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Such a Tease - Chapter 10 (Edward's point of view)

It was the first day back at work after Christmas vacation and I was sat at my desk piled high with paper. Paperless office my ass! I glanced at my laptop to see the time. Sighing in defeat that the next hour would not go any faster even if I wanted it bad enough so I rolled up my shirt sleeves to get stuck in.

One more hour ... That's all I had to wait before Bella Swan would meet up with me in that same coffee shop. The one where I finally just told her the truth, the truth that I'd been too stupid to tell her sooner. It wasn't until my mom's visit out of the blue that I really realised. She told me to get my head out of my ass and just tell her. I need to send her some flowers as a thank you. I would call her and tell her directly but she'd be impossible, knowing she was right all along. I glanced at the time again and huffed. Come on for fuck's sake, be lunch already!

Resting my elbows on my desk, my head dropped into my hands before my fingers raked through my hair. My head tilted to the side so I could see out of my window. Being on the thirty-second floor, the views of New York were spectacular but nothing compared to the view on the thirty-forth floor ... Images of Bella bent over her desk, reaching for a script. I groaned and shifted in my chair growing uncomfortable with the tightening in my pants.

Bella had always had that effect on me from our first meeting and believe me, a hard on plus hot coffee in your lap makes for a dangerous combination. Seeing her all red faced and flustered did it for me and when she opened her beautiful lips and asked if I'd found something funny, my brain to mouth filter died and my actual thoughts at that very moment came spilling out. And when she didn't kick me in the balls and stood firm, I knew she was the one for me.

Strong headed, beautiful and won't take any shit from no one, she's completely consumed me. I just couldn't get enough of her. But instead of manning up and asking her out on an actual date, I opted to seek out other ways for her to interact with me. It didn't take me long to realise that flirting was the key. To see her first blush for one of my inappropriate, sexual comments was enough to make me know she was interested. But every time I thought I could tell her how I really felt, we were interrupted or she would shy away which left me doubting if I actually imagined the fact that she was wanting more. Later I realised the reason for her hesitations; Lauren and Jessica. A couple of fucking witches crackling over a fucking caldron spilling lies to the whole office. It made me kinda sad that Bella actually believed them too. But now she knows everything. And she's mine. I couldn't stop the shit eating grin spread across my face by that fact. A year ago, I could only dream of Bella being by my side as my girlfriend. Now, I'm that lucky guy.

I was now back in the office after spending almost every fucking second of every day with her in the holidays, I crave her; her company, her body, her witty comebacks. I've found out so much about her over the past two weeks. Her reasons for moving to NYC, to further her career and stay with her best friend, Rose. Rose and Emmett were cool and we spent most of Christmas day with them.

New Years Eve was a different story altogether. We spent it alone, mostly naked. I longed for us to be back at my apartment now. I wonder whether New Moon Publishing would mind me kidnapping their best employee and holding her at my place for ... well, forever.

I was pulled from my day dreaming by three knocks at my door. My elbow slipped sending papers flying. "Fuck. Errrr, just one minute!" Slipping to my knees, I frantically gathered the papers together. When I heard the door click closed, my movements halted. I was on my knees with an armful of papers when I looked over my desk to the door. There, stood with her back against my closed door was Bella.

"On your knees already Cullen? And before I even came in?" She was smirking at me, shaking her head from side to side slowing. Tease. God, I love this woman. I stood quickly, forgetting the papers that floated back to the ground as I strode toward her, growling. Once I reached her, I stood, my eyes raking her body in her office skirt suit which reminded me of our elevator romp. I couldn't help but return her smirk with my own. I slowly reached behind her to turn the lock of the door. Bella gasped at the click, her eyes growing wide for the smallest of seconds before the lusty haze filled her beautiful chocolate coloured eyes.

I leaned down, my nose grazing over her exposed collarbone, "You're early."

"Mmmmm... I know. I needed to see you." I kissed her collarbone twice before moving to her other side. I leaned into her, pressing her firmly against the door. My body had already reacted to her being in the same room, my hard dick pressing into her stomach. I kissed the other side of her neck as she leaned it away from me to give me better access. She moaned, "Oh God, Cullen."

I groaned again. We had agreed to remain as we were at work, to not announce we were a couple. Firstly, I wanted to let Lauren and Jessica know exactly what I thought of their pathetic attempts at keeping us apart; pay back was gonna be a bitch. Plus I was a selfish bastard and didn't want to share her with the world yet. But she was driving my patience calling me Cullen when we were alone.

