which resembled Shouma's a lot! Yet, there wasn't a trace of over-confidence and boastful pride in him, as she'd sense in Shouma every time.

"My name is Fumino!" she smiled as she took her hand away and left.

"...Fumino..." he repeated as his friends began to 'woo' from behind.

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