Yeah… another one in my Epiphany series!

I know I am away tooooooooooooooooo long! I bought my own house and now I am moving after some remodeling. I won't abandon any of my stories, but this one just kept coming to m. I couldn't not right it. I am planning to come back full force in the last week of December since I'll be (finally) on vacation.

Just so you know, although Sarah and David are in this, the fic is not about them as a couple… Ewww! I don't approve cheating! I have NO IDEA where the shows' studios where. So, let's pretend just for a second that I know… ehehehehehe

They will be happily married… well, Sarah will. As for him, well… you know! Ehehehehehe

This story is fully written so it won't take long to post. I hope you enjoy!


June 2001

"Joss, I didn't sign for this. I trusted you, but if I had known what Season 6 would be I'd never sign for it. This is not Buffy. You are degrading a really great female character."

Sarah Michelle Gellar left the chair she sat on and started to walk in front of the big table and across from Joss in the reunion room. She had read the scripts for the first episodes of Season 6 and couldn't stand what the man that created Buffy was going to do with the character.


Sarah stopped her passing and looked at Joss Whedon.

"No Sarah me! You took everything from Buffy, including Angel. I mean, he left so she could have a better life and she just keep sinking and sinking and sinking. You took from her even the day Angel was human. Now you want her to sink that low by… by sleeping with Spike for God's sake! That is mean!"

"Sarah. From the narrative we will follow, Buffy will be back from the dead by magic. She is in Heaven and will be brought back by dark magic. That has to have some repercussion in her life. She won't be the Buffy everyone knows. She will be back, but she won't be here. Think of it as a late teenage rebellious phase."

Sarah put both her hands in the table and gave a piercing look to Joss.

"Well and what is the purpose of this?"

"Sarah. Buffy is not a saint. She commits mistakes. Now think for a moment. How would you feel if you were in a peaceful place and suddenly were ripped from the said place?"

"Let me see if I understand. Angel came back from Hell… we are talking about Hell here… and he rose to be someone better. Now Buffy will do exactly the opposite? Coming back from Heaven and descend to her worst? Is that it? Because if it is, you are quashing everything you said about Buffy along the years of the character existence. Buffy is suppose to be the contrary of the dumb blond who dies first in horror movies, but the message you will be passing is that women can't deal with earth-shattering situations. And we are talking about someone who had to put a sword true the chest of her beloved so she'd save the world. I mean… so, you do think that Buffy doesn't have the same strength of character then Angel? That is the message I see in all of this."


"I know Joss. Buffy is depressed and depressed people do several questionable things like drugs, alcohol, and in her case it will be sex. What I don't understand is why someone who was in Heaven would tarnish herself sincking so low? Why can she believe she belongs with the darkness when she was in Heaven? Will she think she will get there doing this? It doesn't make sense... even with all the pain."


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