As Bobby and the Winchesters decorated the tree, Shadow watched with curiosity, head cocking from side to side.

Sam was opening another box for a fourth string of multi-colored lights when she hopped in and began tugging on its cord.

"Damn dog," Bobby muttered. "Get out of there. Gonna bite through."

He snatched her from inside the box and placed her in an empty one. "Stay there."

Shadow seemed to sigh, and lowered her head resigningly to rest on the side of the box, watching the activity before her.

When the tree was finished the Winchesters and Bobby stood back and admired it, beers in hand.

"I think it's the best tree we've ever had," Dean mused.

He clunked his bottle with Sam and Bobby's and drank up. As he did, he noticed Shadow in the corner of his eye.

"Eh, Bobby, your dog's peeing on the rug."

Bobby swiveled his head and sure enough Shadow was looking up at him with a guilty expression, standing beside the evidence.

He huffed.

That night, after a few more hours staying up watching TV with the boys, Bobby turned in, putting Shadow to rest in a tall box downstairs with an old blanket.

Sam and Dean were asleep downstairs, where they usually bedded, even though Bobby had a spare room he'd fixed. One of the brothers could have slept there while the other took the couch, but Bobby figured it was probably just a habit. They preferred being near each other in case something came around. Bobby guessed one of them wouldn't go upstairs until the other had a room to go in too. He was going to work on that second room soon. Eventually Dean was going to get a bad back if he kept sleeping on the floor like he did.

Bobby's eyes were starting to droop when he heard a faint whining sound coming from downstairs. The whining turned into whimpering and he realized it was Shadow. Having experience with dogs, he knew she was just worried over sleeping in a strange place and ignored her noise. She'd quiet down. Rumsfeld had.

Rolling over in bed Bobby closed his eyes and sighed.

Shadow started yelping, then yapping.

Bobby groaned, and slid out of bed.

"Damn dog is going to wake Sam and Dean," he grumbled as he walked down his stairs.

He made his way to Shadow and when she saw him she fell quiet.

When she did, Bobby noticed a light coming from the refrigerator. Sam was looking into it.

"She wake you?" Bobby inquired.

Sam nodded and pulled some leftover chicken in a bag out of the fridge. "Maybe a little food will quiet her down?"

"Worth a shot," Bobby replied.

He glanced over to where Dean was, still sleeping on the floor.

"I'm surprised the dog didn't wake him."

Sam shrugged. "Some nights Dean can't sleep; others he couldn't be awakened by a fire alarm."

"You sure it wasn't a nightmare that woke you?" Bobby questioned as he watched Sam feed Shadow a few slivers of chicken.

Sam froze, then shook his head. "Not tonight. And I'd rather not talk about that right now. It's after midnight, Christmas Eve; I want to try to enjoy it."

Bobby nodded.

They watched as Shadow curled up into a ball and when she fell asleep Bobby released the breath he was holding, relieved.

Bobby and Sam said their good nights to each other and returned to bed. He was almost completely asleep when Shadow started her whimpering again.

Bobby huffed and went downstairs immediately so she wouldn't awaken Sam again.

When he reached the box, Bobby picked it up and carried it up the stairs with him.

The next morning, Dean and Sam were up at eight and looking forward to a day of relaxation.

Curious as to why Bobby wasn't already up, working on any last minute projects, they climbed the stairs and stepped forward to peer into Bobby's room, who's door was uncharacteristically open.

Dean laughed at the sight before them.

Bobby was lying on the bed, sheets underneath him, and snoring. Shadow meanwhile, was asleep, curled up by his waist, having somehow climbed out of her box during the course of the night.

"Oh, I am so not going to let him down for this one," Dean told Sam.

Sam smiled.

"I'm sure; and I have a feeling Bobby won't be bringing her to the pound after Christmas," he chuckled.

"Well, he needed another junkyard dog anyways," Dean said.

Sam grinned.

A/N: Hope this story was liked and that it wasn't too fluffy. Wanted to show Bobby's soft side without getting unrealistic with his character. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the holidays! :)