The First Love

Chapter One


I loved the relationship of Will and Ronnie and just had to write about it. I've written about bits of the movie and also added in little bits of my own during scenes. Written from Will's point of view.

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True love never dies; it only gets stronger over time.

He and Ronnie had first met by him knocking into her which resulted in the strawberry milkshake in her hand pouring all over her.

What had she said to him?

"I'd rather drink my milkshake, than wear it"

When he usually flirted with girls, they always loved it and flirted back but Ronnie had been the first girl to turn him down and that was a shock to the system. Since the car accident where Mikey was killed, he had felt a cold emptiness fill his heart and no matter how hard he tried it wouldn't go away. Even with all the girls fussing around him, he didn't feel any different, but that all changed when he met Veronica Miller. She was so beautiful; it nearly took his breath away. That night at the beach fairground, he had been leaning against the wall; Ashley had been trying to get him to go to her house later that night. He liked her, she seemed like a nice girl but he knew she only liked him for his looks and not for his personality. All she did was kiss him, she never tried to talk or get to know him. He knew many girls like her, they say they are your one and only but he knew that if he slept with her tonight then she'd most likely be with someone else tomorrow. As she sauntered off, doing her best to walk in a way that would get his attention, Will spotted Ronnie standing by Marcus and Blaze. He didn't like either of them, both where trouble with a capital T, always into fights over drugs and alcohol. Sometimes he had seen bruises all over Blaze's arms and face and wondered if she had really walked into the door like she said she did. His mind was brought back from the couple's not so nice home life by Scott clicking his hands in front of his face. He was trying to convince him that going to Ashley's was a good idea but he knew that Scott only thought of himself, if he got with Ashley then Scott could get to be with her attractive friend. A sudden voice behind Scott and a pair of arms encircling his chest made the two of them realise that Marcus had snuck up behind them. Ronnie and Blaze stood just behind him and from the smell coming from Marcus; he was away with the cocaine fairies. Walking around him, Marcus and Blaze walked off together leaving Ronnie to trail behind them. As she passed him she stopped and looked back at him, he had the urge to stop her from following them and making her stay with him. He knew full well how dangerous Marcus could be and Blaze wasn't much better, they could hurt her. He hadn't ever felt so protective in all his life than he had now but he knew even if he asked she wouldn't stay; the brown haired angel barley even knew him, so he smiled and said nothing and watched with a slight feeling of dread as she walked away from him.

He didn't see much of her over the next couple of days and when he got that call of the turtle nest and was told to deal with it by his mentor; he looked at the address and frowned slightly as he was sure it was hers but couldn't be quite so certain. As he approached her, he grinned to himself as he saw her curled up in the deckchair, clinging to the baseball bat in her sleep and even though he felt that he could watch her sleep forever, he placed his hand on her arm and gently shook her awake. The shock on her face when she had seen him had nearly made him laugh but from the mood she appeared in, he didn't think that laughing was a good idea. He did however smile widely when in response to him gently insulting her turtle protection trolley, she had stormed off in a huff. Shaking his head at her behaviour, he looked at her work and then set to work fixing up a more secure safe haven for the defenceless sea turtles.

When he got to the garage, Scott had told him that she had been arrested for stealing but a part of him knew she hadn't done it, he would bet any money that Blaze had something to do with it. That night as he approached the turtles and the deckchair in which she sat he smiled as he read the title of the book she was reading as he took a seat. They had bantered for a couple of minutes but what made his night was when he had told her he was getting married.

The look on her face was priceless!

For his joke, he got a couple of whacks in the face with her book but it was totally worth the look of jealously. Even with her father drawing the line in the sand between them, they still had a night of secretive looks and smiles. The next morning, a strange squelching sound made him jump awake and he came face to face with a young boy making him pull back sharply. The boy had been quiet amusing, talking like he was in the army and insulting Ronnie being a vegetarian before he army crawled away, he turned his head to Ronnie and saw her grinning as she watched her little brother shimmy through the sand. At the moment, he realised that although she seemed cold and distant, she was actually quiet a gentle girl, her defence of the sea turtles proved that too him. A lot of the time, people would have just left the turtles to die, saying it was nature but she had stayed outside in the cold to protect them with her bat from the racoons.

When he had pointed this out to her, she had frozen for a moment before she had stated the words which made his heart soar in his chest and for once the strange emptiness didn't feel as bad as it had before.