"Did anyone see you come in here?" I asked in her ear, licking the shell. I couldn't help it, her scent filled my senses. She was so delectable and I needed to taste her, now. My hands found her hips and I shamelessly ground against her, "Answer me!"

"No. I don't think so."

"You don't think so? Not good enough Swan." I ground into her again. Her head dropped back making a soft thud on the wood behind her. I glanced out of the small window by the side of my door to see no one hanging around. I pulled the cord which dropped and closed the shutters to give us some privacy. My mind was spinning with all the things I wanted to do to her in my office. All the things I'd dreamed of since I first laid eyes on her.

Bring my head back to look at her, I bit back another groan. She was staring at me through heavy lids and eye lashes, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. She knew what that look did it me. Her chest was heaving and her breath laboured.

"God Swan, I want you." Her fingers were at my pants belt buckle in an instant. I quickly grabbed her wrists, pulling them up over her head and holding her there. The power surge of having her restrained against me was almost too much.

"Tut tut Swan, not so fast. No one's expecting us for an hour or two. No need to rush." Keeping one of my hands pinning both her wrists above her, my other hand started to explore down her face, to her neck, her shoulder. My face nuzzled her neck as my hand continued down further still to slowly creep over her perfect breast. Her breath hitched as my thumb grazed her nipple before running lower to where her shirt and skirt met. Dripping my fingers below her waist band, I could feel the edge of... nothing?

I pulled my face back to see Bella's smirk appear again.

"Oh you've been a naughty girl haven't you?"

She bit her lip then shook her head, "Not yet I haven't." She quickly tugged her hands free taking me by surprise and palmed my crotch. I groaned loudly and then growled because as much as I want to put her hands back where they were and teach her a lesson, I don't want her to stop. Selfish bastard, remember?

Suddenly, my plan of slow, sweet, torturous touches turned into a fast, rough grab and grope. My hands found the bottom of her shirt pulling it over her head without a button being undone. My fingers pull both her breasts free of their material confines as my teeth tease and nip her right nipple, my thumb and forefinger pulling her left.

"Pants off." She fumbled with my belt so I licked and sucked down her body. When my belt was out of her reach, she growled but I was on a mission to make her feel good. On my knees, with my eyes at her waist level, I wasted no time to unzip her skirt, pulling it down sharply until it pooled at her ankles so she was bare in front of me. No matter how many times I've seen her like this, I can't wrap it around my mind that she's all mine. She stepped out of her skirt and I looked up to see her remove her bra. She was completely naked apart from her shoes.

I tapped her ankle, "Keep those on." I pulled her ankles apart slightly as her fingers found my head, scratching my scalp the way she knew I liked it. Her fingers tugged on my hair, bring my face to where she was silently asking me to go. I never needed to be told twice. My moans at tasting her were muffled by her slick folds as I licked and sucked her when she begged me to stop.

"Edward! ... Please."

"Please what, Swan? What do you want?" I nibbled the inside of her thigh before placing small, sweet kisses there.

"I want you Edward, always."

Hearing my forename spill from her lips was like a drug, I wanted, no needed more. I rose on my knees slightly and whispered into her stomach, "Say that again."

"Edward." She practically purred, "I need you."

I looked up to see her eyes meet mine. I couldn't bear to look away as I rose to my feet again before I wrapped my hands around her hips and grabbed her ass. Squeezing and pulling her to me, lifting her feet off the ground, she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles behind me. I walked her over to my desk where I scattered the remaining papers on the floor, effectively clearing the desk. I perched her at the edge of the table before removing my laptop to the floor under the desk. I wanted as much space as I could.

I stood in front of Bella fully clothed in my pants suit, shirt and black skinny tie while she only wore her shoes. I slowly reached up to loosen my tie. Bella had appeared to have become shy as she crossed her arms across herself to shield my perfect view. I reached out to gently grip the tops of her thighs, moving them slowly apart so I could step closer to her. I couldn't help but look down at her in this position. Spread open on my desk, her pussy glistening, calling me.

My attention was interrupted when Bella reached out to help me unbutton my shirt. Her hands roamed my chest, her fingernails scratching my pecs lightly before the shirt was pulled over my shoulders and tugged to the floor. Next she tugged at my pants to set my dick free. As she lowered my pants and boxers to the ground, she bent over and flicked her tongue out to lick the pre cum that had gathered on head.

