((Apologies if this seems rushed and kinda eh. Some things happened and I just now started back up on this. Plus, I've been really busy editing my own story which consumed my time. So this is just a little quickwrite for you people who really wanted more. Back to my world-Ethan))


Marian glanced up as the group walked into the room. Olivia followed by John and Link.

"Anything I can do to help?" Liv asked walking up to the table. Marian turned back to the book on the table flipping pages.

"I cannot find anything anywhere," she said slamming the book shut. She fell into the chair behind her and sighed. "I have no idea where to look. I wouldn't even know where to start. Macon has no idea either." Marian put her head in her hands. She felt utterly defeated.

"Is there anything?" Liv asked again taking a seat by her mentor. Marian looked up sadly.

"Ethan came to save me too. He's just like his mother." She shook her head to clear it. "You can help look through the books I suppose. Try and find something useful." Liv grabbed the nearest book and began flipping through the pages. After a few pages, she looked up at the two boys standing.

"You can both help to you know." John sat down next Liv and Link groaned but took a seat.

"What are we looking for anyway?" he asked scanning the pages for… he had no idea really what he was searching for.

"Something about New Order or creating order. Chaos maybe?" Liv shrugged but didn't look up.

"You know," John said. Link and I don't need sleep, so we could stay up all night and do this." He smiled at his girlfriend. Marian and Liv both looked up.

"Really?" Liv asked.

"Yeah! Really?" Link asked surprised. He wanted to help, but this sounded ridiculous. He had better things to do with his nights… Like uh, alright well he had nothing, but he didn't want to spend them reading.

"Of course," John said. "Well, I can. Link doesn't have to." Link sighed.

"No, I can help."


Lena slept for days. In her dreams, she could still be with Ethan, even if it was nothing but nightmares, he was still there. Her uncle had tried to get her out of house, but she hardly even left her room. Boo had taken up a permanent spot at her door and never left it unless Lena left the room. There was nothing left for Lena. She didn't have to worry about being claimed, or ending the world, or about Ethan. She had been claimed, the world was already ending, and Ethan was dead. She couldn't stop any of them. Her life was a huge disaster. She was tempted at times to go to the water tower and join Ethan, but she never did. Everyone was working trying to find out what to do next, except her. Link had even joined Liv and the rest in looking for answers with Marian. What could Lena do anyway? She would probably end up screwing that up to. No, her room was really the best place to be. Her empty, room with empty walls save for the last message. She stared at it most of the time she was awake. She held up her charm necklace and studied it sometimes.

The doorbell rang and she jumped. Even now, just a few days passed, she thought maybe it was Ethan. She lay back down in the bed when she remembered he was gone. She pushed out her mind to search just in case and was met by silence. She heard footsteps up the stairs and then there was a knock at the door.

"It's open," Lena said. Amma was in the doorway.

"May I come in?" Lena said nothing so she came in. "Is this all you have been doing?" She asked. Lena still didn't respond. "Ethan died for you and you just lie there?" she asked irritated.

"What does it matter?" Lena replied. "He's gone and he isn't coming back."

"Child… You can change the world." Amma shook her head. "Don't you think if you have the opportunity to create a new order that you can shape it how you want?" Lena looked at the woman. There was a fire in the older womans eyes.

"What does that have to do with anything." Amma looked behind her, then looked back at the girl on the bed.

"You could bring him back," she said quietly. "You could do whatever you want." Lena sat up quickly. Her mind started turning over. She had to create a New Order… There were no rules on how or what to do. No template. She could do whatever she wanted.

"How?" she asked with emotion flooding into her voice for the first time in days.

"I have no idea, but we can find out." Lena stood up. "Let's get you out of this house for starters." Lena had always thought Amma had hated her, but right now it didn't seem to matter. They both wanted Ethan back and they could help each other.