"Let's try it again, last night was fun"

Offering her hand to him, he smiled before taking it in his own and marvelled at how her skin was so gentle and warm.

"Best first date of my life"

She immediately pulled her hand away before stating it wasn't a date but when he mentioned her coming to work with him, he saw her face break into a smile and that's when he knew he'd won her over.

Waving at her through the glass, he smiled slightly behind his oxygen mask as she waved back and then a sudden idea struck him, pulling the whiteboard out from his wetsuit, he wrote on it.

Is it a date yet?

His smile grew wider as she shrugged and grinned, raising her hands in the air as though to prove her point. Shaking his head, he began to swim to the surface and within a few moments, her face was above him as she sat on the rock waiting for him to surface. As she looked down at him, he found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Give me a hand up?"

He smiled slightly as she placed her small hand in his and laughed as he dragged her into the water, keeping his hand on her arm for a few moments in case she struggled to stay afloat but she was fine so he let go and laughed slightly as she shoved his head under the water.

As they walked towards the beach and passed Marcus and Blaze, Ronnie's tiny hand slid into his own and he squeezed it slightly, smiling. He saw Scott pacing by the net and shook his head slightly at his impatient behaviour as he introduced the girl he hoped would be his girlfriend soon and his best friend. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ashley scowling but he put it out of his mind, instead turning towards the short, still wet girl beside him.

"Can you grab me some water?"

Smiling up at him, she said fine and he watched with happiness as her smile grew as he gently kissed her cheek before she walked off.

He froze slightly as he watched Ashley begin talking to her but before her could say anything; the ball hit him right in the middle of his face.
"That's what happens when you don't pay attention, Will"

Looking up and seeing Scott smirking at him from the other side of the net, he shook his head before hitting the ball back to him. After a few minutes passed, he noticed Ronnie still wasn't back.

"Here's the water you wanted, Baby"

Turning around, instead of finding Ronnie's adorable face looking up at him, he was faced with Ashley's smirking one.

"Where's Ronnie?"

Ashley's smirk turned into a scowl for a moment before she masked her annoyance with a wide smile.

"Oh, I err think she had to go home"

"But she didn't even say goodbye"

Ashley immediately pulled him into a hug when she heard the sad tone to his voice, the hug which for once he didn't return made her pull back and run her fingers down his face.

"Don't worry, you have me, do you wanna come to my house tonight baby? "

Pulling away from her sharply, he ignored the annoyed and slightly hurt look which passed over Ashley's features and instead turned his back on her, clapped Scott on the shoulder and headed to Ronnie's house.

When he arrived he was greeted by a door slammed into his face and he knew then that Ashley had definitely said something. Smiling at her father, he declined his invitation before he turned his back and instead went to sit on the very deckchair that Ronnie had slept on the night before. It only took a few moments before Ronnie appeared, demanding that he left because he was creeping out Jonah.

"Not till you tell me what happened. Is it Ashley? I saw you talking to her, what did she say?"

Shaking her head, she turned her back on him and walking before speaking.

"Just go, alright Will"

Following her back towards the house, he knew Ashley had something to do with this.

"What did she say?"

She turned abruptly and spoke.

"I didn't come here for some stupid summer romance, with some stupid local boy that has done this with a thousand other girls"


Her words shocked him to the core.

He knew that since the accident he had used girls to try and feel again but he wasn't like that now, not since he'd met her anyway.

"Ashley told me about all the girls you've been with, so I don't wanna be the next girl in your little parade of girls, Will. Going on the same date, doing the exact same thing so I think that's why it would be better if we just end it"

Her whole speech, he said nothing, he felt tore between his upset at what she was saying and his anger at Ashley for causing this. She turned her back on him again and continued on walking to the house.

"End what? Ok Ronnie, yes ok, I went out with other girls before I met you but that's the point it was before I met you. How can you be mad about that?"

The second she turned around to face him again, he saw the full extent of the anger and the barley masked hurt that filled her voice.

"Don't you dare make this about me? You and I both know that this isn't my fault-"

Before she could continue, he placed his large hands on either side of her face and pressed his lips to her own. A whole load of emotions passed through him as he moved his lips against hers.

