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New Year's Eve & Stairwells

It was nearing 10 o'clock on New Year's Eve and the Mayor's annual send-off to the past year at the Plaza was in full swing. Kate Beckett stood at the open bar by herself, nursing a glass of water (she was on call in the morning) waiting for her date to return from the men's room.

The party had started at 8 that night, but for her it had begun much earlier. Her date had picked her up from her apartment at noon (she had the day off) and had surprised her with a day pass to one of the best spas in the city. She had fought him at first, but when he reasoned that it was going to be a chance for her to work out all of the stress of the past year, she kissed him softly and accepted, thanking him profusely for his thoughtfulness. Four hours later, he was outside waiting to take her back to her apartment so she could get ready for the party that night. He came back and got her a couple hours later, after she had curled every hair to perfection and gotten her make up just right, and took her out to eat at the restaurant they had their first official date at. So far, the day had been absolutely perfect. She couldn't wait to ring in the New Year with him later on that night.

Kate was brought out of her memories when she noticed someone standing in front of her. Lifting her gaze from her drink, she locked eyes with them.

It was a man, and even in her killer 4 inch stilettos, she had to look up to see his eyes. He was attractive, she'd give him that, in the I-was-a-teen-model-I-still-have-the-six-pack-to-prove-it way. He had gray eyes and his blond hair was obviously gelled and styled in a way resembling Pierce Brosnan's James Bond.

She gave him a small smile and turned back to the bar, intent on getting another glass of water.

"Whoa there," the man said, surprising her, "a pretty woman such as yourself shouldn't be getting her own drinks."

Kate bit her lip. For one, she was perfectly capable of getting her own drinks. She was a homicide detective for crying out loud. And besides, if there was going to be anyone getting her drinks, the only man she would allow to her a drink, it would be her date.

She gave the man a tight lipped smile, trying to keep her tone light while still sending the message to get away from her, "Yeah, well… I'm a big girl. I can handle it."

The man across from her leered at her, taking in her dress and the sight of her long legs. He let out a low whistle, "I'm sure you can, but you can't blame a man for wanting to help a lady get what she wants."

His voice made her skin crawl.

"I'm David," the man said, extending his hand to her, "And you are?"

In that exact moment, she saw Castle making his way over to her. Her shoulders sagged in relief at the sight of her boyfriend of 7 months, and he smiled at her briefly before scowling at the man who was standing across from her.

Kate gave the man another forced smile and turned back towards the bar, tipping her glass towards the bartender, letting him know she wanted another. The bartender saw her and nodded his head in acknowledgment. Kate smiled in thanks, but it quickly fell from her face when she felt a hand on her arm. Spinning around, she saw David's hand on her arm. Raising an eyebrow at him, he smiled at her again and opened his mouth to speak.

He didn't have a chance to say anything though, because by then Rick had reached them.

Not wasting any time, Rick knocked David's hand off of Kate's arm, glaring at the man for a moment before turning back to Kate. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her tight against his body and tilted her head back with his free hand, bringing his lips down to hers, greeting her with a toe-curling kiss. When he broke away, a quick look at his eyes confirmed what she had assumed since the moment she saw him approaching her.

He was furious.

Rick gave her a smile, silently telling her that his anger wasn't directed at her, before turning back to David. When he spoke his voice was upbeat and friendly, but there was a murderous undertone that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

"Hello, there, sir," he sneered, "thank you so much for keeping my girlfriend company while I was in the bathroom," she saw David pale slightly. Rick continued, "She's just so beautiful that I can't take her anywhere without people trying to steal her out from under my nose. Is she not the most exquisite creature your eyes have ever beheld?" Kate looked back at David. If he was slightly pale before, now he was as white as a sheet. She looked at Rick, confused, angry, and slightly embarrassed by his outburst, trying to figure out what was going on. Rick ignored her, still glaring at David, but his arm tightened around her waist. "Now, if you'll excuse us," he continued, "I'm going to find us somewhere more private to…" he cleared his throat, his voice now loaded with innuendo, "… ring in the New Year."

