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Book Parties & Bathrooms

I knew I shouldn't have come to this thing.

That was the only thing on Kate Beckett's mind as she stood next to a chatty woman who clearly didn't realize her thoughts were elsewhere, a glass of wine to her lips as she sipped it slowly.

The woman was droning on about how lovely the book party was and how excited she was to be there, but Kate wasn't paying attention. No, her attention was focused entirely on the reason she was here to begin with: the man of the hour, the one and only Richard Castle. The same Richard Castle that had been her boyfriend for over a year who was currently surrounded by a group of women with dresses that were cut too low and way too short for her liking.

The woman, apparently noticing that the detective wasn't paying much attention followed Kate's line of sight until she nodded.

"Ah," she said, "He really is handsome, isn't he?"

Kate pursed her lips, her eyes still glued to Rick, "Indeed he is," she ground out, trying to keep her tone pleasant while fighting the urge to walk over there, throw him down on the table of his own books, and show the women who were currently puffing their chests out at the writer that he wasn't available.

He looked good tonight. Really good. The venue combined with the number of people in attendance made the room uncharacteristically hot. Rick had taken off his jacket half an hour ago, loosening his tie slightly and rolling up the sleeves of his dark red dress shirt. He was enjoying the spotlight and talking to his fans and damn if he didn't look amazing doing it. When he took off the jacket it was so much easier to his biceps and the way his shirt fit snug around his chest.

Kate realized the woman was still talking.

"Yes, but from what the papers say he's quite taken with that Detective of his. They've been together for quite some time…"

Kate wasn't surprised the woman next to her didn't recognize her. Because of her job and the dangers of being recognized (and because he knew how private she was), Rick had done an amazing job of making sure that her picture wasn't in the paper often. The last time she had shown up in the papers was just after they had started dating, and she was a little thinner and her hair had been a shade lighter and shorter back then.

Kate allowed herself a small smile, still looking at her boyfriend. God, she hated that term. It made it sound so juvenile. He was so much than just her boyfriend. He was her partner and her best friend. He filled that space in her life and her heart that she had allowed to be empty for so long.

And besides, the things he could do to her? There was nothing juvenile about that.

"… I guess," the woman continued, nudging Kate slightly, "they're just hoping that he still has some of that bad boy, wild streak left in him."

Kate felt the smile fall from her lips, her hand curling around the stem of her wine glass a little tighter then before. She bit her tongue, sensing that it wouldn't be appropriate to inform the woman who was old enough to be her mother that Rick still had plenty of wild left in him, as evidenced by what they did last night in the shower, or this afternoon on the dresser when they were supposed to be getting ready for this stupid party.

She knew she shouldn't have come. She hated his public persona, and he knew that, but when he approached her a month ago and asked her to come with him, he had looked at her with those puppy dog eyes she pretended she could resist. And then when she said she would his entire face lit up like the sun and he had hugged her so tight he lifted her off the ground before kissing her soundly.

She was interrupted from her memories again when she saw one of the women around her boyfriend (she was blonde, go figure), push her impressive chest up at him again. He gave her one of his charming smiles, and grabbed her arm, signing her forearm instead.

Kate felt a small sense of pride at her boyfriend, knowing that he had stopped signing chests since they had gotten together (and long before that, if she was being honest with herself. Though, she knew it was still because of her). However, that faded when she saw the blonde reach up towards Rick's face, slide her hands through his hair and grab the pen that was resting behind his ear. The buxom blonde then reached out to grab his hand, pulling his arm close to her before writing something on it. From where Kate was standing, it looked like a phone number.

Oh, hell no.

Kate quickly put her drink down on the table next to her, muttering a quick "excuse me" to the woman next to her, and marched over to where Rick was standing. At the familiar sound of heels moving towards him, he looked up and saw her. He started to smile, but it quickly faded when he saw the look on her face.

She looked murderous.

Before he could say anything to excuse himself from the people in front of him, Kate was already there. Forcing herself through the wall of blondes (why were they always blonde?) she grabbed his tie and began walking away from them. Rick stumbled for a moment, before finding his step behind her, watching the chiffon of her dress sway with her hips. He swallowed.

This was either going to end very badly, or go really really well.

He couldn't decide.

Rick watched as his girlfriend came to a stop in front of a door and look from side to side as if checking to see if someone was watching. He nearly scoffed. As if they hadn't just seen her drag him out of the room by his tie…

Satisfied with whatever she saw, she ripped open the door and pulled him inside.

He looked around quickly and smirked. She had dragged him into the men's room.

How deliciously clichéd.

Kate made a quick visual sweep of the bathroom, making sure it was empty before turning on him. When she caught sight of his smirk, she glared at him, folding her arms across her chest.

Rick's grin faltered, realizing that she was not in the mood to be teased, and he took the more cautious approach.

"Not that I'm not delighted you dragged me in here," he said, his voice low as if he were trying to talk his way out of a bullet, "but what did I do to deserve it?"