He hadn't even felt this way before, when he kissed Ashley it was just a simple snog but this kiss with Ronnie was so much more. She completely surrendered herself to him and after her moment of shock began to move her lips with his. After a few moments, he pulled away so that they could both breathe and opened his eyes and looked down into Ronnie's. Her full pink lips where mere centimetres away from his own, and it was like they were calling to him to be kissed again. His hands stilled cradled her face, her eyes slightly unfocused as she silently looked up at him.

"You're not like the other girls"

Before he could stop himself, his lips where back on hers, his tongue gently running over her bottom lip, begging entrance to her mouth and he moaned slightly as her fingers clung to his sides and she opened herself to him. It was one of the most amazing night of his life and both left each other feeling like it had all been a dream.

He laughed as Ronnie shoved him away from her as they walked through the water before her turned and knocked her over, both of them hitting the water. Laughing as she shoved him off of her and climbing to her feet, Will grinned slightly as he noticed the white top she had been wearing had gone completely see through. Swinging her up into his arms, he swung her round before placing her back on her feet and pressing his lips to his in one phenomenal kiss, which when he pulled away to take a much needed gulp of air, she pulled him back by his shirt collar and pressed her lips to his once again, her hand running up the back of his neck to his hair which her fingers tenderly ran through. Pulling her from the water, they walked along the beach, collecting shells and after an hour, he told her to lay down on the sand where he placed them all around her before hovering over her and kissing her gently.

Over the next few days, they saw each other more and more. She sat next to him in the back of his truck where he wrote one word in black marker pen on her shoe.


They went swimming in the big tank at the aquarium and he loved the fact that she blew him kisses and waved, her whole face showing her happiness.

He helped her climb into a comfy spot above him in the tree before he had a bright idea and got a pen from his pocket and set to work.

"I can't believe your carving our names into a tree"

He smiled slightly before looking up at her.

"What's your middle initial?"

She grinned before shaking her head slightly at him.

"This is really lame"

He didn't do anything but stare at her and eventually it worked and she gave in to him.


Leaning down to watch him carve it in, she smiled before gently running her hand through his hair before leaving it to rest comfortably on his neck.

The radio blared out a song and she stopped him from turning it over.

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

"And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved"
He looked at her for a moment before turning his gaze back to the road and listened to her beautiful voice as she sang along to the song.

"Wow, you can really sing, is there anything else I don't know about you?"

Laughing as he grabbed her knee and shook her slightly, she didn't say anything she just kissed him gently on the cheek.

His attempts to sing along completely failed.

As did his shortcut which ended in the biggest mud fight he'd ever been in and ended up in them both completely brown so instead of the movies, they headed to his place.

Her shock at his massive home was obvious by the way her mouth was hanging open and looking down at herself and her mud covered state she immediately latched onto the door and refused to let go which meant he had to physically drag her from it. His mother had been less than welcoming. He knew she had big expectations for him but it still angered him that just because Ronnie wasn't the richest girl, his mother couldn't fully like her and it seemed that everything she said at dinner was to sabotage what they had.

She dropped three massive bombshells.

One that he hadn't invited Ronnie to his sisters wedding because he knew his family would judge her and he hadn't wanted to expose her to their harshness and two that his ex girlfriend was going but as his mother made out with him as his date and finally three that he was going to a college away from her.

Walking behind her as she stalked away from him across the perfectly cut lawn, she wouldn't turn around.

"Ronnie, this is silly"

"Drop it Will"

Shaking his head, he signed.

"No, I can't drop it, you're mad"

She carried on walking and just by the way she was acting, he could tell she was upset.

"Look, if you want to go to your sisters wedding with your ex girlfriend that's not a big deal"

"Not as a date, she's a friend of my sisters and I said it was ok if she came"

Did she really believe he wanted Ashley more than her?

"Honestly, it's not a big deal because I didn't wanna go to some stupid wedding anyway and you lied about going to Columbia"

"I didn't lie, I said I was accepted. My parents have high expectations of me"

"It's your life; they can't force you to do anything. Look Will, we don't have to do this"

Will felt his heart clench and his stomach drop in dread.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Maybe you should find someone that is more suited to your lifestyle, you know with her own rich parents and her own perfect mansion"

He couldn't take any more of it, she was perfect for him and still she couldn't see it.

"Ronnie listen ok, there is nothing perfect about that house, nothing. I mean can you not see that? My parents are holding on by a thread, perfect? Nothing has been perfect in my family for a very long time"

Walking away from her to stand next to the wooden railing, he looked across the lake and into the grassy hills.

