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Chapter 1: Old Encounters

The snow was beautiful and very peaceful like state the sound of soft sliver bells into the cool wintry afternoon, where soft snow danced on the bleak, cold darkness. A little girl sat alone with short black hair in a hime style hair cut and creamy pale skin almost looked like china doll. With a hint of lavender in her eyes pupiless eyes .

As she placed her knees on her chest she sighed gravely then, stared at endless snowflakes that were constantly falling down "It's beautiful the snow its too perfect" Hinata said in meek mumble. As she reached out her hand and felt the snow being enchanted by the beauty of the snow because it reminded her of someone she loved dearly her beloved it mother.

Hinata kept staring at the snow which seem to continue on forever and days end. Until she heard a crunch in the snow Hinata's eyes widen "Who's there" Hinata said in a fearful voice then, there was a another crunch this time it was getting louder. Hinata was so scared not knowing who this person was then, she spoke again. "Hello" Hinata had the courage to say it was only silence. She thought it was a trick until she heard a soft voice "Hello" He said in a calm voice then, to hear the voice again until, she turn to her right and saw a boy about her age with plum color hair in tears.

Hinata walked up to the boy but, when she came close contact with him he quickly moved away from her. Hinata thought this was awkward how the boy's reaction was people usually loved hugs but, for some reason he wasn't for it. Hinata stared at the crying little boy who was about to have an panic attack or something. Hinata didn't touch him but, she really wanted ask him something "Little boy what's wrong" Hinata said. Yuki kept crying he just could not stop maybe it was trying to ease but it did not made things worse "He keeps hurting me" Yuki said weeping.

Hinata wondered what he was talking about somebody was abusing him, Hinata got a closer look at him and saw bruises on his arms and a black eye also a bloody nose that stained his pale white skin. Hinata gasped in horror at what she saw who would do something that inhumane to a child, he should be punished or even worse put to death. Hinata took pitty on this little boy so sad that someone could do this to a defenseless child "You poor thing come inside" Hinata said.

Yuki looked at Hinata he did not want her to cause anymore trouble. "Come on" Hinata said reaching out her hand in acceptance Yuki was very hesitant he didn't want to. He couldn't resist those soft sweet innocent doll-like eyes "Please" Hinata said with a sweet smile Yuki couldn't help it so he let Hinata take him inside.

Hinata had a smile on her face that she finally had a friend, finally they were inside the house "Sit down"Hinata said. yuki sat his eyes gazed at the little girl how her beauty was radiant then the snow that had fallen. Hinata grabbed a washcolth from the bathroom cabinet and some lukewarm soapy water. Yuki wondered what she was going to do but, it was silent until, he started speaking "What's your name?" Yuki asked. Hinata looked and smiled at him politely. "Hinata hyuuga and you" Hinata questioned.

"Yuki sohma" Yuki said properly."Cute name it means snow"Hinata said. Yuki blushed a little hinata giggled how cute he was when Yuki started to blush staring thinking about how calm and soothing she was like lavender . As hinata looked down his hands were cut and she had to bandage them. Hinata rose up from her seat wondering where she was going.

"Miss Hyuuga where are you going?" Yuki asked with a hint of curiosity "I think I have my first aid kit" Hinata said. Yuki had a nervous feeling inside about exposing this secret to this girl knowing that Akito- sama will not be happy about this at all. Yuki was searching for Hinata then, he saw her struggling trying to reach the first aid kit "Need help" Yuki said. "No, I got it" Hinata said. Hinata was trying to reach for it almost yuki ran for her as she was losing her balance "Watch out" Yuki screamed.

Clumsy Hinata fell over and bumped right into Yuki with a few seconds a puff of smoke risen. Hinata eyes widen frantically searching for that little boy "Yuki, yuki" Hinata said until, she saw a little mouse she almost screamed. "Don't be frightened it's me" Yuki said meekly. Hinata was confused and dumbfounded the mouse was suddenly talking to her.

"Are you afraid? " Yuki questioned. Hinata sighed and looked at him with a smile and laughed "No, I actually think your a beautiful creature" Hinata said as she leaned down and kisses him on the nose...

years later...

Hinata was sleeping peacefully dreaming about that blissful day she met with that sweet, heartwarming boy. Until, a soft voice came in "lady hinata wake up" A falseltto voice said. Hinata groaned knocking her hand out the way so she will not be disturbed of her beauty sleep "lemme sleep please" Hinata mumbled as she tightly grasp on the pillow and snuggling with it. naruto was always a trickster loved playing pranks on his friends especially Hinata why cause she was really easy to scare. Naruto sneak in Hinata's room and crept into her bed and wrapped his hands around her waist. Hinata woke up feeling someone and she nearly jumped ten foot in the air. "Naruto-kun" Hinata said as she jumped out of the bed.

