So here's the first chapter of my new fanfiction: Tales of Knighthood, named after the soundtrack of Sonic and the Black Knight. This fic is a rewrite of the entire game. Here's some things you need to know:

The setting is an alternate dimension to that of Sonic's normal universe. There is a version of Sonic already in the world of Camelot and Merlina will enlist him to defeat the Black Knight, etc. Also, relationships between Knights and others will not be reflected as they were in original Arthurian myth. Only relationships between the actual Sonic characters will be reflected. For example: While Galahad (Silver) is Lancelot's (Shadow) son in original Arthurian myth, this is not so in my fic.

This is primarily a Shadow/Lancelotxoc fic, with my character Azure the Dragon taking on the role of Guinevere (pic on deviantart soon to come). Other minor pairings include Galahad/SilverxPercival/Blaze, RougeXGawain/KnucklesxJulie-Su, SonicxSally and maybe some Lamorak/JetxWave. Additional characters include Espio the Chameleon as Sir Gareth, Vector the Crocodile as Sir Agravain, and Mighty the Armadillo as Sir Gaheris.

Sonic the Hedgehog characters and series belongs to SEGA. I only own Azure the Dragon and her as Guinevere. This fanfiction is not associated with the official Sonic and the Black Knight video game or Sonic series.

Normal POV

For a time, all seemed well in the kingdom of Camelot. The land had enjoyed prosperity and peace during the reign of King Arthur, but such times did not last long. The King began to…change. He seemed darker and more cruel than usual and his people began suffering. The economy of Castle Town was still flourishing, but at a cost. The several villages located near the Deep Woods, Titanic Plain and the Molten Mines were not so lucky. There was little money and food and the King was doing nothing about it.

The Knights would have done something to help the people, but the King had ordered they remain at Camelot, in case the castle were to come under attack. All they could do while awaiting further orders was spar and train.

Sir Galahad held his arms up and began glowing a bright blue hue. His large arrow-shaped dagger, which he called Ballistra Arrowhead, levitated over the ground as he concentrated all his power on it. "Hah!" Galahad waved his hand, sending his dagger towards Lancelot in the sparring ring. Lancelot deflected the dagger with his sword, Arondight.

Lancelot dashed up to Galahad, who countered by slamming his hand into the ground, creating a large spell circle beneath his feet that stopped Lancelot in his tracks. "Chaos Spear!" Lancelot raised his arms and shot three red shards at Galahad, knocking him back as the spell circle disappeared. "You still require more training, Galahad. You must gain control of your psychic abilities if you are to use them properly in battle," said Lancelot.

"Yes, Lancelot. I know. Thank you for the sparring match," replied Galahad, bowing at Lancelot.

"We are alike, Galahad. I was once like you; I had a great power, but no control. With time, training and effort, you will master these abilities as if you were learning to ride a horse."

"Well, I do not think I require a horse." Galahad's body began glowing and he levitated in the air. "I have mastered my flight capabilities. It is just my other abilities that need more work," he said, floating around and doing some loops.

"Very impressive, Galahad. Almost as impressive as my Chaos abilities," Lancelot smirked.

"As is your humility," added Galahad as the two chuckled. "Another round?" he asked, picking up his dagger.

"I'm afraid I cannot. I must patrol my sector in Deep Woods this afternoon. I should be back by sundown for our meeting with the King. If you wish to continue sparring, I'm sure the other knights will gladly engage in a match. Might I suggest Sir Gareth or Sir Percival? Gareth's ability to blend in with his surroundings and Percival flame powers will certainly test your abilities."

"I shall go ask one of them. Thank you, Lancelot," said Galahad, as Lancelot left the courtyard. The area by the Deep Woods was his main sector and in the moments where the King didn't have any orders for them or he wasn't sparring, he would make a periodical check up on the villages by the woods. The distance from the villages to Castle Town was not a long one. A villager could easily make the trip within an hour or two on horseback. But for Lancelot, such a distance was easily covered in a manner of a few minutes.

He arrived in the village just on the outskirts of the woods. The village seemed just as depressing as usual. The houses were in a weak condition and most of the townspeople were sitting on the sides of the streets. As he strolled through the village, people would bow their heads and greet the knight. Was this truly what the kingdom had come to? Lancelot knew that, as a knight, his first duty was to the King. But what of the people?

Lancelot turned his head when he heard a wailing of a child. A little boy sat in the middle of the road with his face in his hands, crying. Before Lancelot could find out why the child was crying, a young woman with blue skin and dark hair bent down at the child's level.

"Now, now, what's wrong little one?" she asked in a tender tone, gently patting the boy's head. Her voice was angelic and very soothing.

"I-it's my mommy. Sh-she's sick and we don't have any food f-for her to get b-better," he sobbed.

She reached into her robes and pulled out an apple. "Here, this is all I have, but you need it more than I do. Take it to your mommy, ok?"

The child whipped his tears and hesitantly took the apple. "Really?" he asked wit hopeful eyes. The woman nodded. "Thank you!" he squealed before running off.

"Food is scarce and yet you give away your only meal as if your own survival means nothing to you," Lancelot said to the woman.

She turned to the knight, surprised. "There are some people who need it more than I do. When the people are in need, I cannot afford to be selfish; neither can the King, nor can he afford to be so ignorant of his people's suffering."

"Such talk is not good for a maiden. It will spurn rumors of treason and the King will not stand for such a thing," said Lancelot.

"The people should not be afraid of their King. It is the King who should fear his people. Who are you, sir?" she asked, cocking her eyebrow.

"I am Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table," he replied.

She stepped back a moment in shock. "Forgive me, sir Knight. I did not recognize you," she said with a bow.

"If we are using formalities, then allow me to properly introduce myself," he said, gently taking her hand. He bent down on one knee and lightly kissed the back of her hand. The woman blushed lightly and smiled. "May I have your name?"

"My name is Guinevere," she said with a smile.

"Guinevere, a lovely name. And you need not worry; I will tell the King nothing of your words. It was a pleasure meeting you, Guinevere, but I am afraid that I must return to the castle now," he said, standing up and letting go of her hand, rather reluctantly. He wasn't sure what it was, but he felt something strange and pleasant when their hands touched.

"Thank you, I must be going as well. Farewell, Sir Lancelot," she said before quickly running off. He looked on as she disappeared behind some of the houses.

He was just about to leave when he saw something catch his eye on the ground. It was a small notebook with a weak binding. 'She must have dropped this,' he thought. He wanted to race after Guinevere and return the book to her, but it was nearing sundown and he could not be late for the Knights' meeting with the King. He gently tucked the book into his armor, careful not to damage the fragile binding, before he raced back to Camelot castle.

Was that ok? I felt like I wasn't keeping Lancelot in character, because I keep thinking Shadow, but I then remember that this is just a different version of him lol XD Anyway, I hope you guys liked it. Please review!