"I had a brother Mikey, he died last year"

His felt the tears coming to his eyes and a massive lump in his throat as he looked back at her stunned face.


"Car accident, my Mom was driving, Mikey and I were in the back seats, being idiots, and she turned around to tell us to stop. Lost control of the car, Mikey was killed instantly."

At his own words, he thought about his dead brother and the lump in his throat seemed worse.

"It's just so hard to feel happy in that house, that one of the reasons I didn't invite you to the wedding, I went out with those girls because I was trying to feel something again."

Standing up straight and staring at her, he took a deep breath.

"Nobody makes me feel like you do, Ronnie. I don't wanna lose you."

She stayed where she was for a moment, just staring at him before rushing forwards and burying her face into his chest and hugging him tightly. Signing slightly in relief, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair, kissing the top of her head gently. Pulling back from him, she looked up into his eyes and spoke the words which made him feel like his heart was going to explode with joy.

"I love you, Will"

Smiling gently stroking he face with his fingertips, he replied.

"Love you too"

Lowering his lips to hers, they shared a tender kiss before she pulled away and smiled.

"Since you asked before, there is something else you don't know about me"

Leading him back to the house and into the music room where she proceeded to play one of the most beautiful songs he had ever heard. All he could think to do afterwards was kiss her.

A couple of days later was the volleyball tournament and as he prepared with Scott, over the top of his head, he saw Ashley saying something to Ronnie and saw her face dropping slightly before Jonah appeared next too her. At the end of the game after he and Scott had won, Ronnie dived at him and he hugged her close, laughing he buried his face in her hair and kiss her cheek before whispering in her ear.

"What did Ashley say to you?"

Pulling back from him slightly, she looked up into his face, his sunglasses obscuring his eyes.

"She said that my Dad was the arsonist who burned down the church"

Scowling for a moment, he pulled his sunglasses off, kissed her till she was weak at the knees and he was practically holding her up and then looked up and glared at Ashley who had been glaring jealously at Ronnie's back but upon seeing the look on his face looked shocked at the hatred in it.

The wedding a week later was an absolute joke. Everything had been perfect until Marcus and Blaze had started acting up but all became good again when Jonah arrived at the truck window, in an exited voice repeatedly telling them that the sea turtles had hatched.

I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold.

The turtles ran across the ground away from them, his hand held the torch tightly as he watched Ronnie and her family standing together watching them leave. She looked so happy, the smile on her face couldn't have gotten any bigger, and he would remember this night forever.

Sitting in the hospital cafeteria with Jonah, he still couldn't believe how quickly everything had changed. He hadn't seen Ronnie in over an hour; she had been with a Doctor in a private room. Jonah had paced back and forth in the waiting room in font of him none stop until he'd taken him to get something to eat. When Ronnie had entered through the door and told Jonah he could see their Dad, her voice sounded strange. Jonah, too caught up in his excitement that he was going to finally be able to see Steve, Will saw what Jonah didn't see. The usual sparkle in Ronnie's eyes was gone and instead replaced by a look of pure sadness. As Jonah shot ahead of them into Steve's hospital room, Will gently grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop and to turn towards him. His mouth twisted into a frown as he saw the barley concealed tears in her beautiful eyes.

"What did the Doctor say? He's gonna be ok, right?"

A single tear slid down her face at his words and she let out sob before burying her face into his chest, her arms wrapping around his middle as she let the emotions that had been building up inside her for over an hour go. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he comforted her with small words and many kisses to the top of her head before her hitched breathing slowed down and she looked up at him, her eyes red.

"He'd got cancer, Will. Its spread to his lungs, there's nothing they can do. The Doctor told me that he stopped taking his medication because it gave him hallucinations and he wanted the perfect summer with me and Jonah."

At the last few words, she began to cry again so he hugged her once more. The pain of losing a family member, Will knew too well and a part of his heart ached, he never wished that pain on anyone especially the girl he loved.

As he watched Jonah and Ronnie talk with their father, he looked at the time and realised it was nearly 3am. As he looked at Steve, it was as though the older man could tell what he had been thinking and told them all to go home. Jonah reluctantly climbed from his Dad's side, Steve had explained everything to him when he and Ronnie had been outside and he and Ronnie slowly began to leave.