She continued to glare at him but he saw her eyes flicker down towards his forearm. He followed her gaze and saw the number that woman (was her name Kelly? Or Carly? He couldn't remember) had written there.



Now he understood.

"You're jealous," he said, his eyes sparkling with hidden delight.

She quickly shook her head, pushing him against the sink, "I'm not jealous."

He opened his mouth to refute her and let her know that what she was doing clearly proved that she was jealous. She cut him off.

Walking over to him, Kate pressed herself fully against him, "I'm angry," she said, looking directly in his eyes, "that people know that we're together but think they can still have you." She ground her lower body against his, and he bit back a groan. "You're mine," she whispered with a predatory look in her eye. Her hands moved up to his head and grabbed a fist full of his hair, bringing his face so close to hers that their foreheads were pressed together. She shook her head slightly, almost like what she was about to say was the most obvious thing in the world, "And I don't share."

Before he could respond that he didn't want her to share him, her lips were on his with bruising force. He moaned at the contact and she took the opportunity to slide her tongue forcefully into his mouth, teeth clashing and tongues dancing together in their eternal struggle for dominance. His hands found her waist and he pulled her even closer to him, hoping that she could feel just how much she was affecting him and by the moan he just felt vibrate through her tongue, he was almost certain she had.

He felt her hands move down his chest, but he didn't stop kissing her. It wasn't until she tore her mouth away from his that he realized she had wrapped her long fingers around his wrist. He felt her yank his arm away from the counter and thought she was going to scrub off the number under the sink. He didn't care. The only person he cared about was her and the way her hips felt cradled in between his.

He watched as she lifted his forearm up to her face, so close that her nose was brushing his skin. He watched her lick her lips before darting her tongue out and licking his skin. He groaned. He felt her smirk.

That tease, he thought, she knows exactly what she does to -

All coherent thought left him quickly after that. He watched her place her tongue flat against his forearm. She slowly licked across the ink that was there, never breaking eye contact with him. When she finished, she took the hand that was wrapped around his wrist and slid it down over the wet spot, effectively making the number illegible. And then she quirked one of her perfectly arched eyebrows at him, daring him to do something about it.

He swallowed hard.

Well, that was certainly another way to do it.

He couldn't stop himself. He moved his hands up to her face and brought her lips towards his, biting and teasing all the while. Rick moved his hips into hers again, trying to bring her as close as possible, but she arched away, denying him the satisfaction. Quicker than he thought he was capable of doing, he moved his hands to her hips and, spinning them around, lifted her up onto the sink, settling into the space between her legs. She in turn, wrapped her legs tightly around his waist.

Tearing herself from his lips once again, she made her way towards his neck. He released his hold on her hips and braced his hands on the side of her, bowing his head as he tried to control his breathing. She twisted herself slightly so she could get to the hollow of his ear, and he clenched his hands into fists as she latched onto the spot, sucking on the muscle there and most definitely leaving a bruise.

She was marking him, telling everyone out there without words that he wasn't available.

Because she had dragged him out of his own book party by his tie, marched him into the men's room, and left her mark on his neck in the span of five minutes.

And he had let her.

He shivered.

He would always let her.

Before he could move, he felt her mouth relax over the mark she made, placing a soft kiss there before pulling her face away from his. She leaned back slightly, placing one of her hands underneath his chin and forcing him to look at her.

What he saw was pure love, and he felt all the air escape from his lung yet again.

With her free hand, she moved to fix his hair, flattening it back down so it didn't look like she had just spent the last five minutes running her fingers through it. She ran her thumb over his lips, trying to wipe off some of her lipstick. He sucked her finger into his mouth, and she allowed it for a moment before pulling it away. She moved her hands down to his shirt, straightening his tie and the collar of his shirt. Then, she moved her hands down his arms. One arm at a time, she rolled his shirt sleeves back down his arms, buttoning the cuffs when she got to his wrists.

She looked back up at him and saw him staring at her. She blushed slightly as his gaze, his eyes still dark with desire.

Pushing on his chest slightly, she maneuvered herself off of the sink and back onto the ground. With a quick look in the mirror, she adjusted her dress and played with her hair, fluffing out some of the curls and smoothing down some of the fly-aways. She fixed her lipstick and looked back at Rick who was still hunched over the sink, his eyes following her every move in the reflection.

She leaned over to him and nuzzled her face against his ear.

"No more numbers," she whispered.

He nodded.

"As you wish, love," he choked out

She gave him a small smile and kissed his cheek briefly before walking towards the door. Her voice teased him as it echoed back to him through the bathroom.

"Take a minute, Rick. I'm sure your fans are wondering what happened to you."

And then she was gone.

Rick lifted a hand from the sink and ran it over his face, taking in his appearance. His hair was still a mess, and his lips were swollen and red from what had just happened. Tilting his head slightly, he looked at the spot on his neck where she had marked him.

It was already dark.

He groaned again, remembering the feel of her lips on his neck, and dropped his head back down, squeezing his eyes shut.

This woman was going to be the death of him.

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