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"Angel. You are back…"

Her eyes got huge when she realized something important. She disentangled herself from Angel and touched his face softly.

"How… How are you… You are standing… in…in the sun."

"You noticed."

She glared at him. He caught her hand and put it over his heart. Buffy could feel the thump thump thump under the palm of her hand. She covered her mouth with her other hand.

"Oh... You... Your heart... It is beating. How? You are human?

"I finally discovered where a guest could be taken so I could get my soul permanently. When I was on my way there one week ago I was attacked by a demon called Mohra. He was sent after me. He hurt me, but I killed it. In the process, his blood mixed with mine and turned me human."

Angel arrived in LA the day before. Doyle and Cordelia appeared and he introduced himself to Angel who asked him to go see the Oracles so he'd ask for time to be reverted, just like he did in the dream. Doyle convinced him to go to Sunnydale first saying it was The Power That Be orders. So, here he was.

"Why didn't you say anything when we talked?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

"It was."

He caressed Buffy's hair and put a strand behind her ear.

"You lied to me."


"You look beautiful in the sun."

Buffy smiled.

"You too."

Angel grabbed Buffy and kissed her properly. They only stopped when someone screamed for them to get a room. Buffy smiled sheepishly.

"I guess they are right."


Angel looked at Buffy, who laid down over his chest. They had tried to not jump into anything physical. However, that lasted only until their hands touched while Buffy sat in the bed and Angel sat in a chair in front of it as they were talking in her dorm room. After Willow granted him for his newly found humanity, she had left to Giles to research on some Native Americans who were causing trouble as soon as they arrived.


"Yeah. Best pillow ever."

Angel giggled.

"You giggle? Oh my God! Angel knows how to giggle."


Willow, Xander and Anya were at Giles house so they could research on the Chumash when Buffy and Angel came in trough the door. The Thanksgivings dinners forgot.

"Hey, Buffy. Deadboy... And how come you came through the door? Why are you not burning up?"

"He is not a deadboy anymore Xander."


Xander and Giles started with questions, but they were interrupted by an arrow flying in the apartment. Then, Chumash spirits broke through the door and a fight issued. Buffy ran towards Giles weaponry, but was intercepted by one of the spirits that grabbed her and threw her around to the other side of the room.


Without realizing he didn't have his strength anymore, Angel attacked the spirit. He kicked the Native American who went flying across the room fallin near a now standing Buffy.


While looking at his hand in wonder, Angel didn't see another Native American coming behind him. However, Buffy's scream made him jump away from the attack, but he knife the spirit was using cut his arm, which healed almost immediately.


After the end of the fight, when Buffy realized the only thing able to harm the Chamush spirits were their own weapon, all the attentions turned to Angel and his human, but not that human status.

"You are telling us that you dreamed it."

"I don't know. I think so, Giles."

"Interesting. What is the name of the demon that attacked you."

Angel gave Sahjhan's name and Giles went to look into books.

"I've heard of this name before. I think... Huh..."

Giles got up to grab a book.

"Ha. He is here in the Demons and time travel Encyclopedia from Herald Engard. Fine author."

"Is he a time traveler?"

"Yes. He can manipulate time. Open portals to other dimensions and times."

"When we fought, he opened a vortex."

Buffy immediately stiffened.

"A vortex? You didn't tell me..."

"Buffy, love. I didn't want to bring back to you memories of another vortex."

Buffy paled and Angel squeezed her hand.

"Well. You may have been in another dimension. One that was close to ours."

"Giles, how is Angel this stronger? He is just a human."

And Buffy looked at Angel.

"No offense."

"No taken."

"From what I read on the Mohra, they are one of strongest demon fighters in existence. They are usually called to take a champion. "

"That he did."

"No, Angel. Not if you are still stronger."

"How can it be?"

"You have already seem something like this when Buffy could hear thoughts."

"The aspect of the demon?"

"Yes. I believe you got the aspect or rather aspects of the demon. Mohra's blood have regenerative powers so it could even revive your body. The demon was banished because he couldn't stay in a living body. Mohra's strength and ability to regenerate have been passed to you."

Buffy looked at Angel. They both grinned. Angelus was gone forever. They could be together.

Angel realized now why The Powers had sent him back to Sunnydale so he could find out about his new powers. He could still fight. He could still protect others. He could change the curse of his own history. He had already done it. He knew so much. He would do everything to protect Buffy, protect those she loved like her mother.

They had talked and he told her that he had a mission to follow in LA. She had agreed with him on his plans to follow whatever mission he had because she was grateful she could have him with her anyway she could.

All in all... The future, different of the one in that other dimension, seemed brighter now.


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