"Will, if you'd wait a moment. I want to speak to you"


He looked over his shoulder at Ronnie who frowned slightly, giving her Dad a playful warning look before she looked at Will and smiled gently.

"Jonah and I will wait for you outside"

Nodding his head at her, he smiled before she turned and left, practically dragging Jonah from the room.

"I want you to listen to me, Will and I want you to take what I say on board-"

His words where cut off by a harsh cough which only ceased when he drank some of the water from his beside table. Will walked closer to the hospital bed and laid his hand on Steve's shoulder.

"We can leave this for tonight, Sir. You're not well and you're not supposed to tire yourself."

Steve looked up at him and shook his head.

"Will, I'm only gonna get worse and I want to talk to you now, while I still can and stop calling me Sir! I think you've earned the right to call me Steve"

Smiling at him, he pulled the chair that Ronnie had been sitting in minutes before closer to the bed before taking a seat and waiting patiently for the older man to continue.

"My daughter loves you, I can see it in her eyes when she talks about you and I can even see when she's thinking of you because she gets that look in her eyes. She doesn't open her heart easily, when I left her Mother, I wrote too her all the time and she ignored every one. I broke her trust and I never thought she'd talk to me again. She went off the rails, failed all her exams, stayed out till 4am until she came here and met you. She hasn't played the piano ever since the day I left home but she played for you, something I thought I wouldn't get to see her do again. I can read her like a book even though she doesn't show it. She feels guilty for not answering my letters but it wasn't her fault, it was mine and mine alone. You make her happy and you make Jonah happy too. I know I'm dying and I've known that for awhile. When Ronnie found you, I was grateful because I knew that when I was gone, she wouldn't be alone to deal with the grief and the pain. I want her to be happy and you're the person that can make that happen. She loves you. Jonah loves you and because of everything you've done for them and will do. I love you too."

Will had said nothing throughout the whole speech, instead just listened and sat back in the chair.

"I will be there for them when you're gone. I love your daughter with all my heart and I will help them. They both mean a lot to me. I can see how much they both love you. You're not gonna die now. You and Ronnie can make up for the time that you lost."

Smiling at him, Steve leaned forward and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"You're a good kid, Will. Now go and get some sleep"

Smiling Will stood, clapped the older man on the shoulder. Looking back as he reached the door, he watched the older man get into a more comfortable position. Opening the door, he walked into the corridor where he saw Ronnie sitting in a chair, holding Jonah who had fallen asleep in her lap.

"What did he say?"

Smiling at her and shaking his head, he walked over to her and kissed her forehead before taking Jonah from her and resting the boy so that his head lay on his shoulder. Standing up, she slid her hand into his before they walked to his truck.

That night, after they had placed Jonah in bed, they sat on the couch in the living area. Ronnie's head was resting on his chest; she sat in his lap as they watched the early morning TV. Neither of them could sleep so they had ended up cuddled up at round 4am.

Closing his eyes and leaning his head back, Will smiled as he felt Ronnie move and run her nose up his face before placing her soft lips on his. Opening his eyes, he smiled against her mouth as he looked at her angelic face.

Pulling away, she looked down at him before she kissed him again but this time was different, the way she looked at him was a way she hadn't really looked at him before, her gaze was full of passion.

Sliding his hands over her face and down her neck, he kissed her tenderly and let his hands halt at his waist before pulling away and shaking his head.

"No. You're upset. We'll wait until you feel less vulnerable."

Cupping his face in her tiny hands, Ronnie looked down at him.

"I want to do this, Will. I love you"

Looking into her eyes, he saw that she was ready so in response to her words kissed her softly again as his hands lifted her shirt and they only broke the kiss momentarily as the fabric passed between them. She wasn't wearing anything underneath as she had changed so quickly out of the purple dress earlier, that she hadn't bothered, smiling, he rolled her off him and hovered over her, holding his weight off of her with his arm, so that he wouldn't crush her and kissed her lips, her eyelids, her cheeks and proceeded down to her neck and then lowered his face and kissed her breasts aswell. He smiled slightly as she grinned at him as she pulled his shirt over his head slowly, her long fingernails gently scraping up his stomach and muscular chest. He knew that this was her first time, she'd told him a few weeks ago that she had been waiting for her special someone and that it was him. He was a ashamed to say that he'd been here before but nothing had ever felt like this. When he'd had sex with those other girls, it was nothing but an attempt to feel wanted and loved but they didn't care about him. Nobody made him feel like Ronnie did. Every time she touched him, it was with such care and love whereas all the others seemed to just want to dangle from his arm. The next hour was probably the best of his life.