Rick moved his hand from Kate's waist and grabbed her hand gently. He began walking away and pulled her along behind him. Kate felt her cheeks heat up, flushed with embarrassment and anger. What the hell was he doing? She kept her glare fixed upon his back as he led her out of the ballroom and into the lobby of the hotel. Walking over towards an entrance to a hallway, he pushed her flat against the first available surface, his lips immediately latching onto her neck and kissing her.

Kate moaned a little at the sensation before she remembered where they were and what had just happened. Mustering up all the self-control she could, she was proud when her voice came out strong and sharp.

"What has gotten into you?" she said incredulously, pushing against his chest.

"I think the better question," he said, his eyes dark, "is what am I getting into." As he spoke, his hand trailed down to the hem of her dress, pushing it up slightly and running his fingers along her thigh, "and I think we both know the answer to that question is 'you'."

Kate's mouth fell open as she smacked his hand away.

"Richard Castle!" she hissed, "we are in public." A quick look to the side confirmed that there were indeed some people in the lobby of the hotel watching them. Rolling her eyes at them, she grabbed his hand as he once again tried to move it up her skirt, and pulled him roughly into what the closest space out of sight was, which happened to be a service stairwell.

She shoved him roughly into the stairwell, making sure that the door closed behind them before turning on him.

"So," she said tersely, crossing her arms across her chest, "any particular reason you felt the need to piss a circle around me right there?"

His voice was low and dangerous as he looked directly into her eyes, "I have waited for five years to call you mine," He paused and clenched his jaw, "and I will be damned if I let someone think they can have you now."

She rolled her eyes, "People have hit on me before, Rick."

"Of course," he nodded, acknowledging her point, "You're beautiful. Any man with eyes is going to want you." His eyes raked up and down her figure, admiring the perfect fit of her little black sequin dress for the umpteenth time that evening. Finally his eyes returned to her face, "but they can't have you."

The rational part of her brain told her that she should be angry. That she should tell Rick that she did not belong to him or anyone else for that matter; that she was not some plaything that was up for the taking.

She shivered at his possessiveness.


He saw her reaction and gave her an almost predatory smile. He walked towards her proudly, pushing her up against the concrete wall. When she was firmly pressed against the surface, Rick unfolded her arms and moved to press himself flush against her, leaving her no room to escape. Almost painfully slowly, he moved his face to hers. He brushed his lips over hers, just barely breathing against the lips he has had the pleasure of memorizing for the past 7 months. Kate took a deep, unsteady breath as his lips traced her jawline, moving to the spot behind her ear that he knew drove her crazy. He nuzzled the spot with his nose, before moving his mouth to her ear.

"That man was talking about you in the bathroom."

Feeling lightheaded, it took Kate a moment to respond you.

"Huh?" she said, breathlessly.

She felt him chuckle in her ear at his reaction. Frustrated, she tried to push him off again, but he held her tighter.

"That creep who was hitting on you," he said, his voice taking on a dark tone, "was at the sinks with his buddy, talking about you in an… inappropriate way." He moved his mouth slightly and ran his lips along her jaw, "a way that another man…" he placed an open mouth kiss on the spot, "… should never…" another kiss, "talk about another man's girlfriend…" one more kiss before he made his way back to her ear, "… unless he wants to get punched in the face."

She took a deep breath and he continued.

"He said that you were the 'finest piece of ass in this place'," one of his hands snaked down her side and around her back, cupping her in his hand and pressing her harder against him, "which I'd have to agree with, but to say it in such a way..." Rick scraped his teeth against the juncture of Kate's jaw and her neck, "does you such a disservice."

If she wasn't having trouble breathing, she would have rolled her eyes. Instead, she reached out and grabbed the lapels of his suit jacket, using him to keep her upright.

