All the usual disclaimers apply here. I don't own 'em and please don't sue
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this. It's written out of love and respect for the characters contained

This short diary excerpt takes place right after JLA #46. Personally, I like
Mr. Waid's work on Flash, but I hate what Mr. Waid did here with JLA #46 - I
don't agree at all. But, it *did* give me this idea...

Dedicated to Grant Morrison and the writers of NML, who in my opinion understood the Bat a LOT better. We miss you Grant!

The Evening After

September 1, 2000
Wonderdome, Gateway City.

The ink dried on a piece of paper in a worn and battered parchment-sheeted
book. The writer could be heard in the background sparring with a "virtual" opponent.

1 September 2000

We can't trust him anymore. I can never trust him again. Ever.

He's done the impossible, the absolutely unforgivable.

In his own way, I thought Bruce cared about me, about Kal - but he BETRAYED
us. Betrayed us, the closest thing to friends he has outside his "family" -
his battle companions, shieldmates.

I knew he had the information, but I never thought he'd ever do anything
like this. I thought I knew him better than this. Have I been wrong about
him all this time, through all these battles?

...Or, is this a plot to turn even his closest friends against him so that
the darkness he keeps at bay by incredible force of will eats him alive? And if it
is, what have we done?

How can we ever bridge the distance between us, now that the action is taken
and all the words are said?