Her moan that followed was almost my undoing. But I was determined that if she wanted office sex, it would be the best damn office sex she'd ever had. I stepped out of my pants, socks and shoes, stood straight and studied her. She was beautiful.

"Cullen, don't you know it's rude to keep a girl waiting?" My eyes found hers again and

they held that sparkle in them that I loved so much.

Without saying anything, I grasped her left ankle and slowly moved it so her foot was positioned on my chair, opening her up wider for me. Only me. I growled a little under my breath at the thought of another man looking at her like this. Never gonna happen. I loved this woman and I would make her mine forever, on that I had no doubt.

I stepped forward, the tip of my dick sliding along her folds where he belonged. I pushed her stomach to silently ask her to lie back so she was laid out on the desk, she rested back on her forearms. Gripping her hips to move her to the very edge of the table, I pushed my hips forward and entered her in one thrust. Her warmth surrounded me so quickly, I had to still inside her to stop from coming on the spot. My groan and her moan filled the small space and I hoped Tyler in the next office was out of lunch because this was going to be impossible to be quiet.

"God Bella, you're always so ready for me. How does it feel to have me inside you?"

I moved slightly and she moaned again, "Sooooooo fucking good Edward."

"Well hold on tight baby because this is gonna be hard and fast." I didn't give her the time to answer me before I pulled out of her almost all the way before slamming back into her. And I did it again and again and again. Her arms gave way and her hands flew above her head where she gripped onto the desk.

"Oh Gooooooooooood!"

"You. Need. To. Stay. Quiet. Baby. If. You. Want. More. Of. This." I punctuated each word with a thrust as one of her hands moved to her own mouth to muffle her screams. With each thrust, I lifted her hips a little higher, reaching a little deeper each time. The room was heavy with muffled noise and the sound of slapping skin. Beads of sweat gathered at my neck and forehead as I continued my quick pace. Bella's body was laid flushed in front of me, her breasts moving in time with my thrusts. She was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life.

"Bella, I'm close ... I need you to come for me. I need you to come with me baby." I rotated my hips slightly to thrust at a slightly different angle.

"Fuck yes! Right there ... YES!"

"I love you Bella." I panted.

"I love you too!"

I dropped her hips back to the desk before leaning over, grabbing her face and covering her mouth with mine, swallowing up both our screams of bliss as our orgasms came crashing down.

Absolutely spent, I leaned on my elbows either side of her head to stop from crushing her. It was a few seconds before my brain kicked in.

I raised my head to look at her gorgeous face, "Bella, baby? Did you... Did you just say... What I think you said?"

She smiled, still panting for breath before taking my cheeks between her cupped hands and nodded, slowly and thoughtfully.

"You love me?"

"Did you ever think otherwise?"

"No but... wow..."

Then she giggled and it was the most magical sound, "Yeah I should have waited until we were... well, not in your office... before I declared my love for you, right?

"No." I shook my head before my own smile took hold, "It was just right... for us."

Bella snorted, "Yeah, like anything we've done is conventional?"

"Conventional is boring, baby and we're anything but that!"

"Yeah." She smiled at me again and I couldn't help but lean down and kiss her swollen lips sweetly, "I love you, Bella Swan."

"And I love you, Edward Cullen." Her words seized my heart and made it swell. God, I was so in love with this woman. I groaned as I reluctantly pulled out of her but I pulled her into my arms and carried her over to my couch. We sat down together, Bella in my lap. I glanced over to the wall clock were I realised if we wanted a proper lunch at the coffee shop, we needed to get moving.

"We need to get moving don't we?" Bella asked with sadness in her voice, bring me out of my thoughts.

I sighed and kissed her lips, "Yeah, if we want to have lunch we do."

She sighed, "Well ... We could get lunch to go?" The sparkle was back in her eyes. She clearly wanted this to go to round two.

"Again? In the office? I'm not a machine you know woman!"

"Fine then, I'll just..." I didn't let her finish her sentence or get up. I pulled her back to the couch and covered her body with mine again. My dick reacting once again to her body being underneath mine. Will I ever stop wanting her? No, I don't think I will.

"Stay where you are. I'm not done with you yet."

She battled her eye lashes at me before a mask of innocence dropped over her face, "What about the coffee, Edward?"

"Fuck the coffee."

The mask disappeared, "Oh Edward, I think you mean fuck me."

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