He had never loved anyone like he loved her and he knew as he lay next to her on the living room floor as she slept that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Looking up at the clock on the mantle and seeing it was coming up to seven am, Will grinned slightly and decided it was time to wake her or Jonah would soon walk in and discover them completely naked on the floor.

Shaking her, she groaned something about not going to school which made him grin wider but she still refused to wake properly and considering the day she'd had yesterday and they're antics from a few hours before, she was exhausted. Smirking he left her to drift off again and quickly pulled on some clothes that he'd got Megan to drop off last night before sneaking into Ronnie and Jonah's room and grabbing a dress and as she grumbled at him as he lifted her, he slid it over her head and made her look decent before 20 minutes later Jonah walked in.

Laughing as he leaned back into the couch cushions, Will thanked whatever God was out there that he'd woken up when he did or it would have been very embarrassing for all of them.

The next week where hard on them all, Jonah's breakdown where he had yelled at them both, Steve returning home, nobody said anything but they all knew it was to die. He knew that Steve still blamed himself for the church fire and that's why he got Scott to tell Steve what really happened. He didn't want Steve to die with guilt when it wasn't even his fault.

Laying on his bed that night, tears sliding down his face as he realised that she probably hated him and she had every right too. He had to go away to College later that week but she didn't get in touch so he left, leaving his heart with the girl he loved who probably never wanted to see him again.

He got a call off Scott three weeks into the semester where he found out that Steve had died. Scott gave him some man to man advice.

"Listen Will. Her Dad's just died. She's lost him and she's lost you. Go to the funeral tomorrow and make it up with her"

So he had gone and as he entered the church that morning and saw her, his heart felt painful in his chest. The look she gave him had a mixture of emotions.

Pain, love, happiness and sadness.

She looked broken and he knew at that moment he would do everything in his power to fix her.

The song she played brought tears to his eyes and he looked up at the stain glassed window and remembered how he and Jonah had worked so hard to finish it and the look on Steve's face when he'd seen it, pride of place at the main window of the church.

Walking down the steps, he looked around for Ronnie and saw her talking to Blaze. A slight frown touched his features, that girl and her good for nothing boyfriend, well now ex, had caused so much trouble an this made him dislike her with a passion.

Walking up behind Ronnie, Blaze looked up at him and smiled before saying goodbye to Ronnie and leaving them. Walking around to face the girl he loved, he looked into her eyes.

"Hey, it was beautiful what you played"

Smiling at him sadly, she looked up at him.

"It was Dad's, I finished it for him"

"I know he liked it"

"Thank you for coming Will, it meant so much to me"

Behind her, he could see the pastor approaching.

He spent day sorting out his room and packing up all the stuff he wanted to take back to college. Looking at the clock, he saw it was 4pm and decided what he needed to do before this day was over.

Standing and looking over the sea beside Ronnie's house, he thought of the kiss they had shared here, only three months ago. From that moment on, she would forever hold his heart.

Hearing a branch behind him, he turned and looked at her as she stood a few metres away from him.

"Ronnie, I'm so sorry about everything"

Smiling at him slightly, she looked at him for a moment before replying.

"I'm sorry too; people make mistakes Will, even the people that we love"

She meant him. She still loved him even after everything.

A silence passed between them, before like usual she broke it.

"I've decided to go to Julliard"

Smiling at her, he nodded.

"Yeah, I heard, that great news"

Placing her hands in her pockets, she looked up at him once more.

"How's Vanderbilt?"

Taking a deep breath, he grinned at her.

"It's a really good school, yeah but I'm not sure its for me though"

A grin began to spread across her face.

"What do you mean?"

His grin was getting so wide, he felt like his face was going to split in two.

"I'm thinking of transferring to Columbia next semester so that the girl I love can watch me make a few more mistakes"

Looking deeply into her eyes, her smile massive, he took a tiny step closer.

"What do you think about that?"

Grinning for a moment, she suddenly shot forwards and as he leaned down her lips crashed on his. He hadn't realised then just how much he missed her. He couldn't live without this girl.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she deepened the kiss and Will swung his hand under her legs and lifted her up into the air, cradling her to his chest.

He was never going to let her go again.


The End.