Naruto had a wicked smile on his face "What?! I was just trying to wake you up" Naruto added with a tease. "By what crawling inside my bed" Hinata said with a giggle. He just smiled until, Temari walked in and saw Naruto laying in Hinata's bed, "Okay, If you guys were doing something you could get a room" Temari said. Hinata was burning red like a tomato.

Until, Kiba walked in which made the situation pretty awkward and surely embarrassing "Hey, look who decides to play cops and robbers" Kiba said with sacrasm. Naruto and Hinata looked at each other. "It's not like that" Hinata said nearly raising her voice three times higher. Kiba was just laughing "Is Hinata almost done getting dressed" Neji said out loud. "No" Temari yelled. Suddenly she realized that they were starting a new school today "SHIT" Hinata yelled as she was frantically trying to get dressed.

Temari pushed the boys out the room "Out out, now Hinata needs to get dressed" Temari pushed them out the door. Naruto was bored so he threw a shoe at kiba instantly, Kiba dodged it "haha better luck next time" Kiba said teasingly. While a shoe came flying and hit sasuke in the face "OW, WHAT THE HELL YOU DOBE" sasuke yelled as he was rubbing his face. "Ooops" naruto said with a sheepish smile "I'm going to kill you" Sasuke yelled. naruto gulped and whimper "Coward" Gaara scoffed.

"Baby" Kiba said. "Fuck you and go fuck yourselves" Naruto said. Kiba instantly thought about Hinata for that type of job "That's what I got hinata for" Kiba said. Neji who was upset why would Kiba say such a stupid thing. "You pervert that's my cousin" Neji said yelling across the hallway.

Hinata ran to find her uniform for some reson her heart was pounding and she kept on twisting and turning her shirt. Temari had noticed that Hinata was not herself at all suddenly she became fidgety like she had too much coffee "Is something wrong" Temari asked. Hinata looked at Temari that noticed something wasn't right suddenly she became a nervous person "No, I'm just a little" Hinata said. she looked at her best friend and had a smile on her face "Jumpy" Temari said. Hinata nodded her head couldn't handle it "Yeah, I mean starting a new school I..." Hinata said. Temari looked at her with a smile on her face.

Temari placed her hand on Hinata's shoulder with a smile on her face "Don't worry kiddo, you'll do great" Temari said. Hinata had a smile on her face and was getting ready for her first day at her new school. The boys were sitting around waiting for her to get dress it was taking a really long time "Dammit Hinata hurry the..." Gaara said. Hinata came down stairs with a short skirt up to her knees and some socks that were up to her legs. Also had a purple bow pulled to the side that almost shaded the side of her face. "OMG Hinata" The boys screamed.

Temari rolled her eyes as the boys kept gawking over Hinata about how nice she looked today "Stop being pervs" Temari and Neji said. Temari walked out as she grabbed her book bag. "Wow" Gaara said looking at the boys with shame Kiba, Naruto and Sasuke shot the death glare at Gaara. So, the rushed outside trying to reach there new school . Naruto thought of something which was on everyone minds "Something tells me where in for it" naruto said. "What are you talking about?" Hinata said. They all were thinking about it how they will react with there new people and what they might be like "You might be surprised" Neji said looking around as they were reaching towards the new school.

They were walking towards the school until, they heard a loud commotion like someone could hear them miles away "Shut up you stupid cat" Yuki said calmly. Kyo was angry for calling him that and hated that it irritated him he was not stupid well sometimes will that is because he is so stubborn "Shut up you damn rat" Kyo screamed on the top of his lungs. Until, they heard a soft female voice sounded like Hinata's a little bit "Please boys be civilized " Torhu said Kyo scoffed he was not going to civilized which was not his cup of tea at all "Civilized my ass" Kyo yelled. They boys tried there best not to laugh at this Hinata looked over and saw the boy she met when she was a little girl and temari pointed started blushing.

Hinata was pretty surprised that he has changed so much sounded very mature for his age. Hinata couldn't resist him but, she wanted to say something but, what could she say to the young boy. Yuki just looked at his cousin and sighed with pity "I see why your a insult to mankind" Yuki said monotone. Kyo had fire in his eyes he was seething mad and out of rage he charged him like a bull.

The next few minutes kyo was flying to were hinata was. There eyes were wide as they saw that boy being flown across the yard like a ragdoll. Yuki walked towards him and spoke in a kind manner but, with a crude sarcasm "Shut up you stupid cat, I don't have to w..."Yuki said as he took a glance at the girl with he encountered with in the snow brought back the sweet memories. Then, she quickly disappeared like a ghost with a hint of blush on her cheeks

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