"He told his buddy that he was going to get you alone even if it took all night," Rick brought her earlobe in between his teeth, "said that he was going to, and I quote, 'pound you like yesterday's beef'," she almost laughed at the saying until she felt his teeth sink into her earlobe. Instead she gasped. His tongue soothed the spot where his teeth had just been, "He said he was going to have you screaming his name until you lost your voice…" He trailed off, his voice still laced with anger.

Pulling back he moved his hands from her body to her cheeks and softly pulled her face to his, the gentle touch a startling contrast to the edge in his voice and the darkness in his eyes.

"But he can't have you."

Before Rick could even comprehend what was happening, Kate's lips were on his, her hands fisting his coat as she arched herself into him, trying to get as close to him as she could. God, he loved when she did that. It was like there was nothing more important than her being as close to him as was physically possible. She forced his mouth open with hers, sliding her tongue into his mouth as he enthusiastically reciprocated.

He moved his hands up and down her sides, the sequins on her dress scratching his palms in the most arousing way. Moving down, he grasped her hips tightly before hoisting her up. Never breaking the kiss, Kate wrapped her legs around his waist, clenching him to her as tightly as he possibly could. He felt her heels dig into the back of his thighs and it spurred him on, tilting his head to the side so he could deepen their kiss even further. One of her hands left the lapels of his jacket and tugged at the knot of his tie, pulling it loose slightly before forcing her lips away from his.

Giving herself a moment to breath, she tilted her head down and latched her lips onto her neck, sucking that place on his jaw that she knew drove him wild. He groaned, pressing her back harder against the wall and pushing himself closer to her.

A loud bang coming from beside them startled them, forcing them to break their kiss. There was no time to make themselves look presentable as another couple, clearly intoxicated, made their way into the same stairwell. The man was groping at the woman in his arms who was giggling the entire time. The woman quickly realized however, that they weren't alone. Looking over at Kate and Rick, she startled slightly.

"Oh!" she giggled, taking in the sight of Kate with her legs wrapped around Rick against the wall, his hands hidden beneath the hem of her skirt with both of them breathing heavily, "It looks like this stairwell is already taken. Come on, Carl," she said, tugging the disappointed man back out the door. Before leaving completely however, she looked back at Kate and Rick again. She smiled before she giggled again, "It's all yours."

And then she was gone.

Rick looked back at his girlfriend, worried that the mood had been ruined, but when he saw the fire still burning in her eyes, he immediately felt it again, too.

Kate slowly unwrapped her legs from his waist, and he set her down gently, making sure that she didn't lose her footing. Smiling at him, she grabbed his hand and began the painful (for him at least) ascent up the stairs to the 9th floor of the hotel. As she led him out of the stairwell, he watched her find the number of the room he had booked them for the night. Stopping in front of the door, Kate turned around to face Rick, sneaking her hand into his front pocket and procuring the room key. She opened the door and he waited in anticipation, nearly carrying her into the room as soon as he heard the lock open. He closed the door behind them, flicking the dead bolt just because he really didn't want anyone interrupting them again.

When he turned around, Kate was there, shrugging his jacket off his shoulders and pulling the tie fully from his collar. She sealed her lips to his and began to work on unbuttoning the buttons of his dress shirt. He nearly groaned when she pulled away slightly.

"She was right you know," Kate said, walking him over towards the bed, ridding him of his shirt all the while, her words spoken against his lips.

His hand found the zipper on the back of her dress and slid it down slowly, his fingers teasing the skin of her back that was exposed to him.

"About what?" he murmured, moving his hand back up to her shoulders and beginning to slide one of the straps of her dress down her arm.

Before he could register what was happening, he was lying flat on his back and the bed, looking up at Kate. He watched her step out of her dress and toe off her heels with wide eyes, before she crawled onto the bed after him, effectively straddling him. He felt one of her hands snake down to his belt before her mouth was back on his. She kissed him tenderly, once, twice, three times before she pulled back and gave him a sultry smile.

"I'm all yours."

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